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Romantic Things

Simon and Suzanne Davison discuss the romantic suggestions made by the Romantic Things iOS app, romance in general and romantic gestures you can try in your relationship.


Romantic Destinations
In this episode, Suzanne and Simon discuss romantic destinations around the world and share the romantic gestures the app has suggested to them.Support the Show.
16:05 8/1/22
Romantic Role Models
In this episode, Simon covers some of the romantic role models from our past, and we pick our vacation for 2023!Support the Show.
21:15 7/18/22
Our favorite romantic movies
Suzanne and Simon discuss their favorite romantic movies and go through the episode's list of romantic gestures. For one romantic thing, Simon needs more patience. Support the Show.
15:32 7/4/22
Our failed romantic gestures
In this episode, Suzanne and Simon discuss their failed romantic gestures and one of this episode's romantic gestures leads them into the great outdoors.Support the Show.
16:35 6/20/22
Using the power of love for good
Suzanne and Simon discuss using your power as a couple to do good in the world, and Simon begrudgingly shares some food while covering the romantic gestures for this episode.Support the Show.
15:31 5/30/22
Alternatives to a typical 'date night'
Suzanne and Simon discuss alternatives to the standard date night, we have some questions from a listener and the usual collection of romantic things that Simon has been trying.Support the Show.
13:57 5/16/22
Gender-neutral romantic things
Simon and Suzanne discuss why all the romantic things in the Romantic Things app are gender-neutral, and in the review of romantic things for the episode, Simon reveals the romantic thing he just won't do!Support the Show.
14:06 5/2/22
Romance for busy people
Simon and Suzanne discuss how busy people can get romantic, Simon creeps out Suzanne, and four of the five Romantic Things for this episode are zero cost, zero effort 'Perfect Things.' Support the Show.
14:02 4/18/22
The first 'Perfect Thing'
Simon gives an overview of the Romantic Things app before reviewing the romantic things that surfaced for this episode.  Simon also introduces us to the first 'Perfect Thing' featured on the podcast.Support the Show.
14:04 4/4/22
Why Romantic Things?
Suzanne and Simon discuss the Romantic Things that Simon has received from the Romantic Things app over the past week.    Support the Show.
17:34 3/21/22