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A weekly show about lessons learned from a life lived stupidly. Join hosts Debi and Joey every Wednesday as they discuss all the stupid stuff they did in their youth, what they learned and possibly finding healthier ways to do things. From toxic friends, work drama, energy draining relationships and everything in between, it's a podcast where you'll laugh AND learn what NOT to do. Listen and subscribe on wherever you listen to podcasts!Do you have a story you'd like to share with us? A toxic friendship? Work trauma? Important lessons you've learned? We would love to hear from you! Email us at and we'll share and discuss it on the show!


M20 Female vs Male Gaze
In this For Realsies Minisode, Debi and Joseph talk about the differences between a female and male gaze.
28:39 09/26/2022
Ep 26 - Song Of Rage for Teachers
In this episode, Debi and Joseph talk about education and how to attract, train and keep good teachers. They discuss their own personal past in education and talk about the difficulties and obstacles that teachers face on a daily basis.
42:05 09/21/2022
M19 - Irrational Fears
In this For Realsies minisode, Debi and Joseph discuss irrational fears and how it develops into a phobia and share stories about their own phobias.
19:02 09/19/2022
E25 - How To Be A Good Coworker
In this episode, Debi and Joseph talk about what it takes to be a good co-worker. A great co-worker can be your greatest ally and is sometimes the difference between liking your job and hating your job. They cover dos and dont's of co-worker etiquette and of course share some stories of their own.
45:31 09/14/2022
M18 - Remember That One Time I Dated A Stalker
In this new Remember That One Time minisode, Debi reminds Joseph of the one time she dated a stalker
13:31 09/12/2022
Ep 24 - What It Feels Like for A She
In this episode, Debi and Joseph offer different perspectives on what it feels like to live life in this world as a woman versus being a man. From checking into hotel rooms to walking down the street, to going out, Debi and Joey share their perspectives on why even mundane everyday tasks for a woman are handled in defense mode.
42:45 09/07/2022
M18 - Obsessions
In this For Realsies Minisode, Debi and Joey surprise each other with their personal obsessions!
18:04 09/05/2022
E23 - How To Make New Friends
In this episode, Debi and Joseph tackle a topic they really didn't want to tackle. Making new friends. How do adults (especially introverts) make new friends without making it awkward or intrusive? What if the friends you have now are enough?
43:08 08/31/2022
M17 - Aging
In this For Realsies Mini-sode, Debi and Joseph tackle the topic of getting and how to embrace the beauty of aging.
16:04 08/29/2022
E22 - Bullying
In this episode, Debi and Joseph discuss bullying and how it can happen at any age and personal stories about the bullies in their lives. How does bullying look when you become an adult? Can adults be bullies and how can you deal with these types of people?
45:52 08/24/2022
M16 Growing Up With Cousins
In this mini-episode, Debi and Joseph discuss what it's like for only children to grow up with cousins and how essential an extended family they can be.
10:44 08/22/2022
E21 Taking Risks
In this episode, Debi and Joseph explore the topic of taking risks. What kind of risks pay off and what kind of risks aren't worth it?
50:28 08/17/2022
M15 - Good and Bad Bosses
In this minisode, Debi and Joey discuss what makes a good boss and what makes a bad boss and the experiences they've personally had with both.
19:41 08/15/2022
E20 Toxic Positivity
In this episode, Debi and Joey try to find the middle ground as they explore 'toxic positivity.' When does having a sunny outlook on life turn into denial and hinder your personal growth? Can you remain positive while still dealing with negative situations?
47:55 08/10/2022
M14- Q&A with Joseph
In this fun getting to know you mini-sode, Debi turns the tables around and does a Q & A with Joseph on all the things.
28:29 08/08/2022
E19 - Goals
In this episode, Debi and Joseph talk about goals and share their experiences on how they've managed (or not managed) goals they've pursued in the past and present and what they've learned from those experiences.
42:57 08/03/2022
M13 Q&A with Debi
In this fun getting to know you mini-sode, Joseph does a Q & A with Debi on all the things.
34:05 08/01/2022
E18 - Leadership
In this episode, Debi and Joseph discuss their experiences with bad and good leadership. Joseph draws on his knowledge as an executive coach and talks about the qualities of a good leader along with how to be a good leader in both your personal and professional life.
51:08 07/27/2022
M11 - For Realsies - Grieving Difficult Relationships
In this episode, Debi and Joseph welcome, Elaine Chaney to the show as they share their personal experiences with grief and all of the other surprising emotional baggage that comes along with it.
27:22 07/25/2022
E17 - Prosocial Behavior
In this episode, Debi and Joseph talk about social norms and the contrast between antisocial behaviors. Does it really matter if you stop at a stop sign? They go in-depth and discuss the slippery slope between cutting in line and cutting up your neighbors!
55:55 07/20/2022
M10 - For Realsies - Addiction
In this minisode, Debi and Joseph tackle a real-time problem of addiction.
13:22 07/18/2022
E16 - Midlife Crisis
Are you between 35 and 65 years-old? Well, buckle up, butter cup! Listen to Debi and Joey as they drive their cherry-red Ferrari deep into Mid-Life Crisisland—where compensating has never seemed more reasonable!
33:11 07/13/2022
M10 - For Realsies - Disappointing People With Our Boundaries
In this minisode episode, Debi shares a real-time story about setting boundaries and gets Joseph's take on the whole thing? Will they stay on topic or attack five other topics? Listen now and find out.
09:26 07/11/2022
E15 - Toxic Masculinity
In this episode, Debi and Joseph have a lot to say about toxic masculinity. Personal stories of the fragile male ego on full display, how it manifests itself in everyday situations and relationships and (possibly?) good tips on how to shut it down.
55:27 07/07/2022
M9 - For Realsies - Mothers and Boundaries
In this minisode, Debi and Joseph discuss real-time problems with mothers. They explore different options on how to set up boundaries with difficult parents, who know exactly what buttons to push, while still maintaining a healthy relationship.
23:59 07/04/2022
E14 - Being Judgemental
In this episode, Debi and Joey tackle something we've all done and something the internet thrives on - BEING JUDGEMENTAL. We all do it - but when does it go from minor petty bitching to hurtful and toxic?
37:30 06/29/2022
Remember That One Time - The Nicest Narcissist I've Dated
In this minisode, Debi and Joey talk about the narcissist that Debi once dated and wonder out loud; can a narcissist be ... nice?
12:16 06/27/2022
E13 - Building Confidence
In this episode, Debi and Joseph discuss situations from their personal life that has torn down and/or built up their confidence and the life lessons they've learned (or are still learning) from situations that are essential to their self-esteem.
33:37 06/22/2022
For Realsies - TikTok and ADHD
This 5 minute microsode is brought to you by Tiktok and ADHD. In this microsode, Debi talks about how Tiktok is the perfect social media of choice for someone who suffers from ADHD.
04:48 06/20/2022
E12 - Special Episode - Joseph Stone and The Psychology of His Characters
In this VERY SPECIAL episode, Debi and Joseph's life microscope momentarily turns its focus away from their lives and into the lives of Joseph's characters as they talk about his books and his upcoming novel, A Perfect Night. They dive deep into the psychology of his book's characters and how his creations eventually take on a life of their own.PRE-ORDER Joseph's new book, A Perfect Night: check out the rest of his book on Amazon or on his website
53:45 06/15/2022