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Welcome to the 970 Grand County Podcast. This podcast explores the Colorado towns with the 970 area code (Winter Park, Fraser, Granby, Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling, and Grand Lake), including events, lodging specials, and tips on visiting the area, interviews, and much more.


Unveiling the Beauty of Grand County's Protected Lands with Jeremy Krones
Curious about how land conservation can shape and enrich a community? Join us for an  discussion with Jeremy Krones, the d Executive Director of the Headwaters Land Trust. Jeremy takes us through almost three decades of the Trust’s efforts to protect the Fraser Valley, now overseeing 66 conservation easements across 9,310 acres in Grand County. Learn how these easements work and how the Trust is bringing the concept of land conservation closer to the community through their innovative outreach and programs.Jeremy and Gayleen dive into the three events the land trust is hosting this summer. including a 6-kilometer race, wildflower tour and night sky program.www.colorad
12:21 6/3/24
Blues From the Top Music Festival
 Maria Chavez discusses the upcoming 22nd annual Blues From the Top Music Festival, set to take place in Green County from June 28th to June 30th. Maria talks about the festival's exciting lineup of performers, including Eddie 9V, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, and Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite. Maria shares the festival's history, originating in Sol Vista (now Granby Ranch) and relocating to downtown Winter Park. The festival is known for its community involvement and educational programs, like the cigar box guitar project with local schools. They also highlight the Blue Star Connection, a program that donates instruments to children's hospitals. For more information and tickets-
09:52 5/28/24
Grand Lake Colorado Dark Sky Designation
Kim White, with the town of Grand Lake, and Mark Laurin, a dedicated advocate for dark skies, discussed their efforts to achieve dark sky certification. Their journey began with Kim's application for a grant from the Colorado Tourism Office, aiming to preserve the sky quality in their area. Mark's extensive experience in astronomy and advocacy led him to mentor Kim in this endeavor. Together, they educate the community on the importance of dark skies through outreach events and measurements of sky quality. Their goal is to implement sustainable lighting solutions, enhance safety, and make stargazing accessible to all residents and visitors. With their dedication, Grand Lake aims to achieve dark sky certification by next summer, promising a safer, more enjoyable environment for all.For more information:
28:56 5/13/24
Byers Peak Stampede Half Marathon and 5 K
I interviewed Mary Price and Ryndi Zastrow from the Shining Stars Foundation today about their August 24, 2024  event, the Byers Peak Stampede Half Marathon and 5K. They discuss the history of the Shining Stars Foundation and its mission to provide social and recreational programming for children and families facing cancer. In its fourteenth year, the event features a half marathon and a 5K race, starting at the High Country Stampede Rodeo grounds and traversing scenic trails. They highlight the event's family-friendly atmosphere, community support, and fundraising efforts, all proceeds going directly into the foundation's programming. For more information:
11:35 4/29/24
Michael Querio- Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater
Learn about the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater as I  introduce you to Michael Querio, the guiding force behind the curtain. From his early days as the music director to his current role as the Executive Artistic Director, Michael's journey mirrors the growth and evolution of the theater itself.Michael shares insights into the theater's past, present, and future in our conversation, from its humble beginnings in 1967, a time of uncertainty and yet immense creativity, to the grandeur of its current home. Michael shares the secrets behind selecting each season's lineup. With a keen eye for balance and variety, he curates a tapestry of shows that resonate with audiences young and old, blending timeless classics with bold new experiences.This upcoming season features beloved favorites like "Kinky Boots" and "The Music Man" alongside compelling dramas like "Come From Away." The Season ends with "I Left My Heart: A Salute to the Music of Tomy Bennett".For more information:
19:37 4/16/24
Nat Sullivan and Amy Wolf - Camp Chief Ouray
Today's interview with Amy Woilf and Nat Sullivan from Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA of the Rockies discussed the new LEED-certified Camp Chief Ouray dining hall building, the first LEED-certified building in Grand County. Nat and Amy discussed the need for a bigger dining space to serve more campers, the process of designing and constructing the building, the challenges of getting LEED certification, the efficient and sustainable technologies used, and plans for more development at the camp.
23:25 3/18/24
Rachel Allnut - Author of Seed, Sprout, Spice!
My guest is Rachel Allnut, the author of  "Seed, Sprout, Spice: All About Pueblo Chili's." Allnutt explains how the project involving her sister and cousin evolved from her ties to the Colorado Ag Literacy Project and her passion for education. The book aims to educate children about agriculture, mainly focusing on Pueblo Chili's, in a fun and engaging way. Allnutt's background in teaching influenced the book's format, ensuring it appeals to a wide range of elementary school students. The conversation highlights the importance of agricultural education and the Colorado Agriculture in the Classroom program. For more information:
11:53 3/5/24
Julie Taulman-Rethink Ability Ski Challenge
On today's podcast, Julie Taulman, CEO of the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD), discusses the organization's history and programs. Founded 54 years ago by Hal O'Leary, NSCD began with a focus on winter sports for children with disabilities and has since expanded to offer year-round activities such as skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, paddling, sailing, and more. The NSCD serves over 1,750 individuals annually to promote physical activity, social engagement, and overall well-being for people with disabilities. Julie highlights the upcoming Rethink Ability Vertical Feet Ski Challenge, an event to raise funds for NSCD's programs. Participants ski to accumulate vertical feet and raise donations, with prizes for top challengers and fundraisers. Julie encourages support through participation or donations on the NSCD website, emphasizing the event's impact on providing adaptive outdoor experiences for individuals with disabilities. 
09:55 3/1/24
Dede Fay - Grand County History
Welcome to today's podcast! I'm thrilled to introduce my guest, Dede Fay, who is undoubtedly one of the foremost authorities on our county's history. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dede illuminates three compelling topics related to Grand County.Firstly, we delve into the intriguing question: Could William Fork be named after the obscured figure Beverly D. Williams? This mystery prompts us to explore the origins of the namesake and more about Mr. Williams.Next on our agenda is the controversial 1883 North Park fight as we ponder whether its disputed territory should belong to Grand or Larimer County. Through Dede's insights, we navigate the complexities of this historical dispute.Lastly, we uncover the truth behind the Rocky Mountain Railway, dissecting whether it was merely a stock-selling scheme or a pivotal infrastructure endeavor. Join us as we unravel these fascinating historical enigmas and better understand Grand County's heritage. 
13:50 2/20/24
Ryan Wilson - KFFR
In today's episode, we enjoyed chatting with Ryan Wilson, Executive Director of KFFR Radio in Fraser, Colorado. Ryan took us on a journey through KFFR's history and previewed the upcoming second year of the Sound Grand County Radio Series.The Sound Grand County Radio Series, now in its second year, promises a diverse lineup of Grand County artists and genres.Attendees of the series' final live show on March 21st will receive a unique tee shirt as a token of appreciation for their support and enthusiasm for music and community.For more information, visit There, you can find information on upcoming events and programming, 
11:50 2/13/24
Wolford Ice Fishing Contest
In this conversation between Brittany and Gaylene, they discuss various aspects of the upcoming Wolford ice fishing contest in Kremmling and winter activities in the area. Brittany details the event, including registration, prizes, and activities. They also touch upon the affordability and accessibility of Kremmling as a winter destination, emphasizing its proximity to major resorts while offering a more secluded experience. Additionally, they mention other winter activities like snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Brittany highlights the event's family-friendly nature and Kremmling's broader appeal for individuals seeking solitude away from crowded tourist areas. Finally, they briefly mention upcoming summer events and direct listeners to the Kremlin Chamber website for more information. Overall, the conversation showcases Kremmling as a charming winter getaway destination with various activities for visitors of all
09:56 2/5/24
Sammy Missed - Victorian Valentine's at Cozen Ranch
My guest today is Sam Missey from the Grand County Historical Association. Sam discusses the upcoming event, "Victorian Valentine's," scheduled for February 16th, where participants can learn about the history of Valentine's Day and create their own Valentine's cards. The event will emphasize "vinegar Valentine's," which are humorous and mocking cards sent anonymously back in the day. Sam also mentions the sesquicentennial celebration of Grand County on February 2nd, marking 150 years since its establishment. The event at Cousins will include  treats, and free museum access from noon to 2 PM. Sam encourages people to check the Grand County Historical Association's website and social media for more information on upcoming events.
15:51 1/29/24
Sarah Cichon - Three Lakes Ice Fishing Contest
Gaylene Ore and Sarah Cichon discussed this year's Ice Fishing Contest, including event details, dates, prizes, registration costs, and the family-friendly nature of the contest. They also mention sponsors, lodging options, and other winter activities in Granby. Sarah shared her favorite contest aspects, emphasizing positive energy and family participation. The conversation provides information on registering and finding event details on the Destination Granby website and Facebook
17:42 1/22/24
Autumn Bishop- Owner of Bowerbird's Den and High Country Autumn Nest
Today, we have Autumn Bishop as our guest. She owns the Bowersbird's  Den and High County Autumn Nest, two unique stores that continuously feature products from local artisans, antiques, and interesting finds. We'll also be discussing her new flex/creative space, offering enjoyable classes. For more information, check out
08:29 1/15/24
Diana Lynn Rau - Grand Nordic
Today, I'm thrilled to welcome Diana Lynn Ray, the president of Grand Nordic, an organization deeply rooted in promoting the joy of cross-country skiing in picturesque Grand County. Diana leads Grand Nordic, passionately imparts her love for this winter sport to children, and engages in other enriching activities.Discover more about Grand Nordic and their commitment to fostering a love for cross-country skiing: Grand Nordic website
15:45 1/10/24
Jen Miller - Winter Park Resort
My special guest today is ,Jenn Miller, who serves as the Communications Director for Winter Park Resort. Today, Jenn will be sharing exciting insights about the remarkable $100 million investment that has transformed the resort this ski season. This substantial funding has been dedicated to essential areas such as employee housing, the creation of new culinary experiences in our restaurants, and enhancements to several ski runs. Join us as we delve into the incredible developments that have elevated Winter Park Resort to new heights this year.For more information:
10:45 11/9/23
Mountain biking in Grand County with Bruce Isakson
Today's guest is long-time Grand County resident and mountain biking enthusiast - Bruce Isakson.Bruce shares some of his favorite rides, recommendations for beginner riders, and the place to go for the best scenery. 
13:37 10/12/23
Gillian Butler - Grand Lake Creative District
My guest today is Gillian Butler. Gillian is the Program and Marketing Coordinator for the Grand Lake Creative District.Gillian talks about how Grand Lake became a Colorado Creative District, some of the events they sponsor and so much more.
09:58 8/10/23
Stephanie Conner - Troublesome Fest
My guest today is Stephanie Conners. Stephanie shares the history of Troublesome Fest, a music festival fundraiser that started in 2020 after losing her home in the East Troublesome Fire. She and other locals lost who also lost their homes in the fire wanted to give back to the community. The group started a nonprofit organization called Fire on the Mountain Incorporated and has raised thousands of dollars in the first two years to support wildfire recovery, education, and mitigation projects.
14:20 8/3/23
Samantha Missed - Grand County Historical Association
My guest today is Samantha Missey. Samantha is the marketing, programs, and education manager for the Grand County Historical Association.Samantha shares information on the Jail and Bail event they are hosting Saturday, August 26th. This event is a fundraising event GCHA will be rounding up "criminals" who have committed a variety of "crimes" to be held for bail in Grand County's Original jailhouse. To free these criminals, the community will donate toward their bail. Each of the criminal's bail set is at $2,000.For more information:
10:35 7/28/23
Jennifer Mace - Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre
My guest today is Jennifer Mace. Jennifer is the Communication Manager for the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater in Grand Lake.We talk about this year's productions, the history of the theatre, and so much more.For more information:
09:24 7/20/23
Dede Fay - Grand Lake History
Grand County history lover Dede Fay joins me today to share some fun and exciting Grand Lake stories, such as the Grand Lake Yacht Club, the town's history, and so much more.#gogrand#visitgrandcounty
09:03 7/13/23
Brett Schroetlin (Grand County Sheriff) talks about Water Safety in Grand County
 Sheriff  Brett Schroetlin  joins me today to talk about water safety in Grand County.For more information:
10:10 7/6/23
Katie Hearsum - Continental Divide Trail
Katie Hearsum joins me today to discuss the Continental Divide Trail and Grand Lake, a CDT Gateway Community.Katie is the Community Engagement Manager for the Town of Grand Lake and is always looking for volunteers to help hikers visiting Grand Lake.Contact Information: khearsum@toglco.comFor More Information about the Continental Divide Trail and Grand Lake:
10:12 6/29/23
Polly Gallagher- Grand County Library District
My guest today is Polly Gallagher, the Grand Country Library District Executive Director.We discuss the the programs offered through the Grand County Libraries, such as hikes, author talks, crafts nights, and the summer reading program. For more
09:44 6/22/23
Doreen Summerlin - Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife biologist Doreen Sumerlin shares her knowledge of the return of her favorite bird - the osprey.We learn about their fishing habits, the size of the nests and what makes them her favorite bird.
10:23 6/1/23
Untitled Episode
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
10:16 5/26/23
Headwaters Trail Alliance
Meara McQuain and Erica Bean joined me today from the Headwaters Trial Alliance.The Headwaters Trail Alliance is a nonprofit advocacy organization for the trails in Grand County.We talk about the importance of the Leave No Trace principals, how to be good stewards of our trails, and the organization's stewardship and ambassador program.
17:50 5/18/23
Travels With Darley
This episode is a repeat from January 10, 2022.Darley Newman, six time Emmy Award-nominated host, talks about her upcoming show – Travels with Darley on PBS, featuring Grand County. In the episode and series, Newman takes her viewers around the world as she works with locals as the destinations guides to experience the culture, cuisine, history, and outdoor adventure. Look for the “Travels with Darley; Colorado Ranches & Forests" episode on Grand County on your local PBS TV station now and coming to your favorite streaming site and online through JOURNY this spring.Travels with Darley's 51 episodes take viewer to hidden gems in the USA, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean to experience diverse cultures and traditions and what makes each location truly unique. Darley’s on-camera local counterparts are the true stars of each episode, as they lead Darley through their world. Watch the series on PBS, Create TV, Amazon Prime, Wondrium and Ovation TV’s JOURNY, a free app available on your phone, tablet, or smart tv device of your choice, including Roku, Plex, Vewd, Samsung TV Plus, Apple TV, Zumo, Google Play, Amazon Fire and more.Video shorts from the series are also available on Darley’s YouTubeChannel, Facebook and Instagram.https://darley-newman.com
18:13 5/11/23
Brittany VanderLinden - Kremmling Area Chamber of Commerce
My guest today is Brittany VanderLinden with the Kremmling Area Chamber of Commerce. Brittany shares information on the 70th annual Kremmling Days, June 16-18, and other events and activities around Kremmling this summer.https://www.kremmlingchamber.comFacebook
07:41 4/27/23