Show cover of Making It: How to Be a Successful Online Entrepreneur

Making It: How to Be a Successful Online Entrepreneur

For most aspiring online entrepreneurs, “making it” means achieving success in your business. But what exactly is business success anyway? And how do outwardly successful online entrepreneurs define "making it"? Here at Mirasee FM, we wanted to find out, so we asked a group of diverse online business owners what success means to them. Their answers and insights surprised, moved, and inspired us. In this podcast, accomplished online entrepreneurs discuss what making it means to them, provide tips for online business success, and share important lessons on business and life that they have learned along the way.


On the Level (Ross O'Lochlainn)
For course marketing and enrollment expert Ross O'Lochlainn, making it means being happy where you are — but realizing there are levels. He urges us to recognize that happiness at any level may be temporary, so keep exploring.
15:13 9/22/23
Making It Every Day (Tom Schwab)
Growing up in a family ethos of stability, Tom Schwab felt there had to be more to the world. So he took a chance at starting his now-successful business, following the mantra that life is a journey, not a destination — and making it happens every day.
09:45 9/15/23
Giving Legacy a Voice (Tina Dietz)
Finding her calling in communications, Tina Dietz has discovered that making it now means something quite different for her. It’s about parlaying her business success into a legacy that defines the second half of her life.
11:27 9/8/23
Success Going Solo (Kevin Donlin)
Enamored with Thomas Edison from an early age, Kevin Donlin dreamed his future would center around working solo and for himself. For Kevin, this is the definition of making it — and he’s doing just that, as a copywriter and marketing advisor.
09:10 9/1/23
A Sacred Awakening (Amy Robeson)
As an adventurous latchkey kid, Amy Robeson found joy in exploration and learning. Now, as a life coach, she provides the space for clients’ self-discovery through Akashic Records teaching — helping them and herself achieve harmony and balance.
10:00 8/25/23
Bringing Value to the Marketplace (Ridgely Goldsborough)
Growing up in a fantastically wealthy but dysfunctional family drove Ridgely Goldsborough to forge his own path. The consummate achiever, he’s started 45 companies — for him, making it is making reality out of ideas.
11:58 8/18/23
Bridging Health and Wealth (Angela Bell)
Driven by major health challenges to take a big leap of faith, Angela Bell achieved business success — and saved her son’s life. For her, making it is all about the family time and health that entrepreneurial prosperity provides.
10:21 8/11/23
Selling Is a Dance (Wendy Weiss)
Little did she know it at the time, but the job Wendy Weiss took to support her ballet dancing would change her life. Combining skills from both, she found success in sales training and is now on a mission to bust the myth of the born salesperson.
07:47 8/4/23
Loving Your Work and Life (Heather Pearce Campbell)
Inheriting a love of entrepreneurship from her dad and a love of life from her mom, Heather Pearce Campbell brought the two together in the ethos of her legal practice. For Heather, making it is blending work and life into joyful unity.
11:21 7/28/23
Align Your Values (Amanda Abella)
Growing up with mixed messages about being a woman and making sales, Amanda Abella ultimately learned she can embrace both. Doing so led to a successful business coaching other women entrepreneurs — and realizing making it means aligning your values.
09:59 7/21/23
Keep Saying Yes (Ellen Finkelstein)
For Ellen Finkelstein, making it is about giving back. When you give, you receive. Through email marketing and blogging, she established authority and built trust… ultimately selling her courses to a loyal following that she cultivated over the years.
09:47 7/14/23
Earning an “A” Every Day (Bill Prater)
Long before coaching multi-million-dollar businesses, Bill Prater’s first venture was literally a cash cow — without the cash. After that, he flunked out of college. But he bounced back by creating a system that fostered his entrepreneurial success.
10:28 7/7/23
Being Okay With Who You Are (Rahti Gorfien)
Towards the later part of her 30 year career in stage acting, playwriting and stand up comedy in New York City, Rahti Gorfien set her sights on helping other creatives. She became a career and ADHD coach and discovered her guiding truth: “Making it is being okay with who and where you are."
10:01 6/30/23
Wealth Is Your Birthright (Susie Carder)
Starting as a child entrepreneur in a low-income family, Susie Carder reinvented herself many times, ultimately creating two $10-million businesses. Now defining herself as a profit coach, Susie’s making it message is: “Wealth is your birthright.”
10:44 6/23/23
From List to Blissed (Terry Dean)
There aren’t many mismatches like an introvert trying to sell satellite dishes to Amish homes. But from that start, Terry Dean explored many avenues before discovering the Internet in 1996 and becoming one of the earliest online marketing successes.
08:29 6/16/23
Follow Your Big Yes (Lonnee Rey)
Growing up embracing the mantra “variety is the spice of life,” Lonnee Rey naturally explored a wide range of pursuits. In the end, she turned her eclectic experience into a business, making it as a professional confidante and provider of insights.
08:31 6/9/23
100th Episode: Still Dancing (Laura Sprinkle)
In this special 100th episode, Laura Sprinkle listens to her original 2021 appearance on Making It! and reflects on her perspective at the time. What’s the same? What’s changed? And what does making it look like to her today?
14:04 6/2/23
It’s Who You Affiliate With (Chuck Anderson)
Chuck Anderson always appreciated the work ethic and flexibility of his childhood family farm. He wrapped those values into helping entrepreneurs manage their affiliates and ultimately harvested his rewards: freedom and fulfilling relationships.
10:15 5/26/23
Writing Your Future (Csaba Borzasi)
Learning English watching cartoons in rural Romania as a kid, Csaba Borzasi knew he wanted more than a life in farming. He parlayed that study of English into a study of business, psychology, and copywriting — ultimately unlocking the life he wanted.
10:29 5/19/23
Persist and Get Paid (Luke Charlton)
After moving from Australia to London to reach more clients, Luke Charlton stumbled through organic marketing and found his way into advertising. Success followed, and Luke discovered that making it is about the persistent pursuit of goals.
09:15 5/12/23
Do Great Things, Then Do More (Casey Zeman)
Casey Zeman went from being a broke actor to discovering he could apply his entertainment interests to online marketing. He feels making it is a pursuit, and the freedom to do meaningful work is an important part of the journey.
09:42 5/5/23
Finding Freedom in Efficiency (Steve Feld)
Steve Feld was an entrepreneurial kid who grew up to be a professional entrepreneur, helping businesses be more efficient. Along the way he realized, making it is about freedom of time and flexibility — and especially freedom from worry.
11:05 4/28/23
The Stages of Life and Business (Sheryl Plouffe)
From painfully shy youngster to national TV broadcaster, Sheryl Plouffe now helps clients grow their businesses through improved communications and content. For her, making it is a journey of lifestyle creation.
10:10 4/21/23
Leading Lifelong Learning (Jeff Cobb)
After diverting from a path toward a PhD and professorship, Jeff Cobb discovered the huge demand for online education. He started a company to teach experts the ins and outs of online courses and discovered his personal definition of making it.
09:04 4/14/23
Making an Impact (Ally Machate)
With a lifelong passion for books and the written word, Ally Machate started a publishing service to help serious authors fulfill their dreams. And in the process, she found that making it is about transforming her efforts into impact.
09:21 4/7/23
Engineering a Reinvention of Self (Margaret Lynch Raniere)
Watching the legendary Wayne Dyer on TV, Margaret Lynch Raniere realized she could rekindle a passion from her younger years. Then, following his “power of intention” principles, she used her engineering background to build a better future for herself.
10:43 3/31/23
Impact Is Everything (David Riklan)
In David Riklan’s business, it’s all about self-improvement. But for David, making it is about other people — the impact he has on them. And despite a huge early setback, he held tight to his vision of helping millions of people and has achieved it.
09:40 3/24/23
Having Flexible Goals (Ray Brehm)
As an accidental math major in college, Ray Brehm found his way into computer programming — and corporate unhappiness. But he ditched that for a winding path through entrepreneurship, coming to realize that goals are best kept loose and flexible.
10:33 3/17/23
Presenting Behind the Launch
Co-producer Geoff Govertsen introduces Behind the Launch, a new Mirasee FM podcast hosted by Cynthia Lamb. In this bonus episode, we take a ride from the elation of a million-dollar launch to disappointment when the next launch falls short.
19:22 3/13/23
Life Is Not a Straight Line (Mac Attram)
Not living with his parents until age 9, Mac Attram faced challenges right away in life. Business was no different, until he focused on educating himself. Success followed, and for him it means being able to do as he chooses to prioritize his family.
11:15 3/10/23