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Changing Churches: Wisdom for Transformational Leaders

The purpose of this podcast is to equip church leaders who are out there every day doing the hard work of bringing change and renewal to churches. Each season we tackle an important topic, and in each episode, we talk to real-world church leaders about their best practices. It's our hope and prayer that these Conversations for Transformation will help you as you do the work of Changing Churches.


Navigating the Waves of Disaffiliations with Dr. Chris Ritter
Dr. Chris Ritter, publisher, writer, and editor of, shares his thoughts about the wave of disaffiliating churches happening in the United Methodist Church in America. Chris, who is also the Directing Pastor of Geneseo First United Methodist Church in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, helps explain what is happening in this season of disaffiliation and what it means to the future of Methodism. Chris' Blog  First United Methodist Church of Geneso, Illinoishttp://peopleneedjesus.orgChrist United Methodist Churchhttp://www.christunited.comDavid Couch, Composer of Podcast Intro
63:00 12/14/22
How to reach "Brand New Adults!" The future of the church from the perspective of a college Freshman with David Couch
Auburn University Freshman, David Couch, shares his insights on the future of the church, and the best ways pastors and churches can reach his generation. How can churches reach out to college students?The role of social media: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.What about traditional v.s. contemporary worship styles.Learn about the ministry of the Auburn Wesley FoundationWays to make disciples among young adults.David Couch YouTube Page: Wesley Foundation United Methodist Churchhttp://www.christunited.comPodcast Bumper Music: David CouchVoiceover: Crystal Couch
69:38 9/7/22
A New Network for Former UMC Churches and One Church's Story of Leaving the UMC with Dr. Bryan Collier
Bryan Collier, Founding and Lead Pastor of The Orchard Church, a multi-site church in Northern Mississippi centered in Tupelo, shares his story of leaving the United Methodist Church (UMC) about five years ago. He and his church, along with a handful of other large-church pastors are forming a new network of former (or soon to be former) UMC churches.  This network of independent Wesleyan/Methodist churches from around the county will provide connections and facilitate partnerships.The Orchard Churchhttps://theorchard.netChrist United Methodist Churchhttp://www.christunited.comDavid Couch Music
73:45 8/3/22
The Future of the United Methodist Church - Rev. Tom Berlin
Rev. Tom Berlin, of Floris United Methodist Church, shares his viewpoints about the challenges facing the UMC today. Tom has been outspoken in encouraging United Methodist churches to remain within the denomination and advocates for a more inclusive vision for the church. Additionally, Tom shares his insights about how churches can best operate as we emerge from the pandemic in a different ministry landscape.Tom Berlin's Website/Blog United Methodist Church United Methodist Churchhttp://www.christunited.comChanging Churches Websitehttps://www.changingchurches.netBumper Music By David Couch
73:45 7/27/22
Love God Love Others - Dr. Derrick Lemons
Pastor, Professor, and Anthropologist Dr. Derrick Lemons has a simple message for those leading churches into the future. It's not about the latest and the greatest or trying to always find the next best thing. Leading churches into the future will mean understanding and adapting to our contexts and following the timeless message of Jesus. 
74:31 7/13/22
Creativity, Innovation, and Ideation are Keys to Your Church's Future- Dr. Len Wilson
Dr. Len Wilson of Invite Resources and Saint Andrews UMC in Plano Texas discusses the role of creativity and innovation in leading our churches toward the future. Len is the author of over 11 books about creativity, innovation, and technology and has been helping churches around the country for decades. 
50:35 6/29/22
The future of the Methodist church with Dr. Jeff Greenway
Dr. Jeff Greenway, the Senior Pastor of Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church and member of the Transitional Leadership Council of the Global Methodist Church, shares his thoughts about the future of the church. In addition to his comments about the current state of Methodism, Jeff shares his ideas about what pastors should be looking to as we all navigate our churches from the pandemic into the future. This is a must-listen episode for anyone within the Methodist family since Jeff has been a key leader and has had a front-row seat to the changes happening in Methodism. Those outside the Methodist church will also appreciate Jeff's thoughts about the future of the church that all churches in North America are facing.Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church: Global Methodist Church United Methodist Churchhttp://www.christunited.comChanging Churches Podcasthttp://www.changingchurches.netPodcast Music by David Couch:
69:45 5/25/22
Season recap and other wisdom from Rob and Crystal Couch
Hear a great overview of season one all about church staffing. If you'd like to know which episode might interest you the most, start here. Rob and Crystal Couch briefly review each episode and share other insights. Crystal Couch is the Executive Director of the University of South Alabama Wesley Foundation (Methodist Campus Ministry) in Mobile, AL. Rob Couch is the Lead Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, AL. South Wesley FoundationChrist United Methodist ChurchPodcast Bumper Music by David CouchChanging Churches Podcast
60:09 4/28/22
What you can learn about staffing from a Black Belt!
Philip Hayes, the owner of Max3 Martial Arts, is a small business person who has built an incredible team. Pastors can learn a lot from creative leaders like Philip. In this episode, Philip shares how he overcomes his staffing challenges. You'll learn about his "farm system" of developing talent and the creative ways he rewards his team. You'll pick up a few other gems of wisdom along the way. Max 3 Martial Artswww.max3training.comChanging Churcheshttp://changingchurches.netChrist United Methodist Churchhttp://www.christunited.comPodcast Bumper Music by David Couch 
42:11 4/20/22
Learn how patience and humility are keys to forming a great staff. Rev. Roy Hill
Rev. Roy Hill, Discipleship Pastor of Dayspring Baptist Church in Mobile, AL shares his insights about building a great staff. You'll learn the role of humility and importance of patience when it comes to building a great staff. He also describes his church's unique leadership structure which has three Lead Pastors. Hear how this arrangement is being employed with great results.Dayspring Baptist Church Bumper music was written, performed, and recorded by David Couch.Changing Churches Podcast Sitehttp://changingchurches.netChrist United Methodist Church
64:19 4/13/22
Overcoming staffing challenges of smaller and more rural congregations and other wisdom from Dr. Bill Allen.
Host Rob Couch interviews Dr. Bill Allen, Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Canandaigua, NY. Bill has vast experience in both very large and small congregations in areas of Upstate New York. He is also half of a clergy couple. His wife Rev. Kristen Allen and he have served as co-pastors, but currently serve churches in two different nearby communities. Bill shares how to navigate challenges of both small and large congregations when it comes to staffing and how to overcome limitations if serving in a more rural setting. FUMC Canandaigua music was written, performed, and recorded by David Couch.Christ United Methodist Churchhttp://www.christunited.comChanging Churches Podcast Site
62:58 4/6/22
Staffing and apostolic pastoral leadership. Rev. Elvyn Hamilton
Rev. Elvyn Hamilton shares his experiences about church staffing from his church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His apostolic leadership at style at Quayle UMC invites staff to innovate and start new things. Music was composed, performed, and recorded by David Couch.
28:50 3/30/22
Finding amazing young staff and helping them succeed. Dr. Olivia Poole
This week you'll learn from Dr. Olivia Poole, Senior Pastor of St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Enterprise, AL. Among other great insights, you'll learn the best ways to get the word out about open staff positions. You'll also learn some of her tricks of recruiting dynamic young staff and helping them develop into seasoned leaders. You'll also learn why there is a statue of a Boll Weevil insect in the middle of downtown Enterprise, AL.    Podcast bumper music composed, recorded, and produced by David Couch: St. Luke United Methodist Church, Enterprise, AL Christ United Methodist Church:  Changing Churches:
61:41 3/23/22
Bring out the best in your staff, letting staff go gracefully, and other wisdom with Dr. Jeff Chandler.
In this episode host, Dr. Rob Couch interviews Dr. Jeff Chandler, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Bakersfield, CA. You'll gain insights about how to bring out the best in church staff and also learn how to let a staff member go gracefully.    Podcast bumper music composed, recorded, and produced by David Couch: Presbyterian Church, Bakersfield, CA     Christ United Methodist Church: Changing Churches:
62:15 3/16/22
How to develop a great staff culture and other wisdom. Jay Cooper
In our first episode host, Rob Couch interviews Dr. Jay Cooper, Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL.  Dr. Cooper shares how his staff works together to foster an amazing church culture. Also, you'll learn about their college internship program which serves as a great farm system for future new staff. Podcast bumper music composed, recorded, and produced by David Couch: United Methodist Church of Montgomery, AL:http://fumcmontgomery.orgChrist United Methodist Church:www.christunited.comChanging Churches:
68:59 3/9/22
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00:54 2/23/22