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Post Purchase PRO - Profitable Email Marketing For Amazon Sellers

Post purchase marketing is the fastest way to gain an advantage when selling on Amazon. While most sellers ignore this channel the founders of Post Purchase PRO have fast tracked their Amazon success by creating a real relationship with customers. "Instead of treating our Amazon customers like a transaction, we develop an insanely profitable ongoing relationship with them by continuing to deliver value for them all while generating repeat purchases for our business." It's through email marketing that we've been able to add an additional 66% of revenue to our business. Email is just the beginning though, we use SMS text, direct mail, retargeting, and other channels outside of Amazon to further our growth. In this podcast, the founders Seth Stevens and Shawn Hart discuss many of the secrets to their ongoing success. 


EP#142 Driving Amazon Sales with Google Ads - Featuring John Horn
"How can Google Ads supercharge your Amazon sales? John Horn of StubGroup has the answers you've been looking for."In this episode of the Post-Purchase Pro Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting John Horn, the CEO of Stub Group, a leading expert in leveraging external traffic to boost Amazon sales. Our discussion centered on the strategic use of Google ads to not only drive traffic back to Amazon but also to enhance sales and improve product visibility on various platforms.Key Takeaways:1. Understanding Seller Categories: John broke down the three main categories of Amazon sellers and how each can benefit from targeted Google ads strategies. Whether you're Amazon-focused, starting off-platform, or managing both, there's a tailored approach to maximize your ROI.2. Challenges of Diversification: Many sellers struggle when branching out from Amazon due to the lack of built-in traffic on platforms like Shopify. John emphasized the importance of using data from Amazon to strategically drive traffic to other sales platforms using Google ads.3. Effective Ad Strategies: We delved into the specifics of setting up effective Google Shopping campaigns and the nuances of directing traffic to Amazon listings. John highlighted the importance of starting with text ads and considering YouTube and Google Display for broader reach.4. The Importance of Tracking and Analytics: Setting up proper tracking mechanisms is crucial when transitioning from Amazon to other platforms like Shopify. This ensures that sellers can measure the effectiveness of their ad spend and adjust strategies accordingly.5. Success Stories: John shared a success story of a bedding company that managed to significantly reduce ad spend while improving ROI by refining their Google ads strategy with Stub Group’s help.7. Future Opportunities: Looking ahead, John hinted at upcoming features in Google ads that could further enhance the ability to drive traffic to Amazon, potentially including new campaign types that could integrate more deeply with Amazon’s platform.Additional Resources:Visit StubGroup's websiteConnect with John Horn on LinkedInFollow StubGroup on FacebookContact John at john@stubgroup.comFor those looking to dive deeper into leveraging Google ads for Amazon, reaching out to Stub Group for a personalized consultation could be a game-changer. Their approach to detailed analysis and tailored ad strategies can help sellers at any scale improve their online presence and sales figures.Sellers interested in exploring Google ads further should consider visiting Stub Group’s website for more information or subscribing to their YouTube channel for ongoing tips and strategies.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.Timestamps00:00:31 - John Horn's Expertise in External Traffic00:01:29 - Categories of Amazon Sellers00:02:23 - Challenges of Diversification for Amazon Sellers00:03:06 - Transitioning from Amazon to Shopify00:05:51 - The Impact of External Traffic on Amazon Rankings00:06:51 - Effective Google Ads Strategies for Amazon Listings00:09:26 - Using Funnels to Increase Amazon Sales00:10:22 - What Successful E-commerce Brands Do Differently00:12:17 - John Horn's Background and Stub Group's Origin00:13:58 - Working with Stub Group00:15:43 - Case Study of a Successful Client00:17:13 - Why Amazon Sellers Should Consider Google Ads00:18:31 - John's Favorite Business Resource00:21:08 - How to Connect with Stub Group
21:45 5/27/24
EP#141 Unlock the Secret to Eternal Profitability in the World of Global Logistics with Burak Yolga
"Imagine a world where your global logistics are as simple as clicking a button. Burak Yolga of Forceget is here to make that a reality."In this episode, we sit down with Burak Yolga, the co-founder and CEO of Forceget, a trailblazing digital freight forwarding company. Burak shares his journey of revolutionizing the logistics industry by providing transparent, efficient, and technology-driven solutions that simplify global shipping for businesses.Key Takeaways:1.Revolutionizing Global Logistics: Burak discusses how Forceget leverages technology to streamline international shipping and logistics, making it more accessible and efficient for businesses.2. The Role of Technology in Freight Forwarding: Explore the innovative solutions Forceget implements to enhance customer experience and optimize supply chain management.3. Navigating Complexities of Global Shipping: Learn how Forceget addresses the common challenges in freight forwarding, ensuring smooth and transparent operations.4. Customer-Centric Approach: Discover how Forceget's commitment to high standards and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the logistics industry.5. Special Offer for Listeners: Don't miss out on the exclusive $300 discount on your first shipment with Forceget.Additional Resources:Visit Forceget's website at forceget.comConnect with Burak Yolga on LinkedInFollow Forceget on social media: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, TikTokSPECIAL OFFER:Take advantage of Forceget's special offer and earn a $300 discount on your first shipment! Visit and streamline your logistics today.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
21:49 5/20/24
EP# 140 Mastering Amazon Creatives: Elevating Brands to Higher Conversion with Kamaljit Singh
Unlock the power of high-converting images with Kamal, CEO of AMZOneStep, and optimize your Amazon listings for skyrocketing sales!Join us as we dive into the world of Amazon optimization with Kamal, the CEO and founder of AMZOneStep. With a wealth of experience in e-commerce and as a member of the Forbes Council, Kamal shares invaluable insights on how to optimize Amazon listings for increased sales, ranking, reviews, and profits.Key Takeaways:1.The Importance of Main Images: Kamal emphasized the critical role of the main product image in driving click-through rates on Amazon. He advised sellers to break the pattern of their competitors' images and to continuously split test their main images to ensure they stand out in search results.2. Split Testing: Sellers should regularly split test their main images, as well as their other creatives and A+ content, to avoid leaving money on the table. Tools like PICFU, IntelliView, and Amazon's own manager experiments can be used for this purpose.3. Visual References: When creating infographics and lifestyle images, it's important to use visual references that customers can relate to. For example, showing how many items a product can hold rather than just listing dimensions can be more effective.4. Amazon TOS Compliance: Kamal warned against making claims or using prohibited keywords in listing images, as this can lead to issues with Amazon's terms of service. He also recommended having a backup main image ready in case Amazon flags the primary one.Additional Resources:Visit AMZOneStep's website at with AMZOneStep on Instagram.Access the special offer for listeners: 2 Free Main Images + Split Testing.SPECIAL OFFER:Access the special offer for listeners: 2 Free Main Images + Split Testing.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.Timestamps[00:02:09] Conversion strategies for Amazon sellers.[00:03:41] Importance of main product image.[00:07:56] Main image importance.[00:12:05] Using visual references in images.[00:14:28] Targeting Specific Customer Needs.[00:20:01] Free main image offer.[00:22:50] A splurge on a Tesla.
24:45 4/16/24
EP#139: Elevate Your Amazon Reach: Latin America's Hottest Ecommerce Trends Revealed!
Unlock the secrets of shopper psychology in Mexico and the digital evolution of shopping with Ramiro Velasco, the engineer, e-commerce veteran, and co-founder of GoAvance.Join us as we sit down with Ramiro Velasco, a multifaceted professional - an engineer, entrepreneur, and e-commerce veteran. Ramiro is most notably recognized as the co-founder of GoAvance, a company dedicated to connecting global brands with Latin American clients.Main Talking Points:Ramiro Velasco's diverse background as an engineer, entrepreneur, and e-commerce expert.Introduction to GoAvance: A platform bridging the gap between international brands and the Latin American market.Dive into the fascinating world of shopper psychology in Mexico and the ongoing digitization of shopping.Ramiro's insights on the dynamics and trends shaping the Mexican e-commerce landscape.The special offer: Exclusive market analysis for listeners, providing valuable insights into the potential of Mexico for their products.Additional Resources::Connect with Ramiro Velasco via email at GoAvance and stay updated on their insights via Instagram and LinkedIn.Curious about the Mexican market? Take advantage of the special offer: Gain access to a useful market analysis courtesy of GoAvance. Connect with Ramiro via email at and explore further insights on their website.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts
43:17 3/4/24
EP#138: Elevate Your Amazon Presence: The Game-Changing Impact of Podcast Guesting on Your Brand w/ Mischa Zvegintzov
Embark on an Influence Tour with Mischa Zvegintzov, the CEO and Chief Influence Officer of Be Love Media. Discover the secrets to building influence without costly advertising!Meet Mischa Zvegintzov, a seasoned sales expert turned CEO, and Chief Influence Officer of Be Love Media. Having once retired to teach yoga and be a stay-at-home dad, Mischa is now at the forefront of empowering heart-centered entrepreneurs to amplify their message and build influence.Main Talking Points:Mischa's Journey: From a seasoned sales expert to teaching yoga and now leading Be Love Media.The Influence Army: Unveil the secrets of The Influence Army, Mischa's initiative to help entrepreneurs build influence without expensive advertising.Table Rush Talk Show: Explore the insights shared by Mischa on the Table Rush Talk Show, offering valuable perspectives on amplifying your message.Influence Tour: Join the Influence Tour at, where Mischa invites you to a risk-free trial of his Influence Army Membership for $7 in the first month.Money-Back Guarantee: Feel the transformation or get a 100% money-back guarantee for the first month.Additional Resources:Connect with Mischa on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.Explore The Influence Army and the Table Rush Talk Show at and out to Mischa via email at to amplify your message and build influence? Visit, sign up for Mischa's Influence Army Membership at a risk-free trial of $7 for the first month. Dive into the transformative journey and enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
42:37 2/26/24
EP#137: Crack the Code: Saif Elhager's Blueprint for Amazon PPC Excellence – From Candidate Hunt to Success Chronicles!
Unleash the power of Amazon advertising with Saif Elhager, the co-founder of AiHello. Join us as we delve into the world of Amazon PPC, where expertise meets innovation.In today's episode, we're joined by Saif Elhager, the co-founder of AiHello, an Amazon PPC software that stands as an Amazon Advanced partner and serves over 5000 sellers. Saif is a recognized expert in the Amazon advertising space, steering AiHello to handle an annual GMV surpassing 1 billion dollars.Main Talking Points:Saif's expertise as a leading expert in the Amazon advertising space.Introduction to AiHello: An Amazon PPC software catering to 5000+ sellers and achieving Amazon Advanced partner status.AiHello's remarkable feat of handling an annual GMV exceeding 1 billion dollars.The significance of Amazon PPC in optimizing seller performance and visibility.Insights into the special offer: 20% off AiHello's hybrid package for one month, a plan that provides access to the specialists Saif has hired.Additional Resources:Connect with Saif Elhager via email at and on LinkedIn.Explore AiHello's offerings and services on their website.Take advantage of the exclusive offer: Get 20% off AiHello's hybrid package for one month, providing access to specialized experts. Connect with Saif via email at and explore AiHello's services on their website.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
40:13 2/19/24
EP#136: Beyond Ad Spend: Anatoliy Labinskiy's Deep Dive into Organic Traffic Strategies for Unmatched Ecommerce Prosperity
Dive into the world of e-commerce mastery with Anatoliy Labinskiy, a four-time Two Comma Club award winner and founder of GSM Growth. Join us as we unravel the secrets of achieving unparalleled growth in your e-commerce business.In this episode, we're joined by Anatoliy Labinskiy, an acclaimed entrepreneur, e-commerce expert, and proud recipient of the prestigious Four-Time Two Comma Club awards. Anatoliy is the driving force behind GSM Growth, an agency dedicated to propelling e-commerce entrepreneurs to new heights of success. He is also the co-founder of, an AI-powered service revolutionizing advertising campaign tracking.Main Talking Points:Anatoliy's journey as a four-time Two Comma Club award winner and founder of GSM Growth.The mission of GSM Growth: Helping e-commerce entrepreneurs achieve unprecedented growth in their businesses.The Ecom Business Stream Podcast: Anatoliy's platform featuring real-life stories from successful entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and thought leaders.Recognition in the Forbes Business Council and Top 100 USA Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian Origins.Anatoliy's influence as an international speaker sharing e-commerce knowledge and expertise.Additional Resources:Connect with Anatoliy Labinskiy on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and explore the Ecom Business Stream Podcast on out to Anatoliy via email at Offer: Listeners can avail a FREE audit of their Shopify store.For more Amazon Seller/Ecommerce business tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
43:01 2/12/24
EP#135: Beyond the Algorithm: Ben Leonard's Formulas for $6 Million Success
Meet the millennial entrepreneur who turned a laptop-in-a-cupboard side hustle into an international 7-figure business. Ben Leonard, founder of Beast Gear, shares his journey and the secrets to success in the ecommerce world.Join us in this episode with Ben Leonard, the visionary founder of Beast Gear, a classic millennial entrepreneur who transformed a spare-time side hustle into an international 7-figure business. Ben, now a seasoned entrepreneur, shares his insights through his ecommerce consultancy at and ecommerce brokerage at Talking Points:Ben's journey from building Beast Gear in a cupboard to successfully exiting the business after 3 years.The entrepreneurial mindset and strategies that propelled Beast Gear into an international success.Ben's role in helping others achieve ecommerce success through his consultancy and brokerage.The significance of strategic brand building and its impact on the longevity and value of an ecommerce business.Exclusive offer for listeners: Access a FREE Entrepreneur Mindset Mini Course and a FREE Brand Building Hacks Ebook visit Resources::Connect with Ben Leonard and explore his expertise at more about ecommerce brokerage at exclusive resources at to elevate your ecommerce game? Connect with Ben Leonard at and explore the world of ecommerce brokerage at For our listeners, enjoy a FREE Entrepreneur Mindset Mini Course and a FREE Brand Building Hacks Ebook at more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
33:54 2/5/24
EP#134: Insurance Made Simple: Simplifying Insurance for Frustrated eCommerce Sellers w/ Rohit Nair
Dive into the future of insurance for e-commerce businesses with Rohit Nair, the visionary Founder and CEO of Assureful. Discover how innovation, data analytics, and customer-centric design are reshaping the landscape of insurance for online sellers and buyers.In this episode, we're joined by Rohit Nair, an accomplished entrepreneur with multiple exits in health & wellness, eCommerce, and consumer tech. Currently serving as the Founder and CEO of Assureful, Rohit is leading an insurtech venture that pioneers innovative and smart insurance products for e-commerce businesses.Main Talking Points:Rohit's entrepreneurial journey with multiple exits in health & wellness, eCommerce, and consumer tech.The vision behind Assureful: Creating innovative and smart insurance products for e-commerce businesses.Leveraging digital channels, data analytics, and customer-centric design to disrupt the traditional insurance industry.The importance of providing better protection and value for online sellers and buyers through tailored insurance solutions.Insights into the transformative role of insurtech in enhancing the insurance experience for businesses operating in the digital realm.Additional Resources::Connect with Rohit Nair and learn more about Assureful at Assureful.For inquiries and collaboration, reach out to Rohit directly at Offer: Listeners can enjoy a 10% discount on their first month of insurance at Assureful by using the code "PPPro10."Ready to revolutionize your approach to e-commerce insurance? Explore Assureful's innovative solutions by visiting Assureful. For a limited time, listeners can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on their first month of insurance. Simply use the code "PPPro10" and elevate your insurance experience!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
31:09 1/29/24
EP#133:Nathan Hirsch: The Mind Behind Multi-Million Dollar Online Ventures
“From college textbook sales to a multi-million dollar exit, the journey of an entrepreneur is never a straight line." - Dive into the story of Nathan Hirsch, a serial entrepreneur who built a scalable business model that led to a successful exit.In this episode of the Post-Purchase Pro Podcast, we had the pleasure of welcoming Nathan Hirsch, a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in e-commerce and beyond. Nathan shared his journey from being one of the first 1,000 Amazon sellers to building and selling a $12 million business, FreeUp, and his subsequent ventures.After selling FreeUp, Nathan and his business partner, Connor Gillivan, took a strategic approach to their new ventures. They focused on creating B2B businesses that address core needs for any company, such as bookkeeping, SEO, and hiring processes. Nathan highlighted the importance of understanding your numbers, having a solid monthly bookkeeping process, and building a strong initial team to set your business up for long-term success and potential sale.Main Talking Points:Nathan's early days as an Amazon seller and the transition to dropshipping baby products.The inception and growth of FreeUp, and the strategic decision to sell the business.The importance of understanding your financials and having a solid bookkeeping process.Building a strong initial team and setting up your business for scalability and a potential sale.The benefits of hiring virtual assistants, particularly from the Philippines, and the C.A.R.E. and S.I.C.C. hiring frameworks.Utilizing personal branding and organic marketing to drive business growth.Nathan's personal commitment to giving back through fostering teens.Resources Mentioned:Outsource School's Exit BlueprintEcom Balance's Monthly Finance AgendaTrio SEO's SOPsFreeUpConnect with Nathan Hirsch on social media:Facebook: Nathan HirschInstagram: nathanhirsch99Linkedin: Nathan HirschTwitter: NathanHirsch99TikTok: nathanhirsch99Youtube: Nathan Hirsch's YouTube ChannelExplore Nathan's portfolio of companies: EcomBalance, AccountsBalance, Outsource School, and TrioSEO.Free Bonus for Listeners:Outsource School: 30% off Outsource SchoolEcomBalance: 2 Free Months of BookkeepingAccountsBalance: 2 Free Months of BookkeepingTrioSEO: 3 free articlesReady to simplify your entrepreneurial journey? Connect with Nathan Hirsch on social media and explore his portfolio of companies. Take advantage of the free bonuses for listeners and kickstart your entrepreneurial success!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
34:06 1/22/24
EP#132:Grow Your Business by Selling With Dignity with Harry Spaight
Discover the art of selling with dignity – a unique perspective from Harry Spaight, leading sales consultant, author, and host of the 'Sales Made Easy' podcast. No pushy tactics, just genuine insights to elevate your sales game.In today's episode, we're honored to host Harry Spaight, Founder of Selling With Dignity. As a leading sales consultant, author of 'Selling With Dignity,' and the charismatic host of the 'Sales Made Easy' podcast, Harry brings a wealth of experience in hypercompetitive sales environments, offering a refreshing approach to sales that doesn't rely on pushy tactics.Main Talking Points:Harry's journey as a sales consultant and author, drawing on unique experiences from hypercompetitive sales environments and mission fields.The core principles of Selling With Dignity – a perspective that transcends pushy tactics and focuses on genuine connection and value.Insights into Harry's leadership, having led teams to generate tens of millions in sales.A glimpse into the "Sales Made Easy" podcast, where Harry shares invaluable tips for improving sales performance.The significance of dignity in sales, resonating with both sellers and buyers for a more fulfilling and successful sales journey.Additional Resources:Explore Selling With Dignity at with Harry Spaight on LinkedIn: Harry Spaight.Special Offer: Download a preview of Harry's book at Book Preview.Ready to transform your sales approach? Dive into the world of Selling With Dignity! Visit to explore valuable resources. Connect with Harry Spaight on social media for more insights –LinkedIn Harry Spaight, Instagram @harryspaight, Facebook Harry Spaight, and Twitter @HarrySpaight1. Plus, don't miss the opportunity to download a book preview at Book Preview!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
40:09 1/15/24
EP#131: Unleash Your Amazon Sales: Master Affiliate Marketing with Ian Brodie!
Ready to unlock the power of partnership marketing? Dive into the world of direct partnerships and increased commissions with Ian Brodie, CEO & Co-Founder of Levanta, reshaping the landscape of seller-publisher collaborations.In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome Ian Brodie, a trailblazer in partner marketing as the CEO & Co-Founder of Levanta. Ian's groundbreaking work integrates with Amazon's Attribution API, enabling sellers and publishers to partner directly and revolutionize commission increases.Main Talking Points:Levanta's pioneering partner marketing platform and its integration with Amazon's Attribution API.The unique advantages: increasing commissions, providing 14-day attribution windows, and unlocking custom performance reporting.How direct partnerships between sellers and publishers can reshape the e-commerce landscape and amplify profitability.Ian's perspective on the significance of Levanta's offerings in optimizing performance and maximizing revenue streams.Additional Resources:Explore Levanta's partner marketing platform at with Ian Brodie on LinkedIn: Ian Brodie.Special Offer: Avail a 40% discount for 6 months on Levanta's Standard or Gold plans using the coupon code: POSTPURCHASE.Elevate your partnership marketing strategies and boost commissions with Levanta's innovative platform! Visit to explore their offerings. As a special offer for our listeners, claim a 40% discount for 6 months on Levanta's Standard or Gold plans using the coupon code: POSTPURCHASE. Connect with Ian Brodie on LinkedIn at Ian Brodie for further insights into partnership marketing!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
31:07 1/8/24
EP#130: Boost your Ecommerce Profits: Expert insights with Georgi Damyanov
Ready to transform your e-commerce operations? Join us as we delve into the world of streamlined online retail with Georgi Damyanov, part of Noverstock, revolutionizing how online sellers manage their businessesIn this episode, we're privileged to have Georgi Damyanov, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in IT and e-commerce. Georgi's commitment to fostering growth and success in the market led him to Noverstock, where he's reshaping the landscape of online retail operations.Main Talking Points:Noverstock's mission to streamline online retail business operations from a centralized platform.How Noverstock empowers businesses to enhance sales, reduce costs, and optimize order processing.Key benefits of Noverstock's multi-channel e-commerce platform, including increased profits, lowered costs, and real-time inventory tracking.The role of process automation powered by AI in revolutionizing the sales process and operational efficiency.Detailed insights provided by Noverstock's reports and dashboards, aiding sellers in making informed decisions for business growth.Georgi's perspective on the importance of having an accurate business outlook and informed decision-making through data.Additional Resources:Explore Noverstock's multi-channel e-commerce platform at Noverstock.Connect with Georgi Damyanov on LinkedIn: Georgi Damyanov.Contact Georgi via email at to revolutionize your online retail business? Benefit from Noverstock's streamlined operations! Visit Noverstock to explore their centralized platform. Plus, as a listener, avail of the special offer: 1 month free, followed by a 50% discount on the first 3 months and a 10% lifetime discount. Connect with Georgi Damyanov via email at for more details. Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your e-commerce operations!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
33:01 1/1/24
EP#129: Mastering Outside Capital for Unprecedented Growth w/ Oz Merchant
Unravel the secret to e-commerce success with Oz Merchant, VP of Sales, Success, and Support at Viably, offering financial solutions to skyrocket your business growth.In this episode, we're privileged to host Oz Merchant, a seasoned leader and business coach with over two decades of expertise in sales, customer success, and entrepreneurship. As the VP of Sales, Success, and Support at Viably, Oz is dedicated to helping businesses thrive.Main Talking Points:Oz's extensive experience and passion for fostering business growth in sales, customer success, and e-commerce.Viably's innovative all-in-one financial tool, empowering e-commerce owners to integrate their businesses seamlessly and maximize profits.Accessing capital swiftly and effortlessly through Viably to scale inventory and bolster marketing strategies for business success.Resources Mentioned:Explore Viably's all-in-one financial solution for e-commerce success at Viably.Special Offer: Listeners accepting Viably Growth Capital through Post Purchase Pro’s link will receive an additional $1,000 (fee-free) for funding of $20,000 or more.Connect with Viably on social media:Twitter: @runviablyInstagram: @runviablyLinkedIn: ViablyReady to elevate your e-commerce game? Access the financial support you need with Viably's tailored solutions. Visit Viably to explore their offerings. And for an exclusive offer, accept Viably Growth Capital via Post Purchase Pro’s link to receive an extra $1,000 (fee-free) for funding over $20,000. Don't miss out on maximizing your business potential! Subscribe to our podcast for more expert insights.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
30:36 12/25/23
E#128: Double Your Revenue: Using Omirank’s Future Proof Product Formula w/ Dylan Lam
Unlock the secrets to doubling or tripling your e-commerce revenue with Dylan Lam, the mastermind behind Omirank's Future Proof Product Formula.In this episode, we're thrilled to host Dylan Lam, CEO and Founder of Omirank. Dylan is not just an agency head; he's a seasoned entrepreneur running multiple successful Amazon brands and serving as a Business and Marketing Consultant. His expertise in crowdfunding and e-commerce has led to winning product launches, showcasing his proven formula for success.Main Talking Points:Dylan's journey and success in the world of e-commerce, crowdfunding, and marketing consultancy.Omirank's role as a full-service agency, specializing in doubling or tripling e-commerce revenue using their Future Proof Product Formula.Strategies for entrepreneurs to achieve success in their ventures, leveraging Dylan's expertise and proven formula.Insightful discussions on winning product launches and thriving in the competitive e-commerce landscape.🔗 Additional resources:Explore Omirank's services and Future Proof Product Formula at Omirank's Amazon Services.Connect with Dylan via email at to take your e-commerce revenue to new heights? Connect with Dylan and Omirank to explore their Future Proof Product Formula. Visit Omirank's Amazon Services and reach out via email at more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
24:19 12/11/23
EP#127: Untapped Strategies: Maximizing Brand Power on Amazon w/ Hristo Arakliev
Ever wondered how to transform a good brand into a great one on Amazon? Join us as we uncover the success secrets with Hristo Arakliev, co-founder of Hyperzon, who's doubling brands' sales and elevating their presence on the world's largest marketplace.Ever wondered how to transform a good brand into a great one on Amazon? Join us as we uncover the success secrets with Hristo Arakliev, co-founder of Hyperzon, who's doubling brands' sales and elevating their presence on the world's largest marketplace.In this episode, we're honored to have Hristo Arakliev, co-founder of Hyperzon, a boutique Amazon agency that's changing the game for 7 and 8 figure brands across the globe. With over a decade dedicated to crafting, growing, and selling brands both on and off Amazon, Hristo and his team of 40+ Amazon specialists are reshaping the e-commerce landscape.Main Talking Points:The journey of Hristo and Rado founding Hyperzon and their dedication to transforming brands.Hyperzon's unique approach to doubling brands' business by aligning their website sales with their performance on Amazon.Working with over 300 brands across various niches and consistently scaling their success.The strength of Hyperzon's team and their readiness to tackle any challenge in the e-commerce realm.An exclusive offer for listeners: a free audit of existing Amazon accounts with personalized feedback for improvement.🔗 Additional resources:Explore Hyperzon's comprehensive Amazon account management services at their website: Hyperzon Amazon Full Account Management.Connect with Hristo via email at updated and connect with Hyperzon on various social media platforms:Instagram: Hyperzon.ioLinkedIn: HyperzonHristo's LinkedIn: Hristo AraklievHyperzon's Website: Hyperzon🎧Ready to elevate your brand's success on Amazon? Take advantage of the exclusive offer from Hyperzon - a free audit of your existing Amazon accounts with tailored feedback for improvement. Connect with Hristo and the team at Hyperzon to unlock your brand's full potential on the world's largest e-commerce platform. And, for more expert insights and industry updates, be sure to subscribe to our podcast!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
23:09 12/5/23
EP#126: Amazon Amplified: The All-in-One System for Big-Thinking Brands with Sachin Mishra
Ever wondered how to turn a technology and finance background into a thriving e-commerce venture? Join us as we unveil the journey of Sachin, founder of Fulon, and the secrets to scaling your brand on Amazon and beyondJoin us in this episode as we dive deep into the world of e-commerce and discover the secrets to scaling your brand on platforms like Amazon. Our guest, Sachin, founder of Fulon, shares his unique journey from the world of technology and finance to building a successful e-commerce business. He unveils the three core pillars that are essential for e-commerce success and explains how Fulon's SAAS software solution empowers brands to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.As the founder of Fulon, Sachin is on a mission to empower brands with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape. His expertise as a data scientist and automation expert has allowed him to create a solution that drives growth and resilience for brands in third-party marketplaces.Key Highlights:Sachin's journey from technology to e-commerceThe three fundamental pillars for building a resilient brandLeveraging data analytics for e-commerce growthHow Fulon's SAAS software solution assists brands in scaling on third-party marketplacesExclusive offer for our listeners to supercharge their e-commerce journey🔗 Additional resources:Explore Fulon's mission and solutions at their website: with Sachin via email at in the loop and connect with Fulon on various social media platforms:Facebook: Fulon AmazonFacebook Group: Fulon AmazonInstagram: Fulon AmazonLinkedIn: FulonPinterest: Fulon EcomTelegram: Fulon AmazonMedium: Sachin Mishra🎧 Ready to take your e-commerce journey to new heights? Don't miss the exclusive offer from Fulon to supercharge your brand. Visit their website at https://www.fulon.coand get in touch with Sachin via email at sachin@fulon.coFor more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
20:27 11/20/23
EP#125: Maximizing Amazon Sales for Free: Expert Insights from Isaiah Fritz
Ever wondered how a 15-year-old entrepreneur turned Amazon into a powerhouse? Our guest today, Isaiah Fritz, Founder of Online Selling Partner, has the story.In this episode, we're diving into the remarkable journey of a young and driven entrepreneur, Isaiah Fritz. At just 23 years old, he's the CEO of Online Selling Partner, a company at the forefront of partnering with major brands to conquer Amazon and beyond. Hailing from Southern Indiana, located 7 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky, Isaiah's story is nothing short of inspiring. He began his Amazon selling journey at the tender age of 15.Main Talking Points:Isaiah's early start in the world of e-commerce and Amazon selling.The mission and role of Online Selling Partner in empowering brands on Amazon and beyond.Strategies to boost sales, reputation, and navigate platform challenges.Lessons learned in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of online retail.Exclusive insights into the secrets of success on Amazon.🔗 Additional resources:Explore Online Selling Partner's services and mission at their website: with Isaiah via email at Isaiah on Twitter: @IsaiahFritzOSP and on LinkedIn: Isaiah Fritz.Are you ready to embark on your journey to Amazon success? Connect with Isaiah and Online Selling Partner to discover the strategies and secrets you need. Visit their website at and get in touch via email at For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
32:28 11/13/23
EP#124: Discover the Path to Profitable Growth with Jeff Campbell of Aicommerce!
Unlock the secrets of e-commerce success with our guest today, Jeff Campbell, a digital marketing veteran, and ecommerce entrepreneur, who's here to share his insights.In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with a true powerhouse in the world of digital marketing and e-commerce, Jeff Campbell. As the President of aiCommerce and an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Wake Forest University, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Jeff's strategic vision and operational prowess have led to numerous successful business acquisitions and exits.Main Talking Points:Jeff's journey in the world of digital marketing and e-commerce.The role of aiCommerce in blending human and artificial intelligence for profitable growth in the e-commerce sector.Strategies for success in e-commerce, including the importance of marketplaces and digital media.The significance of a comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy for e-commerce brands.Exclusive special offers for Post Purchase PRO’s Listeners, including a free audit and a 50% discount on launch fees with the code "4Ps."🔗 Additional resources:Explore aiCommerce's services and offerings at their website: Jeff directly at with Jeff on Facebook at @CJeffCampbell and on LinkedIn at CJeffCampbell.Ready to turbocharge your e-commerce strategies? Take advantage of the exclusive special offer for Post Purchase PRO’s Listeners - get 50% off Go-To-Market Strategy & Launch Fees, a value of $2500+. Just use the code "4Ps'' when you connect with aiCommerce at Your e-commerce success story begins here! For more industry insights and expert advice subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
18:07 11/6/23
EP#123: Mastering Amazon Advertising with Ritu Java: Unveiling PPC Ninja's Profit-Boosting Strategies
Want to master Amazon advertising and boost your e-commerce business? Join us as we dive deep with Ritu Java, CEO and Co-founder of PPC Ninja.In today's episode, we're joined by a true Amazon advertising expert, Ritu Java. As the CEO and Co-founder of PPC Ninja, she leads a team that manages Amazon Sponsored and DSP Advertising for 6, 7, and 8 figure sellers. With over a decade in the eCommerce space, Ritu has guided countless Amazon sellers through the intricacies of Amazon Advertising.Main Talking Points:Ritu's journey into the world of eCommerce and Amazon advertising.The role of PPC Ninja in providing Amazon PPC Software and Management Services.Key strategies for optimizing Amazon Sponsored and DSP Advertising.Ritu's experience in working with sellers across different scales, from 6 to 8 figures.Insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Amazon advertising and how to stay ahead.🔗 Additional resources:Visit PPC Ninja's website at to explore their Amazon PPC Software and services.For a special offer, check out their FREE PPC Audit Tool on their website at with Ritu directly at🎧 Ready to supercharge your Amazon advertising and take your e-commerce business to new heights? Don't miss the chance to access the FREE PPC Audit Tool at For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
25:07 10/30/23
EP#122: Maximize Amazon Profits: Usko's Creative Upselling Revolution with Juha Mikkola
Do you believe in the power of entrepreneurship and community building?Joining us today is Juha Mikkola, an entrepreneur originally from Finland but with a deep connection to the vibrant city of Miami, where he has lived for the past decade. His passion for building things and connecting with others has led to some remarkable achievements.In this episode, we'll delve into Juha's journey, his commitment to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Florida, and the passions that drive him outside of work.Juha is the founder of Usko, a company dedicated to helping Amazon sellers grow their businesses. Before this, he founded Wyncode Academy, the largest coding and digital design educator in the Southeast, which was later acquired by BrainStation in 2020. His accolades as a community leader are numerous, including being selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2015 and winning the South Florida Business Journal's H. Wayne Huizenga Startup of the Year Award in 2016.🔗 Additional resources:Learn more about Usko at www.usko.appConnect with Juha at or visit his website him on Instagram at @thatdatadudee and on Twitter at @uskoapp.If you've been inspired by Juha's journey and want to connect with him or learn more about his work, be sure to reach out via his website or social media.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
10:14 10/23/23
EP#121: Beyond the Amazon Jungle: The Promising Terrain of with Special Guest David Milstein
Ever wondered what lies Beyond the Amazon Jungle? Join us as we uncover the secrets to success on and explore the incredible opportunities it offers. Plus, stay tuned for valuable resources and strategies shared by David to supercharge your e-commerce game.In this captivating episode, we're embarking on an e-commerce adventure that takes us deep into the promising terrain of Our guide for this thrilling journey is David Milstein, Co-Founder and COO of SellCord, a Walmart Partnered Agency. With a strong background in IT and systems implementation, David cofounded SellCord, a Walmart-focused agency, where he has since built their internal systems allowing them to grow at an unparalleled rate. Having managed hundreds of accounts and tens of thousands of listings, David uses his skills to help brands diversify their revenue by taking advantage of the up-and-coming Marketplace.🔗 Additional resources:Learn more about Sellcord at https://www.sellcord.coConnect with David at david@sellcord.coLinkedInInstagram Facebook🎧 Get ready to delve into the world of e-commerce as we unlock its power with our special guest, David Milstein. Tune in now!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
21:40 10/16/23
EP#120: Unlocking Amazon Success: Maximize Profits While Minimizing Hassles with Robyn Johnson
What if you could increase your profits and lower your frustration on Amazon simultaneously?Join us in welcoming our guest, Robyn Johnson, the visionary CEO, and founder of Marketplace Blueprint. Robyn's recent accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable. With over 13 years of unparalleled experience in the Amazon realm, she's been at the forefront of shaping e-commerce success stories. Robyn's agency, Marketplace Blueprint, has achieved Amazon Advertising Partner status, a testament to her agency's excellence in navigating the Amazon landscape. Her expertise has also earned her coveted speaking opportunities at prestigious events like Prosper, Retail Global, Pubcon, and the Digital Summit Series.In this episode, Robyn Johnson, the founder and CEO of Marketplace Blueprint shares valuable insights on How Better Creative Can Give Your Products an Edge on and Off Amazon. Don't miss out on this eye-opening conversation!🔗 Additional resources:Learn more about Marketplace Blueprint at with Robyn at robyn@marketplaceblueprint.comTwitter🎧 Tune in now to discover how enhancing your creative efforts can provide a competitive advantage for your products both on and off Amazon!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
27:06 10/9/23
EP#119: Beyond Words: Elevating Your Amazon Listings with Irresistible Visual Content w/ Rafael Veloz
Ready to take your Amazon listings to the next level? Join us for an enlightening episode where we delve into the world of visual content that goes beyond words, all aimed at elevating your Amazon listings to new heights.In this episode, we're joined by a true visionary in the field, Rafael Veloz. With a trail of three Telly Awards and an incredible win in the global "The Amazing Listing" competition hosted by PickFu and Helium 10, Rafael has revolutionized the art of Amazon marketing. Founder and director of Share It Studio, his journey is marked by a data-driven approach that has resulted in a staggering 77% average sales increase within the first month of launch for over 500 successful Amazon listings.Step into the world of irresistible visual content with Rafael Veloz as he shares insights on taking your Amazon listings beyond words. His extensive experience and creative approach promise to transform the way you present your products online. Get ready to learn how to create listings that not only speak volumes but also captivate your audience in ways that words alone can't achieve.🔗 Additional resources:Get one (1) Sponsored Brand Video FOR FREE with the purchase of one of their *Organic Packages* that includes a lifestyle video commercial. Visit https://shareitstudio.comConnect with Rafael Veloz at hello@shareitstudio.comhttps://shareitstudio.com more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
25:45 10/2/23
EP#118: 5 hacks and tactics to reduce your overall logistics cost with Amit Rosenthal
Looking to streamline your business operations and cut down on unnecessary expenses?Join us in this episode as we uncover five game-changing hacks and tactics that will significantly slash your overall logistics costs. In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting a true visionary in the world of logistics and ecommerce—Amit Rosenthal. As the CEO founder of Proboxx, Amit has honed his skills through more than 15 years of hands-on experience in the dynamic logistics and ecommerce landscape. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a deep understanding of supply chain intricacies, has led him to develop innovative strategies that optimize processes, boost efficiency, and drive down operational costs.Discover the secrets to transforming your logistics landscape as Amit Rosenthal, a seasoned logistics professional and founder of Proboxx, reveals five game-changing hacks and tactics. Drawing on his extensive expertise in transportation management, warehousing and distribution, inventory optimization, and last-mile delivery solutions, Amit's insights are poised to reshape the way you approach your logistics operations.🔗 Additional resources:For CTA listeners Proboxx will provide 200$ for first shipping with Proboxx + free compliance to verify 1 product HTS code. Check their website at www.proboxx.coConnect with Amit Rosenthal at amit@proboxx.co more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts
21:42 9/25/23
EP#117: Elevate Your Brand: Unleashing Success Strategies with Ben Leonard on Quit Stalling, Build Your Brand
What if you could turn a laptop in a cupboard into a multi-million-dollar international business?In this captivating episode of "Quit Stalling, Build Your Brand," we're privileged to be joined by a genuine luminary in the world of business. Ben Leonard's story is not just one of success; it's a tale of relentless determination, audacious ambition, and unparalleled expertise. He's an international speaker, consultant and ecommerce exits broker. Unlike the so-called 'gurus' Ben has been there, done it and is doing it again.Join us as we uncover the riveting tale of an entrepreneur who not only crafted his own success but is now lighting the way for countless others. Ben Leonard's story is a testament to the boundless potential that lies within us all. Whether you're an established entrepreneur or just starting your journey, this episode is brimming with strategies, inspiration, and a roadmap to conquering your business aspirations.🔗 Additional resources:Get the book for ONLY $0.99 at www.quitstallingbook.comConnect with Ben Leonard at ben@benleonard.prohttps://www.benleonard.prohttps://www.quitstallingbook.com more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
28:50 9/18/23
EP#116: Elevate and Expand: The Art of Growing Your Business with Integrity - Insights from Harry Spaight
Can a business truly achieve substantial growth without compromising on its ethical principles? Or is selling with dignity the secret ingredient that bridges success and integrity?.Join us as we explore these questions and more, featuring insightful interviews with Harry Spaight who have harnessed the power of ethical selling to fuel your business growth. Discover how you can amplify your business while staying true to your core values.. Harry Spaight is a leading sales consultant, author of Selling With Dignity, and keynote speaker. Drawing on his experience in hypercompetitive sales environments and his time spent in the mission field, Harry has developed a unique perspective on selling that doesn't rely on pushy tacticsIn this episode, Harry takes us through his journey of discovering the delicate balance between expansion and integrity. He shares the challenges he faced and the pivotal moments that shaped his business philosophy. Through anecdotes and real-life examples, Harry illustrates how he turned obstacles into opportunities and embraced the power of authentic growth. 🔗 Additional resources:Download a book preview with Harry Spaight at harry@sellingwithdignity.com more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
32:44 9/11/23
EP#115: Simplifying VAT Compliance with Tom Meek | #TaxSolutions #VATCompliance
Struggling with the complexities of VAT compliance? Say goodbye to confusion and join us for an enlightening episode of Simplifying VAT Compliance. Our special guest, Tom Meek, is here to unravel the mysteries of VAT compliance and simplify your financial journey. Tom Meek is a Partnerships Director at Taxually, a seasoned professional with a wealth of expertise in advising organizations and entrepreneurs on global Expansion strategies. With over five years of experience in this field, Tom has been instrumental in helping businesses maximize their international opportunities through successful trading on the largest e-commerce platforms.In this episode, we venture into the realm of seamless VAT compliance with Taxually, a trailblazing provider of comprehensive VAT solutions. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of their approach, catering to diverse business types ranging from online retailers to those with intricate tax departments.Taxually's unique strength resides in the expertise of their team – professionals who possess an unmatched understanding of the intricate world of taxes. Not stopping at comprehension alone, they've harnessed the power of technology to translate this knowledge into innovative solutions. By seamlessly merging the realms of taxes and technology, Taxually empowers organizations to shed their administrative burdens and enhance the quality of their VAT compliance endeavors.. 🔗 Additional resources:Learn more about Taxually at and find out how their solutions mitigate the risks associated with VAT and pave the way for more streamlined and efficient financial operations. If you're ready to unburden your organization and embark on a journey towards VAT compliance excellence, this episode is a must-listen.Connect with Tom Meek at tom.meek@taxually.comTune in to discover how Taxually's ingenious blend of tax knowledge and technological finesse equips businesses with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of VAT compliance.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
22:19 9/4/23
EP#114: Automate Amazon Accounting ft. Nachman Lieser, Connectbooks Founder - Streamline for Success!
Are manual accounting tasks bogging down your precious time? Are you looking to enhance accuracy and efficiency in your Amazon business's financial operations? Tune in as Nacman Lieser takes us on a journey through the realm of automated accounting solutions tailored for Amazon sellers. Nachman Lieser Founder and CEO of Connect Books and bottomline management. For more than a decade he’s been an entrepreneur, financial analyst and profit gamechanger - usually all 3 at once.  After working as CFO in several businesses, growing their revenue by double digit percentages and more he founded his own ecommerce bookkeeping and accounting firm that specializes in uncovering ways to reduce cost, eliminate losses and scale profits. He helped online sellers in the red become profitable within a year and exceed the million dollar mark in net profits. He developed an industry game changing app Connect Books that partners with Quickbooks and online marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart and more!In this episode, we dive into the future of Amazon accounting with Nacman Lieser, Founder of Connect Books. Discover how automation can transform your e-commerce finances, from real-time tracking to AI insights. Uncover the power of Connect Books in streamlining sales, expenses, and profitability. Nacman shares tips on adopting technology seamlessly and making informed decisions. 🔗 Additional resources:Learn more about Connectbooks at and Get a staggering 20% OFF for the first 3 months when you sign up using the code "PostPurchase". This offer is limited to the first 25 sign-ups. Don't miss out on the chance to streamline your success with Connectbooks!Connect with Nachman at nlieser@connectbooks.comDon't miss this episode to supercharge your e-commerce journey! Subscribe, share, and optimize your financial success today.For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
33:00 8/28/23
EP#113: Breaking Barriers: Insider Tips for Seamlessly Expanding into UK and EU Markets with Ant Willis
Looking to expand your E-commerce business into the EU/UK markets but overwhelmed by the challenges? Join us in this episode as we welcome Ant Willis Head of Growth at Global Ecom Experts, the experts in launching products seamlessly in the EU/UK. Discover their end-to-end solution that covers VAT, Compliance, Responsible Person, 3PL, Growth Management, Shipping & Customs, and more. With a track record of successfully expanding over 2000 E-commerce sellers, GEE is here to guide you on your international growth journey. Don't miss out on their seven-step pathway to launching on European marketplaces and scaling your sales and brand internationally!🔗 Additional resources:Learn more about GEE's solutions at🎧 Tune in now and unlock the secrets to expanding your E-commerce business into the EU/UK markets with GEE. Take action and embark on your international growth journey today!For more Amazon Seller tips, subscribe to Post Purchase PRO Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
17:09 8/21/23