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Las Vegas has a voice for seniors - The Vegas Voice! We are your go to authority for news about your health, wealth and good times. The Vegas Voice is the largest and most-read age 50+ publication in Nevada. Now we are on video at the Vegas Voice TV and announce our new Podcast. Our influence and impact as “Nevada’s Most Powerful Senior Media Resource” is growing and growing! You will meet the candidates who want to be your leaders on Dan Robert's, "The Last Word."You will fall in love with Rana on "Rana's Rants" as she solves all the world's problems. "Celebrity Corner" with Evan Davis brings you behind the scenes interviews with Las Vegas entertainers and celebrities. "Senior Scams" protects you with up to date info on all the ways bad actors are trying to take what is yours. We are adding new shows all the time. Everything form sports, veteran's issues, travel, humor and more. When you have time to watch and not just listen come joins us at!


Ignore FAKE Government Calls | Senior Scams 03:53 05/16/2022
Celebrity Corner with Las Vegas Performer Michelle Rohl 12:35 05/06/2022
Stop Risky Robocalls with Dan | Senior Scams 03:27 04/29/2022
Celebrity Corner Intro 01:02 04/22/2022
Senior Scams: The Fast and Furiously Frustrating! 02:44 04/21/2022
The Last Word: City Council Candidate Carrie Cox 10:47 04/18/2022
The Last Word: Fred Simon Candidate for Nevada Govenor 12:25 04/14/2022
The Last Word: U.S. Senator Candidate Sharelle Mendenhall 13:11 04/13/2022
The Last Word: Stavros Anthony - Candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor 13:59 04/07/2022
The Last Word: Steve Rice Candidate for Henderson City Council 11:56 04/07/2022
The Last Word: Councilwomam Victoria Seaman gets Dan's support! 12:16 04/07/2022
The Last Word: Kristopher Dahir Candidate for Nevada Secretary of State 10:46 04/07/2022
The Last Word: Sigal Chattah Candidate for Nevada Attorney General 14:17 04/07/2022
The Last Word: Alan Bigelow Says NO to New Taxes 11:37 04/04/2022
Senior Scams: Avoid Devious Email Scams With Senior Safety Tips 03:26 04/01/2022
Celebrity Corner with Las Vegas Performer Hannah Brady 11:02 03/30/2022
The Last Word: Michelle Romero Candidate for Henderson Mayor 11:46 03/12/2022
The Last Word: Dan Roberts-Get to Know Your Candidates 02:56 03/12/2022
The Last Word: Trish Nash running for Henderson City Council 11:46 03/11/2022
The Last Word: U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Brown 11:05 03/10/2022
Senior Scams: Horrifying Phone Scams Sweep Las Vegas, Nevada 03:57 03/08/2022