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Current podcasts produced include "a deLayedteacher & Company podcast", "In the Ring with The Gladiator and The Educator", "Nerds by Screen Light", "The County Gamers", and others coming soon. Community Stories. Community Voices. Student Produced.


Nerds by Screenlight Ep 49 - The Fallout Episode
Aaron, Vicki, Zoe and Phil are back to talk about the full and complete Fallout series in one go!  We talk about the games, the imagery, the story, and so much more!
94:52 5/13/24
Nerds by Screenlight - Ep 48- A Goofy Movie, A Extremely Goofy Movie
Aaron, Vicki, Phil, and Zoe dig into the Goofy Movie Universe with the two movies.  We dig into them together in parallel.  Gilmore Girls makes a special cameo as well as some conversations about the characters and how they're portrayed in a unique way!
98:02 4/22/24
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 47 - JoJo Rabbit
Aaron, Vicki, Phil, and Zoe sit down to review and discuss the film Jojo Rabbit. This episode deals with WW II and the situation in Berlin in the waning days of the war.  A unique film that requires some prep work.  
84:38 4/8/24
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 46 - 1995's Clueless
Aaron, Vicki, Phil, and Zoe tackle the time capsule that is, "Clueless"
111:32 3/24/24
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 45 - The Pagemaster
Join Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil as we dig into the 90's movie, The Pagemaster.
84:48 3/18/24
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 44 - Joe Vs the Volcano!
Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil tackle the wildest romantic comedy we've ever seen - Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the one that started it all - Joe Vs the Volcano.  Come for our favorite Tom Hanks movie and stay for every single wild turn of events in this film.
84:55 3/4/24
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 43 - It Happened One Night - 1934!
Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil are in the studio talking about the black and white classic, It Happened One Night from 1934 with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.  Come for the discussion about our favorite romantic comedies, stay for the deep dive into what was originally a movie that didn't matter.  All that and more!
95:34 2/26/24
Nerds By Screenlight Episode 42 - Princess Bride and Fifth Element Double Feature!
Aaron, Vicki, Phil and Zoe take on The Princess Bride and The Fifth Element.  Come for the joy that comes from enjoying both of these films, and stay for the discussion about movies of yesteryear compared to today with the discussion of Marvel's status and the gaming industry's current state!
146:58 2/19/24
The Quantum Photons Ep 4
We're talking Sci-Fi aliens, real-world aliens, and more on this episode!
72:09 2/12/24
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 41 - The Apartment, Feelings, Gaming, and Affirmations!
Aaron, Vicki, Phil, and Zoe are digging into the black and white movie The Apartment from 1960.  We talk a lot about the characters, the moments, and the power of the last twenty seconds of this film and how angry Phil was until those last few moments.  Phil and Aaron talk gaming and we end with affirmations for each other.  
163:00 2/10/24
The Quantum Photons Ep 3 - Sci-Fi, Games, and Aliens!
Aaron and Stephen are back in the studio.  We start off with a discussion of our favorite planet, and our favorite Star Trek show opening/music.  Then we swerve into the first half of the podcast to talk about games - some sci-fi, and others not.  Then we're previewing the discussion of Aliens in the second half that will be a full episode next week.  Listen in!
83:15 2/3/24
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 40 - A Knights Tale
It's back to 2001 and Heath Ledgers's masterpiece.  Come for the lines quoting, and stay for the insight into some the deeper mythology in this movie.
128:13 1/29/24
Quantum Photons Ep 2 - Rockets - the past, present and future!
Aaron and Stephen are talking about rockets and doing some deep dives into the past and present while also looking to the future.  Lots of talk about NASA, SpaceX, ULA, and more!
90:33 1/27/24
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 39 - The Joker 2019
Aaron, VIcki, Zoe and Phil are in studio to talk about the Joaquin Phoenix led "The Joker" from 2019.  Come for the divided opinions on the movie, stay for the breakdowns around Thomas Wayne, The Ending, and discussions about next week's show and more!
121:01 1/22/24
The Quantum Photons - Ep 1 - The Science Begins!
Aaron and Stephen are in the internet studio to talk about science!  Stephen talks about his science background and future while Aaron talks about the power of science fiction in our lives and hearts.  To see the video version of this podcast, go to
89:55 1/20/24
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 38 - Little Women
Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil are back to dig into Little Women from 2019.  Zoe and Vicki bring the knowledge from both the book and the 1994 edition, while Aaron and Phil are seeing it for the first time.  Come for the interesting differences of opinions on who each chose as the character that represents them in the movie, and stay for the surprising ratings and discussion about the movie, plot, and characters!
104:19 1/15/24
Nerds By Screenlight Episode 37 - New Years Hodge Podge
Welcome to 2024 with Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil, who are talking about New Year resolutions and more!  Come for the debate on why it matters, and stay for the discussion of the various status updates with Star Trek, Marvel, etc followed by the schedule for the next 4-5 weeks of movies that each member of the podcast has selected for a deep dive. 
111:13 1/9/24
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 36 - Switched At Christmas and Muppets Christmas Carol
We take on the beast that is Hallmark Channel's "Switched at Christmas".  Come for the split between Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil about the quality of the movie, and stay for the review and enjoyment of The Muppet Christmas Carol.  Episodes return in January!  Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays, and may all your days be jolly and bright.
117:43 12/18/23
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 35 - Fav & Least Fav X-Mas Songs and Jingle All the Way deep dive!
Aaron, Vicki, Phil, and Zoe are back in the studio to debate the best and worst Christmas Songs of all time - with some surprises!  Then it's off and running with Jingle All The Way from 1996 with Arnold and Sinbad - a movie that is pure 90's weird, whacky, and... somewhat wonderful?  Come for Aaron's passable Miss Piggy and stay for the sifting through of 90's filmmaking in a Christmas movie for the ages.
81:51 12/11/23
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 34 - Our Favorite Christmas Movies!
It's a jampacked episode where we're making our lists and checking them twice - our favorite Christmas movies from Aaron, Vicki, Phil and Zoe.  Come for the pizza, and stay around the fire as we share Christmas movies and presents of the past.
116:13 12/4/23
a deLayed writer Ep 3 - "Publishing!"
Aaron is back after nearly a year of editing, revising, and polishing.  He talks about where he is now with his debut novel, "Seven Falls" and what publishing decisions he's had to make recently.
20:02 12/2/23
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 33 - Thanksgiving, The Naked Gun with Grab Bag!
We dig into the first movie in the Naked Gun Trilogy, and it's an interesting generational study with Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil!  Come for the Thanksgiving celebration, and stay for the love, hate, and confusion that comes along with watching a movie from 1988 followed by a grab bag discussion to close out the episode!
87:37 11/23/23
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 32 - O' Brother Where Art Thou?
Aaron, Vicki, Phil, and Zoe are back in the studio!  Come for the conversation about older shows we've been watching and want to watch...stay for the "O' Brother Where Art Thou?" discussion about the film, its meaning, and how it has kept up with the times.  There was a bonus discussion at the end about Taylor Swift and holiday movies, and we karaoke the opening lines to "I Am a Man Of Constant Sorrow" and Aaron does opera.  We're not kidding.  
93:05 11/6/23
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 31 - Remembering Matthew Perry, Pinocchio with Pauly Shore and Five Nights at Freddy's!
Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil are back in the studio! We start off talking about Matthew Perry and our favorite memory of a character he played or a moment we remember.  Then it's time for the much-maligned "Pinocchio - A True Story" and our mad journey through the fever dream that is this film.  Come for the pain, stay for the impact it left on Aaron being unable to speak words.  Then it's off to a SPOILER FILLED review and discussion of "Five Nights at Freddy's."  Come for the insight from Zoe and Phil, who are true fans, stay for Aaron's annoyance and good things about the film's direction and cinematography.  All this and more on this episode!
109:42 10/30/23
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 30 - Arsenic and Old Lace Redux, Disney, Pauly Shore's Pinocchio and more!
Come for the intro questions about the movies that shoulda had sequels and those that shouldn't; stay for Zoe and Phil's return to the studio to discuss their Arsenic and Old Lace Experience.  We then dig into our Disney Feelings by looking back at The Disney Resnessiance.  Stick around for the Goofy Movie Sing Along, Pauly Shore's Pinocchio.  Thanks for listening to us for 30 episodes!
104:19 10/23/23
Nerds by Screenlight Episode 29 - Arsenic & Old Lace, Classic Movies We Love, and The Holiday Film Challenge
Aaron, Vicki, and The County Gamers Co-Host Chris are in the studio talking about Arsenic and Old Lace and classic films like It's a Wonderful Life, Sabrina, and so much more!  Come for the discussion about favorite breads, and stay for the discussion about what makes a Christmas movie a Christmas movie. Plus - we're starting a list of Christmas Movies that we should watch for fun or pain - let us know!
68:18 10/16/23
Nerds by Screenlight Epsiode 28 - Violent Night and LIfe as a House
We finally deliver on our promise to talk about the holiday movie "Violent Night".  We then take a deep dive into "Life as a House" which stars Hayden Christiansen and Kevin Kline, among others.  The movie came out several months before Star Wars Episode 2.  We talk about how Hayden's performance works in this film and why, with a few pieces of the script removed, this coulda been a contender for something big.  Join Aaron, Vicki, Zoe and Phil for a full length episode!
85:00 10/9/23
Nerds by Screenlight Ep 27 - We're back with Phil and Zoe w/ guilty pleasures and a Star Wars Overview!
The long-awaited return of the geek and nerd-centered podcast around movies, tv, music, and more has come!  Phil and Zoe crossover from The County Gamers to talk about the films they love that might get them judged.  After the intro we do a deep dive into an overview of Star Wars from the Prequels, to the Originals, to the new and back again.  Come for Zoe and Aaron fighting and stay for Aaron's various voices and impressions.  Welcome back to the show!
88:09 10/2/23
The Country Gamers Episode 27 - Starfield Check In, Mortal Kombat 1 on the Switch, and Final Fantasy 7!
Aaron, Zoe, and Phil are on the clock for today's shorter show.  Aaron checks in with Starfield, Zoe's in the Mortal Kombat 1 zone on the switch, and Phil updates us on Final Fantasy 7 remake.
26:09 10/2/23
The County Gamers Ep 26 - The Fellowship of the Four - Meet Zoe, her story, Top Games of All Time, Starfield Update,
Zoe, Phil's fiance, joins the show with Phil, Aaron, and Chris all onboard for a jam-packed show!  Zoe introduces the story  of her gaming history and gives us a cool backstory into how she came to the job she works now.  We talk Starfield for a bit, and then we launch into our various Top (insert number here) games of all time!  It's a fascinating insight into each of our co-hosts and the games they've come to love and play repeatedly.  We close out with a love letter to Nintendo and why it's played a part in our gaming stories.
95:27 9/25/23