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Fun with Miss Honeychurch

Come and have fun with Miss Honeychurch and the bunny rabbits, Pumpkin, Peanut and Pickles.


Christmas Donkeys ~ Songtime & Impressions
Merry Christmas from Miss Honeychurch, Pumpkin, Peanut and Pickles! Today we sing the carol Little Donkey, we do donkey impressions, we talk about being kind and grateful and we find out what the bunnies have been up to recently. Big hugs from us x x x
13:53 12/25/20
Jenny's Adventure ~ Storytime
Today we read Jenny’s Adventure by Jean Gilder and follow a little doll called Jenny who ends up on an unexpected journey.
18:04 6/29/20
Bunnies and Ducks ~ A Trip to the Park
Today we go to the park to feed the ducks at the pond. Pickles has a close encounter with one of them! The bunnies also enjoy singing Old MacDonald.
16:49 6/12/20
Pickles' Black Fur ~ A Lesson About Kindness
In this episode we find out that Pickles is upset with a bunny called Rhubarb who hasn’t been very nice to him. Miss Honeychurch and the bunnies have a chat about it and decide what to do.
14:45 6/4/20
The Enchanted Slippers ~ Storytime with The Bunnies
In this episode Miss Honeychurch reads the story ‘The Enchanted Slippers’ by Enid Blyton.
18:51 6/2/20
A Bedtime Story ~ Bunnies meet Leaper the Frog
In this episode I cosy up with the bunnies and read them a bedtime story. It’s all about nature. And in particular, a greedy frog called Leaper.He Wouldn’t go to Sleep by Enid Blyton.
18:27 5/19/20
The Fishy Song ~ A Wonderfully Sparkly Song ~ Join in!
The Fishy Song I’m a green stripey fishy and I live in the sea My home is the ocean where I swim swim free x 2 I’m a dolphin and I live in the ocean The ocean and the sea Watch out little green stripey fishy I’m coming for my tea…MUNCH!Swim swim little fishySwim away swim awayIf I catch you for my dinnerYou’ll become my prey x 2I may be a very tiny fishyI may be very smallBut if I sing sing sing sing loudlyMy friends will hear my call…RAH!
11:45 5/14/20
Storytime ~ The Bunnies meet Rita the Rescuer
This fun and exciting story is by Hilda Offen.
18:23 5/5/20
Hooray for Captain Tom! ~ What a Wonderful Man
Hello everyone. This is a special episode about Captain Tom Moore. The NHS fundraising hero and national treasure. The bunnies learn about his achievements and talk about what it means to help others and succeed even though there are challenges. It’s his birthday tomorrow so of course there’s a song for him! Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom!Captain Tom’s birthday cards.Captain Tom’s fundraising.
14:02 4/29/20
A Worried Bunny ~ A Cosy Chat and a Sweet Lullaby
Peanut comforts Pickles in this episode as he’s a bit down. They talk about what’s bothering him and Peanut makes him feel better describing all the positive things in his life. They sing a lullaby to get sleepy again.Hush NowHush nowGently soarOver hills nowSleep some moreHush nowGently flyWith the stars nowYou’re made of light
05:01 4/28/20
Birds and Bunnies ~ How Many Birds Can You Hear?
The lyrics are below if you’d like to join in. They also meet Pickles who is in a bit of a fluster.SunshineBirds elated with lifeSinging out‘How happy are we nowwith warmth and seeds and light’SunshineBirds flying highOver hills, steams and treetopsSinging outthe breath of life
18:49 4/25/20
Chocolate Cake ~ Where Does Chocolate Come From?
Good morning children! In this episode Pumpkin, Peanut and Pickles learn where chocolate comes from and try to figure out how to make a cake. They also realise they’ve made a terrible mistake!
09:35 4/22/20
Song Time with The Bunnies ~ Happy Giggly Song ~ You'll Love it!
Happy Monday everyone! The bunnies are here to sing you a special song. Here are the lyrics if you wish to learn them…Rabbits in the GardenRabbits in the gardenRabbits in the starsWe poop and play from night til dayOn grassy garden pathsRabbits in the moonlightRabbits on the moonWe jump and fly as night goes byAnd zoom with red balloonsRabbits digging burrowsRabbits love to digThen we munch and crunch green grass for lunchAnd feel as fat as pigsRabbits time for bedRabbits lay down your headGet snuggly and warm in a big fluffy ballAll cosy, happy and fed
03:41 4/20/20
Welcome to Fun with Miss Honeychurch ~ Let's Meet the Bunnies
Welcome to Fun with Miss Honeychurch! Come and have fun with me and my bunny friends. We’re all waiting to meet you and say hi. Let’s have a giggly, colourful time together.
05:01 4/19/20