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As women, society sets a standard of being pretty in order to be desired, but why not pretty powerful? The Pretty Powerful Podcast with Angela Gennari showcases women who are breaking barriers, shattering glass ceilings, dominating in their sport and rising to the top of their industry. Angela will interview a different powerful woman each week to provide our audience with insight, tools, and inspiring stories from their personal journey. The goal of this podcast is to empower, inspire and inform not just women, but everyone, on the importance of including women in all aspects of growth and innovation. Join us as we celebrate exceptional women and step into our power.


Episode 35: Kristi Spencer
While the formality of proper etiquette may sometimes feel like a lost art form, being polite is timeless and essential in our everyday lives. Kristi Spencer, Founder of The Polite Company, offers individual and group etiquette coaching on business, social, and dining etiquette. Kristi Spencer founded The Polite Company on the principles of consideration, respect, and honesty.  Kristi is a certified etiquette trainer and graduate of the Emily Post Institute, the foremost etiquette authority for the last 100 years.  Twenty-five years of experience as a journalist and businesswoman uniquely qualify her to deliver the message that good manners lead to successful personal and professional relationships. Kristi has a passion for sharing how excellent manners lead to personal and professional success.  
45:49 11/29/2022
Episode 34: Courtney Lorenz
Living a healthy lifestyle starts with intentionality, and avoiding the pitfalls of mindless consumption or convenience over quality. In the third episode of our Pretty Powerful Podcast Heath & Wellness Series, Courtney Lorenz, Founder of Cultured Kombucha, talks about the benefits of consuming living foods and beverages. Cultured Kombucha Co is Michigan’s premier brewer of organic kombucha located in Traverse City, Michigan.  Cultured's mission is to help customers make healthier lifestyle choices - one sip at a time. Cultured Kombucha can be found at major retailers such as Meijer, as well as 200+ small business across the state. Courtney is a lifelong food and beverage entrepreneur who creates value in the health and wellness industry. She successfully scaled her business from a bootstrapped start up to a Midwest-wide CPG brand with no outside investment to become the Midwest's most in demand craft kombucha. Although starting with a grassroots effort, Courtney has scaled Cultured Kombucha Co. while maintain integrity and a triple bottom line business model.
49:18 11/22/2022
Episode 33: Caroline Holke
How is your relationship with alcohol.... really? Most of us will fall into the middle ground of "it's mostly fine", but is it a good idea to cut back a bit for our overall health, relationships and well being? More importantly, WHY are you drinking and is it becoming habitual? In the 2nd of a 3 part series on Health and Wellness, Caroline Holke teaches us the benefits of drinking less. After 30+ years of drinking, Caroline Holke decided she had had enough of the hangovers and waking up in the middle of the night. She didn't want to give up drinking altogether, just the shitty parts of it. As a certified Life Coach, she is on a mission to empower women to regain control over alcohol and create a life that they love.
42:45 11/15/2022
Episode 32: Dr Amy Novotny
From running ultra marathons and completing an Ironman Triathlon to having her photography featured by National Geographic, Dr Amy Novotny is an impressive and accomplished woman who is also passionate about helping others. Dr. Amy Novotny founded the PABR® Institute with the mission to provide pain, stress and anxiety relief to those who seek a naturalistic form of treatment when other treatment methods have fallen short. In the 1st of a three part Pretty Powerful Podcast series on Health and Wellness, Dr Amy Novotny discusses her unique approach to increasing wellness through proper breathing. Her methods have helped countless people reduce and eliminate pain, stress, anxiety, orthopedic surgeries, sleep issues and the need for medications. She co-authored two Amazon #1 Best-Selling books Don’t Quit: Stories of Persistence, Courage and Faith and Success Habits of Super Achievers, which share her journey on how and why she developed the PABR® Method.
50:21 11/10/2022
Episode 31: Fabienne Fredrickson
Have you ever spoken to someone and felt like they could see right through you into your soul? Yep... that is this interview with genius business consultant Fabienne Fredrickson. This is the business advice I have needed to hear for a very long time, but perhaps I wasn't ready to receive it from someone who had not walked the same path as I have. Fabienne may have quite literally changed the way I run my business. I am learning to let go and live a bit. I am a work in progress. For the past 20+ years, Fabienne Fredrickson has been, and continues to be, a powerful mentor to tens of thousands of women business owners. She is the founder of and The Leveraged Business program, which is based on close to 15 years of generating multiple 7-figures annually with small children at home, and while she takes 14-16 weeks of unplugged vacation each calendar year. Learn how to leverage your business to create more balance in your life from this amazing mentor.
55:07 10/25/2022
Episode 30: Sarah St John
I've always been a believer in bootstrapping your business at first... it teaches you so many great financial management lessons and forces you to prioritize and develop smart strategies for growth. If you think you cannot afford to launch a business, Sarah St John shares some great tips on our podcast to help you to get started. Known as The Frugalpreneur, Sarah St John has launched several business on a budget and even self-published 3 books to provide valuable insight for aspiring entrepreneurs, podcasters and authors. #frugal #startup #podcast
35:31 10/18/2022
Episode 29: Tracey Sofra
Let's talk about MONEY! A topic that is often taboo in circles of women should absolutely be something worth understanding and discussing. Who is looking out for your financial interests? It should be YOU, and Tracey Sofra explains why. As Australia’s leading Financial Advisor specializing in Women’s Financial Confidence, Tracey Sofra helps professional women achieve financial independence. With over 30 years’ experience as an Accountant, Financial Planner, and successful business owner, Tracey is an expert in wealth creation, leadership, achievement and fulfillment for women. In addition, Tracey is the founder and CEO of WOW Women, a group of like-minded business, professional and entrepreneurial women, working collectively to inspire, empower and create change.
49:20 10/13/2022
Episode 28: Romana Hasenöhrl
Do you ever dream of escaping the daily grind and living life on your own terms? Let's be honest, we ALL do! Romana Hasenöhrl has figured out how to do just that, while also supporting herself as a writer. Romana is a long term traveller who travels three to four months per year in her old Volkswagen Camper supporting people to be brave and just travel. She has already published eight books and is working on her 9th. Romana also loves to teach others how to get started on their own writing. With being a certified Laughter Yoga Trainer as one of her many credentials, she brings joy and understanding to people of just how amazing they truly are. Romana is an inspiration and her unapologetic commitment to living her best life will make you rethink your priorities. 
43:25 10/04/2022
Episode 27: Liz Toombs
Finding a career niche where your passion and your talent intersect is truly a blessing... and Liz Toombs has done just that. Liz Toombs, C.I.D, is the go-to decorator for sorority interiors on college campuses in more than 25 states.  Liz, a leader in the decorating industry for nearly two decades, manages the firm PDR Interiors ( as president and owner.  Join us as we dissect the design and inspiration process from a unique perspective. #interiordesign #sorority #womenempowerment
30:56 09/27/2022
Episode 26: Anna Runyan
Have you ever wondered what you were born to do for a living? Do you already have a desire to pursue your dream career, but don't know how to get started? Anna Runyan, the creator of CLASS: The Love Your Work and Life System and CEO of Classy Career Girl International, offers incredible guidance for our audience. Anna is a former corporate consultant turned entrepreneur, and her website was picked as one of Forbes Top 100 Websites For Women and one of Forbes 35 Most Influential Career Sites. Join us for this informative and insightful discussion.
38:45 09/20/2022
Episode 25: Dara Rosenbaum
Contracts, corporations, and litigation... oh my! Navigating the yellow brick road of business is filled with legal obstacles, but today we are asking ALL of the questions to help clarify those troubling scenarios. Our guest, Dara Rosenbaum, is an attorney, business advisor, business owner and podcast host.  Dara has a passion for creating, helping, protecting and growing her clients’ companies. She is a litigator and transactional lawyer who became an attorney to help people, and whose love of helping business owners drew her to business law.  Her own experiences as a business owner fuel her desire to help other businesses grow and thrive. Join us in this important conversation that could help you make good, proactive choices in your business.
44:38 09/13/2022
Episode 24: Inbal Claudio
Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and scary place when you are starting out. As a military spouse, it is even more complicated when you are frequently relocated. Inbal Claudio needed to reinvent her candle business when her family moved across the country, and then figure out a new work/life balance after her husband was deployed. The strategy she used to help her candle business actually became a new platform to help other entrepreneurs connect with influencers! From candle maker to tech founder, Inbal shares incredible insight into her journey and some mistakes (and wins!) she had along the way. #influencermarketing #militaryspouse #womenempowerment #podcast
42:44 09/06/2022
Episode 23: Dannie DeNovo
How did Dannie DeNovo go from a lifetime of suffering from depression to becoming a renowned Happiness Coach? She found her "why"! Dannie explains to Angela in this episode how she was able to not just overcome, but thrive, in her circumstances using purposeful steps. Bestselling Author, Dannie DeNovo helps others sift through their own thoughts, pain, and anxiety, and help them realize that there is so much more to life. So many people needlessly suffering every day, and Dannie has made it her mission to help those people see they can raise themselves up to levels of love and happiness they never imagined existed. #happiness #depression #podcast #womenempowerment
36:50 08/23/2022
Episode 22: Mari Anne Snow
Are you still trying to effectively manage your remote workforce, or perhaps find that ideal balance in a hybrid work environment? At her Remote Nation Institute, Mari Anne Snow is rewriting the rules of leadership in this new age of remote, distributed, virtual, flexible work. Her experience operationalizing and optimizing flexible work programs is practical, real-world, and results-driven. Mari Anne speaks with Angela about overcoming the negative perception of remote working long before the pandemic normalized it, and how she has continually found ways to prove value and substance in that role. #remotework #womenempowerment #podcast #womenintech
53:22 08/16/2022
Episode 21: Midori Verity
As a mindset coach, TV show host, and seasoned entrepreneur for 25+ years, Midori Verity assists ambitious professionals to unlock their potential by replacing their subconscious mental barriers. Her clients go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to enjoying soaring levels of success. Midori is the CEO of ‘Fuel to Fire Entrepreneur Group’, focused on helping members achieve massive goals using the Entrepreneur Success Triangle. This approach implements Accountability, Systems, and Coaching. You may have seen Midori on CBS, Fox News, and Thrive Global.
47:43 08/09/2022
Episode 20: Jeannie Moravits Smith
Where are all the employees going during the Great Resignation??? This is the question on the minds of so many business leaders, and in this episode, Jeannie Moravits Smith addresses it. Jeannie is the founder of Dynamism Leadership, formerly HR-Rx, a Leadership Mindset and Organization Development Consulting firm established in 2005. Prior to becoming CEO, she held Executive Leadership roles at a variety of organizations.  Now with over three decades of personal and professional experience, Jeannie has helped thousands of leaders learn how to take charge of the catabolic thoughts and feelings that control their mindset and replace them with anabolic energy.  Jeannie holds certifications in Leadership Coaching, Energy Leadership, & Human Management, as well as a Master of Science degree in Human Resources.
51:31 08/03/2022
Episode 19: Carissa McIntyre
Author Carissa McIntyre, also known as Lady Mack Xo, is a self published author and speaker from Ontario Canada. From fleeing a domestic violence relationship with 4 children in her care in 2017, she has since gone on to publish 7 novels, open an online store, and focus her time and love on promoting self love and inspiration to others.
40:14 07/19/2022
Episode 18: Megan Miller
Detoxing off the drug of achievement starts with microsteps of self-care and choosing to show up for yourself. Megan Miller talks with Angela about previously finding validation in being busy, closing deals and hustling to achieve goals, while ultimately feeling empty and unfulfilled. After realizing she was living in a lonely dark world focused on hustle & achievement, Megan made a choice to get brave and get still and start using the power of intention to live a more inspired life. Learn about her journey and how to connect with your most trusted advisor... yourself.
45:33 07/12/2022
Episode 17: Dana Dickson
Protecting your intellectual property is one of the most important things you can do while building your brand... but where do you start? Dana Dickson is an award-wining Trademark Attorney who previously worked at the US Patent and Trademark Office earlier in her career before establishing her own practice. Learn about essential first steps and potential pitfalls from Dana as she talks with Angela about this essential but complex process.
48:43 07/05/2022
Episode 16: Anne Watson
Business Strategist and Coach, Anne Watson, helps female creative online entrepreneurs think like a business so they can inspire like a boss. This includes helping all your ideas take shape and turning them into a profitable signature offer, complete with a strategic roadmap to achieving your goals. In this episode, Anne and Angela dive into how to build confidence, strategies for creating a personal brand and steps to getting your business idea off the ground. #startupideas #businesscoach #femaleempowerment
45:39 06/28/2022
Episode 15: Allie McAllister
Known as "The Atlanta Injector", Allie McAllister has been relentlessly pursuing her vision in aesthetics, and bringing women to the forefront of the industry through empowerment and education. Join us as Allie McAllister describes her entrepreneurial journey. In this episode we discuss getting out of our own way and the value of tenacity, as well as her motivation for launching the Cult Conference.
30:24 06/22/2022
Episode 14: Debbie Garner
Debbie Garner was a GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) Agent for 30 years and has witnessed first hand some of the worst of our society, yet still believes people are mostly good. Join us for a fascinating conversation about how to keep our children safe, mental wellness in the law enforcement community, and the important role that female officers serve. You do not want to miss her incredible insight and advice. Having spent her entire career protecting our society with tenacity and grace, she has even chosen to do so after retirement while transitioning into the private sector. We absolutely need more women like Debbie Garner in our society. #lawenforcement #womeninprotection #mamabear #gbi
44:49 06/09/2022
Episode 13: Chi Chi Okezie
As an ambitious and dynamic child of Nigerian immigrants, Chi Chi Okezie has been creating opportunities for herself throughout her entire life. It is human nature to want to connect with others, but when you add value to those connections through mentorship and relationship building, it creates a foundation for growth. Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Trilingual Cultural Expert, Chi Chi Okezie, teaches our audience how to leverage the power of networking to grow our business, brand ourselves and advocate for things we are passionate about.
46:07 05/31/2022
Episode 12: Katherine Mason
How do you define success? For Katherine Mason, founder and CEO of SculptHouse, success is defined by the incredible obstacles she has had to overcome in launching and growing her business. SculptHouse brings an award-winning, unique concept to the South in blending fashion and fitness, something Katherine discovered during her time in NYC as a Wilhelmina Fitness Model and Master Trainer. Kathrine's passion for fitness began at an early age as an athlete and she has transformed that passion into a successful and thriving business.
40:58 05/24/2022
Episode 11: Tammy Green
What would happen if you decided to embrace vulnerability instead of fearing it? You might find that it is a superpower that allows you to break free from the shame and guilt that holds us back from being our authentic self. Tammy Green, Author of Living Without Skin, tells us her story of breaking free from the fear of being vulnerable, while having the courage to live authentically. 
43:43 05/17/2022
Episode 10: Allison Bittel
Allison Bittel has been a trailblazer her entire career. From choosing to pursue a career in the male-dominated commercial real estate industry to launching The Women's Collective, she has been a powerful voice for diversity and inclusion in the work place. Angela asks Allison about her journey in real estate, tips for negotiation and why mentorship is so important.
34:02 05/10/2022
Episode 9: Jesslyn Rollins
Imagine being a recent college graduate starting out in your career, when your father tells you about this great product he invented, and asks for your help in building a company around it. BIOLYTE was invented by Jesslyn's father as an "IV in a bottle" to provide much needed rehydration for her mother who was battling breast cancer at the time. With no business background, not only did Jesslyn step in to help bring the product to the public, she has been able to build a multi-million brand with a solid company structure.  Jesslyn tells us about her grassroots effort going directly to sports teams to get feedback on the product, experience working with a distributor, a costly mistake she made in promoting her brand online, and how her background in theater helps her to crush it on sales calls! Jesslyn's charismatic personality and engaging story telling made this one of my most favorite interviews so far... listen to see why :-)
55:44 05/03/2022
Episode 8: Monica McCoy
Award winning motivational speaker, author, global diversity expert and business strategist, Monica McCoy, talks to Angela Gennari about building your personal brand and establishing your value to an organization. Join us as you learn about her incredible career pivots from medicine, to psychology and then to corporate America, before launching her own company... and using all of those important lessons to improve the lives and businesses of underserved communities. 
48:42 04/26/2022
Episode 7: Stephanie Stuckey
Stephanie Stuckey is the road trippin', pecan lovin', branding genius CEO of Stuckey's, a company founded by her grandfather in 1937 with $35 and a borrowed truck. Listen to this fascinating story about how Stuckey's was sold to a large corporation, almost shuttered completely due to neglect of the brand, resurrected by Billy Stuckey and then bought by Stephanie in a last ditch attempt to keep the company in the family. Stephanie had to walk away from her successful law and political career to pursue a new role as a CEO.... and this would be her biggest trial yet!
47:08 04/19/2022
Episode 6: Cindy Abel
Gandhi said "be the change you wish to see in the world" and Cindy Abel is doing just that. Former interim CEO of Hands on Atlanta, and Founder of Liv2Bme, Cindy grew frustrated with the negative impact that social media is having on young teen girls and decided a change was needed. As a mother of 3 children and co-founder of a technology company that she ran for more than 2 decades, Cindy put her resources and energy into creating a social media outlet that would encourage positivity and a healthy self-image for teen girls. Angela speaks with Cindy about her journey through VC fundraising, app development and focus groups.
51:17 04/12/2022