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Intuitive WTF?!

Being spiritually open isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Intuitive WTF?! Podcast questions the higher spiritual path we all chose to experience and how it relates to those annoying WTF moments in our everyday life. Tune in for spiritual rants and casual conversations from Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer and self proclaimed “Skeptical Psychic,” Aaron Heart, as he discusses his view on the spiritual purpose behind life events, past lives, manifestation, energy, and anything else metaphysical, supernatural, or paranormal.


Spiritualism and Magic with Santana 70:53 05/22/2022
Self Care with Nancy 70:43 05/07/2022
Get out of your way! 31:06 04/26/2022
Smacked by Synchronicity 25:07 04/04/2022
WTF!? Intro 27:40 03/27/2022