Show cover of The Bitter Truth with Abe Abdelhadi

The Bitter Truth with Abe Abdelhadi

A non-establishment show, asking questions the masses find difficult. Host Abe Abdelhadi is from L.A. and moved to Austin in March of 2015. He’s been a musician, a comedian and put out a novel in 2015, All Together Now. What do all these endeavors have in common? A desire to tell the truth.


Defund the Supreme Court. Face facts, it’s merely a punt for cowardly politicians. 28:25 06/30/2022
When the 7th Graders Start Varsity. A brief discussion on foreign policy and a $25/hour minimum wage 45:40 06/03/2022
I Welcome the Hatred. Matthew Hoh discusses his U.S. senate race 63:03 05/06/2022
The Squalid Ones. Cindy Sheehan talks Ukraine & U.S. foreign policy 62:16 03/24/2022
Days of Trump. Author Tim Devine discusses his new book and the destruction of protocol. 45:44 03/14/2022
Healthcare is Killing You. Lisa Theobald discusses the state by state strategy for healthcare. 47:12 03/04/2022
The Next Governor Could Be Yours! Delilah Barrios Talks About Her Campaign. 46:38 02/23/2022
I’m No Fun at Parties. Please, Stop Encouraging These People! 45:50 02/15/2022
State by State. Dr. Joe Jarvis discusses the mission of the American Health Security Project 39:45 02/08/2022
Hate’s 4th Estate. Gays, Guns, Abortion and Now… Mandates! 31:03 02/03/2022
Growing Up Different. Munich changed a lot of things for me 36:45 01/25/2022
JFK and You! A frank discussion of the assassination of JFK 38:28 12/13/2021
You Try Getting Sick. Dr. Joe Jarvis discusses U.S. possibilities to catch up with the world 46:02 11/29/2021
Your Hatred is Misplaced. A frank discussion on how and why we’re manipulated. 46:27 11/10/2021
Shoulda Kept the Nukes, Mo! Andrew Heaton discusses U.S. policy here and abroad 52:35 11/08/2021
A History of Atrocities. Cindy Sheehan Discusses The War Criminal Whitewash 53:59 10/26/2021
United We’re Had. A frank discussion on the myth of U.S. “unity" 36:52 10/05/2021
Don’t Call it a Comeback. The insidious, racist nature of Ebonics and how it never really left 25:59 09/09/2021
I Heart Hamas. Jennifer Jajeh discusses show biz and the apartheid regime that the U.S. can’t quit 52:19 09/06/2021
Stolen Fully Furnished. Miko Peled talks about the ongoing assault on Palestinians by Israel. 39:04 08/30/2021
Are There Options? Sema Hernandez talks about real third parties vs. charlatans. 60:07 08/26/2021
No Accidents in Imperialism. A frank discussion on another failure of U.S. adventurism. 52:51 08/23/2021
Why No Cuba, Mommy? A frank discussion on stupid foreign policy and murderous sanctions 39:30 07/13/2021
The Human Bubble Crash. JT Chapman talks about the cannibalism of the U.S. economy. 43:00 07/01/2021
The Ownership of Everything: Brittany Richey discusses how we’re being slowly destroyed by greed 50:22 06/07/2021
No Honest Brokers. Suhair Nafal vs. the United States of Israel 45:49 06/01/2021
Conscience of Capital. Even FDR wasn’t FDR, and neither is Biden. 38:24 05/04/2021
The Price of Everything Part Two. Lisa Theobald breaks down the benefits of M4A. 49:11 04/19/2021
The Price of Everything Part One. Lisa Theobald breaks down the benefits of M4A 40:09 04/17/2021
Who Bought Speech? Abe discusses the First Amendment and corporations as governing bodies 28:21 04/12/2021