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The Universe Next Door, a program of the C.S. Lewis Society, seeks to answer your questions on the meaning of life, worldview, and the existence of God.


Former Scientologist, Thetans, John Travolta & Demonic Influences | Athena Dean Holtz 47:27 08/08/2022
The Teenage & Young Adult Exodus from the Church 43:58 08/01/2022
Amazing Ex-Gay Conversion Story and Sharing the Gospel with LGBTQ+ | Becket Cook 61:47 07/25/2022
Diving into the Mystery of Epigenetics | Dr Berkley Gryder & Dr Tom Woodward 49:55 07/21/2022
The Buranyi Breakthrough: Is it Finally Time to Move on from Darwin? | Dr Paul Nelson & Dr Tom Woodward 45:32 07/18/2022
Continuing the Fight After Roe v. Wade Feat. Dr Christopher Gates 57:36 07/11/2022
Ex Muslim’s Incredible Christian Conversion Story | Kasim Hafeez (Star of the Movie "Never Again") 55:26 07/04/2022
What is Identity Politics & How Do We Respond? | Mark Hartman 41:05 06/27/2022
What are we to think of Artificial Intelligence? | Dr John Lennox 41:36 06/20/2022
Special Release: Becoming CS Lewis | Max McLean 26:49 06/16/2022
Cancel Culture and Corruption in Entertainment | Kevin Sorbo 33:42 06/13/2022
Discussing LGBTQ+ and Defining Sexuality | Sean McDowell 51:37 06/06/2022
Responding to the Most Common Pro-Choice Arguments | Scott Klusendorf 54:24 05/30/2022
Biochemist: Did Science Get Evolution Backwards and How Complex is Life? | Michael Behe [Doubts About Darwinism Series] 58:21 05/23/2022
Would Darwin Think Differently About Evolution Today? | Stephen Meyer (Pt. 2) [Doubts About Darwinism Series] 27:30 05/19/2022
What Is The Best Evidence For Design? | Stephen Meyer (Pt. 1) [Doubts About Darwinism Series] 27:12 05/16/2022
How Did Darwinism Influence Racism, Hitler and Eugenics? | Richard Weikart [Doubts About Darwinism Series] 35:30 05/12/2022
David Berlinski: Darwinism, the Power Struggle of Science, the Big Bang and Gender Studies? [Doubts About Darwinism Series] 42:25 05/09/2022
What did Jesus say about the Resurrection? [Defending the Resurrection Series Pt. 9] 24:59 05/02/2022
What is the Best Evidence for the Resurrection? | Gary Habermas [Defending the Resurrection Series Pt. 8] 28:10 04/26/2022
What do we do with Doubt? | Gary Habermas 27:38 04/25/2022
What was the Nature of Jesus' Resurrected Body? [Defending the Resurrection Series Pt. 7] 25:00 04/21/2022
Is the Resurrection Based on Mythology? [Defending the Resurrection Series Pt. 6] 20:11 04/18/2022
The God Forsaken Son? | Dr. Christopher Gates 41:26 04/15/2022
Do the Gospels Agree on the Resurrection? | Mike Licona [Defending the Resurrection Series Pt. 5] 45:46 04/12/2022
Was Jesus Body Stolen from the Tomb? (Conspiracy Theory) [Defending the Resurrection Series pt. 4] 22:43 04/11/2022
Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross? (Swoon Theory) [Defending the Resurrection Series Pt. 3] 26:36 04/07/2022
Do Scholars have the Resurrection all Wrong? [Defending the Resurrection Series pt. 2] with John Lingelbach 25:00 04/04/2022
Why does the Resurrection Matter? [Defending the Resurrection Series Pt. 1] 25:00 03/28/2022
Do We Have the Gospel All Wrong? (James 2:24) 25:00 03/21/2022