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ESWI Airborne's Podcast

In this educational podcast series, our host Clare Taylor talks with the members and partners of ESWI, the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza about their work with acute respiratory viruses such as influenza, sars-CoV-2 and RSV. Clare unearths career choices and paths discovering what brought these distinguished members to become experts in their respective fields. As listeners, we get acquainted with the fascinating world of viruses while she asks thought-provoking questions on issues ranging from how to keep viruses at bay, how vaccines work, why vaccination is important to certain risk groups, how to tackle fake news, and much, much more. This podcast series is adapted to the level of interest of healthcare professionals, patients belonging to risk groups, policy-makers and the public at large. Its purpose is to convey the thoughts and points of view of our guest speakers. Its purpose is not to provide specific medical advice to individuals or substitute consultation with medical practitioners.


Stefania Maggi - RSV and the burden of disease in older adults
Who is at an increased risk of adverse effects from an RSV infection? What is the burden of disease and what should be done to alleviate the risk and increase awareness?In this captivating episode we listen to Dr. Stefania Maggi, a geriatric epidemiologist and ESWI Board Member answer these and many more questions. She also reflects on the importance of healthy ageing, explains the life-course approach and underlines that older adults are a very heterogeneous group and therefore require a personalised approach to health and diseases.
22:14 09/26/2022
Spotlight on the burden of flu for people living with diabetes
Why are people with diabetes more at risk from flu? What are the options for reducing the risk? What are the challenges and solutions to increase awareness across health care professionals, researchers and patients themselves? How did COVID-19 change the attention to viral infections in risk groups? Listen to the insightful conversation among the experts and members of the Influenza Diabetes Community (IDC), Dr Marco Goeijenbier, Chair IDC, ESWI Board Member and medical doctor intensive care and medicine, together with Dr Kirsty Short, research fellow and head of the viral pathogenesis lab at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland, and Dan Howard, diabetes specialist nurse and Head of Care for Diabetes UK
23:17 09/12/2022
Roman Prymula - Walk the talk on immunisation
With a wealth of experience, Professor of Epidemiology and former Minister of Health, ESWI Board Member Roman Prymula gives a personal testimony of the COVID-19 pandemic and the different perspectives of politics vs science when it comes to health policy. Insights into vaccinology, the rise of anti-vaxxers and views on how to counter vaccine-hesitancy contribute to this engaging episode.
30:48 06/28/2022
Colin Russell - Using mathematical modelling to predict virus evolution and inform pandemic response
The dynamic interplay between epidemiological research, virus evolution, and mathematical modelling is skilfully described by Dr Colin Russell, Professor of Applied Evolutionary Biology and ESWI Board Member. Flu was Prof. Russell’s first love, however the complex epidemiological pathways of the COVID-19 pandemic sparked his interest in how mathematical modelling informs pandemic response particularly in LMICs.
37:19 06/13/2022
Ed Hutchinson & Sarah Iannucci - Visualising Viruses
What do snowflakes and viruses have in common? What is the scientific value of analysing “wild and wacky” forms of viruses? And what does a biomedical illustrator really do? These, and many more questions are addressed in this captivating episode delving into the scientific world of biomedical visualisation by Dr Ed Hutchinson,  ESWI Board Member and senior lecturer at the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research and invited guest Sarah Iannucci.
35:15 05/29/2022
Peter Openshaw - A mucosal perspective on pandemics
"Learn about the fascinating field of mucosal immunology, vaccine effectiveness, and the role of face-mask protection not from virus particles but “spiticles and snoticles”. Dr Peter Openshaw, ESWI Board Member and Professor of Experimental Medicine, Imperial College London, expertly guides us through what led to the unprecedented speed of COVID-19 vaccine development. From his experience of two pandemics, he offers a vision of future variants and how SARS-COV-2 is continuing to evolve.”This podcast is kindly sponsored by Viatris. 
31:17 05/16/2022
Terho Heikkinen - Flu shots for children? Why this should be more on the radar
ESWI Board Member Terho Heikkinen, Professor in paediatrics at the University of Turku in Finland talks about paediatric infectious diseases. Learn about why the flu shot is to be recommended in children.This podcast is kindly sponsored by Viatris. 
20:11 04/27/2022
George Kassianos - Vaccinations to consider before, during, and after pregnancy
Dr George Kassianos, ESWI Board Member and retired general practitioner gives a comprehensive and in-depth explanation of vaccination and pregnancy, including the risks and benefits to the mother and the infant.  All the important vaccines are covered including Covid-19, influenza, MMR, and others. This podcast is kindly sponsored by Viatris. 
30:13 03/27/2022
Ted van Essen - How to be an inFLUencer: the role of a general practitioner
ESWI Board Member and retired general practitioner Ted van Essen describes his unique journey from studying the benefits of influenza vaccination to risk groups to becoming “Dr Ted” on Dutch television, and having this important role in bringing accurate information about influenza vaccination to the general public. This podcast is kindly sponsored by Viatris. 
21:41 03/27/2022
Ab Osterhaus - Pandemic Preparedness Planning in Peacetime
ESWI Chair and Professor in Virology, Ab Osterhaus, gives a captivating explanation on why we need to stay vigilant and properly prepare for the next pandemic.This podcast is kindly sponsored by Viatris. 
27:36 03/27/2022