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Justin and Adrienne's Music Life Weekly

Justin Long, a lifelong "professional-but-not-famous" musician, and Adrienne Osborn, a vocal coach, bassist and music studio owner, tell stories about what happened in their music lives over the last week or so.


Ep. 112: The Rocky Mountains Break Wind
Justin gets oddly nervous talking on camera for the new promo video.  The Rocky Mountains break wind. Justin plays in a venue made entirely of bounce houses and trampolines. Does two mixing boards give you… twice as much mix?  Adrienne fills in the doughnut hole. Justin and Adrienne both start relying on their ears. Clancy's Irish Pub in Wheat Ridge, CO:
31:03 4/10/24
Ep 111: The Lights Go Down in Cleveland
Justin gets a head cold. Adrienne’s hair is heavy. Big naps. Justin talks about how sound feels. Adrienne figures out how to run on fumes. Justin tells a story about the good old days. Sponsored by the Rialto Theater in Loveland, CO and Performance High Voice and Music Studio. 
29:18 4/3/24
Ep. 110: We’re Both Performers
Justin and Adrienne are post showcase. Justin just needs to move. Everybody gets a backstage hang. Adrienne talks keeping clothes. Someone returns to PH from Salt Lake City. Adrienne has a new project coming. Justin talks spinning plates. Adrienne gets some applause she doesn’t enjoy. Sponsored by Roots Music Project and Performance High Voice and Music Studio. 
32:06 3/27/24
Ep. 109: Adrienne Feels like a Noodle
Adrienne feels like a noodle. Justin makes a Dark & Stormy in honor of Julian, who suffered through a Cloudy Day. Julian stays in the Top 5. Adrienne stops giving herself electric shocks. Justin's "proprietary" way of notating guitar solos. Adrienne realizes she's embedded. Justin and Adrienne see what is now one of their favorite movies, which happens to feature Rza from the Wu-Tang Clan. Justin's brain efficiently cleans up after itself - perhaps a little too efficiently. A24 Films drops a truckload of cash in the driveway. Soundpost Sessions: Kyle Donovan: Julian Fulco Perron: Sonia Fait-Kiva: Problemista the Movie: A24 Films:
31:56 3/20/24
Ep. 108: Wardrobe Malfunctions
A Diamond Empire Band showcase turns into a Performance High reunion. Adrienne changes her mind about a long-ago life dream. The new format of the Stage Performance Class is a winner.  Awkward silence in front of 400 people. Adrienne has two wardrobe malfunctions involving a crocheted triangle top and a wig.  Little Horse Vintage: Mestizo Brewery: Eric Golden's single "Sit Here and Cry":
39:20 3/13/24
Ep. 107: Excuses, excuses…
Need some excuses? Guess who’s got some? Adrienne plays a different kind of showcase. Schedules are hard. Justin says cool guys watch the podcast. Hey Nate! Adrienne sees a gross musical. Some ballrooms are like airport hangars. Adrienne’s not the boss and Justin never procrastinates. Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and Justin’s perfectly reasonable explanations for last week’s podcast being late.
31:13 3/7/24
EP. 106: Rabbit Holes
Sorry the podcast is late, yikes! Justin is on TV again. In front of the 7th and 8th graders, Adrienne really blows it. Justin doesn’t worry If he’s the problem. Tambourine is super hard. Tempos are a thing. Justin should start working on showcase stuff. It’s so soon! Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio.
41:55 3/2/24
Ep. 105: A Bad Neighborhood
Adrienne has a big weekend. Justin makes some more recordings. Adrienne gives herself permission. Justin gets to see one of his favorite comedians. Adrienne spends time in a bad neighborhood. Justin’s a machine gunner and Adrienne is a sniper. Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and no one else. 
18:44 2/22/24
Ep. 104: Good for You or Something
Justin misunderstands a class at PH. Adrienne relearns how to talk. Justin likes a nice afternoon but would rather catch some fish. Adrienne coaches a bond. Justin goes to a show to see some friends. Sometimes the weather just gets in your way. Sponsored by Performance High with a considerate mention to The O, one of Denver’s special spots for music.
25:44 2/15/24
Ep. 103: Ten Thousand Drummers
Justin and Adrienne run into the biggest concert production they've ever seen in their lives, in Panama, right by their hotel - and it was free! Ten thousand drummers, and chorizo on a stick. Panamanian morning show hype. An all-female Panamanian band. High-tech busking. Pedro Mandiga Panamanian rum is the best rum.
25:54 2/8/24
Ep. 102: Justin and Adrienne Write a Book
Justin and Adrienne are actually writing the book they said they were going to write. Adrienne gets ripped to shreds by another vocal coach. Justin practiced looking cool playing guitar… before he could even play a single note on the guitar. Justin doesn't like being in crowds, but he's always been fascinated by them. What is "It"? Can you learn "It"? Justin writes a formula for song introductions.  If you have any requests for what you'd like to see in our upcoming book about stage performance, we want to hear them! But don't put them in the Youtube comments - email
22:18 2/1/24
Ep. 101: Talking Down to Jazz
Adrienne enjoys a really different concert. Adrienne and Justin check out a show with friends. Justin talks recording tricks and has a great first day with an aspiring producer. Adrienne’s still racking up cool stuff at PH. Justin and Adrienne revisit some of the top tacos in the country. Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and Fever Tree. 
31:04 1/25/24
Ep. 100: Fully Crashed
It’s super cold outside and now the temp is dropping indoors. Adrienne talks picks and playing heads up. Adrienne and Justin have a studio day. Adrienne sings and Justin tells old jokes. The engineer’s name is Chris Wright, he’s great. Adrienne talks nervous systems. Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and Roots Music Project in Boulder. 
29:17 1/18/24
Ep. 99: Where's the Razzle Dazzle?
Justin jams with his old band and they wrtie a bunch of songs. Adrienne kills it at a gig. Justin gets a scary phone call. Justin doesn’t bring the energy. Adrienne and Justin talk “song people”. Adrienne gets a round of applause. Justin has a takeaway. Adrienne has a manic week. Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio. 
34:03 1/11/24
Ep 98: What's Up with American Airlines?
Adrienne wears the same shirt all week. Justin makes his guitar talk. Two out of four holiday flights on American Airlines have to turn around and return to the departure city.  The Goal/Growth Cycle. Sometimes, voice lessons are just talking lessons. Perfection is boring. 
23:43 1/4/24
Ep. 97: Welcome to Carrabelle!
Justin and Adrienne are in a new location! It’s nice. Adrienne had a slow week while Justin covers Tiffany. There is crying on a plane. Someone forgets to shut the door, again. Adrienne is getting back to something she used to do before waterskiing. Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio. 
14:47 12/28/23
Ep 96: How Do You Guys Do the Salmon?
Our last Christmas show! Adrienne has some mental breakthroughs. Justin talks fish recipes with strangers. There is nothing to be learned from having a good day. Adrienne goes to some shows. Nate can do anything. Justin is going to jam with some guy he hasn’t seen in 25 years. More Denver scene stuff, at least for Adrienne. Adrienne has even more shows on bass, Justin does even more sitting in a chair and staring at a computer. Sponsored by Performance High…Voice and Music Studio and the Chipotle by Nissi’s. 
27:25 12/21/23
Ep. 95: The "What If?" Machine
Justin explains why it’s not easy to look as good as he does. Adrienne talks some “yikes” moments this week. Adrienne has a great way of describing preproduction. Justin takes a weird Lyft ride. Adrienne talks her new motivation for bass practice. Howard Leese is who Justin was thinking of. Justin and Adrienne love their scene. Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio. 
34:27 12/14/23
Ep. 94: Adrienne Holds Her Tongue
Justin's brain is so efficient that he can't remember anything he doesn't currently need to remember. 11pm is the turning point for JL and AO, for different reasons. Adrienne has to hold her tongue. Cody sets an attendance record for himself in a new market. Adrienne gets an emergency gig. How saving your voice is like saving gas in a car. Welcome to the dusty American Southwest! Adrienne has a big brain work day.
30:21 12/7/23
Ep. 93: Bye, Shanti the Cat
RIP Shanti the Cat, who lives on as the vocalist on our podcast bumper. We're putting the AO duo back together, at the worst possible time. Justin is under the gun to finish three albums with three different artists… while also taking on a project with a red-dirt-country artist from Wyoming. Why Adrienne is trying to put miles on the car. Justin falls in love with a meat thermometer. Justin and Cody are going to be on TV. Kristin sets an insanely high bar for showcase harmonies. Justin gets an enormous check from director Ridley Scott?? This podcast is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and… Meater, the meat thermometer: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema season pass: Entrepreneur's Organization Accelerator:
27:35 11/30/23
Ep. 92: I'm One of You Guys… Right?
Pamela Machala sells out her show at Swallow Hill. Is Swallow Hill 100 years old, or just 50? How bass playing is like waterskiing. Justin decides he hates something about audio engineering. Justin uses psychological manipulation in the recording studio. Adrienne sees the high school goth people all grown up at a Depeche Mode concert. Why Justin mentally checks out when playing complicated music.
31:39 11/23/23
Ep. 91: Life with the Click-Track Lady (feat. Ryan Elwood)
The big bucks of being a working musician. How to negotiate musician pay. Ryan "Unflappable" Elwood plays a frustrating gig. You're only as good as your last performance. Ryan knows what he's going to be doing on December 1, 2023. Ryan can no longer function in his day-to-day life without commands from the click-track lady. Why we make empty charts. Jackie Kashian, comedian:
47:07 11/16/23
Ep. 90: Bong Bong Bing Bong
We've got the pods and the casts. Justin and Adrienne go to hear some bowls sing. Adrienne becomes a Swifty. Justin has some static, Adrienne plays defense. It looks like Adrienne and Justin are writing a book? Justin sees a long running project come to life. The backstage hang is always great. Sponsored by New Leaf Basses, Performance High, and new stuff. Stop mailing us cash, we're running out of space!
42:08 11/9/23
Ep. 89: The Only Loser is the Audience
Guest Chris Cardone spite-names a band after getting kicked out of another band. Why Chris decided to switch his major from music to engineering. Chris studies audio engineering with Bill Porter (engineer for  Chet Atkins, Louis Armstrong, the Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley, Gladys Knight, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Skeeter Davis, Ike & Tina Turner, Sammy Davis Jr., and Roy Orbison), Roy Prinz, and Clark Hagan. Chris gets in an online argument in a fantasy-themed facebook group. Justin fondly recalls when you could make a living by working at Guitar Center. At 56 years old, after a lifetime of disrespecting DJs, Chris becomes a singing DJ dressed as a white lion. Why Chris likes the random unpredictability of voltage-based modular synths. Chris ships his notorious 24-string bass to YouTube star Davie504 in Italy via mom courier. Kalium makes guitar and bass strings as thick as a quarter inch. Battles of the Bands… where the only loser is the audience. This podcast is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio ( and…
63:25 11/1/23
Ep. 88: Justin Wears Bryan's Clothes
The Ultimate Frisbee Association kicks Adrienne out of her first studio.  Adrienne gets a rare chance to watch Justin perform.  Adrienne sets a personal bass-gig record. Adrienne is inspired by Sipapalooza.  Adrienne has four gear issues at her first church gig. Cody Qualls cracks his code and sets Nissi's on fire. The many reasons Justin hates lighting blackouts.  Justin has to wear Bryan's clothes.
34:23 10/25/23
Ep. 87: Salty Red Dwarf
Adrienne is still skiing, twenty years later - it's brisk. Adrienne has a report on her first bass gig for Diamond Empire. A flavor and an astronomical term. That Fletcher Munson curve will throw you. Justin almost ruins the moment at the PH Acoustic Showcase. Adrienne and Justin move into a new studio. Justin talks spaces and voices. Adrienne enjoys a radler. 
35:52 10/18/23
Ep. 86: Adrienne Loves a Red Plastic Pedal
Adrienne tells Justin to "slunch". Why teaching voice is different from teaching instruments. Adrienne loves a cheap plastic bass pedal but isn't sure if she can actually use it. Adrienne is happy to have a gig where she couldn't hear herself at all. People keep thinking Justin works at the stores he's in. Justin is moved to tears by rock and roll… again. This podcast is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and: Stop Making Sense: Cellar West Artisan Ales: Dog House Rehearsal Studios: Tina Weymouth: Verde Eat Drink:
34:34 10/10/23
Ep. 85: The Do Over 2 - Last Time it was Personnel
Justin had some trouble with editing. Like losing a 3 hour edit kind of trouble. Anyway…decades later, A&J are proud to present: Ep. 85 The Do Over 2: Last Time it was Personnel. Shants forever! Steven and Andrea perform all the time. Justin is always obsessed with how people got into making music. You need audibles for different crowds. Adrienne knows you can't fake miles on the car. What's the one thing? Sponsored by Cellar West Brewery. 
70:34 10/3/23
Ep. 84: It's Always Something.
Shanti joins the podcast. Adrienne meets the piano man. It's always something. Justin tries to do less bespoke tailoring. Adrienne and Justin check out some vintage shops, find fried chicken and enjoy some sweet, sweet branding. Justin has some deja vu "writing in the room."  Justin and Adrienne talk democracy, art and lowest common denominators. Adrienne's hair tries to escape. Sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio and TRVE Brewery, with special consideration from Nashville style chicken sandwiches. 
29:14 9/27/23
Ep. 83: Adrienne Falls for a Scam
Adrienne falls for a scam. Becoming a billionaire gives you terrible judgement. Justin doesn't need to be the center of attention any more. Adrienne gets a rare photo of her brother. Justin finds a welcome old-school engineering challenge in recording Stovetop Gemini, a three-piece band, playing live in a single room. Justin sings lead.  Stovetop Gemini: This podcast is sponsored by Performance High Voice and Music Studio:
24:23 9/20/23