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What's better than one Virgo? That's easy, two Virgos with a lot to say. Virgo Season is an ongoing conversation between friends covering everything from culture to life as a married man (Ryan) and a single woman (Today with a J). There's nothing off the table. Listen in as Ryan and Joyhdae (aka Today with a J) entertain you with their conversations on all things life. Two Virgos hosting a podcast about just about everything? What could go wrong? Nothing. Because they're Virgos. So please pull up a seat and listen in on their conversations; you're guaranteed to come back and join in on the conversation. Welcome to Virgo Season. 


Arroz con Frijoles
Hey fam! We’re back like we never left (looking at Joyhdae)  Welcome back to another episode of Virgo Season! Grab your popcorn and get comfy because this episode is lit!Will Smith & Martin Lawrence - Bad Boys Forever? We're talking about Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and their latest movie hype. Joyhdae's all in for Will, but Ryan's got some thoughts about all the promo. Is it worth the hype? Let's get into it!North West's Lion King Debut North West as young Simba? Yes, it happened at the Hollywood Bowl’s 30th anniversary celebration of The Lion King. Joyhdae and Ryan have some thoughts on this nepo child’s latest foray into theater. 50 Cent in Washington, D.C.  Is 50 Cent's been shaking things up in Washington, D.C.?  Also why is Ben Crump EVERYWHERE? Ryan and Joyhdae break down his congressional meet-up and dissect his controversial statements. Donald Trump's Conviction Lock Him UP! Lock Him Up! History in the making! Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts has everyone talking. Ryan and Joyhdae dive deep into the fallout and what this means for American politics moving forward.Billboard’s Top 10 Female Rappers This one’s for the hip-hop heads! Billboard’s Top 10 Hottest Female Rappers list is out, and it’s causing quite a stir. Joyhdae and Ryan debate the rankings, surprises, and who really deserves those top spots. Get ready for some hot takes!Sterling K. Brown’s Shade Jennifer Lopez and Sterling K. Brown? Oh, it's messy! Joyhdae and Ryan unpack the drama and the shade - because once you do bad by Virgos (we’re looking at you Jennifer), the universe responds accordingly.  Pharrell’s Lego Legacy Pharrell’s new Lego movie has us all excited! With a star-studded cast, it’s a biopic like no other. Ryan and Joyhdae share their anticipation and celebrate Pharrell’s journey from childhood to cultural icon. It’s gonna be epic! Kendrick Lamar’s Juneteenth Genius Kendrick Lamar on Juneteenth? Yes, please! Joyhdae and Ryan are hyped for Kendrick’s upcoming concert, celebrating the significance and the timing. It’s gonna be a powerful performance, and they’ve got all the details. Subscribe, Like, and Share! Don’t miss a beat! Follow us on social media, drop your comments, slide into our DMs, and join the conversation. We love hearing from you. See you next week! ---- 00:00 Teaser00:21 Intro05:45 AITA16:38 North West's Lion King Debut 26:27 Donald Trump's Conviction 37:15 50 Cent in Washington, D.C. 44:04 Nicki Minaj's Arrest44:50 Billboard’s Top 10 Female Rappers53:08 Sterling K. Brown’s Jennifer Lopez Shade01:00:20 Fenty Hair01:02:41 Pharrell's Lego Biopic01:05:56 Kendrick Lamar’s Juneteenth Genius01:07:19 Cardi Don't Wanna BIA01:08:57 Joke Time01:11:52 Find Us On All The Things01:12:35 One More For The Road...01:13:12 Outro
73:32 6/10/24
Ya Mutha!
✨ Buckle up for another wild ride with Joyhdae and Ryan on Virgo Season! This episode is packed with plot twists and surprises that’ll leave you laughing and gasping. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you: 🔍 **Riddle Me This:** Ryan drops the answer to last week's riddle, and it’s a game-changer! Ready for another brain teaser? Joyhdae’s got a new one that'll have you scratching your head. 🧩 💒 **Altar Shock:** Imagine your whimsical daughter inviting you to church, only to find out she's married the 64-year-old pastor! Ryan's reaction is priceless, and it’s a scene you don’t want to miss. 😱 🍿 **Reddit Confessions:** We dive deep into another juicy Reddit “Am I the Asshole?” story. This week’s tale involves a joke gone terribly wrong at a New Year’s Eve dinner. Spoiler: Things get heated! 🔥 🗳️ **Political Bombshell:** Amber Rose supporting Trump? Yep, you read that right. We dissect her controversial stance and the internet’s reaction. Is she serious or just seeking attention? Let’s find out. 🧐 🎙️ **Joe Budden's Drama:** We revisit Joe Budden’s past controversies and his recent podcast drama. Joyhdae doesn’t hold back, and Ryan’s got some strong words too. 🎤 💔 **Heartfelt Moments:** Amidst the laughs, we also take a moment to empathize with Cassie and the ongoing fallout from her revelations about Diddy. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. 🙏 🎡 **Jokes and Giggles:** From silly jokes to laugh-out-loud moments, we sprinkle in some light-hearted fun to keep things balanced. Ryan’s reactions are gold, as always. 😂 Join us for a rollercoaster of emotions, insights, and laughs. This episode has it all! 🔔 Follow us: @virgoseasonshow 📧 Email: #VirgoSeasonPodcast #JoyhdaeAndRyan #PodcastComedy #DramaAlert #CurrentEvents #PopCulture #YouTubePodcast #FamilyDrama #PodcastLife #AmberRose #JoeBudden #Cassie #Diddy #Riddles #RedditConfessions #Laughs #ViralMoments ---- 00:00 Episode Teaser 00:23 Theme Music 00:28 Intro 04:40 AITA 10:20 Ryan's AITA 17:01 Cam'ron on CNN 25:27 Diddy's "Apology" 33:55 Joe Budden Addresses The Diddy "Apology" 37:00 Amber Rose Endorses Trump 44:19 Jerrod Carmichael's Reality Show Season Finale 55:33 Joyhdae has a Scenario for Ryan 01:00:38 Auntie Jokes 01:02:01 Riddle Time! 01:02:33 Find Us On All The Things! 01:03:53 Outro
64:29 5/27/24
Uncommon Sense
It’s a new week and Joyhdae has decided to kick things off with her own... *questionable* musical skills. 🎤 This week’s rendition of "Karma Chameleon" is dedicated to Ryan, who is 100% not ready for it. 🎶 But the laughs don’t stop there! Joyhdae’s decided to romanticize her own life since no one else is stepping up, and Ryan’s just trying to survive the chaos. We’ve got a full lineup of juicy topics: 🔥 **Joyhdae’s Journey to a 5K:** Because dating apps are not it, she’s hitting the pavement instead. 🏃‍♀️ Will she find love or just shin splints? Tune in to find out! 🔥 **Reddit Messiness:** We’ve got a story about JB, laundry, and the wildest side hustle you’ve ever heard. Spoiler: it involves lacy panties and a lot of confusion. 👙 🔥 **DJ Akademiks Drama:** This week, he’s getting sued, and we are not surprised. Get the tea on why Saucy Santana is cackling in the background. 🍵 🔥 **Diddy’s Downfall:** The shocking video of Sean P. Diddy Combs abusing Cassie has surfaced, and we are FURIOUS. This man needs to be under the jail. 🚫 🔥 **King Combs vs. 50 Cent:** Young Christian Combs released a diss track, but someone needs to tell him that 50 Cent is not the one. Curtis Jackson don’t even like his own kids, so he’s not sparing you, boo. 🎤 🔥 **Teacher’s Inappropriate Behavior:** We’re talking boundaries, or lack thereof, and why this high school teacher had his students doing his hair and nails. Spoiler: it’s wildly inappropriate. ✋🏾 🔥 **Eric Adams Rant:** Joyhdae has some thoughts on NYC’s mayor and the whole migrant worker situation. Spoiler: it involves a lot of side-eye and disappointment. 🗽 🔥 **Marjorie Taylor Greene vs. Jasmine Crockett:** When bad-built blondes go low, Black women go high—and then read them for filth. 📚 And as always, we close out with some *high-quality* questionable jokes and a riddle to keep you thinking until next week. 🤔 🔔 **Subscribe and follow us:** - YouTube: @VirgoSeasonShow - TikTok: @VirgoSeasonShow - Instagram: @VirgoSeasonShow Email us at with your thoughts, rants, and love! #VirgoSeasonPodcast #Diddy #JoyhdaeAndRyan #DJAkademiks #DramaAlert #PodcastLife #VirgoLife #YouTubePodcast ---- 0:00 Later In The Episode Teaser 00:22 Intro 02:30 Ryan Addresses Last Week's Delay 04:33 Reddit Messiness 09:59 DJ Akademiks Drama 14:47 A Teacher’s Inappropriate Behavior 28:18 Ludacris vs Jay-Z 36:14 Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show Update 40:45 Eric Adams Rant 45:53 Jasmine Crockett Reads Marjorie Taylor Greene 47:21 King Combs vs. 50 Cent 50:39 Diddy's Downfall 58:39 Dad Jokes 01:00:18 Find Us On All The Things... 01:01:54 Riddle Schmiddle 01:02:23 One More For The Road... 01:02:57 Outro
63:15 5/20/24
Mustard On The Beef
🌟 **Strap in for the landmark 100th episode of "Virgo Season! And of course we’re doing it up in true Virgo style!** 💌 **Joyhdae's Daring Dating Dive:** Joyhdae's friend threw down a dating challenge thats got Ryan excited! Will this challenge lead to love or just more hilarious dating disasters? Get ready for an update on Joyhdae's journey to find “love”! 👩‍🎓 **Empowering Echoes of the 4B Movement:** The powerful 4B Movement is making waves globally, urging women to challenge societal norms and push back against gender inequality by boycotting traditional roles. We're diving into the actions of this movement, exploring its impact and the global conversation it's igniting. 🍴 **Keith Lee's Culinary Conundrum:** Keith Lee's encounter with Lillie Bell's collard greens in Michigan went from tasting to gagging, and now everyone's watching. What turned this food review into a viral gag reel? Tune in as we dissect the dish that made Keith Lee say, "Nope!" 💔 **Shaq and Shaunie's Heartfelt Revelations:** The emotional unraveling of Shaq and Shaunie O'Neal's marriage has captivated fans. With both sides now speaking out, we explore the depth of their sentiments and what it reveals about love under the spotlight. 🎭 **Chilling Tales from "Baby Reindeer":** Netflix's "Baby Reindeer" paints a harrowing picture of stalking and its impacts. We're dissecting Richard Gadd's intense portrayal of his personal experiences with a stalker and the broader implications on privacy and mental health. 🎤 **#TheVirgos Declare: Kendrick vs. Drake:** The rap game's heavyweights, Kendrick Lamar and Drake, have their lyrical swords drawn again. The bars are brutal, the stakes are high, and #TheVirgos have thoughts on the winner in this epic showdown. Who will take the crown in this battle of the titans? 🗽 **Eric Adams on 'Drink Champs':** NYC Mayor Eric Adams tried to vibe with the 'Drink Champs,' but did he swing too hard to be hip? From missteps to memes, we're unpacking Adams' attempt to connect with the culture and where it hit—or missed—the mark. 🎉 **Celebrate our 100th episode with us on "Virgo Season," where every topic gets the full Virgo treatment: deep, direct, and dressed to impress. It’s not just any episode; it's our 100th episode! Time to celebrate! **Hit that like button, subscribe, and ring that bell—because "Virgo Season" isn’t slowing down, and you'll want to catch every minute of it!** 🎈🎈🎈 #VirgoSeasonPodcast #Episode100 #JoyhdaeDating #4BMovement #KeithLee #ShaqandShaunie #BabyReindeer #KendrickVsDrake #EricAdamsDrinkChamps ---- 00:00 Later In The Episode 00:19 Intro 11:02 Greetings 13:20 A Listener Puts Joyhdae To The Test! 23:26 Reddit Fun Facts 28:13 The 4B & 5B Movements 40:40 Baby Reindeer 48:34 Keith Lee Gags! 53:38 Shaunie O'neal Never Loved Shaq 01:01:37 Eric Adams Drinks in Rome 01:09:43 Kendrick Dessimates Aubrey 01:31:31 Dad Jokes 01:34:34 Find Us On All The Things! 01:35:24 One More For The Road... 01:35:49 Outro
96:15 5/14/24
This week #TheVirgos are coming in HOT. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications to stay in the loop with all our latest discussions! 🎙️ **Kendrick Lamar's "Euphoria" - A Lyrical Masterpiece or a Drake Diss?** Just when we thought we'd caught up with all the latest tracks, Kendrick and Drake went ahead and dropped more songs—talk about not being able to keep up! This week, we're diving into Kendrick Lamar's "Euphoria," a hard-hitting diss at Drake. What's Kendrick really saying in those razor-sharp lines? Let's unravel the mystery and debate whether Kendrick has claimed the lyrical throne! 🦁 **Blue Ivy Steps into the Spotlight in "Mufasa: The Lion King"** The circle of life brings us a new voice—Blue Ivy Carter! Voicing Kiara in the upcoming "Mufasa: The Lion King," directed by Barry Jenkins, she joins her mother, Beyoncé, in this epic saga. How does this mother-daughter duo impact the storytelling? We'll explore how their real-life bond translates into their roles. 🍾 **Mayor Eric Adams Spills the Tea on Drink Champs** Over to politics and entertainment colliding—Mayor Eric Adams stops by Drink Champs amid NYC's bustling political scene. He's tackling big topics like Rikers Island and affordable housing. Was this a smart move for the mayor? We’re unpacking his interview and the reactions it sparked. 📺 **Jerrod Carmichael's Reality Show - Unpacking Family Dynamics** Jerrod Carmichael gets real about his family ties in the latest episode of his reality show. It's a deep dive into the complex dynamics of Black families, bringing secrets and trauma into the open. Join us as we discuss the emotional revelations and the tough conversations that this episode sparked. 🔔 **Stay Updated!** Like, comment, and share this video! We love hearing from you, so drop your thoughts, opinions, and predictions in the comments below. What are your views on Kendrick's latest track? Are you excited for Blue Ivy’s new role? What did you think about Mayor Adams' chat on Drink Champs? Chime in! ---- 00:00 Teaser 00:12 Virgo Talk 00:12 Intro 17:50 Introducing Blue Ivy! 26:31 Jerrod Carmichael continues to keep The Virgos in a chokehold 34:48 Eric Adams is taking his show on the road... 42:07 Kendrick's Drake Response is Euphoric 01:10:38 Cowboy Beef 01:11:57 Dad Jokes 01:13:54 Find Us In All The Places! 01:14:31 Announcement 01:15:57 One More For The Road...
76:54 5/6/24
Shay It Ain't So
In this weeks episode, Ryan shares a playful tale of being outsmarted in chess by his cunning six-year-old daughter, setting the stage for our dive into the clever maneuvers of the entertainment world. Just as she declared it time to “make it interesting” against her dad, our favorite celebrities are stirring up drama that’s equally captivating! 🌟 Episode Highlights:     •    Ashanti & Nelly’s Big News! We’re kicking things off with a heartwarming update from Ashanti and Nelly—they’re expecting and engaged! Explore their love story, from meeting at the 2003 Grammys to their sweet 2023 reunion. And don’t miss Ashanti’s adorable Instagram announcement!     •    Chris Brown vs. Quavo: The Feud Escalates The temperature rises as we examine Chris Brown and Quavo’s ongoing beef. Are we witnessing Chris’s old habits, or is this just another intense industry rivalry? Let’s break down the diss tracks and public spats fueling this fiery feud.     •    Beyoncé Claps Back at Hair Haters Beyoncé isn’t just singing; she’s sending a message. Her latest commercial transforms hair criticism into a narrative about self-expression and control. Dive into how Queen B masterfully manages her image.     •    “Black Twitter: A People’s History” Unveiled Shifting focus, we delve into Black Twitter’s impact with Hulu’s new docuseries. From meme culture to movements like #BlackLivesMatter, this series is a key watch for anyone keen on digital cultural dynamics.     •    The Dangerous Trend of Illegal Dental Work Warning: the rise of unauthorized dental work! We’re spotlighting the risks of illegal procedures in salons and homes across the U.S. Safety first—stick with professional care!     •    Amanda Seales Gets Real with Shannon Sharpe Amanda Seales shares her raw journey through the entertainment industry on “Club Shay Shay.” From radio days to set spats, we’re peeling back the layers on Amanda’s public and private battles. 🌟 Don’t miss out on all the insights and drama—subscribe for weekly episodes! Like, comment, and share to join our community and dive deeper into the controversies rocking the entertainment world!
60:05 4/29/24
White Boy
This week on Virgo Season Show, it’s a Ryan and Joyhdae fashion showdown. It’s a fashion face-off you didn’t know you needed! Then #TheVirgos are diving deep into the spicy beef between Drake and Rick Ross after Drake drops his fiery diss track “Drop & Give Me 50.” The drama doesn’t stop there as we explore Jerrod Carmichael’s questionable approach to friendship and his latest escapades stirring up controversy. 🔥 Episode Highlights: • Jerrod Carmichael Critique: Dive into why Jerrod Carmichael is stirring the pot and what makes him a controversial figure in the friendship department. • Drake’s Lyrical Warfare: Unpack Drake’s “Drop & Give Me 50,” a masterclass in diss tracks targeting Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, and Metro Boomin. How does it add to Drake’s legendary status in hip-hop beefs? • Rick Ross Claps Back: Rick Ross isn’t just sitting back; he retaliates with “Champagne Moments.” We dissect the barbs and personal jabs, including the notorious accusations around Drake’s identity and alleged surgeries. • Dr. Umar and Nick Cannon: A heated debate on masculinity and media portrayal. What does Dr. Umar really think about Black men’s representation in media? • NLE Choppa’s Controversial Rebrand: From accusations to activism, how has NLE Choppa’s image evolved amidst serious allegations? • Trump’s Hush Money Trial: The drama unfolds as Donald Trump faces legal heat in a landmark hush money trial. What could this mean for his future? 🌟 Whether you’re here for the fiery dialogues, the insightful critiques, or just to catch up on celebrity drama, this episode has something for everyone. Tune in, laugh, and maybe even shout as we break down these sizzling topics. 👍 Like, comment, and subscribe to stay updated with all the drama and more on Virgo Season Show! #VirgoSeasonShow #DrakeVsRickRoss #JerrodCarmichael #TrumpTrial ---- 00:00 Intro 03:34 Dilemma 12:33 ...More Jerrod Carmichael (Recap & Thoughts) 29:58 Drake vs Everybody 38:33 Missy Concert 41:33 Dr. Umar vs Nick Cannon 47:45 NLE Choppa's Rebrand...? 50:14 Lil Uzi Vert at Coachella 51:10 Donald Trump's Hush-Money Trial 52:50 Stephen A. Smith 55:53 Trump Continued... 57:37 Dad Jokes 59:56 Find Us On All The Things... 01:00:51 One More For The Road!
61:42 4/22/24
Ecliptic Morbidity
You already know what it is! Virgo Season Show is serving up a heaping plate of juicy celebrity tea, solar snafus, and expat escapades. Ryan and Joyhdae are here to break down the latest hot messes and how-not-to's with a side of that signature humor. 🎙️🌍 Jonathan Majors’ Latest Moves: Dive deep into Jonathan Majors’ new counseling program after his recent court decisions. What does this mean for his career and image in Hollywood? J Cole's Apology Tour: J Cole drops a sorry bomb on Kendrick at a concert. Heartfelt or just hype? We’re dissecting every word! City Girls Social Media Showdown:The City Girls are airing it all out on Twitter, and we've got front-row seats to the spectacle. Who needs cable when you have tweets like these? Colonizers in Cancún?: Expats in Mexico are remixing the local scene more than a DJ at a wedding. What’s up with the beachfront battles over mariachi bands and quiet hours? Jerrod Carmichael’s Latest Antics: Episode 2 is wilder than a family reunion with open bar. Too much, too soon, Jerrod? Aoki Simmons Kicks Her Sugar Daddy to the Curb: Aoki's done with her sugar daddy, and we're here for the tea. What’s the scoop on this high-profile split? Solar Eclipse or Just a Cloudy Day?: Was that eclipse all hype or what? We expected darkness and got a dimmer switch instead. 🌐 Tune in to Virgo Season Show for all this plus our unfiltered opinions on everything from star-studded scandals to the real impact of those "new neighbors" down South. ✨ Hit subscribe and ring that bell! We're dropping episodes hotter than your auntie’s barbecue. Got thoughts? Drop a comment below—especially if you think you've seen a better eclipse with your sunglasses on!
64:25 4/15/24
Shake N Bake
Welcome back to "Virgo Season," where hosts Joyhdae and Ryan guide you through the bewildering maze of recent events, sparking debates, and stories so shocking you'll need to hear them to believe. This episode, we're diving headfirst into the latest buzz, from political spectacles to the personal journeys of public figures, all while adding that signature Virgo Season blend of humor and insightful commentary. 🔥 Eric Adams' Surprising Baptism: Discover the details behind New York City Mayor Eric Adams' baptism by Rev. Al Sharpton on Rikers Island. Amidst discussions about the jail's future, Adams took a dive into faith alongside 11 inmates, a move that according to Joyhdae had some serious repercussions. 🎬 Jerrod Carmichael's Reality Show Twist: Step into the reality of Jerrod Carmichael through his HBO documentary series, capturing his search for love, truth, and connection. With candid moments including a heart-to-heart with Tyler, the Creator, this series redefines celebrity reality shows with its raw exploration of identity and fame. 🎥 Diddy Documentaries & 50 Cent's Trolling: Hollywood and UK producers are buzzing with the potential of documentaries diving deep into Diddy's drama-filled life. As projects begin to take shape, we discuss what angles these documentaries might explore and 50 Cent's relentless trolling in the mix. 🏀 Angel Reese vs. Emmanuel Acho: In the aftermath of LSU's loss, Angel Reese's emotional response opens a window into the challenges faced by young athletes. Emmanuel Acho's controversial comments spark a debate on public perception versus personal struggle. 💬 Raymonte, Cardi B, and the Colorism Conversation: When Raymonte's comments on Cardi B's success despite her "ghetto" personality ignite a discussion on colorism, the dialogue between the two highlights the complexities of marketability, identity, and the power of staying true to oneself. ❤️ Aoki Lee Simmons' Unconventional Romance: Aoki Lee Simmons, 21, and a 65-year-old restaurateur's relationship raises eyebrows and questions about age, love, and the public eye. We unpack the dynamics of this surprising pairing and the conversations it's sparking. 🗣️ Charlamagne tha God Challenges DEI: Charlamagne tha God's critique of DEI initiatives in the corporate world leads to a broader discussion on the effectiveness and sincerity of these efforts. We dissect his comments and the reactions they've stirred within the community and beyond. 👉 Subscribe and Join the Virgo Season Family: Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications for "Virgo Season" on YouTube. Your support fuels our dive into the topics that get everyone talking, laughing, and sometimes, shaking their heads in disbelief. 💬 We Value Your Voice: Your thoughts, reactions, and topic suggestions are the heartbeat of Virgo Season. Drop us a comment below to keep the conversation vibrant and diverse, just like our community. 🎧💖
68:38 4/8/24
YEEERRRRRR Welcome back to the Virgo Season, where Joyhdae and Ryan bring the latest controversies, musical breakthroughs, and those off-the-wall dad jokes that are frankly, a little unhinged this week. 🤣 We don’t want you unprepared like Eric Adams (shoutout to Olayemi), here’s what up this week: Diddy's Legal Saga Unfolds: We're dissecting the drama surrounding Diddy's recent legal troubles. With his properties under the microscope and the internet ablaze with rumors, memes, and speculation. We're breaking down the legal saga that's got Diddy topping your search history and has 50 cent happier than a pig in you know what. Freaknik Unveiled: Step into the history of Freaknik with us. This documentary offers a profound look at the iconic Atlanta street party, from its humble beginnings to its peak as a cultural phenomenon. Featuring perspectives from legends like 21 Savage and Lil Jon, we're diving into the legacy and complex history of Freaknik. Beyoncé Reclaims Country with 'Cowboy Carter': Beyoncé is back, turning the music industry on its head with 'Cowboy Carter'. From anthems like "Blackbird" to the powerful "Jolene", Beyoncé isn't just releasing an album; she's making a statement. Join us as we explore how Beyoncé is reshaping music narratives and why this project has become an instant classic. Youth in the Limelight: The contrasting paths of young rappers Lil RT, VanVan, and Heiress spotlight the music industry's influence on child stars. From the controversy over Lil RT's explicit lyrics to the positive vibes of VanVan and Heiress, we're discussing the delicate balance between fame, influence, and the responsibility of those shaping young talents. Kendrick's Bold Claim: Kendrick Lamar is stirring the pot in the rap world with his latest verse on "Like That", boldly declaring his supremacy over Drake and J. Cole. We're examining the competitive dynamics within hip-hop, Kendrick's quest for legacy, and the implications of his claims for the rap hierarchy. We’re coming in a little hot this week, because we may have missed y’all! Whether it's the latest in music, culture, or just a good dose of Ryan's dad jokes, we're here to keep the conversation going. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share! Your support helps us keep the lights on and the content flowing. Hit that subscribe button, drop a like if you enjoyed this episode, and share it with your friends to keep the vibes going. Until next time, keep it locked right here, where we cover it all! ------- 0:00 Intro 00:10 Ryan asks Joyhdae an important question 03:59 Olayemi Olurin vs NYC Mayor, Eric Adams 05:59 AITA 11:17 The reson there was no episode last week 16:50 Freaknik Documentary 23:42 Kendrick Lamar vs Drake & J. Cole 30:45 Lil RT 37:39 Lil RT as opposed to VanVan & Heiress Harris 39:41 Monopoly Go! 41:39 Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV (Nickelodeon Documentary) 47:10 A quick Raven-Symoné aside 47:54 Dad Joke 48:39 Sean "P. Diddy" Combs Homes Raided by Homeland Security 56:41 50 Cent drags Jay-Z into the drama, as Stevie J enters the chat 01:00:22 Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul 01:03:23 Stevie J vs 50 Cent 01:04:41 Daphne Joy 01:05:46 Diddy's parties 01:08:45 A Quick Dad Joke 01:09:16 DEI 01:11:48 B E Y O N C É 01:12:09 The Diddler aside 01:12:24 Back to the topic at hand: Cowboy Carter! 01:39:31 The Bronx is sick of J. Lo 01:41:26 Alleged Marcus Garvey descendant arrested for randomly assaulting women 01:42:18 Harry Potter Dad Jokes 01:43:19 Find us on all the things! 01:43:56 One for the road...
104:40 4/1/24
Cream Abdul Jabbar
In this hilarious episode of **"Virgo Season,"** Ryan and Joyhdae dive into the chaotic world of celebrity gossip, social media mishaps, and everything in between. From **Ryan questioning Joyhdae's sanity over her dramatic mourning of her "relationship" with Michael B. Jordan,** to **Joyhdae's comedic dismissal of Don Lemon's attempt to launch a show on Elon Musk's platform,** this episode has it all. They tackle the surreal news of **North West's album "Elementary School Dropout,"** muse on the absurdity of **DJ Envy trying to spar with Donnell Rollins,** and even touch on the serious political upheaval in **Haiti** with their unique blend of humor and insight. Amidst the laughter, they don't forget to throw in some classic **dad jokes and cheeky puns,** keeping the mood light and the giggles constant. Whether they're critiquing **Eric Adams' bizarre comparison of New York to Port-au-Prince** or decoding **Jay-Z's directions,** Ryan and Joyhdae's chemistry and quick wit make "Virgo Season" a must-listen for anyone looking for a mix of comedy, commentary, and a bit of randomness. Remember, they're taking a break next week, so use this time to catch up on any episodes you've missed and leave them a stellar review!
69:38 3/18/24
Toe Locking
Y’all ready? Get ready because "Virgo Season" is back with hosts Joyhdae and Ryan, and we’re about to take you on a wild ride through the latest buzz, unbelievable stories, and jaw-dropping moments that had us reeling! 🌟 This episode is stacked with everything from the mysterious Blue Sauce to Usher’s eyebrow-raising Bali trip that included a visit with Russell Simmons, Miami’s desperate plea for peace during spring break, and even Draya's unexpected announcement that’s got everyone talking. And oh, we're just getting warmed up. Wait till you hear about the toe-licking fundraiser gone wrong and a dad who crossed all lines of decency at his daughter's sleepover. Yeah, we're going all in. "Blue Sauce" Bafflement: Dive into the intrigue of Chef Pi’s latest culinary adventure with her Blue Sauce. What's in it, and why does it matter? We’re dishing out our thoughts on this peculiar food fad. Usher & Russell Simmons' Bali Getaway: Usher's recent Bali escapade with Russell Simmons has the internet buzzing for all the wrong reasons. We’re unpacking this trip, its implications, and what it means for celebrity accountability. Miami's "Stay Away" Campaign: Miami Beach is practically begging folks to skip their spring break plans. Discover why the city wants y’all to stay home and our take on this bold strategy. Toe-Licking Fundraiser Gone Wrong: Yes, you heard that right. A student fundraiser involving toe licking has us questioning everything. We’re exploring this bizarre story and what it says about fundraising gone off the rails. Daddy Dearest...Or Not: A father’s unthinkable act at his daughter’s sleepover is every parent's nightmare. We’re discussing the importance of safety, trust, and how this story could serve as a wake-up call for many. Draya’s Pregnancy Shocker: Draya Michele drops a bombshell about her pregnancy with 22-year-old Jalen Green. We’re breaking down the news, the reactions, and what this means for the socialite and reality star turned entrepreneur. With our trademark mix of humor, deep dives, and real talk, "Virgo Season" is the podcast you didn’t know you needed until now. Whether you're here for the scandal, the laughs, or the mind-blowing stories, Joyhdae and Ryan have got you covered. So settle in, hit that play button, and let's enjoy this journey together. And hey, don't forget to hit like, subscribe, and ring that notification bell so you never miss out on our shenanigans! 🛎️✨ Every like and subscribe brings you closer to being an honorary member of the Virgo Season family, where the unexpected is just part of the fun. Got opinions on today's topics? Drop us a comment below—we love hearing from you! 🎧💬
65:44 3/11/24
Welcome back to "Virgo Season," the only spot where we sift through the mayhem we call life, armed with nothing but our wits and a hefty dose of humor. This week, we're diving fork-first into a buffet of internet drama, viral insanity, the kind of wild stories you just can't make up. Let's dive into this beautiful mess together, shall we? 🏈 Cam's Magical Hat Ride": First up, Joyhdae and Ryan talking about the viral phenomenon of Cam Newton and his magical hat, that remained unmoved as he tossed grown men around like rag dolls at a 7 vs. 7 event in Atlanta. Was it witchcraft, or does Cam have a secret adhesive we all need? Plus, why internet trolls need to stop assuming they can take on professional athletes – a public service announcement with hilarious examples. 🎤 Tweet, Tiff, Trend Repeat: From Diddy's scandal to Meek Mill's anatomy appreciation gone wrong, we're breaking down the latest celebrity dramas and internet scandals. Who's coming back from their fall from grace, and who's done for good? 🍔 Wendy's & The Dynamic Pricing Debacle: Fast food is never just about the food, is it? We're diving into Wendy's testing dynamic pricing and why Ryan might have beef with more than just their burgers. Plus, why a Frosty keychain might be the best investment of your life. 📱 Tech Takedowns & AT&T's Outage Outrage: Remember when AT&T left us in the dark? We're reliving the outage that made us question our life choices and dive into the conspiracy theories that followed. Also, have you heard about the chaos unleashed at the Willy Wonka-inspired event for kids,, where actors found themselves amidst an AI-generated fiasco, reduced to a day of lemonade sips and jelly bean nibbles. 🏠 Life Lessons & Viral Vulnerabilities: From Ryan's existential crisis over Joyhdae’s imagined aneurysm to Joyhdae's realization that she can't make her non-existent butt talk like the youth, we're getting real about aging, health scares, and the importance of a Life Alert button. Does Kash need to learn how to dial 9-1-1? 📚 Byron Allen, The Criminal Mastermind?: Is Byron Allen the villain Joyhdae is convinced he his? We're unpacking the conspiracy theories surrounding his empire and why mattress firms might just be a front for his criminal mastermind activities. 🍴 Culinary Conundrums & Popeye's Secrets: Ryan's shocked at a popular internet “chef’s” cooking adventures that leads to fried chicken from Popeye’s and Hennessy, who might just be serving up more scams than meals. Hit that subscribe button, smash the like, and spread the word about 'Virgo Season' – your go-to spot for unfiltered stories and belly laughs. And hey, don't be a stranger; follow us on all our social media channels to keep the conversation going and never miss out on our wild ride. Let's keep it real, keep it hilarious, and remember, a good story never let the truth stand in its way. See you in the comments and in our next episode!
73:45 3/4/24
Legion of Doom
🔥 Dive into a whirlwind of drama, laughter, and eye-opening discussions in this weeks episode of Virgo Season! From NYPD's unnecessary dance squad to heated debates in the comedy world, sneaker culture shake-ups, and heart-wrenching stories of resilience, we're unpacking it all. 🌟 🚨 Episode Highlights: • "Dance Troupe Drama": Discover the uproar around NYC Mayor Eric Adams' latest move - funding an NYPD dance team. What does this mean for the city's budget and public opinion? 💃🕺 • "Comedy Clash: Shannon Sharpe vs. Corey Holcomb": Why are we still using gay as an insult in 2024? What sparked their heated debate, and what does it reveal about masculinity and success? 🎤🥊 • "Reesa Teesa's Wild Ride": A jaw-dropping tale of deceit, love, and survival. Reesa Teesa's marriage story has the internet in a frenzy - find out why! 💔🔍 • "Sneaker Wars: Trump's Boldest Scam: The former President's venture into sneaker culture has sparked debate and hilarity. Are the Air Trumps the next big thing? 👟😂 • "Wendy Williams' Brave Fight": An look at Wendy Williams' diagnosis and how it's reshaping her life and legacy. Plus, how the community is rallying around her. 💜🙏 • "Hydeia’s Legacy": Remembering Hydeia Broadbent, an inspiring figure in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Her story continues to inspire millions. 🕊️✨ • "Parenting Revolution: 24/7 Daycare": Explore the groundbreaking concept of 24-hour daycare centers in Houston. A game-changer for parents or a sign of societal shifts? 👶🌙 🎙️ Join hosts Joyhdae and Ryan as they navigate these stories with their signature humor, insight, and no-holds-barred commentary. Virgo Season is the podcast that keeps it real, raw, and relatable, focusing on issues that matter to our community. 👉 Subscribe now and hit the bell icon to get notified about our latest episodes. Don't miss out on the conversations that are setting social media on fire! 📲 Follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes content and to join the Virgo Season family: @VirgoSeasonShow 💌 Got a story to share or a topic you want us to cover? Drop us a comment below or send us a DM. We're all ears! 📩
72:37 2/26/24
Wax On! Wax Off!
🌟 Welcome to the Virgo Season Show Family! 🌟 Dive into our world where culture, laughter, and real talk converge. We're unpacking everything that makes our community tick, from love and relationships to the debates that keep us all talking late into the night. 🎉 Valentine's Day Vibes & The Love We Cherish 🎉 Join us as we celebrate love in all its forms, inspired by the spectacular Valentine's Day vibes that have us all dreaming. We're bringing the kitchen to life with culinary wonders inspired by none other than Michael B. Jordan. Is it love or obsession? Let's get into it. 💔 Celebrity Controversies Unveiled 💔 The conversation heats up as we tackle the controversies that have everyone talking. From Beyoncé's groundbreaking foray into country music to Rachel “I identify as Black) Dolezal’s foray into OnlyFans and what it’s cost her. These topics are dissected with fresh perspectives, sparking conversations you won't want to miss. 👑 Beyoncé's Country Music Revolution: Claiming Our Space 👑 We spotlight Beyoncé's journey into country music, her ability to break barriers and redefine genres. And just like with everything Beyonce does, it’s not coming without haters and naysayers. 🌟 Usher & Zendaya: Icons of Success and Style 🌟 Witness the celebration of Usher's historic Super Bowl performance and Zendaya's unparalleled fashion dominance at the Dune 2 premiere. It's a testament to their iconic status in entertainment and style, showcasing success on a grand scale. 🎵 Kanye's Latest Saga & A Parenting Debate That Hits Home 🎵 Dive into Kanye West's album saga and its legal intricacies, followed by a mother’s parenting decision that's ignited a firestorm of debate. We're examining the fine line between supporting our children's aspirations and societal expectations. 👍 Be Part of the Virgo Season Show Family! 👍 Your voice and laughter are what make the Virgo Season Show thrive. Engage with us in the comments, share your perspectives, and subscribe for a unique blend of entertainment and conversation that celebrates the beauty of our experiences.
74:41 2/19/24
Drake's Leak: Privacy Invasion or Publicity Stunt?
In this week’s episode of Virgo Season, Ryan and Joyhdae tackle a variety of topics, offering their usual unhinged insights and unique perspectives. From Jennifer Lopez's SNL performance to Monique's interview on Club Shay Shay, the passionate delusion of Taylor Swift's fanbase, and a near miss on a some tickets that could have rocked marriages and friendship. Now what does the Queen (Beyonce) have up her sleeve?  And Ryan can’t handle Joyhdae's misunderstanding of Super Bowl teams, alongside her take on Drake's less-than-impressive nudes. 🌟🎙️ J-Lo's SNL Performance: A Missed Beat? Jennifer Lopez's attempt to capitalize on a viral TikTok trend on SNL sparks a lively debate between Ryan and Joyhdae, as they weigh in on why J-Lo insists on forcing her music career. Monique's Club Shay Shay Tell-All Ryan and Joyhdae dissect Monique's revelations on Club Shay Shay, discussing her battle with Hollywood's power players and why Club Shay Shay may not be the best place to air out grievances. 🎭🔍 Taylor Swift Fans Stir Up a Storm The episode takes a turn into the frenzied world of fan culture, focusing on Taylor Swift's fans' reactions to perceived Grammy slights. Through their discussion, Ryan and Joyhdae explore the intensity of celebrity worship and the delusions of die-hard fans. 🏆🎶 A Close Call with Tickets The duo shares a personal anecdote about almost missing the chance to secure tickets to a highly anticipated event, emphasizing the thrill of shared experiences and the importance of seizing opportunities. 🎫✨ Beyoncé's Tease and Super Bowl Confusion Anticipation for Beyoncé's next big move leads to a discussion on the cryptic hints dropped about her involvement in a major event. Meanwhile, Joyhdae's mix-up regarding who’s in the Super Bowl and Usher's halftime show performance provides a humorous reflection on the spectacle of sports and entertainment convergence. 🏈👑 Drake's Nudes: A Candid Critique Joyhdae doesn't hold back her thoughts on the recent leak of Drake's nudes, providing a blunt assessment that sparks conversation about celebrity privacy, public fascination, and the quality of the leaked content itself. 📸👀 Why This Episode Is a Must-Listen:     •    Dive into the controversy of Jennifer Lopez's SNL performance with Ryan and Joyhdae's insightful commentary.     •    Get an in-depth look at Monique's impactful Club Shay Shay interview and its broader implications for Hollywood.     •    Explore the passionate world of Taylor Swift's fanbase and the complexities of celebrity adoration.     •    Experience the tension and triumph of a near miss on securing tickets for an unforgettable event.     •    Laugh along with Joyhdae's Super Bowl mix-up and anticipate Beyoncé's next big project.     •    Hear Joyhdae's unfiltered take on Drake's leaked nudes, sparking a debate on celebrity and privacy. Engage With Us: We're eager to hear your thoughts on these topics or your experiences with seizing life's opportunities. Reach out at or interact with us on social media @VirgoSeasonShow. Subscribe for More: Tune into this engaging episode of Virgo Season on YouTube, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform. Subscribe for a weekly dose of entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and the infectious camaraderie between Ryan and Joyhdae. Hit like and turn on notifications to stay up-to-date with all things Virgo Season. 🎧🔔
64:10 2/12/24
What's Beef?
Join Virgo Season Podcast Ep.87 for a riveting mix of scandal, cultural clashes, and hip-hop battles. Ryan and Joyhdae tackle the latest, from PPP loan controversies to a viral food truck mishap, and dive into the heated debate between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion. Plus, they dissect Shannon Sharpe's claim about Taylor Swift and Beyoncé's influence on youth. Don't miss their take on Elmo's unexpected viral therapy session and a celebration of Black excellence. Engage, laugh, and ponder with us in an episode filled with unfiltered commentary and insights. #PPPScandal #FoodTruckControversy #RapBattle #ShannonSharpe #ElmoTwitter #BlackExcellence #VirgoSeasonPodcast #CulturalInsights #HipHopFeuds #CommunityTalk
55:29 2/5/24
Dave Chappelle & Katt Williams Feud Explained! (Gen Z vs. Millennials, Scams, Health, & More)
Welcome back to Virgo Season Podcast! In theWaka Flocka Flame’s Bold Tweet: Why did Waka Flockaackle today’s most burning issues with their unfiltered and unique perspectives. Prepare for a mix of humor, candidness, and insightful commentary that digs deep into current cultural phenomena. What’s Unfolding in This Episode: • 🎭 Comedy Clash: Join us as we dissect the headline-grabbing feud between comedy icons Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams. What’s at the heart of this rivalry? We explore the impact and intricacies within the realm of Black comedy. • 📱 The Trap of Digital Snitching: Delve into the risks of ‘dry snitching’ on social media and how oversharing can backfire. We discuss the consequences and finding the right balance between online openness and privacy. • 🏃‍♂️ Ryan’s Health Journey: Listen to Ryan’s personal health and wellness story, reflecting on the unique challenges and victories in the Black community’s health narrative. • 🤝 IVF, Ethics, and Friendship: We tackle a sensitive IVF story that intertwines friendship with moral complexities, emphasizing the critical need for communication in delicate matters. • 📣 Waka Flocka Flame’s Bold Tweet: Why did Waka Flocka Flame reach out to Donald Trump about Christopher Columbus Day? We’re breaking down his political stance. • 🔍 Scandal or Scam?: Investigate the controversial case of a woman who claimed to be a victim, potentially unveiling a scam. We discuss the implications for public trust and the ethical grey areas in crowdfunding. • 👵🧑‍🦳 Gen Z vs. Millennials: The Age-Old Battle: Dive into the humorous yet insightful debate about aging between Gen Z and Millennials. Who really looks younger? We’re having a laugh while dissecting this generational showdown. Get ready to be engaged, entertained, and enlightened in an episode that brings fresh perspectives on a range of topics, from the comedy world to the complexities of digital life, health journeys, and the ever-amusing generational debates. Join the Conversation: We value your voice in our community, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences with us on the Virgo Season Podcast.
64:30 1/29/24
🎙️ In the latest episode of #VirgoSeasonShow, titled 'Gag,' join hosts @OhBlackRyan and @JoyhdaeSays as they plunge into a sea of hot topics and viral sensations. 🌟 What's Buzzing This Week: Lil Nas X Controversy: Dive into the debate around Lil Nas X's latest music and public image. #LilNasX 'Sealand Boil' Mystery: Explore the culinary enigma behind the Sealand Boil. Is it as bizarre as it sounds? #SealandBoil Pink Sauce Revisited: Ryan takes on the #PinkSauce challenge, channeling his inner Keith Lee. Will he gag or rave about it? Orlando Brown's Latest Antics: Unpack the illuminating and often bewildering world of Orlando Brown. #OrlandoBrown Yasiin Bey on Drake: Hear what Yasiin Bey has to say about Drake's impact on the music scene. #YasiinBey #Drake ✨ Experience a mix of humor, candid opinions, and insightful commentary. Perfect for pop culture enthusiasts and those who love a blend of satire and serious discussion. 👀 Watch First on YouTube: Don't miss out on the visual experience of Virgo Season! Catch this episode first on YouTube for the full effect of our hosts' dynamic and engaging discussions. 🎧 Also Available on Spotify & Other Platforms: Prefer to listen on the go? 'Gag' is also available on Spotify and your preferred streaming platforms. Tune in for more unfiltered and entertaining content from Virgo Season. ➡️ Subscribe, Like, and Share: Stay up-to-date with Virgo Season by subscribing to our channel. Like and share this episode to spread the word and join our growing community of pop culture aficionados! 🔗 #VirgoSeason #PodcastLife #TrendingTopics #PopCulturePodcast
63:34 1/22/24
Martin Luther Kang
Get ready for this weeks episode of the "Virgo Season Show," titled 'Martin Luther Kang’! . Hosts @JoyhdaeSays and @ohBlackRyan bring their unique perspectives to a range of topics. Oh you thought she was playing with y’all?  In this weeks episode @JoyhdaeSays finally has her permit and wastes no time in letting @ohBlackRyan know, sparking a funny debate on New York and New Jersey driving styles. And just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, #TheVirgos are wondering why is Jonathan Majors obsessed with Coretta Scott King? It looks like it’s not just Joyhdae involved in an unhealthy parasocial relationship. The episode doesn't stop there. The hosts tackle the latest buzz around Halle Bailey's baby announcement and Eric Adams' unhinged viral video. The girls are fighting!  Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don have Jamaica abuzz with their alleged beef over Burna Boy? Gypsy Rose is free and #TheVirgos have some advice for her in handling her freedom and newfound fame. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on these topics with #TheVirgos on social media. Don't miss this blend of humor, celebrity insights, and meaningful dialogue, perfect for those who appreciate a good laugh while staying engaged with the issues that matter.
57:11 1/15/24
Katt Williams vs Everybody
 Starting the year with a Virgo bang!  In this can’t-miss episode, ‘Katt Williams vs Everybody,’ Virgo Season Show dives into Katt Williams’ explosive interview with Shannon Sharpe. Our hosts, @ohblackryan and @joyhdaesays, are here to break down all the fiery Virgo energy and shade thrown by Katt at Kevin Hart, Cedric The Entertainer, Steve Harvey, and Rickey Smiley.Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs and real talk.Topics: Virgo Sass, Comedy Legends, Unfiltered Opinions, Must-Hear Commentary Follow for your weekly fix of humor.  Share your thoughts and join the conversation in our vibrant community!
54:15 1/8/24
Dirty Diddy Money
Our 2023 curtain call is a showstopper with Cassie and Diddy turning up the drama from the studio to the courtroom. Will Brother Love’s saga end in a legal crescendo? The stage was set for chaos when Tamar introduced Chrisean Rock, and the drama with ‘Patti Pie’ virtuoso James Wright Chanel left us all in shock.⚖️ Hear how a gospel singer’s flight performance almost had them earning their wings the hard way. And Tasha K, with Brother Bilal, might just be playing with fire, dishing out sensational claims about Will Smith and Duane Martin.💖 In a heartwarming interlude, Marlon Wayans shows us what family love looks like on the Breakfast Club. And the climax? Keke Palmer’s mom takes the spotlight with fiery words that Shakespeare himself would applaud, as Usher inadvertently becomes part of the narrative.Wave goodbye to 2023 with us and get ready for the ultimate blend of laughter and mess. We’re pressing pause, but anticipate our return in 2024, revamped and ready to act brand new 😉
58:51 11/20/23
Who’s Keke-ing Now?
This week on Virgo Season, we’re not sure who told Keke Palmer’s ex it was safe to play with her. Plus We’re talking about the buzz that’s got Les Twins in the spotlight – with 37 babies on the rumor mill, are they prepping for a mini dance crew or a full-on daycare? Plus, we’re serenading your ears with the potential harmonious reunion of Nelly and Ashanti. Is it “Just a Dream,” or is Ashanti really singing “Always on Time” for her once-and-future beau? And make space in your calendar – #TheVirgos have an earth-shaking announcement. Don’t miss out!
61:01 11/13/23
Keith Lee’s Flava
Get ready to LOL in our latest episode! Keith Lee had ATL restaurants SHOOK with his epic FamLee Food Tour! Flava Flav is in the building, and he’s taking the National Anthem to a whole new level – you won’t believe your ears! Saucy Santana vs. DJ Akademiks – it’s the showdown of the century! Is Wackademiks finally getting a taste of his own medicine?North West wants to be a mosquito, and she’s spilling all the juicy deets on her future plans in her I-D magazine interview. Ryan’s throwin’ it way back with some nostalgic gems, and Joyhdae’s making sure Ryan’s got his theme song locked down, straight outta Campbell Crystal Lake! Tune in for laughs, entertainment, and all things culture – this episode is ! Don’t miss out! And while you’re at it, make sure to subscribe, rate, download, and share the Virgo Season podcast with your friends and family! 
58:46 11/6/23
Good Grip
Chasing likes can lead to unexpected turns!  When a TikToker’s prank on his girlfriend’s kids hits a low, we gotta ask: How far is too far for clout? Shaun “Talcum X” King is making headlines again, now on a global scale. He says he’s a hero; the affected family thinks otherwise. Where’s your no-go for a first date? Dive into our list and find out! From the Cheesecake Factory to the gym, we’re here to spill the tea.  Applebees: chic dinner or dating disaster? And, heads up, Kai Cenat is streaming behind bars, with celebs like Druski & Offset and The Virgos have some thoughts on this latest stunt! For a roller-coaster of laughter, debates, and pure pop culture vibes, there’s no place like Virgo Season Show!
56:26 10/30/23
Aretha’s Franklins
Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because this week, The Virgos take it there.  First up, Halle Bailey’s been spotted with what might be a baby bump — but is it just a burrito lunch? Ryan and Joyhdae have some ideas  Then, dive into the pages of Britney Spears’ tell-all where she dishes on a past pregnancy with none other than Mr. ‘Cry Me A River’, Justin Timberlake. Speaking of money rivers, Cedrick The Entertainer pulled the plug on a 25K family fund — was it a comedy error? And Jay Z, billionaire extraordinaire, apparently doesn’t think his cousin is worth 4800 bucks. We’re just here wondering if that’s before or after tax.  But wait, there’s more! Sidney Powell’s recent college kerfuffle led to a shocking turn of events as The Virgos dip their toes into a little bit of true crime. And in ‘beggars can’t be choosy’ news, Yung Joc might’ve just turned down a quarter million because of… ‘lustful eyes’?Stay tuned for laughs, gasps, and perhaps an out of pocket joke or two!
50:01 10/23/23
Teh Muh Coola
🎙️ This week, #TheVirgos are on one. Dive into the hilarious world of celeb drama in this week's episode! 😂 Why is Birdman beefing with meme-king Druski? 🐦 Joyhdae gives her thoughts on Drake's latest (not-so-hot?) album 🎵, while Ryan has a quick (and we do mean quick) change of heart about Doja Cat 🐱. Jada's giving us an update on her and Will's relationship timeline, and honestly, can we all just leave that group chat? 🙄 Plus, get the latest on Carlee Russell's shocking sentencing and learn about the game-changing Ebony Alert launching in CA. 🚨Perfect for anyone craving a dose of celeb commentary with a side of oysters #IYKYK
60:38 10/16/23
Menace 2 Sobriety
Dive into this week's wildest stories as we debunk claims of R. Kelly's alleged prison concert – was he really serenading inmates in a leather-orange jumpsuit?  The Virgos unpack a Caribbean identity controversy sparked by Majah Hype. We'll also unravel Godfrey's troubling remarks, discuss Tanner Cook's perilous YouTube prankprank at Dulles Town Center that backfired spectacularly, and shed light on DJ Envy's looming real estate scandal. Plus, what's the drama between Pink Sauce Lady and Dave’s Gourmet? And who could forget our honorable mentions including a surprising political stance and TikTok tales.Ryan brings back a fan favorite and Joyhdae is holding on to that crown (or is she?)Don't miss out on this rollercoaster of revelations and debates!  Hit that subscribe button NOW, and join us in unpacking the juiciest stories of the week. Whether you're Team Caribbean Debate or curious about the DJ Envy saga, there's something for everyone. Be part of the conversation and let your voice be heard.  Don’t forget to Subscribe, rate, and share!
59:35 10/9/23
Peanut Butter
Hold onto your headphones, Virgo Season fam! 🎧✨ This week #TheVirgos have a LOT tocover.Ryan brings the jokes and Joyhdae brings the mess.First off, imagine Usher in a halftime show at the Super Bowl! 🕺🏈 How did this happen? We've got the scoop on how Usher got picked for the gig and whether he'll be dancing in the end zone.Then for a twist that even Shonda Rhimes couldn’t  write: Kerry Washington's family secrets! 😱 Find out about the scandalous revelation of her true parentage that shockwaves as she prepares to drop her new book.The Writers Guild of America (WGA) reached a tentative deal to end the strike. 🖋️✒️ What does this mean for our beloved TV shows? Will we finally get closure on those cliffhangers?Meanwhile, we peek into the crystal ball to predict a possible government shutdown on the horizon. 🏛️🚧 Will this be the sequel to 2020's chaos or a duller rerun? Our speculation game is strong!Then, we explore Britney Spears' spine-tingling knife dance. 🔪🩸 someone go to that ladies house and help her.And to top it all off, we dish out the latest scoop on Trump's legal tango - he’s been found guilty of fraud, doesn’t this mean  it’s game over for Trump Organizations? 🕴️💼Join us for laughs, gasps, and a rollercoaster of emotions on Virgo Season. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and share!  Let's roll! 🚀🤣
61:12 10/2/23
The Petty Files
Welcome to The Petty Files!This week The Virgos celebrate Ryan’s birthday and leap right into the mess.New York's Mixxy Mayor is up to his usual antics, and the hosts are here to dish on his questionable choices, from hanging out with women half his age to neglecting his job duties.But it's not all shade! The Virgos dive into the state of Black love in the entertainment world, from Teyana and Iman to Remy Ma and Papoose. Is true love in Hollywood a rare find? (Cue the Black Eyed Peas song!)Tyler Perry is known for his dramatic movies, but are his portrayals of real life on point? Ryan and Joyhdae share their candid thoughts on whether life imitates art in Perry's world.And finally, Kirk Franklin's emotional documentary has The Virgos in their feelings. Tune in as they discuss the healing and triggering aspects of this impactful film.Don't miss this week's episode of Virgo Season!
79:51 9/25/23