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A weekly podcast by two indie hackers, Marc and Matt. They share their ups and downs of building their bootstrapped online businesses. They prefer to show instead of teach, so you get to see the real story about what it's like to “startup to something” - raw and unpolished.


110: Free and untethered
Marc's post-acquisition support of PowerImporter is over, and he's running wild and free. Matt is setting out to submit Email Wonderful this week to the marketplace. The guys discuss pricing and how to keep it simple, and technical issues around CSS in emails.Mentions:dashdashHARDemailwonderful.comJudoHacker.comMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
63:58 1/25/24
109: The right kind of rest
The guys are back!Matt is fighting with the HTML editor he's using for Email Wonderful, and is coming up with a go to market strategy. Marc is doing support according to his PowerImporter acquisition terms and they are coming to an end. Marc gives Matt his opinions on getting his app into the hands of his customers.Topics:Mentions:dashdashHARDemailwonderful.comJudoHacker.comMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
54:13 1/11/24
108: Sometimes garbage is actually garbage
Marc's AI-powered domain buying bot is drawing to a close. Matt is gaining momentum with his product EmailWonderful and is onboarding beta users!The guys talk through Matt's go-to-market plan and tips and tricks for getting potential clients on the phone.Mentions:dashdashHARDemailwonderful.comJudoHacker.comMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
48:55 12/14/23
107: Finding early traction
Matt has found early traction in the ecosystem and is building a quick MVP for a niche problem to solve.  Marc is building an AI bot to buy expired domain names to feed his addiction.  Topics:Finding business problems to solve on UpworkHow to win Upwork jobs with a brand new account... with this one trick Using LLMs and GPT as an intelligent filterThe benefits of expired domains vs new domainsThe gotchas of sending emails on behalf of your users (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)Mentions:dashdashHARDJudoHacker.comMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
55:24 11/30/23
106: A purely creative act
Marc is hacking on new technology, but building in public is killing his creativity. Matt is having a lot of fun playing in the marketplace and learning about Zapier and guys discuss creativity and how to just enjoy hacking and how to think through problems we see in the world.Mentions:dashdashHARDJudoHacker.comMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
59:48 11/16/23
105: Where commerce happens
Matt has hit a wall with his render blog and talks it out with Marc. What is the next bet he should make?Mentions:MemberRowdashdashHARDMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
34:59 11/9/23
104: PowerImporter ACQUIRED
It's all about Marc this week because he has sold PowerImporter! This is the story and some highlightsMentions:(One more backlink!) PowerImporterMemberRowdashdashHARDMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
46:31 11/2/23
103: Matt gets users, Marc goes serverless
Matt's momentum journey continues- he has published his free tool and has users! Matt has goal related questions for Marc about how to get stuff done outside of work.Marc is doing a deep dive into serverless and he and Matt have a long conversation about it.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowdashdashHARDMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
65:08 10/19/23
102: Rebuilding the right muscles
Marc is having a tough time with his shipping muscles after being disappointed with his performance with a recent hackathon. Matt is making good headway on his render blog.The guys discuss dealing with discomfort, and working the right muscles to ship in public and how do decide where experiments should take us when deciding to invest time into themMentions:PowerImporterMemberRowdashdashHARDMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
56:15 10/6/23
101: Keeping momentum and keeping books
Matt has lots of momentum on his new blog about and is publishing articles with a goal of shipping a free product.Marc has taken control of the financials of his company and is doing his own books, and is finding it fun.The guys talk about financial operations when doing business, difficulties with it and an idea Matt has around bookkeeping.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowdashdashHARDMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
58:01 9/21/23
100: We are so back!
Matt and Marc are BACK for episode 100 after taking the summer off of recording.Marc has been relaxing, camping, and hanging with his family. Matt has been freelancing after a tragic water spill and hacking on an ecommerce AI product.The guys discuss Rob Walling's stair-step approach and if Matt should try his hand at blogging and learning to drive traffic.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowMarc's TwitterMatt's Twitter
47:09 9/7/23
99: This time, for real
The guys discuss Stripe and how it works with SaaS companies, its shortcomings and benefits.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRow
27:39 7/6/23
98: Pickled
Matt has updates about his projects. He’s trying to stay productive while enjoying his last few weeks in Lisbon.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRow
14:44 6/29/23
97: I built this for you Marc
Matt is in the hotseat this week: he is trying to market the amazon product finder during a reddit blackout. He’s also breaking ground and making progress on his developer assistant. The guy's discuss how they'd monetize Jon Yongfook's engineering as marketing project in touch!Marc’s Twitter and MastodonMatt’s Twitter and Mastodon
43:43 6/15/23
96: It's my browser, dammit
Matt’s has a few ideas for simple projects he's working on in the AI space to help make developers more efficient.The guys discuss hiring a life coach to help with momentum and goal setting. Could ChatGPT be that coach instead of a person?Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowGet in touch!Marc’s Twitter and MastodonMatt’s Twitter and Mastodon
50:55 5/25/23
95: MemberRow resurgence
Marc is in the hotseat this week and is getting back to building MemberRow and reevaluating if the idea still makes sense from its original inception. He’s been exploring BulletTrain and is loving super scaffolding and how efficient it makes him. The guys discuss building in public and if it’s right for MemberRow.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowGet in touch!Marc’s Twitter and MastodonMatt’s Twitter and Mastodon
39:08 5/18/23
94: Marc the snowflake
Marc is working on the refactoring for PowerImporter and finds himself wishing he had a better pre-composed starting blocks for his projects that he could use to get off the ground faster. Matt had an insightful discussion around the Amazon product discovery app he's building. The guys discuss Copilot and how to use it to maximize productivity.
41:34 5/4/23
93: I can guarantee you do not use ChatGPT the way Marc does
Once you hear about how Marc uses ChatGPT to help him in the day to day, it will open your mind.The guys talk through how they are using ChatGPT in their workflows, how to engineer better prompts, and how Marc tweaks his experiences on the web to make his life better.
36:49 4/27/23
92: Matt, the demo illusionist
Matt is back in the hot seat this week. He has been in transit to Portugal, and has a v1 of a product demo video for the Amazon product research tool he's building. The guys talk through ways to use AI to help developers be more productive.
19:57 4/20/23
91: AI musings
The guys talk through the incredible innovation that is ChatGPT and what it means for emerging software engineers.When everyone has a calculator, should we bother learning long division?
26:17 4/13/23
90: Hotseat: Matt, Shopify reflections
Matt is in the hot seat this week. He discusses the end of his Shopify experiment, and what his next focus is.The guys talk through driving traffic to test landing pages and what constitutes a good CTA.
26:01 4/6/23
89: Lower hanging fruit
Matt has a few new developments from his ecommerce research. Marc is deciding if and how the PowerImporter codebase needs to change to facilitate bringing on contractors to help him build more importers. The guys discuss Matt's finding and efforts so far in ecommerce and if there are opportunities that are more open to talking about their problems.Creators & Guests Matt Gale - Host Marc LG - Host
44:47 3/23/23
88: Aboard the struggle bus
Matt is struggling with next steps and bets to make in the ecommerce space. Marc is seeing his hosting bill going up as a result of an acquisition. The guys talk through what Matt should do next and the idea of barriers to entry in different markets.
42:59 3/9/23
87: Cultivating curiosity
Marc is back from vacation, feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer. Matt has been digging in further into the ecommerce world and found a cool topic around product photography. The guys talk through Matt's ecommerce findings, further planning and his one-off plans to make pocket money.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowRelated subreddits finderGet in touch!Marc’s Twitter and MastodonMatt’s Twitter and Mastodon
44:33 2/23/23
86: Momentum
Marc is ready to hit the beach for vacation, and Matt has made progress on GDriveFixer and other opportunities. The guys talk through Matt's decision making and evaluating new market opportunities.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowGet in touch!Marc’s Twitter and MastodonMatt’s Twitter and Mastodon
60:00 2/9/23
85: Tests of markets and skills
Marc has been shipping a new performance update for PowerImporter as well as hacking on a chrome extension for fighting the Twitter algorithm. Matt is running is first test: a fixer for google drive favourites in finder. The guys discuss Matt's experiment, what's come of it and what the next steps are.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowGet in touch!Marc’s TwitterMatt’s Twitter
55:41 1/26/23
84: Working backwards
The guys are BACK and ready to conquer. Matt is doubling down on goalsetting and working backwards from them but needs some help for the more amorphous goals. Marc is doing some housekeeping for PowerImporter.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowGet in touch!Marc’s TwitterMatt’s Twitter
40:34 1/12/23
83: Ending the year with a bang!
The guys review their 2022 and set intention and goals for 2023. Matt has big news!Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowGet in touch!Marc’s TwitterMatt’s Twitter
37:29 12/15/22
82: Build in private
Marc was a part of the recent Webflow marketplace launch, but the rush burned him out. Matt is getting inspired by AI businesses showing up in his facebook feed and contemplating an offer to be a technical cofounder. The guys discuss how to come back from burnout and moving away from building in public.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowPowerImporter on Webflow's marketplaceHolographic trading cards cssGet in touch!Marc’s TwitterMatt’s Twitter
31:09 12/1/22
81: How you define work
Matt is drinking port and finally offloading the operations of his business. Marc is drinking rum and coke and is questioning if the job of marketing that he dislikes so much is serving him. The guys discuss the definition of work and AI powered products.Mentions:PowerImporterMemberRowGet in touch!Marc’s TwitterMatt’s Twitter
43:37 11/8/22