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Builders of Authority is the go-to podcast for entrepreneurs looking to level up their game in all facets. With a focus on personal branding and growing your business, host Adam McChesney, brings on high level entrepreneurs who have experience growing companies through branding. You will learn tactics and strategies, not theories, from guests on the podcast while understanding what you need to do in order to reach new levels of success.


Real Estate, Business Acquisitions, & The Importance of Mentorship w/Josh Wilson
Today’s guest and I are talking live for the first time. We have been connected online for a bit, and he was looking to get on some more podcasts. Our mutual friend, Mike Kitko, recommended we get something scheduled, and I’m really excited for this. I had been following this guest for awhile just absorbing all the information and free value he puts out, and now even watching more since Mike connected us. There’s very few people that are operating at a high level like this guy, and I can’t wait for him to share his story today. Today’s guest is Josh Wilson. Our Title Sponsor for the Builders of Authority Podcast is GoHighLevel (aka GHL). GHL is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed and crush your marketing goals. Personally I have used this software since 2020, and it’s been a game changer for my business, and our clients. If you are looking to level up your CRM and marketing game, then this is the platform to use. You can find a link for an extended 30-day Free Trial in the show notes, so take advantage of the opportunity to adopt GHL’s amazing software and grow your business.Connect with Josh:Facebook: Instagram: Builders of Authority:FREE Facebook Group: BOA Mastermind: GoHighLevel Extended 30-day Free Trial:
33:13 6/13/24
On the Road to $1B in Revenue via Roofing & Real Estate w/Tony Flattum
Today’s guest and I got connected last year through a mastermind called Apex. We had a quick phone call one afternoon, and I was blown away at what he has built, and continues to build. I’ve been watching this guy and his company continue to grow and level up, and thought it would be the perfect time to have him on the podcast today. My guest today is Tony Flattum. The Managing Director @ Built Strong Exteriors. Our Title Sponsor for the Builders of Authority Podcast is GoHighLevel (aka GHL). GHL is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed and crush your marketing goals. Personally I have used this software since 2020, and it’s been a game changer for my business, and our clients. If you are looking to level up your CRM and marketing game, then this is the platform to use. You can find a link for an extended 30-day Free Trial in the show notes, so take advantage of the opportunity to adopt GHL’s amazing software and grow your business.Tony’s Bio:Started in the Roofing business 2002.Started my own company in 2006.Since then it has done nearly $450 million in revenue over the years.Started investing in real estate in 2004.  Invested in over 1270 units. Working on getting to that billion dollar mark in revenue.Connect with Tony:Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Builders of Authority:FREE Facebook Group: BOA Mastermind: GoHighLevel Extended 30-day Free Trial:
27:57 6/6/24
Niching Down, Listening to your Customers & Building a Luxury Service w/Jeremy Thraikill
Today I’m joined by one of the brightest minds I’ve ever met in the marketing & advertising space. We have known each other for the last few years, and I’ve seen him to continue to grow his business by providing incredible solutions and results for his clients.I’m excited to learn more about him, and dive into his story even further. My guest today is Jeremy Thraikill. He is the Founder at Dumpster Rental Systems, which is the #1 solution the helps waste haulers automate their business under one roof. Our Title Sponsor for the Builders of Authority Podcast is GoHighLevel (aka GHL). GHL is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed and crush your marketing goals. Personally I have used this software since 2020, and it’s been a game changer for my business, and our clients. If you are looking to level up your CRM and marketing game, then this is the platform to use. You can find a link for an extended 30-day Free Trial in the show notes, so take advantage of the opportunity to adopt GHL’s amazing software and grow your business.Jeremy’s Bio:I have a proven track record of building and scaling SaaS companies. Additionally, I have provided consultation to over 50 SaaS founders, guiding them on strategies to revamp sales, marketing, and implement new expansion revenue models for faster scalability.During my tenure at Fullsteam, I spearheaded a 10x growth of the rentals portfolio. Simultaneously, I led the Fullsteam Accelerated Sales Team (FAST program) and the Fullsteam Accelerated Marketing Team (FAM).Throughout this period, I was promoted to Vertical President and achieved the distinction of being the first founder to attain a 10x growth following an acquisition. Furthermore, I have garnered recognition from my peers for possessing the strongest sales and marketing strategy within the FullSteam portfolio, which comprises 80 SaaS companies. Additionally, I successfully transformed a 13-year-old tech stack, originally not purpose-built, into an industry leader in a new vertical, starting from zero customers. I also established the first in-house digital marketing service to offer new attachment add-on services, achieving $3.5M in the first 24 months and maintaining a pace of $250k of new ARR every month.Prior to my involvement in FinTech, I successfully built, scaled and sold a seven-figure digital marketing agency in 8 months. Before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, I honed my skills as a sales leader in multiple Austin startups, primarily in the Adtech space, where I gained extensive experience in cold calling and digital marketing.Connect with Jeremy:LinkedIn- FB- Builders of Authority:FREE Facebook Group: BOA Mastermind: GoHighLevel Extended 30-day Free Trial:
31:47 5/30/24
What is Builders of Authority?
Today we have a solo episode. I’ve only done a few of these, and the last one was announcing the transition from Entrebrewer to Builder of Authority for the podcast. I really enjoy the solo episodes from time to time, and who knows, maybe we will do more of them. I do a lot of content though and I think people hear from me enough. Today I want to dive into our company Builders of Authority further. If you follow me on social media, then you probably know at least some of what we do, but for those that listen mainly to the podcast or watch the YouTube videos, then this will bring some clarity to everything. * BOA Journey* BOA Mastermind* BOA 1-1* BOA LIVEBuilders of Authority:FREE Facebook Group: BOA Mastermind: GoHighLevel Free 14 Day Trial: 
26:06 5/23/24
Learning About What a Strategic Growth Facilitator Does w/Nathan Bush
Today we continue with another in person episode here at Half Coast Studios here in St. Louis. This guest and I got connected on social media awhile ago, but one of our mutual connections recommended that we hop on a call. So we did that 2 months ago, and then I wanted to make sure that I got him on my podcast.There’s so many different things that he’s involved in, so I don’t want to steal his thunder. I’ll let him tell you everything.My guest today is Nathan Bush. Nathan’s Bio:Nathan Bush is an established Strategic Growth Facilitator and Property Management Professional, recognized for his practical expertise and founding roles in Red Maples Property Management, The Coin System™, and Priority Investing Consulting Firm. His presence is strongly felt online, particularly through, where he offers insight into the real estate sector and business growth with his podcast Mind Renovation Nation. Nathan's private clients have experienced scalable growth in the millions of dollars in added revenue. Nathan holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, majoring in accounting, and his B.A. in Nonprofit Management from Lindenwood University, have equipped him with essential skills for business development and leadership. These qualifications and his certification as a John Maxwell Instructor and an active Missouri Realtor’s License reflect his dedication to ongoing professional development.He is also a recognized author and speaker, sharing insights on real estate, business and personal growth, influence, and leadership. In his newest book, "The CAESAR Method" offers a roadmap for ethical growth, teaching leaders to expand their business with integrity. This work underscores Nathan's commitment to honest and influential leadership without resorting to manipulation, deceit, oppression or control.Nathan's commitment extends to community service and leadership, demonstrated by his work with the Board of Senior Service Resources and his Bible study Disciples of Leadership online. These roles underscore his dedication not just to business excellence but also to societal contribution. Nathan's career reflects a genuine drive for impactful leadership and the betterment of businesses, individuals, and communities alike.Connect with Nathan:Linktree: Website: Builders of Authority:FREE Facebook Group: BOA Mastermind: GoHighLevel Free 14 Day Trial: 
31:14 5/16/24
Finding Purpose through Serial Entrepreneurship w/Kevin Oldham
I’m honored to have today’s guest on the podcast with me. I was honestly shocked that I hadn’t had him on yet when I went to go ask him, but at least now we are making it happen.I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this guy for coming up on 3 years, and I can say he’s one of those people that instantly made my life better. I’ve gotten the chance to get to know him better really over the last 2 years, and even spent time on multiple trips with his amazing family. I’m excited to dive into today’s podcast with this guest because he’s a wealth of knowledge.My guest today is Kevin Oldham. He is the CEO & Founder of Diffactory, Co-Founder at VUCA Fit, and Investor at The Smoothie Shop & Supplements Franchise. He’s also the co-host of the Hole in the Soul Podcast. Kevin’s Bio:Title: Learning About What a Strategic Growth Facilitator Does w/Nathan BushDescription: Today we continue with another in person episode here at Half Coast Studios here in St. Louis. This guest and I got connected on social media awhile ago, but one of our mutual connections recommended that we hop on a call. So we did that 2 months ago, and then I wanted to make sure that I got him on my podcast.There’s so many different things that he’s involved in, so I don’t want to steal his thunder. I’ll let him tell you everything.My guest today is Nathan Bush. Kevin’s Bio:Kevin Oldham is a multifaceted entrepreneur based in Kansas City who owns businesses in the management consulting and wellness industries. He is the CEO and founder of Diffactory, a differentiation and growth consultancy offering consulting solutions focused on customer attraction, growth, and retention in the lower middle market. Kevin is the co-owner of The Smoothie Shop & Supplements franchise system, which offers quality nutritional products to a health-conscious market while helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.His latest venture is VUCA Fit™, an innovative company that supports impact and purpose-driven business leaders who want to find total fulfillment in every area of work and life.Connect with Kevin:Facebook: Instagram: Tik Tok: Builders of Authority:FREE Facebook Group: BOA Mastermind: Kevin Oldham Socials (Personal):Instagram: thekevinoldhamFacebook: koinkc
35:30 5/9/24
Discussing Life, Entrepreneurship & The Thing Events w/Terry Weaver
Today is a first for the Builders of Authority Podcast. We are originally recording this episode as a "live" recording on social media via Streamyard, and then will produce the podcast version of it as well at a later date. I’m joined by someone that I’ve been connected to for awhile, but just recently had a chance to meet over Zoom a few months ago. Last week I was on his podcast. I’ll be speaking at his events in both Nashville & Orlando this year. Nashville is coming up in June, and Orlando is in November. To promote the event, I wanted to have him and chat more about the event itself and hopefully have some of you come to it. We cater to the same crowd of people, and help them grow their businesses and become more well known. I’m excited to learn more about today’s guest, his story, and his events coming up this year. My guest today is Terry Weaver. He is a Husband, Speaker, Author, Dreamer, Doer, Podcaster, Coach & Mentor. coupon code "authority" for a discount! Terry’s Bio:I’m Terry Weaver — business coach and idea strategist who specializes in helping remarkable leaders navigate the galaxy of entrepreneurship. My biggest goal is to help YOU discover what you really want and help discover the map to head in the direction and arrive at the destination. You desire. It’s the age old Spice Girls question I ask all my clients:“Tell me what you want, what you really really want.”Almost immediately after high school I became a full time speaker speaking to students in middle school, high school, and colleges. During that time I accidentally found myself in the music business helping artists navigate moving their dreams from their garage to selling out shows and topping the charts. Standing on stage in a packed arena things began to shift for me. Connect with Terry:Personal Website: The Thing Events: Facebook: Instagram: 
46:24 5/2/24
Discussing the Life of Serial Entrepreneurship & Building a Legacy w/Matthew Boyer
Today we have another in person episode for you. He and I actually just got connected here recently before the last BOA LIVE event. We knew a lot of the same people, and as it would happen, he actually heard about the event from multiple people just weeks before. He bought a ticket and came, and I’m really glad that he did. Since then, I was a guest on his podcast just a few weeks ago, and had a great time.Today we are getting a chance to learn more about him, and dive into his story and journey. My guest today is Matt Boyer. He is the Owner at Boyer Painting & Boyer Academy, and he’s the host of the Lincoln County Podcast. Matthew’s Bio:Business owner for 15 years Boyer Academy 6 figure Boyer Painting 6 years 7 figure Martial arts world champion Father of 2 Husband Award winning speaker Host of the Lincoln County Podcast Connect with Matthew:Facebook: Instagram: Tik Tok: Podcast: 
36:40 4/25/24
Zero to Hero: Noe Madrigal Bought a Roofing Company w/ No Experience & Grew it to Multiple 7-Figures
Today’s episode will be great. I originally got connected with him over 2 years ago. He was a client of Hite’s for a bit. Since then, I’ve been watching him grow his company and venturing into new things. He’s now a part of some of the same groups I’m in, and is also in our BOA community as well. We finally met in person this past year at RoofCON, and I love his commitment to self development and willingness to go to events just like that, to keep getting better. My guest today is Noe Madrigal. He is the President at A&A Roofing in Kennewick, WA and Host of The Unclouded Podcast. Noe’s Bio: Noe Madrigal began his stewardship of A&A Roofing Services in 2021, bringing with him a fresh vision for a company that had been serving the Tri-Cities area since 2017. More than just roofing, Noe saw an opportunity to build lasting bonds with clients.His belief in the power of relationships transformed the business, leading to its expansion across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Under his leadership, A&A became synonymous with trust, quality, and the spirit captured in #SavedByRelationships.Today, it’s not just about roofs, it’s a commitment to excellence, and the enduring relationships that Noe nurtures every day.Connect with Noe:Facebook: Instagram: Website: 
34:17 4/18/24
From Backyard Business to Brick & Mortar w/David Marks of Quality Auto Repair Tire & Auto Sales
Today we have another in person episode for you. This is someone I’m really excited about interviewing today. We have been connected for almost 4 years now, going back to the pandemic. When I was trying to go from side hustle to full-time entrepreneur, he was one of the local business owners I connected with on Facebook and interviewed to help promote local businesses when everything shut down.Since then, we have been supporting each other along the way. He has attended both of my events I’ve thrown, both back in 2021 and just last week. He’s currently a 1-1 personal branding client of mine with BOA, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. There’s no way that knows more about networking to grow your business and he’s the best in the auto repair business. My guest today is David Marks. He is the Owner of Quality Auto Repair Tire & Auto Sales here in St. Louis, located close by in Maryland Heights. David’s Bio:My entrepreneurial story starts, Sep 2008 I bought a "Garage With A House In The Front Yard". In Dec 2009 I started working part-time (evenings/weekends) within year a and half (May 2011) What started with ZERO customers I turned into a full time business! 2013, I added Used Auto Sales, to my portfolio. I found people liked acquiring used vehicles from a Trusted Automotive Technician. 2016, I got involved with SCORE & Small Business Development Center, to learn how to be a business owner. (ANYONE CAN BE A BACKYARD MECHANIC, NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A BUSINESS OWNER). 2018, I added Used Car Detective, I found a need that consumers wanted to have Potential Used Vehicles inspected prior to being purchased. March 2019 I expanded my businesses to Maryland Heights with a 3 Bay Repair Facility, Full Service. This expansion will allow me to expand on my other 2 business Quality Auto Sales & Used Car Detective. The primary business will be Quality Auto Repair And Tire. To streamline my expansion, I formed a Management Company DSM Auto Family, LLC to oversee the day-day operations and still allow each of its 3 Business the ability to operate independently My business have evolved based on the principle of "People Won't Work For You And/Or Do Business With You If They Don't Feel Appreciated" We do that by providing "Trusted Services”Connect with David:Facebook: LinkedIn: Business Facebook: Website: 
39:33 4/11/24
How Chugging Beers During The Pandemic Grew into the Movement “The End Is Near, So Let’s Drink Beer”
Today we have another in person episode for you. You may know him from the insanely popular Facebook Group he created right as the pandemic started in 2020, called The End is Near, so Let’s Drink Beer. He’s one of the funniest people to follow online, and has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen, always looking for ways to give back and support others. Today is the first time that we are actually meeting in person, although we have chatted some back and forth online for a few years. I’m excited to get to know the guy behind a Facebook group with over 100k members.My guest today is Brandon McNamee.He is the Owner of Mac Realty Group, and probably many more ventures I don’t know about. Connect with Brandon:Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: Podcast/YouTube: 
33:55 4/4/24
Lessons Learned from a Failed Company to Becoming the Entrepreneur he is Today w/Brad Starnes
Today we have another in person episode for you. This is someone that to be honest, has made such a big impact on who I am today, and he probably doesn’t even know it. I’ve been “coaching” and helping people with their personal brands and businesses far before I ever launched Builders of Authority. And so often I would offer help and people would look at what I’ve done and make every excuse in the book as to why it was “too much”. Not today’s guest. And today’s guest has gone through an incredible journey. With plenty of ups and downs and challenges. He could have made excuses at every step in the journey, but he’s resilient and for that, I can’t thank him enough. He’s a member of our BOA Mastermind and one of my 1-1 Inner Circle coaching clients. My guest today is Brad Starnes.He is the Owner of Screamin Cow Marketing Group and the Host of the Unfair Advantage Podcast. Brad’s Bio:As the CEO & President of Screamin Cow Marketing Group, I lead St. Louis' premier marketing agency dedicated to elevating Home Service and Professional Service businesses. With a knack for strategic innovation and a passion for transformative marketing, my journey to the forefront of the industry is a testament to resilience, ingenuity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.Before beginning on the entrepreneurial path that led me to Screamin Cow, I founded Splitsy, a fintech venture that revolutionized how we manage shared expenses. Under my leadership, Splitsy not only secured a significant 6-figure crowdfunding investment but also earned a coveted spot in Equifax's inaugural accelerator program. My efforts were recognized when I was honored as the 2021 Bloch School Entrepreneur of The Year, a milestone that highlights my commitment to disrupting the status quo.Despite the challenges that led to Splitsy's closure, my entrepreneurial spirit never wavered. The experience taught me invaluable lessons in resilience, leading me to a pivotal role in business development in St. Louis. This role set the stage for the creation of Screamin Cow Marketing Group, which, under my guidance, has seen remarkable growth. In just a year, we've built a talented team and are on the brink of surpassing six figures in revenue, with 2024 shaping up to be a year of exponential growth.Beyond my professional pursuits, my faith and the support of my family are my guiding lights. As a man of Christ who navigates the world with a stutter, I've learned the power of authentic communication and perseverance. My dedication to service is evident through my volunteer work with organizations like Missouri Boys State, and my commitment to building and nurturing both my personal brand and those around me. My driving force is my wife, our two dogs, and the future we're crafting together. Their support fuels my ambition and serves as a constant reminder of why I strive for greatness every day.Connect with Brad:Link: Website: Podcast: 
29:28 3/28/24
From Rock Bottom & Being on the Streets, to Building an Empire w/Kenny Baden
Today’s episode is one where I’m joined by someone that I’ve been connected to for over a year now through Apex. I’ve been a guest on his podcast “The Kitchen Table”, and I’m a member of his free online community, Blue Collar Ballers. He’s grown in many ways over the past year plus since I’ve known him. This guest is someone that’s leveling up all over, and continues to raise the level at which he competes. My guest today is Kenny Baden.He is the Owner at Potomac Custom Remodeling. Connect with Kenny:Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: Podcast: Blue Collar Ballers FB Group: 
34:42 3/21/24
Utilizing AI to Revolutionize the Sales World in Home Service Companies w/Corey Berrier
Today I’m joined by someone that I’ve been connected to online for a few months.We had a chance to briefly meet last year at RoofCON. A few weeks after the event, we synced up for a call, and had a great conversation. After that, I was a guest on his podcast. And then I knew we needed to get him scheduled for Builders of Authority. He’s an expert in AI, and has one a highly rated podcast called the Successful Life Podcast.My guest today is Corey Berrier. Corey’s Bio:With 4 years in sales skills development, I am dedicated to elevating HVAC and Plumbing companies to their full potential. As an NLP Practitioner, podcast host, and 2x Author, I bring a wealth of knowledge and proven methods to the table.Unlock the secrets to sales success with Corey Berrier, a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience in the industry. As a well-respected speaker, author of the best-selling book '9 Simple Steps to Sell More Shit,' and host of the globally ranked 'Successful Life Podcast,' Corey brings together top experts and innovative sales and marketing strategies to help you reach new heights. Join Corey on his mission to revolutionize the sales world with his exclusive use of advanced AI sales software that analyzes body language and tonality for unique insights you won't find anywhere else. Don't miss out on the chance to take your sales game to the next level.Connect with Corey:Facebook: Website: Podcast: Channel: Book: 
27:31 3/14/24
Learning How to Set the Standard & Be the Example in Our Lives w/Ben Newman
I’m not going to lie, I have been looking forward to this episode ever since I started podcasting. While this guest may have not known he was going to be on my podcast, I did. I wrote his name down as a guest I wanted to have back as I was just getting started.I’ve been following him since 2020, and the fact that he’s here in studio today with me, I’m just blessed for this opportunity. There’s few people that are like him out there. In today’s world, it’s tough to find people who are, who they truly say they are, especially when you are doing as much as my guest today.I’ve listened to a lot of his podcast episodes, read multiple of his books, and consumed almost every piece of content I think I could have including listening to his interview this morning, from a few years ago with Ed Mylett, in preparation to make this episode the best it possibly could be. My guest today is Ben Newman. While he doesn’t need much of an introduction, Ben is the #1 Continual Peak Performance Coach, Top 50 speaker, and 2x Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author. He’s the host of The Burn Podcast, and works with Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes from all the major sports, and directly with teams like Alabama Football & Kansas State Football. Ben’s Bio:MEET BEN NEWMAN. You may have seen him running up the sidelines as a Mental Performance Coach for your favorite sports team or recognize him for his bestselling books, The STANDARD and UNCOMMON Leadership.He’s an Entrepreneur, Investor, 2x Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author,  Philanthropist, AND THE NATION’S TOP CONTINUAL PEAK PERFORMANCE COACH.Performance and Mental Conditioning Coach for some of today’s greatest professional athletes and highest performing teams in the NFL, NBA, PGA, MLB, UFC and NCAA. Ben has worked with coaches and players from the last 6 Super Bowl Champion teams and currently serves as the Performance Coach for the Big 12 Champion Kansas State football team in his 9th season (3 National Championships at North Dakota State) with Head Coach Chris Klieman. Ben served 5 years as the Mental Conditioning Coach for the 18x National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Lastly, Ben also has served at his alma mater as a Performance Coach for Michigan State University’s football and basketball programs.Ben’s clients have included: Microsoft, United States Army, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Quicken Loans, MARS Snackfoods, AstraZeneca, Northwestern Mutual, AFA Singapore, Mass Financial Group, Frontier Companies, Wells Fargo Advisors, Great West Life Canada, Boston Medical Center, Boys & Girls Club of America, New York Life as well as thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and sales teams from around the globe.Ben’s authentic, powerful, and engaging storytelling has become internationally recognized and has been a featured speaker at the world’s biggest business, sports, finance and motivational events. He has shared the stage with Jerry Rice, Ray Lewis, Colin Powell, Ed Mylett, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Jon Gordon, Tim Grover, Eric Thomas, Tony Dungy, Brian Tracy, Jenna Kutcher and other legends in the world. Ben was selected by USA Today as one of the TOP 5 Mindset & Performance Coaches in the World, selected him as one of the TOP 10 Motivators in Sports and Real Leaders Magazine selected him as one of the TOP 50 Speakers in the World the last four years.Connect with Ben:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Podcast: St. Louis Summit:  
37:32 3/7/24
Discussing the Radio Business, Entrepreneurship, and What it Takes to be Successful w/Tim McKernan
Today we have another in person episode with someone I’ve been following since 2015/2016. Back when I was in medical device sales I was driving around and traveling a lot, so I needed to find something to listen to on the radio. After a friend of mine recommended I listen to his show TMA/The Morning After, I became hooked, or as the show refers to a lemming.Over the last 7 plus years, I’ve listened to the show and seen how incredible of a show he and his team have built, and how they’ve created a brand and a following that is so unique in the radio business. They’ve done a great job pivoting and finding new ways to connect with their audience. He’s created other impressive ventures as well, which I’m excited to dive into even further. My guest today is Tim McKernan. Tim’s Bio:Tim McKernan is one of the most widely known radio and media personalities in the St. Louis area. With over 20 years in the radio business, Tim has done a lot in the world of journalism, reporting, TV, etc. with a focus on sports. Tim is the host/owner of The Morning After, which has been a staple in St. Louis radio for almost 2 decades.  Connect with Tim:The Morning After: The Tim McKernan Show Podcast: Balloon Party w/Tim McKernan: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: 
35:22 2/29/24
Sitting Down for a Conversation w/my Dad, Brian McChesney, to Talk Life & Entrepreneurship
Today’s episode is going to be like none I’ve ever done before. It’s an in person episode.Today’s guest has known me longer than anyone else who will ever be a guest on my podcast. This is an episode that I’ve been so excited about for so long, but also a little nervous because of how important this person is to me. He’s got an incredible track record as a lawyer over the last 30 plus years, and has spent many of those years as an entrepreneur. So I’m grateful for this opportunity to have a conversation that I believe will be one of the best, if not the best episode we will ever do for many reasons. My guest today is my dad, Brian McChesney. Brian’s Bio:Brian is a partner in the St. Louis office of Rynearson, Suess, Schnurbusch & Champion, an experienced trial attorney with 30+ years of experience handling complex personal injury and wrongful death litigation, including automobile and commercial trucking accidents, fire and explosion cause and origin cases, construction and industrial accidents, defective and dangerous products, premises liability cases, and amusement park ride accidents. A polished trial attorney and respected member of the legal community, Brian is widely recognized for trying high-exposure cases to jury verdict. In 1999, Brian earned the coveted AV Preeminent® Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubble, was inducted into Martindale-Hubbell’s Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers in 2002 and elected to the American Board of Trial Advocates in 2014, thus recognizing his distinguished career, reputation of high ethics, and documented record in the courtroom.Brian is a passionate defense lawyer with a unique background in that his litigation skills were sharpened by 13 years as the managing partner of a plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm, where he represented only plaintiffs, trying numerous cases to a conclusion, winning substantial verdicts and settlements, developing keen insight into the mindset of plaintiffs, the strategies used by their attorneys, and the vulnerabilities of plaintiffs’ cases.Brian has tried 100+ cases in courts and administrative tribunals in Missouri and Illinois; demonstrated a keen ability to thoroughly investigate catastrophic occurrences and fatalities in cooperation with law enforcement; took and/or defended more than 2,700 depositions; examined and/or cross- examined hundreds of expert witnesses; and handled all phases of litigation in more than 1,400 cases.Connect with Brian:LinkedIn: Facebook: 
34:04 2/22/24
Building a Company & Brand Through Promoting Fitness & Healthy Living w/Brendan Glijum
I’m excited for today’s episode. It’s the 1st in person episode of Builders of Authority. No pressure. Today’s guest is someone that I’ve known for years, going all the way back to grade school. We know of each other, but didn’t necessarily know each other well.It wasn’t until 7 or 8 years ago that we got to really know each other and started hanging out. Since then we have spent a lot of time together. Playing Sunday softball at SMMA. Spending too much time years ago in Oakville bar hopping, shoutout to Crocs. But over the past few years, we have grown up. We have started businesses. (Although we haven’t talked much business really ever at all, which is what I’m excited about doing today). Gotten married. And now both of us are fathers. Times to have changed, but of course for the better.He has listened to many of the previous Entrebrewer episodes, and I’ve been a patient of his at his chiropractic office. Which today reminded me, I haven’t seen you since Murphy was born, so I need to get back on the schedule. Nonetheless, he is just an overall great human being that loves what he does, and is building a great business for himself. So I wanted to bring him on here today to learn more about his journey and what he’s doing to grow his business. My guest today is Brendan Giljum. He is the Owner of Giljum Chiropractic in Oakville, MO. Brendan’s Bio:I am a Chiropractor from Saint Louis, Missouri who has a fanatical passion for all things health, sports (namely racquetball), and people. I have wanted to be in the health profession my whole life, and as I learned more about various opportunities, I was particularly called to Chiropractic. I love how as a Chiropractor, I get to help people take back their health by getting to the actual cause of their biomechanical issues and do so without drugs or surgery.I also love the entrepreneurial side of owning your own business and the unique challenges that are associated with it. Being able to build your patient base through branding and marketing as well as high quality, results-based care, has led me to feel inspired every day I come into the office. Whether you know me from my personal life or social accounts, @giljumchiro, or @giljgainz, one thing is for sure: my message of health, life ownership, and gratitude are at the forefront of everything I do, say, and post.My hobbies outside of practicing Chiropractic are my family, friends, travel, and sports, namely the Cardinals, Blues, City, and Mizzou Tigers. I am still an avid racquetballer and play 2-3 times a week. I was also a 3-time racquetball collegiate All-American. If I don't have my next trip to see the world planned when you are talking to me, something has gone terribly wrong.Lastly, as I mentioned, I LOVE people and health ownership and look forward to getting in the office every day to help people get more life out of their years!Connect with Brendan:Website: Personal Facebook: Personal IG: Lifestyle IG: Company IG: 
27:57 2/15/24
Leveraging Your Personal Brand to Build an Empire w/Jordan Stupar
Well, here we are. The first official episode of Builders of Authority. If you have been following my podcast for any period of time, you know that it’s been known as Entrebrewer. While Entrebrewer had a great run, I’m even more excited to go all-in on the Builders of Authority brand. Builders of Authority is my new brand, all things related to personal branding. This podcast.Our upcoming event here in St. Louis in March. The mastermind and 1-1 personal branding coaching.And our course that will be launching soon. Today’s first episode of Builders of Authority, I honestly can’t think of a better guest to help kick off the new show. He’s someone that I’ve looked up to for the last 3 years since I met him in person at an event and heard him speak.He’s the perfect example of someone who has built an incredible brand for himself and any business venture he puts his name on. I have been wanting to have him on as a guest for awhile, and now is literally the perfect time. A little over a year ago, I made it a mission of mine to start getting on his radar, so I sent him a DM that I wanted to be on his podcast. After back and forth, we finally got the podcast scheduled and that happened back in November 2022. Get ready to learn about branding and entrepreneurship from today’s guest.Today I’m joined by Jordan Stupar. Jordan is the CEO & Founder of Stupar Sales Academy and the host of the Jordan Stupar Show. Jordan’s Bio:Jordan Stupar is an entrepreneur, business owner, speaker and 7-figure sales coach. During his 18-year long sales career, Jordan was able to become a top 1% income earner and has personally generated over $20M in sales.After being fired as a waiter at Chili's, Jordan began his 8-year door-to-door sales career as a teenager, selling residential alarm systems in various cities throughout the country.Jordan then transitioned to inside sales, selling SaaS products to small, medium, large and Fortune 500 Companies. He quickly mastered the art of cold calling, pitching and negotiating large contracts, solidifying his place as a genuine sales expert.Today, Jordan is the CEO of Stupar Enterprises, a highly-visible sales training company, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company is fully staffed and proudly serves over 15,000 sales professionals in 39 countries and hundreds of businesses in nearly every industry throughout the USA.Connect with Jordan:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Podcast: 
31:58 2/8/24
Introduction to Builders of Authority, a Podcast for Entrepreneurs Looking to Become THE Authority
Welcome to the 'Builders of Authority' podcast! Your go-to destination for shaping a powerful, influential brand."In a world where brand strength is king, authority isn't just an advantage – it's a necessity. And here's the secret: it's not built overnight. That's where we come in.Join us on a transformative journey. Each episode is packed with insights from industry experts, successful brand builders, and trailblazing entrepreneurs. We dive deep into strategies, share real-world stories, and offer practical tips to elevate your brand's presence.and that's when I realized, authority is about consistent value, not just visibility…Starting a brand? Or aiming to scale new heights with your current one? We've got you covered.Tune in to 'Builders of Authority' and embark on a journey to craft an unshakeable foundation for your brand. Together, let's turn your vision into a legacy.Subscribe now and join us in building something truly remarkable.Stay tuned for next week’s official 1st episode of ‘Builders of Authority’!Stay in Touch:Website: Podcast: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: 
01:06 2/1/24
Ep #100: Reaching the 100th Podcast Episode Milestone for Entrebrewer & a MASSIVE Announcement!
100 Episodes.Crazy to think that we have finally hit that exclusive mark in podcasting.When I first got started, I thought there’s no way I’ll get to 100. But hey, here we are. I want to do this episode solo for a few different reasons. One to talk about my journey podcasting and how it’s impacted my life. But also share a really cool update about the podcast itself. Which I will leave for the end. That way I can assure that you listen to the whole thing. My big announcement is that the Entrebrewer Podcast will be no more. We are rebranding the podcast to….Builders of AuthorityIf you’ve been following me on social media, then you likely have heard me talk about this. BOA is….It makes all the sense in the world to rebrand the podcast to this, and I’m really excited about it. Entrebrewer was a great name/theme/structure, but it’s time for something bigger and better. BOA will continue to be a podcast where you get all of the same, impactful information. We are going to continue to bring high level entrepreneurs and guests on the show, to interview them about their journey and talk about how they’ve become an authority in their space. Some of our upcoming guests as I’ve hinted at, are the biggest names I’ve ever had on. So this rebrand is coming at a great time due to that, plus what I’m doing with BOA. I want to thank you again for tuning into the podcast, please be sure to subscribe, download, and share our content. Leaving a 5-star review goes a long way. See you next week. And for the last time, “Entrepreneurs aren’t born, they are breConnect with me online:Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube Channel: Builders of Authority: BOA Live: 
20:36 1/25/24
Ep #99: Building A Success Plumbing Company on Core Values w/Mitch Smedley of Smedley Plumbing
I’ve been excited for this episode since we booked awhile back. I’ve only known this guy for about the past 18 months or so, but I am massive believer in leveling up and changing all areas of your life in a short period of time due to stories and journeys like today’s guest. He is a plumber by trade, but really one of the brightest entrepreneurial minds I’ve met, especially when it comes to building a culture, branding, marketing, etc. I met him through Apex, and then actually met him in person last summer speaking at an event just outside of KC. After that, he ended up having an event in KC a few months later for his group, and I was a speaker there too. My guest today is Mitch Smedley. He is the President at Smedley Plumbing, Mentor at Trade Wins, and Podcast Host of The Void. Mitch’s Bio:Mitch Smedley has been in the plumbing industry since 2001. He starting Smedley Plumbing in 2020 and has grown ever since. Mitch also started a podcast called The Void in 2022 with a focus on helping others start their own trades based business. He and his co-host then started a trades based mentorship program called Trade Wins in 2023. In Trade Wins, we work directly with young trades-based business owners to help them get their businesses to an incredibly healthy level.Connect with Mitch:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Podcast/YouTube Channel: Trade Wins: 
29:36 1/18/24
Ep #98: Transitioning from Employee to CEO, Building a Multi-Million Dollar Empire w/Jose Escobar
Today we have an excellent episode lined up for you. I originally met this guest at an event in December 2022 in DC, where we both spoke on stage. After that we connected for a virtual coffee, and I joined his group, which we will definitely talk about today. Since getting connected with him, I’ve seen him build and scale some incredible projects. He has spoken on many stages and impacted tons of lives so I’m excited for him to do the same for you today.My guest today is Jose Escobar. He is the CEO at The Connected Leaders Academy. He is a Coach, Author & Speaker. Jose’s Bio:ose Escobar is an award-winning, nationally recognized personal development speaker, 9x published author, sales professional, husband and father of five children. He leads compelling high-level communities consisting of entrepreneurs and advanced leaders through two multi-six figure business models that have now surpassed 7-figures, The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf and the Connected Leaders Academy.Jose’s magnetic personality shines in his presentations where he has reached audiences collectively over 30 million and radiates throughout his dynamic coaching programs inspiring his international 350+ entrepreneur and executive clientele to master their personal and professional excellence.His past sales experience led him to amass over $30 million in revenue for the companies he served, and this family man's sales and coaching in the martial arts industry has positively affected the lives of over 500 thousand families for thebetter. Connect with Jose:Website: www.ConnectedLeadersAcademy.comFacebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: 
29:52 1/11/24
Ep #97: The Story of a Man Traveling the USA Pretending to be Australian w/Tannon Sweet
We are live here at Half Coast Studios in St. Louis for another in person episode. Today’s guest is someone I’ve known now for over a year. We originally got connected somehow on Facebook, met finally at a networking event, and then I had the chance to sit down for coffee with him and his wife. I’ve been able to work hand in hand with him and his team for his services, and he’s also had us do their website as well. He’s been able to accomplish so much in this last year, and it’s truly incredible to watch him continue to grow in all areas of his life. My guest today is Tannon Sweet. He’s the Co-Owner & COO of Samson Studios. Tannon’s Bio:I spent most of my early on life on the streets traveling the USA, jumping from house to house, pretending to be Australian. In 2019 I was working at Walmart overnight when Covid hit and knew something had to change when my entrepreneur life started to kick in. I was no good at working for someone. In 2020 while working as an insurance agent, my fiancé bought me a $300 dslr camera off of messenger and I started a photography business. Having no experience owning a business or knowing what that meant, all I knew was I couldn’t give up.I decided I wanted to learn film and reached out to my dream school to find out it was 6 figures to attend there.I didn’t let that stop me and figured a way into the school and it didn’t cost me a penny. I used my experience at that school to learn more about the film world and brewed a passion to create a heavy hitting industry out in the Midwest. Now, on our 3rd year into the business, we’ve figured out how to make 6 figures a year doing what we love, with no intention on stopping. Our goal in 2023 is to make 7 figures and our long term goal is to become a 10 figure business by 2050. We intend to ignite the wave of a new generation of directors and filmmakers. Because you don’t have to be famous or “someone “ to be involved. And that’s why we are looking for business owners, investors/entrepreneurs who want to venture into the world of film. You don’t have to be experienced to become a producer for movies. You just have to be passionate about it.The only way we can reshape our industry is by telling our stories becauseEvery Story Matters.Connect with Tannon:Facebook: Instagram: Samson Studios: 
32:13 1/4/24
Ep #96: From Being Employed in the Car Warranty Industry, to Serial Entrepreneurship w/Justin Dossey
Today we have back to back in person episodes here at Half Coast Studios in St. Louis. For this episode, I’m joined by someone I’ve been connected to online for a few months now. We had the chance to meet in person and grab lunch recently and yesterday, I was actually on his podcast. He is someone that sees business and personal development in a similar light as I do, which I always enjoy. He’s got his hands in many things and we are connected to many of the same people, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about him so I’m excited to have him here today. My guest today is Justin Dossey. Justin is the CEO and Co-Owners of multiple companies, which he will share information about today. Justin’s Bio:Justin Dossey is a serial entrepreneur with over 6 years of experience in business. He currently serves as the CEO and owner of multiple companies, including Ballpoint Marketing, Call Porter, and New Leaf Homebuyers. Under Justin's leadership, these companies have achieved impressive growth, with an overall 1800% increase and $7 million in annual revenue over the last 3 years. Justin is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs through coaching, training, and public speaking. His goal is to help them build successful and fulfilling businesses. In the next 5 years, Justin aims to reach $50 million in annual gross revenue across all of his companies.In his personal life, Justin has been happily married for 15 years and has three children. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, and values being present in the moment with them. He also enjoys cooking, camping, fly fishing, and flying paramotors.Connect with Justin:Facebook: Instagram: 
32:40 12/28/23
Ep #95: From Mowing Lawns at 13, to Building a 7-Figure Landscaping Company at 22 w/Chase Gallagher
Today’s guest is someone I’ve been watching online for the last few months. We have some mutual connections and once I saw him on my friend Kyle’s podcast, I wanted to make it a point to get him on mine.He’s 22 years old. He’s the Owner of CMG Landscaping, and CMG University, which is a program tailored to helping other start and scale their landscaping businesses. He also is in real estate.Chase’s Bio:A 13-year-old entrepreneur started a lawn care company. By the time he turned 18, he successfully sold the business and ventured into project-based work, building a highly profitable landscape construction company. With his determination and business acumen, he expanded his ventures into real estate investing, growing his wealth and influence. Now, at the age of 22, he continues to inspire others through his social media presence, sharing his knowledge and experiences to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs.Connect with Chase:Website: Instagram: Facebook: 
22:08 12/21/23
Ep #94: From the NFL to the Professional World w/Taylor Symmank
Today we have a first. At least a first that I know of. We have an ex-pro athlete. Today’s guest is a retired NFL athlete. He has been featured in major media outlets like Sirius XM Radio, ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and much more. He has spent time with some of the world’s top performers in sports and business. My guest today is Taylor Symmank. He is a Sales Rep at Apex Business Association. Apex is where the two of us met, and where I’ve been a member of the community now for over 3 years. Taylor’s Bio:Meet Taylor -- Taylor is a retired NFL athlete that has been featured in major media outlets including Sirius XM Radio, ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, Bleacher Report, Dallas Morning News, New York Post, Washington Times, and Sports Illustrated. He has spent time with some of the world's top performers in sports and in business. He aims at helping others break through what is keeping them stuck, so they can become winners in every area of their life. He has also been working with Ryan Stewman side by side for some time now and has been helping individuals continually level up their life.Connect with Taylor:Website: Facebook: Instagram: 
28:13 12/14/23
Ep #93: The Business Coach Who Has Actually DONE It w/Tony Whatley
Today’s episode is one that I’ve been excited for, for quite some time. He’s someone I’ve been connected to online for the past few years and someone I truly look up to in the entrepreneurial space because in a world full of people who are fake or posers, he’s the opposite. I respect him and everything he’s done, and can’t wait for you to learn valuable information in today’s episode. Today’s guest is Tony Whatley. He is the Founder of 365 Driven and Host of the 365 Driven Podcast. He is a business coach focused on helping companies scale and exit. Tony’s Bio:Tony Whatley is a 20+ year serial entrepreneur, business coach, best-selling author, podcast host, and speaker. He is Co-Founder of LS1Tech, an online automotive performance community which grew into the largest of its kind. This website grew to over 300,000 registered members and 150 advertising accounts, and was later sold for millions, in only 5 years. Amazingly… it was just his part-time business!Tony shares his mindset and business strategies within his Amazon #1 best-selling book, Side Hustle Millionaire, and teaches people how to startup, scale, and exit their companies.With his previous oil/gas profession, managing $100M+ international projects, he consults small businesses on how to benefit from his expertise in processes, systems, and leadership.His purpose is to help people gain the knowledge and courage to take action. He strives to help others become the best version of themselves.When not performing the work that he loves, you can usually find Tony and his wife Lisa traveling the world, or racing cars.
31:29 12/7/23
Ep #92: How to WIN at Life w/Eric Rios
Today we have an in-person episode with someone I’ve been connected with for a while. A few months ago I had the opportunity to be on his podcast, and earlier this year we built his website for his coaching business.Be ready to learn and take notes in this episode. You will get a degree in business ownership today. I’ve learned so much from this guest, and I can’t wait for you to do the same. Today’s guest is Eric Rios. He is the Owner of Winning Life Group, where he is a Business & Relationship Coach for the Blue Collar Industry.Eric’s Bio:Eric is not just a successful entrepreneur, but also a passionate and driven individual who has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their goals in business and life. He has written two books, “Built to Succeed” and “The Secret to Marriage,” sharing his expertise and insights on how to start and grow a successful service business and find  work-life balance. Eric’s experience speaks for itself – he has successfully built three service companies, each reaching over 7 figures in less than four years, and has sold each of them for a profit. He’s invested over $200,000 in his own personal and business development and holds certifications in Strategic Intervention Coaching, Mental Toughness Approval Addiction Coaching, and John Maxwell Leadership Coaching. Eric also dedicates his time mentoring young men and women, making him a well-rounded coach who truly wants to help others succeed.Connect with Eric:Website: Facebook: Tik Tok: YouTube: Text: 314-591-0479
30:05 11/30/23
Ep #91: Becoming ICONIC in ALL Areas of your Life w/Kris Whitehead
Today we have a special episode for you. This is someone that I had on my original list for my guests when launching the podcast almost 2 years ago. I’m excited to have him on today because I’ve known him for over 3 years. We have met in person a few times, and when you’re around him, you can’t help but want to get better in all areas of your life. I’ve consumed his content and paid close attention to what makes him successful, because success leaves clues and he’s a perfect example of that. Today’s guest Kris Whitehead. He is the Founder & CEO of Iconic Alliance, and CEO at New England Custom Remodeling. He is also a #1 Best Selling Author. His mission is to extract your purpose in business and life.Kris’ Bio:Kris Whitehead is the founder of Iconic Alliance - a whole life and business coaching program designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs excel in every area of their lives. He believes a holistic approach to coaching that encompasses every aspect of a person’s life is the best way to help his clients build successful and sustainable businesses.Kris first started in the coaching space in 2010 with his program Think To Succeed. Along with his late business partner Lonnie Robertson, Kris grew Think To Succeed to a world-wide coaching practice in mere months. He has now brought all of that experience and knowledge, along with over 25 years as a business owner in multiple other industries, to the Iconic Alliance program.Kris not only is a Best-Selling author, but also currently owns and operates 3 successful businesses, and has grown 5 over the last 17 years - ranging from 2 renovation and design companies, real estate investing, and several profitable online businesses. He was also the Director of Executive Coaching for an online coaching and development company that he helped build to 8 figures.His goal is to help YOU win…at business, at relationships, and life!Connect with Kris: Website: Facebook: Instagram: 
27:44 11/23/23