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The Unlock Moment

My name’s Dr Gary Crotaz and I’m a coach and author of ‘The IDEA Mindset’, a book about how to figure out what you want and how to get it. The Unlock Moment is that flash of remarkable clarity when you suddenly know the right path ahead. When I’m in conversation with my coaching clients, these are the breakthroughs that are so profound that they remember vividly where they were, who they were with, what they were thinking when their Unlock Moment happened. In this podcast, I’ll be meeting and learning about people who have accomplished great things or brought about significant change in their life. And you’ll be meeting them with me! We’ll be finding out what inspired them, how they got through the hard times and what they learned along the way that they can share with you. Thank you for joining me on this podcast to hear all about another Unlock Moment!


Morag Barrett: The Future-Proof Workplace 44:24 08/04/2022
Nathan Furr: The Upside of Uncertainty 36:11 07/18/2022
Ben Prouty: Know When It's Your Time To Lead 50:41 07/11/2022
The Master Locksmith Masterclass with Dr Gary Crotaz: Finding Happiness 50:51 07/10/2022
The Master Locksmith Masterclass with Dr Gary Crotaz: Resilience 60:20 06/30/2022
The Unlock Micro-Moment: Dr Mark Goulston's Coaching Masterclass - Michelangelo Mindset 07:13 06/24/2022
Anthony and Kel Matsena: Creativity Fuels The Journey From Darkness To Light 79:40 06/16/2022
Cinta Miller: How to Become Your Own Safety Net 53:49 06/11/2022
Steve Woolcock: Leadership Lessons as a First-Time CEO 53:07 06/04/2022
The Unlock Micro-Moment: Chris Tibbetts - Drastic Action - 100kg Weight Loss To Save Your Life 09:50 06/02/2022
Amit Patel: Leaving Medicine and Creating a Peachy Future 51:01 05/30/2022
The Unlock Micro-Moment: Patrick J. McGinnis - FOMO and Finding Perspective 09:33 05/28/2022
Adwoa Akoto: Purpose, Authenticity, Impact - Discovering Your Path 46:20 05/24/2022
Anthony Fletcher: Leadership Lessons From a $100m Healthy Snack Scale-Up 51:33 05/22/2022
Dolly Waddell: Change The Rules 46:41 05/19/2022
Joanne Clifton: Before the Glitterball, a Journey of Extraordinary Courage 73:40 05/15/2022
Amanda Britton: Leading a World-Class Institution at Rambert School 45:29 05/12/2022
Brett Sammels: Forging a Future in the Family Business 36:05 05/11/2022
Normand Ciarlo: Creating A Culture of Belonging 45:24 05/08/2022
Tayo Rockson: Use Your Difference To Make A Difference 46:53 05/05/2022
Chris Tibbetts: Drastic Action - 100kg Weight Loss To Save Your Life 39:55 05/04/2022
Nick Novak: Conquering Burnout By Acting On Your Values 53:15 05/01/2022
The Unlock Micro-Moment: Tony Walmsley - Leadership Lessons from the Touchline 06:14 04/30/2022
Patrick J. McGinnis: FOMO and Finding Perspective 46:17 04/28/2022
Dr Gauri Seth: Brain-Based Connection 42:44 04/25/2022
Russell Grant: Strictly Spontaneous 58:52 04/24/2022
Simon Alexander Ong: Energize Your Life 44:17 04/20/2022
The Unlock Micro-Moment: Micah Lorenc - You Don't Always Have to Play Safe 07:07 04/18/2022
Alexis Knox: Restyling Your Life 60:08 04/16/2022
The Unlock Micro-Moment: Samuel Haughton - Choosing Happiness 07:26 04/15/2022