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Journey to Ukraine

In March of 2022, our family was forced to evacuate from Ukraine. We have served as missionaries in L’viv for over 20 years, and now, like so many others, we find ourselves suddenly displaced from our home, our church, and our precious Ukrainian friends. But despite the shock of evacuation, God is opening doors and leading us step by step down this new path. Our purpose is to bless and minister to Ukrainians affected by the war. Come with us as we share our stories: striving to serve God, bless people, and praying that someday soon this journey will lead us back to our beloved Ukraine. ❤️🇺🇦


Russia and Geopolitics 32:53 07/21/2022
Moving Again! 35:26 06/27/2022
Digging In — Looking Ahead to the Long Haul 30:58 06/04/2022
Voices from Ukraine: Serhii and Natallia Chepara 59:58 05/16/2022
On the Road Again 32:23 05/02/2022
All Over the Map 33:07 04/20/2022
Back to the Borders 42:18 04/08/2022
Expanding Fronts 38:01 03/25/2022
"Save us" 31:08 03/15/2022
Our Journey 37:39 03/05/2022
Sirens and Shelters 20:10 02/25/2022
Invasion 10:46 02/24/2022
Are We Safe? 35:19 02/13/2022