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Random History of Belgium

This history podcast tells the story of Belgium's history, in a non-chronological order. Every two weeks, we'll cover Belgian history and take the bits and pieces we like, to entertain and inform the listeners. Our place on the web:


EP138 - ... for now ..
Episode 138 is probably the fianl episode of this series on the history of Belgium
14:50 4/10/22
EP137 - Belgian social security - final part 4
EP137: In part 4 on the history of Belgian social security, we'll look at the post WWII situation on how both the pension and unemployment system evolved from the blueprint laid out by one of the main pioneers in social security Mr. Fuss. We will also look at the evolution of the RVA and much more.
45:55 3/2/22
EP136 - Belgian social security (part 3)
EP136: In part 3 on the history of Belgian social security, we'll go over the interbellum, the two World Wars and the government organized social systems like NDAW.
48:26 2/3/22
EP135 - Belgian social security (part 2)
In EP135 of the Random history of Belgium, continues the journey through the history of our social security system. We look at child labor, factories, healthcare, the first large street battles and protests, but also the first laws protecting the workers.
45:54 1/19/22
EP134 - Belgian social security (part 1)
In EP134 of the Random history of Belgium, we start a multi part journey, looking at the early versions of social protection, funds and charities for workers, before and during the industrial revolution. We'll track the origins of our social security systems and their history.
46:48 1/17/22
EP133 - Hendrik Conscience
EP133 - We look at the life and work of our most renowned author Hendrik Conscience. His career and impact, the way he forged his own language and legacy, the marketing and symbolism and some insights about the square in Antwerp named after him.
56:41 12/6/21
EP132 - The Belgian Railways 1830 - 1926
EP132 - We'll take a look at first 100 years of the Belgian railways. How it got started, the economic structure, some key elements and problems, as well as the building of stations. We focus on the early days to see where it all came from.
43:18 8/13/21
EP131 - Port of Antwerp: Cockerill and Boelwerf
In EP131 of the Random history of Belgium, we look at the expansion of the port of Antwerp, we focus on two shipyards and their importance and eventual decline. We look at the Saint-Michiels abbey, the straightening of the Scheldt river, Cockerill yards and of course Boel shipyards in Temse.
49:30 6/23/21
EP130 - Trappist WestVleteren
EP130 for this episode, I looked at the Trappist abbey of WestVleteren, their Cistercian religious order and their famous Trappist beers. We look at the early history of the site and their beer, while drinking a nice #Trappist
42:52 5/24/21
EP129 - Black Sunday
EP129 We look at the November 1991 election day, we look at the previous governments in charge, the way they wen down. The rise of new parties, and a few older ones that gained power, we talk about the aftermath and impact of this important election and their key players like CVP/PSC, SP/PS, Volksunie, Vlaams Blok and ROSSEM.
49:23 5/5/21
EP128 - Jean-Pierre Van Rossem - Moneytron
In EP128 we'll take a look at author, politician, macro-economic and "enfant terrible" of the early 1990s in Belgium: Jean-Pierre Van Rossem. We look at his Moneytron system, his media image, fraud allegations, political party and downfall.
51:50 4/19/21
EP127 - Belgians in Korea
In EP127 we'll take a quick look at the Belgian volunteer corps during the Korean war, we'll look at how Belgium got involved, who was sent there and what their impact and actions.
45:55 3/19/21
EP126 - Georges Lemaître and the universe
In EP126 we talk about abbé, Georges Lemaître, the begin behind the expanding universe theory. We look at his life, his connection with Albert Einstein and why he's been important in Belgian and even world history.
36:48 2/22/21
EP125 - The Walloon movement
EP125 is the last episode on our political institutions and movements for now, and deals with the Walloon movement, the language law of 1932. We talk about Jules Destrée, Julien Delaitte, letters to king Albert I, the struggle for the French language privileges and much more.
52:06 1/29/21
EP124 - The Flemish movement (part 3)
In Episode 124 of the Random history of Belgium we'll get into the post-war struggle of the Flemish movement, we look at the different groups and political parties emerging, as well as the rise and fall of the Volksunie party and much more.
54:44 12/9/20
EP123 - The Flemish movement (part 2)
In EP123 of the Random history of Belgium, is part 2 on the history of the Flemish movement. We explore the 1914 tot 1946 timeframe. We examine collaboration, repression and the changing language and symbolism of the writers/politicians during that time.
40:14 12/1/20
EP122 - The Flemish movement (part 1)
In EP122 of the Random history of Belgium podcast, is part 1 of 2 on the history of the Flemish movement. We'll look at their goals, the rhetoric, origins and explain the tipping point from cultural to political organization and much more.
45:34 11/25/20
EP121 - Telenet
In EP121 of the Random history of Belgium, we look at one of our biggest telecom providers and their origins. We'll look at the original cable network, the municipalities, funding and their growth into the modern internet, telephony and tv provider they are now.
46:11 11/10/20
EP120 - Belgian TV - part 3
In part 3 on Belgian Television history we look at the commercial stations, the changing publisher landscape, VTM and DPG-media. #Belgium #historypods
42:37 10/26/20
EP119 - Belgian TV - part 2
Episode 119 of the Random history of Belgium continues the history of TV and telecom in Belgium. We look at the 1958 to 1996 time period, with the new headquarters for the state television, TV programming, color Tv and the coax cable network.
39:55 10/6/20
EP118 - Belgian TV - part 1
Episode 118 of the Random history of Belgium starts with the history of television. We look at the early days, experimental TV and the NIR-INR. We also explain the Eurovision phenomenon and more...
39:18 9/24/20
EP117 - François Englert
Episode 117 of the Random History of Belgium, is all about the life and work of the Belgian physicist François Englert, who won a Noble prize in 2013. We look at his life, work and theories. #RHOB #CERN
18:46 8/27/20
EP116 - Leo Baekeland and the plastic revolution
EP116 Gives us an insight in the live, work and inventions of Leo #Baekeland. A chemist who started his career in #Belgium and moved to the USA to become one of the main inventors of synthetic plastic with his invention of Bakelite. #RHOB
42:16 8/11/20
EP115 - Emilie Claeys
EP115 zooms in on an aspect of the late 19th century struggles of labourers during the industrial revolution. We look at the life and work of Emilie Claeys, who put women's voting rights on the agenda during the first wave of feminism.
31:06 7/23/20
EP114 - Luxembourg
In EP114 of the #RHOB Random history of #Belgium podcast, we learn about Luxembourg: the county, duchy, their Burgundian rulers, the origins, the myth and the changing borders. We'll follow the history of one of our provinces, but mainly our neighbours: the country named the Grand Duchy Luxembourg.
45:29 7/6/20
EP112 - The ugliest country in the world - R. Braem
EP112 of the Random history of Belgium podcast will look at the life, buildings, concepts of influential architect and urban planner Renaat Braem. We talk about modernism, brutalism, the linear city and many other concepts and his real-life projects and buildings.
54:48 6/12/20
EP113 - Leopold II (re-recording of EP7)
EP113 of the Random history of Belgium is a re-recording and adaptation of a  4 year old episode out the controversial King of Belgium, Leopold II. We look at his life, the colony, how he got the "mandate" to colonise and his later life and death. This was rewritten en re-recorded in June 2020
44:05 6/3/20
EP111 - The White March (part 3)
EP111 - We'll look at the October 1996 tot 2020 timeframe about the White March protests, the #Dutroux case and we'll look at one of the most weird incidents in recent history, the commissions, the trial and much more.
50:42 5/14/20
EP110 - The White March (part 2)
EP111 is the second part in a multi-part episode on the White March on Brussels (1996). We chronologically go over the crimes of Marc Dutroux, the ingestivation and we'll continue our journey into what caused the anger leading up to this massive demonstration.
45:01 5/11/20
EP109 - The White March (part 1)
EP109 is the first part in a multi-part episode on the White March on Brussels held in 1996. We'll look into what it was, what caused it, and begin a journey through the chronological order of events leading up to this demonstration.
36:43 4/27/20

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