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In a time when Sports and Politics dominate the airwaves it has become evident that we need a podcast that focuses on the the never ending fight to solve our First World Problems. Inside the Pallet House gives you a look inside the lives of your hosts, and guests that join them to rate beers and bring their collective experiences together to conquer the problems that face us all. Recorded every week in Richmond, VA, and listened to around the world.


Homeless Moves
We revisit our memories of OJ, some good, some bad, but there is no denying that dude could run.  We also are reminded that being homeless isn't always a bad thing.
87:45 4/15/24
Spring Break 24
It's Spring Break, but that doesn't mean we aren't putting out a new episode.  Yep, we are committed to the cause...for now. It is this kind of dedication that can get you an Uber across state lines.  
96:05 4/7/24
She Looks Tired
Chick-Fil-A we have got a marketing campaign for you, and it is on brand.  In the end you will sell more spicy chicken then you ever thought possible. Give us a call.  We may have come across a few gems for the Taco Bell's and Chipotle's of the world as well.
87:22 3/31/24
Only Fins
This we week we unintentionally dive into some alternative lifestyles, and do our best to make sense of it all.  It also begs to question how we decide which half of a mythical creature we designate the human portion.
96:23 3/24/24
Hold! Hold! Hold!
This weeks episode is an ITPH first. In 8 years, 11 months, and 5 days of doing this show we finally recorded an episode without Brendan. Who will run the show?  Who will even be there? Will the boys sink or swim? I guess there is only one way to find out.  Hold...Hold...Hold.
93:02 3/17/24
Irish 101
We are going to do our best to bring you up to speed on all you need to know for Saint Patrick's Day. Even if you don't like Guinness we have some solutions for you as we dive into the different options for the Half and Half. We also get a history lesson about Notre Dame.
67:01 3/10/24
Marriage Test
Marriage is a sacred bond, but it is also one heck of a legal obligation.  Of course there is no effort to educate those who enter this legal bond, just a congratulations. We take a look at some ways we could help those who want to join in this beautiful sacrament. 
77:41 3/3/24
Nobody Saw That
We are taking a look ahead at a new marriage, and we take a look back at a relationship that one of us totally misread. We also do an impromptu review of the new Bob Marley movie.  
83:50 2/25/24
Dr McGillicuddy
Men often get accused of being the weaker sex when it comes to how we react to getting sick.  It is debatable at best, but how you fared on the SuperBowl might determine if it is bettable. 
100:21 2/18/24
Parisian Koozie
What a long strange trip it has been. We break down a trip through Europe, and try to keep it from sounding as pretentious as most trips to the EU make you sound.  Easier said than done.
103:29 2/11/24
FaceBook Marketplace is a blessing and a curse.  If you like random people sliding into your DM's and ghosting you it is the best, if you are trying to sell a car it can a bit frustrating though. 
87:11 2/4/24
Mushroom Tip
We live in an age of unregulated supplements, and while many of them are snake oil, there are others that work exceptionally well.  You should be fully aware of the side effects though, or you could be caught off guard.  Like a dog smelling leather; it can be quite unsettling.
77:01 1/28/24
iPhone PTSD
Some trauma cannot be unseen, and with all of the cameras on our phones it shouldn't be surprising to learn that they are watching.  What they do with the information is TBD, but it is clear that Siri's AI is getting closer to being human.
97:00 1/22/24
Evel Knievel and the Rock Dingo
We channel our inner Evel Knievel, and will not accept defeat this week. Unless we have to ask the guy behind the counter for our literature. That just seems a little too difficult. We also get an unexpected surprise from Rock Dingo Woodcraft. Not all hero's wear capes...but Evel did. 
90:40 1/14/24
Sometimes you try and keep the conversation high brow, but then it goes sideways on you.  In this case no matter how many times we try and pull it back we end up with spots on our khakis, and sending Bob a box of gross.
89:26 1/8/24
Holiday Drink Challenge '23
We are back for our annual Holiday Drink Challenge, and we brought in the boys from Squeezing Lemons to kick it up a notch.  That didn't stop us from trying our hand at beating them at their own game. 
122:04 12/31/23
The Eve
What constitutes a Christmas movie can be a heated conversation, but it is one we should all be having. At least we can all agree that unexpected presents are some of the best.
88:16 12/24/23
Truck Shart
Sometimes you have to take the long road to get what you want. Other times you need to think twice before taking the jump. Either way you should keep the receipts so you can deliver the perfect Christmas gift.
88:01 12/18/23
Heels In the Sky
The holiday parties are upon us, and some can handle it better than others.  A good outfit can take you a long way if you own it, and knowing the customs of those around you will go a long way. 
87:26 12/11/23
Fecal Transplant Xmas Trees
Holiday season is officially here, and we are cutting down trees in record time. Our gift buying may be off to a slow start, but some families have been giving gifts that bring unexpected side effects. 
91:27 12/4/23
Haikus With Mike
We are recording on the night before Thanksgiving, and while it doesn't get the hype of the night before Christmas, it certainly has its fair share of merriment. We ring it in with drinks, talk of Snoop Dogg, and of course Haikus.
96:39 11/26/23
Mustache Beauty Pageant
We are joined by Mike and Mike to talk about M4K Richmond, and confirm that growing a mustache is mostly a positive experience. It won't help you win a beauty pageant, but it can ensure your only option is to join one. 
109:58 11/20/23
Boy Math
Mustache  season is in full swing, and some of us even have visible mustaches.  We also have a new fridge, and with only minor complications. Yep its the little wins that add up.
105:15 11/12/23
The Black Sheep (extended)
We revisit Halloween's from  the past, and get a first hand account of the new Sphere in Vegas.  Let's not forget that the new mustaches are in season as well.
103:25 11/6/23
Can't Judge a Book By it's Cover
It is hard to tell what is real if you don't have all the facts. You just have to hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst. 
87:15 10/30/23
Tis The Season
Ray is back, and he is wearing his Spirit Halloween hat tonight. A work week Halloween is not ideal, but we are making the best of it. It isn't too difficult when you have the rights to the Crypt Keeper.
91:28 10/23/23
Track Suit Life
We are doing some manly stuff this week.  The beers are way too strong, there are horses everywhere, and we are rocking track suits. Nothing says I have got it going on, quite like a track suit. Just choose wisely. 
86:34 10/17/23
Big Festival Energy
This week we recap the Oceans Calling Music Festival.  Sometimes you just need to believe that is all going to work out.
88:17 10/8/23
It is on this week.  We have Birthdays to celebrate, Marriages to hope the best for, and strange late night  occurrences that have us looking over our shoulder.   It is also festival time, and this one is shaping up to be a little different than festivals in the past.   
75:58 10/1/23
The Diatribe
It is great to see one of the old names in the game rise back to glory.  Of course one person's glory is just another's jumping off point for their diatribe.
76:12 9/24/23

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