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Just Between Coaches

Where do coaches turn when they face a difficult situation with a client? Quite often, when coaching challenges arise, they reach out to a coach more senior than themselves. That’s the aim of Just Between Coaches — to be that trusted source of guidance for the coaching community. Hosted by Melinda Cohan, coach and creator of The Coaches Console business management system, Just Between Coaches will answer the tough questions that coaches face every day. For example, what can I do if my client is lying? How do I deal with price resistance from prospects and clients? What if I want to fire a coaching client? And what the heck is a feeder course and why should I care? This tactical podcast will provide a deep dive into one coaching topic per episode, which means searching for answers will be a breeze. It will also offer a simple way for listeners to refer other coaches who are grappling with those tough coaching questions. To submit a tough question you’re facing as a coach, put “JBC” in the subject line and send it to


Free Your Mind (Rhona Bennett)
Most famous for being part of the R&B vocal sensation En Vogue, Rhona Bennett also happens to be a gifted life coach. She and Melinda break down how spirituality and coaching connect, and how to blend the two for more meaningful transformation.
27:56 5/24/23
Dig and Grow Rich (Nina Cooke)
Launching a business is hard, but growing one is harder. Too many coaches get to a point and stall. Nina Cooke and Melinda discuss how to root out your biggest business obstacles — they’re usually in your mind — and overcome them for optimal growth.
26:43 5/17/23
Better Outcomes Using ChatGPT (Marko Schmitt)
The artificial-intelligence tool ChatGPT presents a world of opportunity for coaches. But with anything game-changing, there can be fear, confusion, and resistance. Marko Schmitt shows us how he’s using ChatGPT to improve his work and client outcomes.
27:56 5/10/23
Creating Community (Heather E. Wilson)
This episode follows up a recent one (“Coming Out of Isolation”) in helping coaches foster better connection. Heather E. Wilson and Melinda explore the many ways that community can bring greater depth and fulfillment to the coaching experience.
27:29 5/3/23
A.I. and the Future of Coaching (Danny Iny)
Artificial intelligence has put the world of coaching on a precipice of revolutionary change. In the coming years, coaches will be faced with myriad challenges and choices. Danny Iny gives us a map for navigating this transformation successfully.
27:53 4/26/23
Exploring Entitlement (Marisa Murray)
As coaches, we bump up against a mindset monster in some clients — entitlement. How do we navigate this? Returning guest Marisa Murray sheds light on the topic, helping us understand where entitlement comes from and how we can dance with its presence.
30:26 4/19/23
Coming Out of Isolation (Isabelle Houle)
Coaching as an entrepreneur can be an isolated, and sometimes lonely, practice. Even with a strong roster of clients, we need the connection of peers. Isabelle Houle shares with us how she broke free of loneliness and grew through creating community.
27:07 4/12/23
Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken (Kristin Vesa)
Guest coach Kristin Vesa and Melinda tease apart a tangled topic — addressing clients’ areas of growth while not hindering what’s working for them. If you’ve run into this challenge, Kristin and Melinda offer key approaches and tactics to consider.
27:39 4/5/23
Getting Champagne Clients (Dena Patton)
Coaches frequently confuse branding, marketing, and selling. Guest coach Dena Patton breaks down these three elements of your business to show you how to build your ideal clientele, maximize your results, and optimize your earning.
29:06 3/29/23
Workshops and Homework (Joy Torchia)
Melinda is joined by return guest and business coach Joy Torchia. The two explore the nuances, advantages, and disadvantages in response to a listener’s question: What are your thoughts on giving clients homework versus workshopping during sessions?
21:38 3/22/23
Engineering Success (Margaret Lynch Raniere)
As coaches, we often resist the very thing that fosters the most successful sessions — structure. Melinda talks with coaching trainer Margaret Lynch Raniere about creating frameworks and processes to help create bold transformation for your clients.
26:09 3/15/23
Presents Behind the Launch
Host Melinda Cohan shares Behind the Launch, a new Mirasee FM podcast hosted by Cynthia Lamb. In this bonus episode: When the launch of a product or service goes badly, what do you do? Hear answers and perspectives from key members of the Mirasee team.
15:03 3/11/23
Coming Back Stronger (Dr. Eve Agee)
What do you do when your coaching practice needs to be put on hold? And what if months become years? Dr. Eve Agee talks with Melinda about how to turn an extended pause into a stronger return so you can reconnect with greater presence for your clients.
28:18 3/8/23
Optimize Your Note-taking (Lori Wayne)
How should coaches manage notes for client calls and streamline chart notes for easy reference? Melinda talks to Lori Wayne about different ways to take effective notes, when to review recordings of calls, and how to optimize the client experience.
31:25 3/1/23
Presenting For Better or For Work
Melinda introduces For Better or For Work, a new show in the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by Bhoomi Pathak and Danny Iny. In this bonus episode, guest couple Suzanne Evans and Melonie Orr discuss how to disagree as life and business partners.
28:25 2/25/23
Transformation, Not Time (Ray Hinish)
Newer coaches often wonder: How long should a session be? In this episode, Melinda dives into this question with Certified Master Business Coach Ray Hinish — and together, they break down the five factors that provide the answer.
28:47 2/22/23
Silencing The Imposter (Gary Frey)
Even coaches sometimes deal with feeling like a fraud, says Gary Frey. He talks about how he was able to silence his own Imposter Syndrome using ‘The Seven Weapons’ and as a result, found success in his coaching practice.
29:09 2/15/23
Clarity is Prosperity (Mahima)
Mahima Klinge shares her introduction into the world of coaching and discusses the confusion she felt as a new coach. She highlights how leaning on the experiences of others gave her more clarity and allowed her to create a sustainable practice.
28:08 2/8/23
Making the Transition (Lee Chaix McDonough)
Getting started as a coach can be intimidating if you aren’t sure where to begin. Melinda Cohan and Lee Chaix McDonough highlight some of the challenges you can face as a new coach and share tips on how to overcome them during your transition.
34:09 2/1/23
Always Be Onboarding (Jason Friedman)
The right onboarding process can help you avoid overwhelm for yourself and your client and set them up for success. Jason Friedman highlights mistakes you should avoid and shares tips to help you get off to a strong start with your new clients.
30:35 1/25/23
Presenting Blowing Up
Host Melinda Cohan introduces Blowing Up, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network. In this bonus episode, hosts Linda Claire Puig and Ari Iny talk with Pam Obasa about how to raise your rates (substantially).
26:31 1/21/23
Focus On Value, Not Self-Worth (Dallas Travers)
As coaches, we want to see our clients succeed but how much focus should we place on their results? In this episode, Melinda talks with business coach, Dallas Travers about the negative impacts of basing your worth on your client’s success.
30:24 1/18/23
Finding Success In Your Comfort Zone (Jenn Beninger)
We’re often encouraged to step outside of our comfort zone to realize our full potential, but is that the only way? Jenn Beninger shares her perspective with Melinda, highlighting how we can enjoy a fulfilling life while staying within our comfort zone.
32:20 1/11/23
Offboarding Clients (Miriam Meima)
How do you feel when a coaching contract or client relationship ends? Do you have a process for a smooth transition that benefits everyone? In this episode, Melinda talks with executive business coach Miriam Meima about successfully offboarding clients.
28:48 1/4/23
Team’s Pick 2022 (Linda Puig)
Mirasee FM’s Michi Lantz chose this favorite episode to rerun during the holiday break. Listen as Melinda talks with marketing communications expert Linda Claire Puig about successfully engaging and maintaining your audience.
33:06 12/28/22
Profit First (Anja Sassenberg-DeGeorgia)
Reinvention coach Anja Sassenberg-DeGeorgia gives straight-forward advice on how to handle money in our business and personal life. She also asserts that when we fix issues with money, other areas of our lives improve, and we can better serve our clients.
33:17 12/21/22
Presenting To Lead Is Human
Melinda introduces To Lead Is Human, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network. In this bonus episode, host Sharon Richmond and her guest Matthew Louchheim discuss why vulnerability is a characteristic of strength and courage that builds trust and invites collaboration.
31:50 12/17/22
Introverted & Confident (Heather Dempsey)
Many introverted and highly sensitive coaches feel that it’s more difficult for them to succeed in business than for their extroverted counterparts. Melinda and business coach Heather Dempsey talk about how to turn these characteristics into assets.
32:13 12/14/22
Building Your List (Molly Carter)
In this episode, engagement specialist Molly Carter gives a ton of simple and practical advice for building your email list from scratch. She encourages coaches to stick with it and allow time for growth. You will see results. Consistency is key.
28:42 12/7/22
Are You Underearning? (Barbara Huson)
If you're not earning what you need or desire, chances are you're underearning. In this episode, packed with step-by-step advice, Barbara Huson explains resistance to our own earning potential and how to overcome it.
27:01 11/30/22