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Trump Trial Day 6; Biden DON’T Mess with the Wmamimin of America!
Trump Trial Day 6; Biden DON’T Mess with the Wmamimin of America! 
113:35 4/24/24
Trump Discusses Speaker Johnson, US Aid for Wars and More
Trump attending Show Trial and makes a statement to the press during recess, Real America's Voice interviews President Trump, Flynn can critique Trump but cannot be critiqued, Pennsylvania gets out to vote today, Students ignore Biden's visit to Morehouse College, 6 year Red Cross Thread delta, World Economic Forum WEF whistleblower is "bat shit crazy", Trump represents "smart" leadership, and much more...
107:48 4/23/24
Trump's 'Witch Hunt' Trial Opening Statements Today; Chasing Trump
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114:25 4/22/24
Day 4 of Trump's BS Trial; Friday Wrap up
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114:26 4/22/24
They are Scared They Can't Beat Him; Joe Biden’s Policy is China First
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112:10 4/18/24
Trump Goes Straight From Courtroom to Campaign
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113:10 4/18/24
Trump's Hush Money Trial is Rigged; Dark Money Protests
President Trump confirms a drop, Hush Money Trial continues and the persecution of Trump, the American People, and their beliefs continues, MTG and Massie move against Johnson, Justice System is fully Weaponized against America, Oversight Project Flyer - migrant camps plastered with "vote for Biden to keep border open" fliers, Dark Money update: Protest on 4-15 "Economic blockades for Pro-Palestine", day 2 of Trump in Court, 42 questions for Trump jury, and much more...
114:48 4/16/24
Trump Flurry of Truths; Catherine Herridge on the Hill
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114:29 4/11/24
FISA FISA FISA About to Expire; The Real Story of Ashley Biden's Diary
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114:35 4/11/24
Trump Takes on Abortion; Backstabbers From 2016 Won't Be Back
Trump Takes on Abortion; Backstabbers From 2016 Won't Be Back
111:36 4/9/24
Sons of Tyranny
Sons of Tyranny - Romney's Son, Pelosi's Son, Biden's Son, Kerry's Son - WHO ARE THE SONS OF TYRANNY? Find out in this ground breaking episode of MG Show.   Two years ago this ground breaking episode aired live for the first time - today's context brings new light to it's content and it's time for a review. 
117:45 4/5/24
Trump is Dominating Biden; Dark Money BANNED in Wisconsin
DJT in Michigan in front of HUGE supporter turnout, Trump goes after Biden's Border Bloodbath, Meltdown over Trump & Law Enforcement's support of him, Bragg and Co. defends the undefendable, "The Alchemist" video shown to expose the enemy's thought process, Ascension and Declension, Flynn, DEI, and Raiklin, Scientology connects, and much much more...
114:24 4/3/24
Trump Posts $175 Million Bond; Two Tier Justice System
President Trump posts his own $175 million dollar bond to appeal, Turley on FOX news discusses bond and case, Merchen expands gag order on DJT to prevent truth from being front and center, Carville is desperate to get voters, Bobulinsky blow's to Biden admin erased from the News Cycle, Biden's Border Bloodbath video, Mystery Schools explained and connections to events today, "uncommitted" is an issue for Joe Biden, Blinken's Father Pisar family history, and much much more...
111:21 4/2/24
MSM Admitting Trump is Winning; Biden Has a Very Real Problem
Biden losing his base en masse, DJT introduces Melania in a "beautiful" video montage, Watters talks more on the PORK in the spending bill (podcaster funding included), MSM calls Trump a Sermon Delivering Preacher, the three former Presidents gather to look down their noses at you as President Trump visits with the family of fallen NYC officer, Kilmeade interviews DJT on FOX, Levin segment on Economics, Diddy probe widens in DHS investigation, Wallace melts down on MSNBC airtime, and much much more...
114:01 4/1/24
Trump Legal Saga Two-Tiered Justice System; Obama/Biden Fundraiser All Hell Breaks Loose
Obama, Clinton, and Biden plotting together and in public tonight at Radio City, "Me, Myself, and I" Biden Hannity Clip, Deul Justice System talks with Ted Cruz, Trump domination in every poll even the fake ones, Engoron brags about changing verdicts and ruling against the jury's decisions, Crowley connections to the University of Texas, PDiddy (Sean Combs) raided and unarrested, Jay Z's past and connections to Federal Law enforcement, Presser on FSK bridge collapse, Trump attends NYC fallen Officer funeral, and much much more...
110:16 3/28/24
Trump Calls RFK Jr "Radical Left"; Arabella Advisors Boom
RFK Jr is a far left Radical - we dig in to him in the first hour, Judge: "Arabella Dark Money MUST OPEN BOOKS...", DJT saved NYC in the 80s, and for the second hour MG Show's Arabella Advisors Documentary in its entirety...
133:08 3/27/24
Trump's Big Win; Baltimore Bridge and P Diddy
Trump bond reduced to $175 million, DJT speaks after Bond reduction at 40 Wall Street, Truth Social goes public, Frances Scott Key Bridge hit with Container Ship and collapses, P Diddy raided, Prince Harry named in indictment, Assange extradition is in play, Biden addresses Key Bridge in giant gaff, "Christ is King" heads explode, and much much more...
115:29 3/26/24
Trump Media Merger; NY AG to Seize Trump Assets?
CNN Reports on Truth Social DWAC Merger, Communism in America, DWAC merger is approved, Watters discusses omnibus Bill and pork involved, expenditures are ridiculous we go over them line by line, ASIA FOUNDATION funded again (Drop 239) Why smart people believe dumb things. MTG files to vacate Johnson, and much much more...
111:35 3/22/24
Scientology Fair Game & Connections
Scientology Audit Jay harassed, tactics and methods used by Scientologists including renovation (of the Whitehouse even), Leah Dundas J6 Video, Maxwell's lawyer representing La Poubelle, OVERWHELMING Biden Evidence Ignored, "circus comes to DC" Watters clip, Joe Biden is the brand, Trump tweet about Biden photograph removed, Janet Yellin testifies over budget, and much much more..
112:32 3/21/24
Biden Impeachment Inquiry; Trump Sweeps 3/19 Primaries
WHERE'S HUNTER? Hunter Biden is a no-show on Capital Hill, Comer gives opening statement in Biden Impeachment Hearing, Jason Smith points out Hunter's inconsistencies, Comer questions Bobylinsky on the Biden dealings, Smith displays direct connections between Biden and Hunter, MTG explains Hunter's REAL testimony, what is "The Biden Lift"? Goldman makes a fool of himself, and much much more in this special overtime episode!
168:01 3/20/24
Legal Lawfare Against Trump; ELECTION INTERFERENCE! MAGA!!!
"Black Swan" prediction from Gen Flynn, DJT decries the NY Case Bond as "unfair", "Bloodbath" montage from MSM, Turley interview on Fox 7 Friends, Peter Navaro presser before he commits to prison to server sentence, Stephen Smith speaks to lawfare, and much much more...
114:09 3/19/24
Trump BLOODBATH Hoax; Arabella Advisors Part 4 Dropped
Fake News decries and twists "Bloodbath" Trump comment, Democrats actually calling for a "Bloodbath", in depth on the Trump interview on Fox news, "Vermin" reeeeing exceeds expectations, Trump gives TikTok, perspective, Trump demands Biden debate, Documents vase and others are failing, Arabella Advisors Part 4, Flynn caught in headlights when asked how he'll help Trump Campaign, and much much more...
115:06 3/18/24
Judge Rules On Fani Willis; Friday Wrap Up
"Keeps Falling" debuts on MG Show, Trump declares war on the Cartel, "Never Trumper" Katherne Gorka shows up on Bannon, Fani stays as long as Wade goes, Techno Fog's analysis of Willis Case, Migrant Crime increases throughout America, Watters discusses Haiti and issues related, DJT highlights border disaster, Tim Scott statement on the Country, Byron Donalds on J6 debunk and much much more...
112:38 3/18/24
Trump in Court Today; Tik Tok, Haiti, Hunter and More
Alex Jones will eat your liberal ass, Gregg Kelly interviews President Trump, Facebook's beginning and LifeLog's ending coincide, belligerent Rand Paul speaks on TikTok ban, Flynn's hopes for a good candidate for the Presidency, Cassidy Hutchinson defines "Plant" for us, was Mark Medows in operations on J6?, review of j5 and j6 at the WIllard, and much much more...
110:50 3/14/24
Trump Wins GOP Nomination; TikTok Vote
Arabella Advisors parts 1-3 now available on YouTube!      Jim Jordan on CNN explains Biden Documents, Biden's lies exposed over and over, Raheem on TikTok ban in depth, MTG Speaks on TikTok and Social Media bill that passes the House, Ratcliff gives overview of the Trump Georgia Case, Jon Stewart loses it over DJT and ShadyGrooove rants about it, Trump officially wins the GOP primary, and much much more...
113:46 3/13/24
Hur to Testify on Biden Document Hoax
Alex Jones discusses QAnon and Trump; Bannon suggests Trump has been influenced; Hur provides testimony on Biden documents; Techno Fog releases Biden Files transcripts; Jim Jordan initiates hearing for Hur’s testimony; questions arise from Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony; Jordan comments on J6 and the National Guard on Newsmax; Trump comments on the Biden documents; Joe and Mika show signs of Trump Derangement Syndrome, along with much much more...
110:31 3/12/24
The 'Scaramucci' Play Confirmed; Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars
On today's episode we take a look at Tim Scott and Trump's statement on who would return to the administration, the swamp want's Trump gone yesterday, Kimmel gets a review from DJT, Biden lies about vaccine and Trump, Gaza pier is not what they say it is, Squawk Box interviews Trump, Victor Orbon visits with President Trump, Deniro goes on Maher, Pizza Man and Bill Maher, and much more...
113:51 3/12/24
Biden's Angry, Polarizing, & Hate-Filled SOTU
We cover Melania's post honoring women of courage, Gold Star Dad being arrested for heckling Biden at STOU, Alex Jones is sooo ... sick of Donald Trump, Arabella Advisors parts 2 and 3, Lin Wood joins Jones, Flynn, Stone crew, Brennon says DJT will receive diluted intelligence, 2024 on the horizon, and much much more...
110:06 3/8/24
State of the Union Day; $460 Billion Spending Bill Passed
Join Jeff and Shannon for another explosive episode of The MG Show, where they expose the lies and corruption of the globalist elite and their puppet president, the "Elusive Presidential Jackass". They preview his State of the Union address and reveal the probable issues he will lie about tonight. They also have an exclusive report from Jesse Watters on the outrageous pork spending in the 460 BILLION dollar bill that the Democrats are trying to ram through Congress. You won't believe what they are wasting your hard-earned money on! Plus, they watch a video of Congressman Jim Jordan, who spoke in Congress and told them how the government and the banks are working together to silence and persecute the patriots who support the MAGA movement. They name Amalgamated Bank, which has been accused of discriminating against conservatives and freezing their accounts. They also take a trip down memory lane and revisit the shocking 1967 expose by Mike Wallace on the CIA and the Foundations, which revealed how these shadowy organizations use front companies and media outlets to manipulate and control the public opinion. You will see how this is still relevant today, as the mainstream media continues to lie and cover up the truth. And finally, a special segment with Bill Cooper, who speaks on the real history of Hitler and Germany, and how they were used as a scapegoat by the globalist cabal. They also expose the sinister connection between Laurel Canyon and the 60's counterculture movement, which was designed to destroy the moral fabric of America. Don't miss this episode of The MG Show, where Jeff and Shannon tell you the truth that they don't want you to hear.
110:15 3/7/24
Trump has the Most Successful Super Tuesday in HISTORY!
Trump trounces Super Tuesday and we're all tired from winning! President Trump speaks at Mar-A-Lago, MSNBC knocks immigration concerns, Arabella Advisors "Public Enemy #1" Part 1 Video, and Shadygrooove takes the second hour to lay down an epic rant. Don't miss this show!
108:45 3/6/24

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