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We will be interviewing local Chicago area business owners to discuss many topics. Discussions on how to start a business, keep it going, and thrive for the future. Learn through fun and engaging conversation with local business owners. If you would like to be featured on our podcast please message us at:


Gaining Trust With Your Clients: Featuring Andrew Eichner of Berger Schatz Law
Today we have a very special guest, Andrew Eichner, Equity Partner at Berger Schatz Law, located in Chicago, IL.Drew has been practicing family law for over 35 years. He finds that when he empathizes and relates to his clients he builds long-lasting relationships for years to come. Learn how Drew is his authentic self while being a successful attorney.Join us today to hear Drew's story of how he has built a  successful clientele throughout the years.Berger Schatz
25:32 6/20/22
Finding Meaning: Featuring Julie Bronsteatter of J. Bronsteatter Coaching
Today we have a very special guest, Julie Bronsteatter of J. Bronsteatter Coaching, located in Chicago, IL.Julie left the corporate world at the beginning of the pandemic and found her passion in helping female leaders in advertising and marketing who were feeling lost and alone confidently take charge of their personal and professional life, putting them in the driver's seat again.Join us today to hear Julie's story of how she got into coaching and has built a successful business during the pandemic.J. Bronsteatter Coaching
23:25 5/9/22
Passion is Everything: Featuring Dave & Vickie Masa of Radon Reduction Systems
Today we have two very special guests, Dave & Vickie Masa owners of Radon Reduction Systems, located in Naperville, IL.Dave & Vickie started their home-based business back 31 years ago now after Dave lost his job as a plumber. Vickie was in real estate and was hearing a lot about this thing called radon gas. The two decided to go into business together to become a radon mitigation company. 31 years strong and they are still running a very successful business and spreading the word about the harms of radon gas. They are passionate about their company and passionate about keeping their community safe.Join us today to hear Dave & Vickie's story of how they have grown their passion into a successful business.Radon Reduction Systems
26:26 5/2/22
Managing Client Relationships: Featuring Laura Kippen Ph.D. & Owner of InfoManiacs,Inc
Today we have a very special guest, Laura Kippen Ph.D. founder and president of InfoManiacs, Inc. located in Naperville, IL.Laura brings over 30 years of custom primary market research experience to help clients find answers to their business and marketing questions, both simple and highly complex. She specializes in the creative application of research methods to uncover insights in difficult, complex, and/or dynamic markets. Her areas of expertise include both qualitative and quantitative methods in support of new product development, optimization, pricing, forecasting, branding initiatives, and loyalty.Learn how Laura has developed and maintained her relationships with clients through her 30+ year career. And how she continues to build long-lasting relationships through natural networking.Join us today to hear Laura's amazing story and the advice she gives on how to let go of those clients that are not serving you.InfoManiacs, Inc.
34:29 4/4/22
Building Community Relationships: Featuring Cohen Barnes CEO of SundogIT, Inc
Today we have a very special guest, Cohen Barnes the President & CEO of SundogIT, Inc and the Mayor of DeKalb in DeKalb, Illinois.Cohen is a US Army Veteran who started Sundog in 1989 as a startup called TBC, providing general IT services in DeKalb, Illinois. By 1995, they could see the potential of universal internet access and became the first commercial ISP in DeKalb County. Since the company has grown to a larger scale pivoting from being an internet provider to offering businesses a wide range of IT services.Learn how Cohen has gone from wanting to be an English teacher to running a successful IT service-driven company. As well as giving back to his community by becoming the Mayor of DeKalb, a community that is near and dear to his heart.Join us today to hear Cohen's amazing story and the advice he gives along the way to business owners looking to give back.SundogIT, Inc
29:20 3/28/22
Creating a Business With a Cause: Thi Nguyen Owner of Chez Francois Poutinerie
Today we have a very special guest, Thi Nguyen the owner of a new restaurant coming to Naperville called Chez Francois Poutinerie. Learn how Thi overcame obstacles in her life from being a refugee at the end of the Vietnam War to creating a new life here in Naperville. Thi's goal is two-fold, introduce poutine to the area residents and provide employment opportunities to developmentally disabled adults.Join us today to hear Thi's amazing story of how she got to where she is today. And how she plans to help the community employ developmentally disabled adults through her non-profit, Friends of Francois.Chez Francois Poutinerie22 E. Chicago Ave., Naperville, IL
28:57 3/21/22
Changing Business One Leader at a Time: Megan Robinson from E Leader Experience
Today we have a very special guest, Megan Robinson the owner of E Leader Experience.Being a leader doesn’t always mean that you have a team behind you. Think of those people who appear to just be “natural” leaders. Those who everyone gravitates to and command respect. What’s their secret? Psst. it’s self-leadership!Join us today to hear how Megan helps leaders through self-reflection and the capacity to understand who you are, your values, and what you believe.E Leader Experience
28:10 3/14/22
Women in Leadership: Featuring Rebecca Malotke-Meslin of Pleasantly Aggressive
Today we have a very special guest, Rebecca Malotke-Meslin the owner of Pleasantly Aggressive and the Director at Avery Coonley located in Downers Grove, Illinois.Rebecca empowers women in independent schools, to confidently own their leadership through consulting and coaching.  She offers workshops for schools and associations to help women find their authentic leadership style while understanding the internal and external forces holding them back from achieving their potential. Pleasantly Aggressive
30:14 3/9/22
Business with a Purpose: Featuring Alexis Rago of Marketing Mana
Today we have a very special guest, Alexis Rago of Marketing Mana located in Naperville, Illinois. Alexis grew up in Hawaii and brings a diverse perspective to her marketing strategies. She helps businesses find purpose and guides them through their marketing challenges.In this episode, Alexis discusses how to reconnect with your business as well as how to redefine your mission, vision, and purpose to clarify your marketing goals.Marketing Mana, LLC
29:38 2/18/22