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We tell stories from the front lines of missions and share how God is at work around the world, transforming lives and communities. Join us to hear powerful testimonies and missions insights that inform your global perspective and inspire your Christian faith.


What is the 10/40 Window?
Many Christians have heard of the 10/40 Window, but you may have questions about it. What does "10/40" mean? Where is this Window? Why does it matter? This episode offers answers and insight into the 10/40 Window, its significance today, and the state of global missions.
53:38 4/28/23
A Heart for Missions with Oliver L. Asher
Oliver L. Asher is back on the podcast to talk about developing a passion for missions, God's heart for the nations,  and more. If you care about sharing the Gospel and reaching the lost, this episode is for you.
42:16 3/16/23
Joji "Bong" Barredo: Reaching the Next Generation in the Philippines
Our guest for this episode, Joji "Bong" Barredo, was in the U.S. seeking the Lord's will for her life when she heard a call to serve children in her native Philippines. She answered, and has built a multi-faceted ministry reaching the next generation with the Gospel. You'll be inspired by her passion and encouraged by her story.
72:16 2/25/23
Sharing the Gospel in Israel and Palestine
Israel ... Palestine ... Conflict. Those words often go together. But something else is happening in this part of the world today. God is transforming lives through the Gospel. In this episode Steven Khoury, a pastor in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, gives us a glimpse of the miraculous work being done in this very complicated mission field.
29:07 12/21/22
Serving God with the Right Motives
Sometimes God doesn't lead us on easy paths. It may not be clear where we're supposed to go — or why God is leading us in this direction. In two decades of ministry in Indonesia, Chandra Tobing has been through ups and downs.  He's seen amazing success, planting dozens of churches on Hindu-majority Bali Island. He's also experienced uncertainty, opposition, and what looked like career-ending failure. In this honest conversation, Chandra shares how his heart has changed, and what it looks like to serve God with the right motives.
69:01 11/10/22
Finding Invincible Joy with Oliver Asher
Growing up in Appalachia, Oliver Asher experienced extreme poverty. He lived in a shed, lost his sister in a car accident, and watched the shattering of his dreams. By trusting Jesus to bring good out of his hardships, he discovered great gratitude and invincible joy. Today he is president of Advancing Native Missions and has helped spread the Gospel in over 100 countries. In this episode, Oliver shares his story, discusses his new book, "Invincible Joy," and talks about how you can leave the world a better place regardless of where you are now.
44:07 10/13/22
Ministry in Rwanda & Uganda
Jesus came to proclaim good news to the poor and freedom to the imprisoned and oppressed (Luke 4:18–19). Today, in East Africa, remarkable native missionaries are following His lead — serving orphans, women trapped in prostitution, and others in need of true hope and practical help. God is transforming lives among the most vulnerable people. Lou Mancari talks about his recent trip to Uganda and Rwanda. You will definitely be encouraged and challenged by what you hear.
31:25 9/20/22
Latin America: Growth in Adversity
The COVID-19 pandemic hit some regions harder than others. Many countries in Latin America were devastated by its effects. But was missions work hindered by these challenges? Actually, in the midst of great adversity, many ministries experienced incredible growth. In this episode, Joel interviews Renee Lily, the regional director for Latin America at Advancing Native Missions. Renee shares how God has been saving souls, transforming lives, and building His church in amazing ways during the pandemic.
41:42 8/5/22
Hope for the Harvest in Eastern Europe
Late last year, Joel interviewed Jaap and Aziza DeCook, ANM’s field directors for Europe. They described the struggles of many church leaders in Eastern Europe, reeling from economic collapse, loss of church members, and stagnant growth. Jaap and Aziza shared testimonies of God’s saving power in spiritually dry places and how they encouraged these faithful servants to hold on to their hope in the Lord of the harvest.
37:47 7/6/22
Ukraine Update: Alexei and Lena Simonov
Alexei and Lena Simonov are leaders of Open Doors Ministries in Ukraine. What began as a Christian camp for Ukrainian orphans has blossomed into a multifaceted ministry. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Open Doors turned the camp and multiple church basements into refuges for those fleeing the chaos and destruction. Alexei and Lena were able to flee to the United States, and the camp grounds have since been destroyed by the Russian army. They share what it was like when the invasion began and their hope for the orphans and co-workers they have loved and discipled.
23:38 6/8/22
The Joy of Serving Jesus
Joy Tica is a Doctor and a medical missionary to her native country, the Philippines. Joy shares with us her story of becoming a Doctor, what inspires her to serve the poor and share the gospel, and her vision for sustainably supporting missions work in her region.
43:50 5/9/22
Choosing Jesus in Central Asia
Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a Christ-follower in a place where believers are persecuted for their faith? In this first episode of the Native Missions Podcast, Eric Vess shares the story of Miriam, a Muslim woman from Central Asia who chose Jesus at the risk of losing her life. Years later, Miriam and her husband are using sustainable business opportunities to share the Gospel with their neighbors and meet the needs of Afghan refugees.
25:58 4/5/22
What is a “native missionary"? On the Native Missions Podcast, we share the stories of indigenous gospel workers around the world who are reaching the lost with help and hope in the name of Jesus. Join us to hear powerful testimonies and missions insights that inform your global perspective and inspire your Christian faith.
02:25 3/8/22