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107 – Different avenues you can take in the lash industry with Paul and Tussanee Luebbers from Lashcast
Most people think there are only two ways to go to the next level in this industry; salon ownership or starting a lash brand. Paul and Tussanee join me to talk about the additional options you have in the lash industry. This episode was recorded in person for my new Youtube channel, but the recording studio regretfully informed me that they have lost our footage. Luckily they still had the audio files. You can watch all other episodes on Youtube now! View and subscribe to the Lash Boss Radio Youtube channel here Find me on Instagram: @shelbythelashboss Find Paul and Tussanee on Instagram: @lashcast
58:38 06/24/2022
106 – Lash Industry Success, Spotting Signs of Burnout with Untamed Artistry founder Cheryl Peng and Managing Director AnneMarie Lorenzini
Cheryl Peng, founder of Untamed Artistry joins me and AnneMarie Lorenzini, managing director of UA for a chat on success and navigating burnout. Is there a way to spot the signs of burnout? What should you do if you are already burnt out? Find our their take on this and more in this hour episode. I found this to be one of my favorite episodes to record because I could relate so much to the success mindset and burnout stories. Hope you all enjoy! Shop UA products here or join the Lash Nerd Community at @untamed.artistry on Instagram
65:39 06/23/2022
105 How using reels can grow your lash business with Valerie Nah
In this quick 20 minute episode, Valerie shares how quickly she experienced growth with using reels on Instagram as well as how much she has grown since she started putting out content consistently. Follow Valerie on Instagram: Follow Shelby on Instagram:
19:06 05/22/2022
104 – Salon Owner Mindset with Mo Hamil
In this episode, Mo and I discuss her mindset as a lash salon owner, importance of lash community, and more! Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 0:32 How Mo got started in the lash industry 16:09 NICU 19:50 Hurricane Harvey 26:19 Reopening 28:37 Lash Community 32:41 Lash Bash 37:33 Lessons from salon ownership 46:26 Ownership through 2019-now 49:27 Lash Boss Conference 52:57 Present day lash industry 54:07 Reels 58:31 Outro Follow Mo on Instagram: Follow Lash Boss Radio on Instagram: Listen to Lash Boss Radio on Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Subscribe on Android: Iheartradio: Stitcher: Tunein: Podchaser:
60:13 05/05/2022
103 – Taylor Morgan on physical, mental, and spiritual health
In this episode, I brought in health and wellness coach, Taylor Morgan from The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast. Taylor and I met on a spiritual retreat recently and after getting to know him and seeing all of the positive change he brings his audience and coaching clients, I knew I had to bring him on the show to share his tips on optimizing your physical and mental health. Our industry is filled with artists who skip meals, skip the gym, and work without breaks. I hope this podcast changes that. Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Taylor on Instagram: Follow Lash Boss Radio on Instagram: Listen to Lash Boss Radio on Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Subscribe on Android: Iheartradio: Stitcher: Tunein: Podchaser:
58:28 04/01/2022
102 – Kristin Dalton of Krush Artistry Interview
Thank you to Kristin Dalton of Krush Artistry in Austin, Texas for joining me for my first in person interview for the Lash Boss Radio YouTube Channel! View this Episode on Youtube: Follow Kristin on Instagram Follow Lash Boss Radio on Instagram: Listen to Lash Boss Radio on Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Subscribe on Android: Iheartradio: Stitcher: Tunein: Podchaser:
52:16 04/01/2022
101 – How to get re-inspired after a funk
Lash Boss Radio is now on Youtube for Season 11 and beyond. You can still listen to Lash Boss Radio everywhere you find podcasts. See the YouTube Channel here: Follow Lash Boss Radio on Instagram Find All Podcast Episodes, including Episode 1-100 here: Listen to Lash Boss Radio on Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Subscribe on Android: Iheartradio: Stitcher: Tunein: Podchaser:
19:18 04/01/2022
100 – Milestone episode, lash podcasting logistics, leading a team, and exciting news!
Thank you so much for supporting Lash Boss Radio for the last 3 years! It has been such a ride and I am so glad to be here. A HUGE thank you to my friends Paul and Tussanee from the beloved Lashcast Podcast. They came on this episode to interview me about my journey. I loved their questions and had a great time chatting with them as always. I owe so much credit to them for showing me more about the salon industry (Strategies, Serious Business Conference, LashCon, etc) and being a listening ear off air when I need it most. Thank you Paul & Tuss for everything, couldn't think of anyone better suited to join me on this milestone! I hope you all enjoy this episode and here's to the next 100 episodes! Contact me at or @lashbossradio on Instagram.
71:42 10/13/2021
099 – Favorite classes and conferences I’ve attended so far
I am sharing my favorite classes and conferences I've attended in my lash career so far. I try to take courses consistently and always make time for lash conferences. If you plan for attending events and put it into your cash flow plan, you'll set yourself up to advance your career even further, make more money, and of course have fun! I also want to note that I feel like I have taken something away from every class and conference I've attended, BUT the ones listed in this episode are ones that I highly recommend because they have reshaped me as an artist or business owner for various reasons. I'll be back next Monday for episode 100!!
25:01 10/07/2021
098 – Burnout, time management, and overcoming mental struggles as a lash artist
In our industry, we often see multiple clients a day and hear their stories, let them vent, and give them our best work while simultaneously giving a therapy session. It can be a lot, especially when we all have our own stresses. You may be struggling with burn out, over extending yourself for clients, or you may feel like there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything. You may even be one of those people that doesn't feel like they had a good day if they weren't "productive" enough. There is a way out and if you are feeling this way, this episode is for you! Hope it resonates with you. Continue the conversation with me on Instagram @lashbossradio. Thank you to today's sponsor, Prolong Lash! You can save 15% on your order using code lashbossradio (all lowercase) here:
13:21 09/28/2021
097 – Client challenges and how to handle them
A client challenge is exactly what it sounds like: some sort of challenge between you and your client! A challenge can be something as small as the client didn't like your music to a client didn't like the lashes you placed on them. If you document each and every client challenge, big or small, you are able to see trends amongst your clientele and analyze what you can do to improve or prevent future ones! Over time, you are able to consistently give exceptional client experiences based on what you know could possibly come up. This episode dives into how to keep track of this information, how to analyze it, and what to do when you have a challenge come up with a client. Reach me at @lashbossradio or to continue the conversation
16:29 09/07/2021
096 – Balancing act of motherhood and business
Motherhood and business have a lot of parallels. They are both challenging, extremely fulfilling and require a ton of strength, energy, and love! I'm sharing in this episode how I am managing (so far) to juggle both aspects of my life.. what has helped me, and what has held me back. I'd love to hear what has helped you navigate motherhood and business ownership! Connect with me at or @lashbossradio on Instagram
20:41 08/24/2021
095 – Reports you should run & analyze + how often you should do so
How is your business REALLY doing? How great of an experience are you REALLY providing? Maybe you think it's getting time to hire a new artist or raise your prices. The only way to know is to get analytical with the data! Reviews and ratings are a great way to track this, but another way to analyze where your business stands is by running certain reports. Productivity rate, prebook rate, and retention rate to name a few. In this episode I dive into the above metrics, what they mean, and how to drive them up. I also give you my other favorite reports to track and how often I pull them! Believe it or not, there were times in my career that I wouldn't look at any reports other than our sales. Either I felt like I "didn't have time" to run the reports, or I didn't know which ones to run, or I didn't know what to do with the information. NOW, I feel in complete control of these numbers and the success of my business because I know how to drive them up when a certain area of my business or customer experience needs attention. It's one of my favorite things to do at this point, and I never thought I'd say that! See you back next Monday for an episode on the balancing act of parenthood and business ownership. Connect with me at @lashbossradio on Instagram or shoot me an email
26:52 08/16/2021
094 – Policies you should revisit and how to communicate them effectively
As a business owner, there are so many things to juggle and be mindful of on an everyday basis. Inventory, payroll, client communication, booking, etc. Not having clear policies set in place can cause laxity with clients, stress, and lost income. It may be time to have a look at your current policies, polish them up, and cultivate healthier relationships with your business practices. Thank you to Prolong Lash for sponsoring this episode! Check out to purchase. Make sure to use code lashbossradio (all lowercase) at checkout for 15% off. Want to continue the conversation? Head to @lashbossradio on Instagram or shoot me an email at See you next Monday for the next episode on reporting and analysis of your lash business!
18:25 08/09/2021
093 – Why I downsized from two locations to one + lessons I learned
It is so great to be back for Season 10! I have missed recording so much. This season you can expect to see crucial topics that will help you improve as a lash artist and/or salon owner vs interviews. In this episode, I discuss why I decided to merge both of my locations into one. After 3 years of having two locations, I have my entire team under one roof. With this journey came a ton of lessons, which I'm sharing in this episode too! Season 10 airs every Monday. Contact me at @lashbossradio on Instagram or send me an email to continue the conversation. Next up - Policies you should revisit and how to communicate them!
15:15 08/09/2021
092 – Kerry Wood of Prolong Lash on retention, bettering the industry, and aftercare
​​It all began in 2006 when the Australian Beauty Industry knew little about eyelash extensions. Kerry Wood, a working mum of 2 discovered eyelash extensions for her first time on a business trip to New York. The Corporate lifestyle was bringing her down, she needed a break and a creative outlet, becoming a Lash Technician filled that void. Coming from a Corporate Quality background, Kerry applied her skills to building her lash business, firstly from her home in 2006, to a small salon in 2008 then to a larger salon with 15+ staff in 2012 – That stage in her life marked the birth of Lash Design Studios – the first lash only salon in Australia at that time.As a Lash Technician Kerry was struggling to find a cleanser that her clients could use safely, that didn’t contain Glycerine, Glycerol, Oil or Nasty carcinogenic ingredients. Prolong Lash™ Cleanser is truly oil-free and is most effective at protecting the natural lash health and prolonging the life of the extensions. Shop Prolong here: and save 15% off using code Lashbossradio
23:29 06/02/2021
091 – John Harms of Meevo2 on client experience, KPIs you should be tracking, and more!
Check out Meevo2 here or find @speakmillennium on Instagram
31:02 05/03/2021
090 – Hannah & Haylee Harrison with Treats Beauty
Check out Treats Beauty Co here or follow them on Instagram at Sign up for Lash Boss Conference here and use TREATS to save $50!
21:07 04/22/2021
089 – Ruthie Belle on lash lifting | Understanding your lift products and avoid over processing your clients lashes
Shop Ruthie Belle and view her Ultimate Guide here Sign up for Lash Boss Conference here and use a speaker code like RUTHIEBELLE at check out!
43:12 04/16/2021
088 – Loreta Jasilionyte from Flawless Lashes by Loreta shares her lash journey
Shop Flawless Lashes by Loreta Sign up for Lash Boss Conference
41:38 04/15/2021
087 – Ali Lilly @lashanarchist on the pandemic, online training, and new launches!
Check out Lash Anarchist Training and Product here! Purchase your tickets to Lash Boss Conference here!
39:38 04/09/2021
086 – Joanna Lee on shutdown in the UK, showcasing yourself, and capturing lash history!
Joanna Lee hosts her own podcast called Behind the Lashes. She captures lash artists at different moments in their lash journey to document where they are in the moment. I think its a brilliant idea and she even invited me to be on the show! In this episode, Joanna talks about shutdown in the UK and her solution for entrepreneurs that want to bring out their confidence! Follow Jo on Instagram here: @flashlash_beauty and check out her online courses! Lash Boss Conference Tickets are available at
39:15 03/23/2021
085 – Dejsa Junious on setting boundaries and standing out in the industry
After completing college and working in Atlanta’s nightlife industry for many years, Dejsa felt a void with her previous work environment. She had a longing to connect to people one-on-one and help people with their self confidence. She fell into doing lashes by mistake, and soon she found out her QA and service background translated well into the lash world - the attention to detail, being meticulous, and great communication skills merged easily into becoming a lash artist. Her love for all things beauty and fashion led her to get her Esthetician license and lash certifications in 2013 & 2015. When “Russian Volume” caught her interest in 2017, she immediately started training classes under some of the world’s most notable Lash Masters. Always wanting to master and provide the latest techniques to her clients, she continues to work yearly on studying and training. By specializing only in eyelash extensions, Dejsa is able to focus on quality, consistency, and a safe, damage-free application of eyelash extensions specifically tailored to her client’s facial features and lifestyle. Dejsa talks on how to say no and grow within your boundaries, adding color to your lash sets, and standing out in the industry. If you enjoy this episode, let us know! Tag @lashbossradio and @addictit_lashes on instagram.
37:11 03/12/2021
084 – Lina & Joseph Mai of LashBar talk franchising vs. owning your own salon
Kicking off season 9 with the founders of LashBar out of San Diego, California! Lina and Joseph describe how their franchise is successful at still maintaining quality control. This episode made me start thinking about franchising my own salon, so it definitely is well worth listening to if you are or aspire to be a salon owner. Tag @lashbossradio and @lashbarusa on Instagram if you tuned in. It's so great to be back. I've got so many amazing guests on this season and vow to turn up the value more than ever in this season!!
45:20 02/22/2021
083 – BlephEx CEO Dr. James Rynerson talks biofilm, blepharitis, and how to treat it!
Thank you for an amazing year everyone! This concludes Season 8 of Lash Boss Radio. Season 9 will begin in February! BlephEx is a microblepharoexfoliation treatment that YOU can offer to your clients. Check out BlephEx on Instagram @blephex and find out more information on
14:21 01/01/2021
082 – Mary Harcourt of The CosmoGlo Light on innovation and scaling your business
Purchase a CosmoGlo Light here!
24:38 12/24/2020
081 – with Neelam of Lash Assist Pro on clientele building and management, mental health, etc.
Check out Lash Assist Pro here and on Instagram at @lashassistpro
43:39 12/19/2020
080 – Gretchen and David McCants talk about the transfer of ownership of My Brand Lashes
Shop My Brand Lashes HERE Try Acuity by Squarespace HERE
25:20 11/13/2020
079 – Creating your own space in this industry with Katie Allen of Beyoutiful Wandz
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19:19 10/28/2020
078 – Jessi Love & Cara Kapler |Could your ego be limiting you? Lash-Line, Partnerships, and more! save 25% off with code LASHBOSS25 save 25% with code LASHLINE
44:14 09/26/2020