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Help! One of my church members is doubting the Trinity! — Joseph Kidder and Timothy Baze
How can we better deal with church members doubting the Trinity?  What is so attractive about the anti-Trinitarian doctrine? What can we do as a preventative measure? 
10:23 12/6/23
Editorial - The power of God’s Word — Alfredo Garcia-Marenko
As ministers of the gospel, we are called to rely upon the Bible as our number one source of power and lead others to it. 
04:07 12/3/23
The case for leadership education among Adventist leaders — Juan R. Prestol-Puesan
We have all gone through classes and presentations on leadership, but how much has that training focused on the very important faith aspect of being a leader?
07:55 11/28/23
Revival and Reformation - The “why” of pastoral ministry — Crystal E. Ward
Knowing the 'why' of your ministry is important. How to find the 'why' of your ministry. 
05:31 11/23/23
The three angels’ messages for our time — Igor Lorencin
What is the point of telling others about the three angels of Revelation? Read the author’s applications of these special messages for today.
11:34 11/20/23
The good news of the pre-Advent judgment — Clifford Goldstein
So many people who know about the pre-Advent judgment are terrified of it. Should they be?
15:07 11/16/23
Discipling the whole person — Scott Ward, David Sedlacek, Rogelio Paquini and Jasmine Fraser
Expand your understanding of discipleship from what we do to who we are—and then how we convey that to our members.
14:05 11/13/23
It’s hard. It’s possible — Micheal Goetz
A personal story of God calling Michael to keep his eyes fixed on Jesus, and to remain serving as a pastor.  Three suggestions for walking on the water through the ministry storm.
10:43 11/7/23
Editorial - The problems of autumn ministry — Jeffrey O. Brown
Why do pastors leave the ministry during the autumn season? 
05:59 11/2/23
Pastor’s Pastor- Self-denial: The key to effective pastoral leadership — Ramon J. Canals
 Seven practical tips for pastors to develop and maintain self-denial in their leadership.
06:38 10/30/23
Social change model of leadership development — Sung Kwon
Why are people leaving the church? How do we help church members and bring intentional change to our church?  What is God asking of us?  What does it mean to be a pastoral leader?
15:06 10/26/23
The spiritual journey of leadership: A framework — Randy J. Siebold
What does it mean to be a leader?  Five components of a Christ-centered approach to help leaders grow to support the mission of the church. 
14:32 10/23/23
Forgiveness— The core of innovation — Karen Tilstra
Why do people not like to forgive? How do we forgive and embrace forgiveness? 
14:52 10/19/23
Pastoral leadership: A catalyst for whole-church ministry — Boubakar Sanou
What does ministry look like in the new testament? Three ways that pastors can enable and empower their church members to become active ministers in their communities. 
13:08 10/16/23
Revival and Reformation - It would be well — Sean Brizendine
Acknowledging that Ellen White's writings are an important, inspiring resource that should be utilized by Adventists as a means of growing closer to Jesus.
04:17 10/5/23
Editorial - A shining light on God’s love — Merlin D. Burt
Why does the church believe that Ellen White's writings were guided by the Holy Spirit, and are a true manifestation of the Spirit of prophecy?
04:55 10/2/23
Clergy and confidentiality: Best practices for ministry — Marlon C. Robinson
Is it appropriate to disclose confidential information? Are there limits to confidentiality?  Seven best practices to help clergy maximize the benefits of confidentiality and limit potential liabilities. 
13:03 9/27/23
The work of the Lord and the works of the Law — Kim Papaioannou
What is the difference between the “work of the Lord” and the “works of the Law”?  
15:40 9/22/23
Rethinking community in the Adventist Church — Clifford Owusu-Gyamfi
What is the meaning of community? What do we learn about community from the early church? Seven strategies to improve church community. 
17:53 9/19/23
Revival and Reformation - Praying for the Holy Spirit - Daily? — Helmut Haubeil
The importance of asking for the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. 
04:35 9/15/23
Conformity and the Christian — Libna J. Arroyo
Why is it so hard to stand alone, even as a pastor?  What does conformity have to do with Christianity? What is 'constructive conformity'?
11:40 9/12/23
Ministry and artificial intelligence: The new frontier — Eric Louw
Should we be cautious about AI? How are we already using AI and what are some AI solutions to look for?
17:36 9/6/23
Editorial - From Gutenberg to GPT: The church’s need for technological adaptation — Jonathan Walter
How should the church respond to the advancement of technology in today's world? 
05:00 9/3/23
Where do barriers to church growth come from? — Onajite Akemu
 What causes barriers to church growth? What can we do to overcome these barriers? 
08:44 8/31/23
A book review - Lead Like It Matters: 7 Leadership Principles for a Church That Lasts - by Craig Groeschel, Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Books, 2022 — Nelson Silva
 Reviewing the book "Lead Like It Matters: 7 Leadership Principles for a Church That Lasts" by Craig Groeschel
04:44 8/28/23
Learning from the diversity of the disciples — Tom Grove and S. Joseph Kidder
Who were the disciples? How were they different from each other?   How did this diverse group of people come to work together and love each other?  
12:35 8/24/23
Experiencing happiness—producing fruitfulness - A pastor’s reflection on Psalm 1 — Kenroy R. Campbell
What is happiness? How does one become happy? What does happiness produce? 
14:44 8/21/23
Pastor’s Pastor - Results of real communion with God — Ramon J. Canals
Too often, we become caught up in our own emotions and interests and forget what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.  We must strive to let go of selfishness and have real communion with God. 
04:41 8/17/23
“My well is empty” - Adverse childhood experiences among pastors — David Sedlacek and René Drumm
Looking at recent research on pastoral stress and pastors' childhood trauma in the United States. What can we learn from the startling insights from this research? 
17:00 8/14/23
Atomic habits - Five changes to revive your church — Eric Freking
Pick up some good ideas on how to strengthen your church(es).
12:51 8/9/23

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