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Opening doors and removing barriers, creating new paths in the wilderness of modern anxiety, guilt and drivenness. If you're beginning to sense a need for God in your life my podcasts are for you.


Episode 16: Special Guest - Textile Designer, Polly Meynell
In this episode Lorraine talks to textile designer, Polly Meynell, who lives in West Sussex and makes bespoke textile art works for individuals, private homes, public buildings, and sacred spaces.
26:17 10/11/22
Episode 15: Interview Special: David Howard
Lorraine Interviews prison chaplain, David Howard and asks him about what it is like taking on a very different kind of ministry.
22:51 9/22/22
Episode 14: Interview Special with Climate Activist, Helen Burnett
Lorraine is joined by Anglican priest and climate activist Helen Burnett, who talks about her role with Extinction Rebellion and how her faith plays an important part in her activism.
28:23 4/25/22
Episode 13: Interview Special - The Ordinary Office
 Lorraine Cavanagh talks to Rebecca Parnaby-Rooke and David Lucas, pioneers and hosts of the online community The Ordinary Office, about how the Church needs to embrace difference, brokenness and gift.The Ordinary Office is a hugely successful online community for those seeking spiritual support outside the Church. It is a virtual space where over two thousand people gather in prayer every day.You can find out more here and connect with them on Twitter @Ord_Off and Youtube
21:31 4/11/22
Episode 12: Interview Special with Dare Emmanuel
Lorraine discusses racism and its impact with actor, writer and producer, Dare Emmanuel.Dare Emmanuel is an actor and writer currently working on Doctor Who Time Fracture. He has a deep interest in social issues, especially those affecting children or concerning equality and this can be seen in the work he has done as content manager for the award winning Impressionable Minds and as an event manager for Eskimo Jo events.
33:02 3/26/22
Episode 11: Interview Special with the Very Reverend Professor Martyn Percy
Lorraine's special guest is the Very Reverend Professor Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford. Lorraine talks to Martyn about his recently concluded legal case and he talks frankly about his experience and the implications for the institutional work place.
32:28 3/24/22
Episode 10: Interview Special With Jon Egan
Lorraine talks to Jon Egan former member and co-founder of the experimental music collective Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. Jon reflects on the importance of his faith as an Orthodox Christian and the power of music to help him deepen his Christian beliefs.Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus is an experimental music collective that was formed in Liverpool, England in 1985. The group's music is a blend of folk and sacred music, industrial and ambient sounds, and samples that has drawn comparisons to neofolk artists like Current 93 and Death in June, as well as artists including Dead Can Dance, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Henryk Górecki, and Arvo Pärt. The group incorporates Christian imagery and symbolism into their music, and specifically draws inspiration from the Eastern Church.
35:57 3/19/22
Episode 9: Interview Special - Bishop Cherry Vann
Lorraine interviews Bishop Cherry Vann, the Bishop of Monmouth and asks her about how she found her calling and whether the Church can do more to broaden its appeal.About Bishop Cherry Vann:Originally from Leicestershire, Cherry Vann was consecrated as Bishop of Monmouth in January 2020. Prior to that, she served as Archdeacon of Rochdale, in the Diocese of Manchester, for 11 years.Bishop Cherry trained for ministry at Westcott House, Cambridge, and was ordained as a deacon in 1989. Among the first women to be ordained as a priest in the Church of England in 1994, she served in the Diocese of Manchester. After her curacy in Flixton, she became Chaplain to the Colleges of Further and Higher Education in Bolton and was part of the ministerial team at Bolton Parish Church. She went on to become Chaplain to the Deaf Community in Manchester and Team Vicar in Farnworth and Kearsley. She then exercised ministries as Team Rector and Area Dean before becoming Archdeacon across Ashton, Oldham and Rochdale. She was also an honorary canon of Manchester Cathedral and a member of the General Synod for 14 years.
28:33 3/1/22
Episode 8: Interview Special - Joe Harmston
Lorraine speaks to theatre director, Joe Harmston about how his work as a director inspires him as a thinker.
34:03 2/7/22
Episode 7: Russia
Lorraine looks at the tensions unfolding between Russia and Ukraine.
06:55 1/29/22
Episode 6: Keeping Busy
Do you like to keep busy? Ever wondered what that really means? Is there another way?
07:08 1/24/22
Episode 5: Leadership
Lorraine questions the current state of leadership and asks: what do we want from our leaders?
08:24 1/17/22
Episode 4: Fear
Lorraine Cavanagh examines how fear affects our lives and how sometimes getting to the place where we are most fearful is an important part of challenging ourselves and our faith.
11:08 1/10/22
Episode 3: New Year's Day
Lorraine Cavanagh reflects on the opportunities presented by New Year, though do we put ourselves under undue pressure at a difficult time of year to make the most of our reflections?
11:43 1/1/22