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Mike Dell’s World” is a podcast hosted by Mike Dell, which he describes as the least anticipated guide to the cosmos and a show about absolutely nothing. Drawing inspiration from ordinary life’s inexplicable phenomena, such as missing pens and socks, Mike Dell explores the ordinary with a profound sense of curiosity and confusion. The podcast delves into various topics, often with a humorous or insightful twist.


The Nothingness of Overconnected Lives – MDW 398
In this episode of "Mike Dell's World," number 398, titled "The Nothingness of Overconnected Lives," Mike Dell explores the themes of technological simplicity and privacy. The episode was recorded on February 22nd, 2024. Mike begins by updating his listeners on his personal life, mentioning his recent shoulder surgery recovery and his return to flying. He also notes a change in his recording setup due to technical issues, leading to a lack of sound effects and music in this episode. Mike shares that he's started a new podcast with Mike Wilkerson, which will be available in video, audio, and on a YouTube channel. He talks about his experience with different podcast apps, praising features like smart playlists and privacy-focused platforms like Cast o Matic, Podverse, Fountain, and Podcast Guru. The main topic of the episode revolves around smartphones, privacy, and the idea of 'de-Googling' one's life. Mike discusses the consequences of using free apps, his intolerance for advertisements, and the consideration of using a 'dumb' phone. He mentions his decision to reduce Google's presence in his personal life, although he still uses YouTube and Facebook for work and occasional personal posts. Mike critically evaluates the necessity of always being connected, mentioning his preferences for minimal social media usage and the privacy implications of technologies like face ID. He expresses concerns about the habit-forming nature of smartphones, describing efforts to simplify his phone usage by removing unnecessary apps and switching to the Brave browser for privacy. He references an article by the BBC about the resurgence of 'dumb phones' among younger generations, highlighting a particular model called the Nokia 3310. Mike then details his interest in a minimalist phone called the Light Phone, which aside from basic features, has limited apps to minimize distractions. Mike also discusses an article that explains how to turn an iPhone into a 'dumb phone' and suggests getting rid of applications that track users or serve ads. He talks about living without the constant bombardment of news and entertainment, advocating for a more straightforward lifestyle. He further discusses his experience in de-cluttering his media consumption, from podcasts to news and television, advocating for RSS feeds as an alternative to mainstream news sources. Mike also adds that he has been exploring off-grid living through various YouTube channels. The episode wraps up with Mike mentioning his initiatives at Blueberry, including testing AI for generating chapter files and adding transcripts to make podcasts more accessible. He remarks on the resilience of RSS feeds in maintaining a decentralized platform for podcast content, independent of larger corporations like Apple or Spotify. Mike concludes by encouraging listeners to tune into his more regular appearances on the Auto History Podcast and Podcast Insider for content related to automobiles and podcasting insights. Additionally, he promises to provide links in the show notes related to topics discussed in the episode, such as the BBC article, the Light Phone details, and the guide to dumbing down an iPhone. - Mike updates on his shoulder surgery recovery and return to flying - Discusses changes in recording setup resulting in no sound effects or music - Announces a new podcast with Mike Wilkerson, including video and audio formats Auto History Podcast - Discusses podcast apps, favoring smart playlists and privacy-focused options like Castamatic, Podverse, Fountain, and Podcast Guru - Main topic on the downsides of smartphones and privacy concerns - Speaks on ‘de-Googling’ his life while still using YouTube and Facebook for essential work purposes - Advocates for reduced social media usage and is wary of technologies like face ID - Efforts to simplify phone use, including removing apps and using Brave browser - References BBC's article on the popularity of 'dumb ph...
37:51 2/23/24
Failing NaPodPoMo again – Want to be a Podcast co-host? – MDW397
Yup, Failed again.  NaPodPoMo has come and gone with me doing a total of 14 episodes.  9 here and 5 on On another note, I would like to find someone who wants to be a weekly co-host of the Auto History Podcast I want to start.  If you would be interested, please contact me 00:00:00 - Beginning 00:01:00 - 1 Minute in 00:10:00 - Ten Minutes in
03:27 12/11/23
World’s Worst Podcast Episode – MDW396
Summary: In this episode (#396) of Mike Dell's World, aired on November 9th, 2023, Mike Dell reflects on his previous podcast episode, which he dubs as potentially the world's worst, entirely created with AI tools. He walks through the process of using ChatGPT for scripting, Descript for voice training, and AI for generating episode artwork. Mike shares his experiences with podcast apps, switching from Overcast to Castamatic, and recommends others for users to try. He updates listeners on his shoulder surgery recovery, the convenience of passive exercises, and the adjustments he's had to make during his recovery, including hiring help for yard work. Mike also talks about dealing with a planned power outage during his wife's birthday celebration and plans for the next podcast episode during this disruption. Key Points: - Mike Dell's experiment with a fully AI-produced podcast episode. - Tools used for the episode: ChatGPT for scripting, Descript for voice training, AI for artwork. - Discussion about various podcast apps and a personal switch to Castamatic. - Updates on shoulder surgery recovery and adjustments in daily life. - Upcoming birthday party for Mike's wife and coping with a planned power outage. Mentioned Podcast Apps: - Podcast Guru - Castamatic (recommended by Mike, possibly iOS only) - Podverse (for live shows) - Podcast Addict (for Android users) Resources: - For new podcast apps, visit:,, or Closing: Continue tuning into Mike Dell's World and hints at a potentially pre-recorded episode due to the power outage and birthday celebrations.
09:38 11/9/23
The Role of AI in Podcasting Today – MDW395
World 395 for November 8th 2023 Hello, everyone! Welcome to another episode of Mike Dell's World, where we explore the fascinating corners of technology and its impact on our daily lives. I’m your host, Mike Dell, and today, we're delving into the intriguing world of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and its increasing role in the podcasting universe. Podcasting has always been about the human connection—voices in our ears, telling stories, sharing knowledge, and sparking conversations. But as technology advances, AI is becoming an integral part of this audio experience. It's transforming how we create, distribute, and even listen to podcasts. So, buckle up as we take a quick dive into this tech evolution! First off, let's talk about content creation. AI is now assisting podcasters in scripting, with tools that help in writing more engaging and SEO-friendly content. Imagine having an AI co-writer that suggests topics based on trending data or even helps to fine-tune your language for better clarity and impact. Then there's the production side of things. AI-driven software can now mix and master audio files, balance levels, and even remove background noise, making the editing process faster and more accessible to podcasters of all skill levels. Distribution has seen a revolution too. AI algorithms are the backbone of recommendation engines on podcast platforms, helping listeners find your show among the millions out there. And if you're worried about discoverability, AI can optimize your podcast metadata to ensure you're hitting the right keywords and phrases. Now, let's get into the listening experience. Ever used a smart speaker to play your favorite podcast? That's AI in action, folks! Voice recognition allows listeners to search and play podcasts effortlessly. And it doesn't stop there—AI is even enabling real-time translation and transcription, breaking down language barriers and making podcasts accessible to a global audience. But with all these advancements, it's essential to remember the heart of podcasting—the storytellers, the educators, the entertainers. AI is a powerful tool, but it's the human touch that truly connects with listeners. As podcasters, we can harness AI to elevate our craft, but let's not forget the art of storytelling that makes podcasting so special. So, what's your take on AI in podcasting? Are you excited about these new tools, or do you have concerns about the role of AI in a medium so deeply personal? Drop me a line, and let's start a conversation. That’s all for today's episode. Thanks for tuning in to Mike Dell's World. Be sure to subscribe for more discussions on technology, life, and the space in between. Until next time, keep on casting! As you can tell, this is an AI version of my voice. I will be back in person tomorrow with another episode for Na Pod Po Mo.
03:25 11/8/23
Snowfall in Northern Michigan – MDW394
Dealing with heavy snowfall during the winter months is a way of life for the residents of Northern Michigan. With an average snowfall that can exceed 100 inches in some areas, the communities have adapted in unique and effective ways. Preparation for the snow season begins early. Residents ensure their homes are well-insulated, with sufficient heating systems to withstand the biting cold. Snow tires and chains become standard for vehicles as locals aim to maintain mobility in slippery conditions. Additionally, there's a significant investment in snowblowers and plows for personal use. The local governments also play a crucial role. Budgets for winter are carefully planned to ensure that snowplows are in good condition and ready to clear the streets. There's a remarkable efficiency in the deployment of these services, often working throughout the night during heavy snowfall to minimize disruption to daily life. Community spirit shines through during the winter months. Neighbors often help each other, especially in assisting those who are elderly or disabled with snow removal. This camaraderie extends to sharing resources like food and water during particularly severe storms that may lead to temporary isolation. Education on dealing with winter conditions is also a key factor. Schools teach children about frostbite and hypothermia prevention, while local organizations provide winter survival tips. There are also community-led initiatives to ensure everyone has adequate clothing, such as coat drives. Despite the challenges, the residents of Northern Michigan embrace the winter season with a sense of pride and enjoyment. Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing are not just recreational activities but also a part of the cultural identity of the region. In summary, Northern Michigan's approach to managing snowfall is a blend of preparation, community support, and embracing the harsh yet beautiful winter environment. This resilience allows the region to not only endure but also thrive during the snowy months.
11:28 11/8/23
Beagles Rule! – MDW393
Just a couple of Beagle Rules memes read out.
02:57 11/6/23
A New Time – mdw392
Why do we change times 2 times a year? My Beagles didn't get the memo...
03:16 11/5/23
New Podcast Apps – MDW391
I just got off a live stream / Podcast episode of Podcasting 2.0 with Adam Curry, Dave Jones and Todd Cochrane (see: episode 153 ) Had a great time with the guys talking about podcasting and some sexy namespace talk. It's a tad geeky, but very cool. I want to talk to you about your listening app. What do you use to listen to podcasts? One of the "Legacy apps" or a new modern podcast app? For a new app to try, check out Join me on one of those apps, and setup V4V and look for live streaming alerts for live shows you may like. I just discovered "Podcast Guru" ( ) and have it setup just a bit. It seems impressive! Listen to this episode and then go listen to Podcasting 2.0 ep 153.
09:21 11/4/23
Mike’s Podcasting History – MDW390
Today, I mostly talk about podcasting. My history starting this show as the benzoin report and how I got into the podcasting business working for Blubrry podcasting.
12:02 11/3/23
Captains log November 2, 2023 – MDW 389
This is the second episode of #NaPodPoM0 2023. They talk about my surgery and the expected recovery. There was snow on the ground this morning! I guess it's that time of the year.
04:27 11/2/23
Full Electric Cars vs. Hybrid – MDW388 – #napodpomo
Full Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) each have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Full Electric Vehicle (EV) Pros: 1. "Zero Emissions" - Full EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, making them environmentally friendly. 2 Lower Operating Costs - Electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline, and EVs typically have fewer moving parts than traditional vehicles, resulting in potentially lower maintenance costs. 3. Quiet Operation - EVs are generally quieter than vehicles with internal combustion engines. 4. Instant Torque - Electric motors provide instant torque, which can lead to quick acceleration. 5. Incentives - Many governments offer tax breaks, rebates, and other incentives for purchasing EVs. 6. Reduced Dependence on Oil - Using EVs can reduce a country's dependence on imported oil. Cons: 1. Limited Range -Some EVs have a limited driving range compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, although this is improving with advancements in battery technology. 2. Longer Refueling Time - Charging an EV can take longer than filling up a gas tank. 3. Charging Infrastructure - While growing, the EV charging infrastructure is not as widespread as gasoline stations in many areas. 4. Higher Upfront Cost - Although prices are coming down, EVs can have a higher initial purchase price than traditional vehicles. 5. Battery Degradation - Over time, the capacity of the battery can decrease, reducing the vehicle's range. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Pros: 1. Flexibility - PHEVs can run on electricity for short trips and switch to gasoline for longer ones, providing the best of both worlds. 2. Reduced Emissions - While not zero-emission when using gasoline, PHEVs generally emit less than traditional vehicles. 3. Incentives - Like EVs, many governments offer incentives for purchasing PHEVs. 4. Less Range Anxiety - The gasoline engine can act as a backup when the battery is depleted. 5. Charging Infrastructure - While beneficial for PHEVs, it's not as crucial since they can also run on gasoline. Cons: 1. Still Uses Gasoline - PHEVs still rely on gasoline for longer trips, so they aren't entirely free from fossil fuels. 2. Complexity - Having both an electric motor and a gasoline engine can lead to more complex maintenance and potential repairs. 3. Higher Upfront Cost - PHEVs can be more expensive than traditional vehicles and sometimes even more than full EVs due to the dual systems. 4. Limited Electric Range - The electric-only range of PHEVs is typically shorter than that of full EVs. 5. Weight - The combination of a gasoline engine, electric motor, and battery can make PHEVs heavier than traditional vehicles or full EVs. In summary, the choice between a full EV and a PHEV depends on individual needs, driving habits, and priorities. Both options contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, but they come with different considerations.
27:01 11/1/23
Flying, Shoulder Surgery, Fall Update – NaPodPoMo 2023 – MDW387
Hello, everyone! It feels like ages since we last caught up. My summer and fall have been quite eventful, to say the least. Flight Adventures: I embarked on an exhilarating flight training journey at the renowned Giving Wings Flight Center in Traverse City. However, life threw a curveball, and I need to undergo rotator cuff surgery this week. This means a short break from my flying lessons. On the bright side, my recovery will give me a reprieve from snowblowing duties this winter!   Home Renovations: On the home front, we've taken on some significant projects. The old woodshed behind our garage, which was on its last legs, has been removed. In its stead, we've erected a functional carport-style tent. It's the perfect storage space for our summer essentials, freeing up the garage to serve its primary purpose once again. Podcast News: Exciting times ahead as I've committed to NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Posting Month) this year! I'm eager to dive into podcasting throughout November, sharing intriguing episodes with all of you. There's a plethora of ideas I've been toying with, and now's the perfect time to bring them to life. Stay tuned and thanks for being on this journey with me!    
07:52 10/21/23
Update and replay of the Bobby Yang Episode – MDW386
  Another update from the woods here and a reply of a really cool episode from October 2008.  Trust me the music is great! Check out Bobby's website  
18:10 5/11/23
Podcasting is NEW again! Podcasting 2.0 and Carnivore Diet – MDW385
  I'm super excited about the Podcast 2.0 project and the features we have implemented at my Day Job ( It feels to me very much like Podcasting felt back in the beginning of podcasting 2004-2005.  I go over some of those features and why YOU might be interested as a listener OR podcaster. The good old days are back! In other subjects, I have started what is known as the Carnivore diet or PHD (Proper Human Diet) in hopes of improving my health.  I talked quite a bit about it in this episode. To help me NOT bore everyone I know with it, I have started an Audio blog (read Podcast DOh!) called My Carnivore Health Journey.  It's available here:  It's a blog as well as a podcast where I will post more personal progress on my health journey and other things of interest to the carnivore community.  Wish me luck! This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
44:24 2/4/23
Testing more stuff and Cars again – MDW384
Testing some more goodies from Blubrry that will be coming out soon.  If you are not on a Modern Podcast App, check out  I prefer Podverse and Fountian. I got a new car for Kathy.  A 2012 Toyota Highlander. Now we both daily drive 4 wheel drives again and don't have to plow snow as much :)   This podcast originated at and is Podcast 2.0 Certified!
05:53 1/24/23
Travel and Car Drama – MDW-383
Just an update about all the travel and some car talk/drama. Driving old cars has it's good points and some bad points.   This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
28:39 9/21/22
New Toys and a New Podcast – MDW – 382 (repost)
Hi! Yes, I have an episode :) Just a quick update.  Yes, I started a new podcast (the Auto History Podcast) and I have some cool plans to make it interesting.  Check it out at   Also, I talk about work (Blubrry Podcasting) and the trip to Dallas I'm taking next week to Podcast Movement 2022   Enjoy! ** If you hear and ad that you don't think should be on my show, let me know and send me a recording if you can.  We are playing with Programatic Advertising.
25:36 8/22/22
Semi-Annual Update – MDW-381
What have I been doing for the last 6 months or so?  Lots of things.  Podcasting on this channel hasn't been one of them, but I'm staying busy. New Camper New Laptop New Ham Radio antenna General life update Podcast Industry changing (I'm not really a fan of change sometimes) Cancel Culture online
25:36 5/15/22
Why Traverse City? – MDW380 – #napodpomo21
Why do I live in Traverse City? Lots of reasons!  Listen to the show to find out why somebody that could live anywhere chooses to live in Northern Michigan. (Snow and All!)   This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
40:23 11/17/21
Podcast Index and Podcasting 2.0 – MDW379 – #napodpomo21
The Podcast Index is here to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem. We do this by enabling developers to have access to an open, categorized index that will always be available for free, for any use. - From If you are using one of the new podcast apps, you can BOOST this show because I am enabled for Value 4 Value.   Subscribe to Podcasting 2.0    This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
25:55 11/16/21
Ham Radio “nets” and schedules – MDW378 – #napodpomo21
What is a ham radio NET? Short answer: It's a scheduled weekly (or other time-frame) special purpose gathering of hams on a particular frequency. Types of nets can be, but are not limited to, Club Nets, ARES (emergency communications), County hunters, friends schedules or just Rag chew nets. They can be directed, roll call or round table. Listen to the show to hear more.   This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!  
22:34 11/15/21
F-111 “Aardvark” “Pig” or “Raven”- MDW377 – #napodpomo21
My favorite aircraft ever!  The F-111 First flew in 1964,  Last flew in 2010. I was on the F-111 for 8 of my 9 years in the USAF.   This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!    
22:34 11/14/21
Big Boy History – MDW376 – #napodpomo21
How was the Double-Decker Hamburger born? Today we talk about Big Boy, in all its different regional chains. Find out how a 10 stool hamburger stand turned into a National brand and even international. (279 in Japan Still). Also, how "Big Boy" has 3 completely separate companies today that hold the trademark for Big Boy.   This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!     For a lot more information about Big Boy see: and 
19:25 11/12/21
Repost of MDW 183 from 10 years ago – MDW375 – #napodpomo
A throwback Thursday episode of Mike Dell's World form over 10 years ago.   In this one a played a few songs from FUMP and talked about going back to school to brush up on some stuff.  A moped and who knows what else?  I will be listening too! This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
48:39 11/11/21
Hoovies Garage – The Dumbest Car YouTube Channel – MDW374 – #napodpomo21
Today I talk about Tyler Hoover of Hoovie's Garage on YouTube. It's a cool channel if you are into old broken cars and what it takes to get them back up and running if You are not going to do the work yourself. This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
11:17 11/10/21
The Bridges of Traverse City – MDW373 – #napodpomo21
Today I talk about Traverse City deciding to close and replace 4 bridges and put in 2 Roundabouts in one summer. (screwing up traffic.   Also Happy  Birthday to Kathy!   This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
07:20 11/9/21
Why this show is not on Spotify – MDW372 – #napodpomo21
I explain why Mike Dell's World is not on Spotify.  Instead of Spotify, try ANY other app.  Check out New Podcast Aps (Podcasting 2.0 apps)  (Yes, I took a Bye-day because I did an episode for Podcast Insider instead for Sunday) This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
12:43 11/9/21
All about Fat Amy, The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – MDW371 – #napodpomo21
FromWikipedia: The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is an American family of single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole combat aircraft that is intended to perform both air superiority and strike missions. Lots of info about the F-35, F-22, F-111, F-15, F-16 and others as I geek out about fighter jets :) This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
23:10 11/6/21
Guy Fawkes Day update – MDW370 – #napodpomo21
Just a quick update on Guy Fawkes Day   This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
04:50 11/5/21
News Sources I trust – MDW369 – #napodpomo21
TV:  Rubin Report on YouTube or Rumble -  Sometimes a half hour of my local station's morning news.   Maybe News Podcasts: Daily Wire -  Morning Wire and Salem Radio - Daybreak insider Other Podcasts: No Agenda, Andrew Klavan, and Verdict with Ted Cruz Websites: Drudge Report (sort of), Epoch Times, and Zero Hedge Social Media:  None really   Maybe Radio: (not much) but WTCM AM580 when they are in Local programing.  Sometimes WKLT "Omelette" show.  Depending. OR WIAA classical mornings (but not news)     This podcast is posted on Go there and subscribe!
23:44 11/4/21

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