Show cover of FromThe108: White Sox for the Inebriated

FromThe108: White Sox for the Inebriated

FromThe108 are White Sox season ticket holders that reside in Section 108 of Sox Park. Right behind the beautiful right field foul pole. They're well known as the drunk uncles of White Sox Twitter.


FromThe108 - It's Sam Panayotovich
Questions for Sam Over Unders Vegas Casino Draft
223:57 02/27/2020
FromThe108 - Good Bad Ugly
White Sox Series we are looking forward to in 2020
21:28 03/05/2020
FromThe108 - AL Central Preview
The idiots talk about baseball or something...
33:06 03/05/2020
FromThe108 - Longball Fever
5 Round Snake Draft of White Sox HR hitters
26:02 03/05/2020
FromThe108 - 108Tourney Part 1
Celebs Region 108 Region Juan's Uribe Cup Region Old Heads Region
37:59 03/12/2020
FromThe108 - 108Tourney Part 2
Ladies Region Beer Region Bullshit Region Baseball Region
37:34 03/12/2020
FromThe108 - 108Tourney Part 3
Tourney snubs draft Over-achievers Under-achievers Elite 8 Champions
49:01 03/12/2020
FromThe108 - Docs and Sopranos
Chicago closures Documentaries Sopranos Characters Draft
52:44 03/29/2020
FromThe108 - Max Headroom and the Floppy Disks
MySoxSummer asks the group a question Technical Difficulties Spring Training Part Deux Audio Issues Aroldis Chapman Vitamin Supplements Internet Outages Bull Shit or Not? A Chorizy-E drinking game
60:29 04/04/2020
FromThe108 - The Fine Print
Drinking Game Rules Baseball in 2020? Baseball Playoffs MILF trending on Mother's Day Tony Montana and Paul Rudd Non-Porn Publications That Get The Job Done DRAFT
107:26 05/16/2020
FromThe108 - At least we have Beer and Bullsh*t
White Sox Draft Strategy MLB Owners MSS on baseball fans JMac Update Long Gone Summer Rappers turned actors draft
119:25 06/20/2020
FromThe108 - 3 Hours That Won't Count Against Your Service Time
Mystery Shirt Should there be a baseball season? White Sox schedule Strategies for a shortened season Season Tickets Cardboard cut-outs Chicago Dogs game DRAFT: Teams we'd like to party with
165:21 07/11/2020
FromThe108 - A Whale's Vagina
White Sox - Good, Bad, Ugly Last Call Will Ferrell Movies Draft
106:25 07/31/2020
FromThe108 - BeefLoaf Pocket Saw
Nick Madrigal White Sox Rotation White Sox Offense Alex Colome White Sox Twitter Mob Family Draft Last Call
136:43 08/07/2020
FromThe108 - Blame it on the Rick
What are we drinking White Sox Talk TA7 Ricky Renteria The Bullpen TV Game Shows Draft Ask MSS Questions
136:58 08/14/2020
FromThe108 - MSS Birthday Tape
Opening Banter What are we drinking? White Sox 7 Inning Doubleheader Pull the plug? Horniness Meter #108ing Moment of the Week SundaySoak Questions
151:39 08/21/2020
FromThe108 - Live From The MLB Trade Deadline
WhiteSox Topics Giolito No-No Real or Fake Trade Deadline #108ing Moment of the Week DRAFT: All time SNL actors Twitter Followers game
156:44 08/28/2020
FromThe108 - 3rd Pitcher Roulette
Trade Deadline White Sox Clevinger 3rd Starter Horniness Meter Nick Madrigal Luis Rober Andrew Vaughn Dylan Cease Nomar Mazara #108ing moment of the week Sunday Soak Sloppy Seconds
128:22 09/04/2020
FromThe108 - Glass Bottle Fancy
White Sox Bold predictions for the final stretch Real or Fake Alex Colome Edwin Encarnacion Yoan Moncada James McCann #108ing Moment of the Week MySoxSummer's eBay This or That
98:05 09/11/2020
FromThe108 - Playoff Bound
Playoff feels What are we drinking? White Sox Engel vs Mazara  Bullpen: Who do you trust? First Round: Who do you want? #108ing Moment of the Week Sunday Soak Questions
107:30 09/18/2020
FromThe108 - Who you gonna call? Slumpbusters
What are we drinking? White Sox Level setting Whack a bullpen arm How #108ed do you need to be... How drunk are we? DRAFT - Chicago Playoff Performances
110:41 09/25/2020
FromThe108 - Coming and Going
Intro What are we drinking? Should I stay or should I go? Edwin Encarnacion Gio Gonzalez Leury Garcia Nomar Mazara Carlos Rodon Yolmer Sanchez The 60 Game Season Playoffs Loved Hated How drunk are we right now? This or That?
115:54 10/08/2020
FromThe108 - Soda Popinski's Off-Season Plan
Special Guest Josh Nelson What are we drinking? Off-Season Plans BeefLoaf MySoxSummer Chorizy-E Pop Draft
167:52 10/21/2020
FromThe108 - Hall of Famer Podcast Guys
GILFS, RedZone, and What are we drinking? Jose Abreu MVP! Ethan Katz TLR DUI Jive Turkeys Last Call
132:48 11/13/2020
FromThe108 - Old Prospectors
108 Banter What are you drinking? Baseball BP New Top 10 Prospect List Horniness Meter Jake Burger Gavin Sheets Tyler Johnson Coaches Miguel Cairo Ethan Katz DRAFT - Bears QBs in our lifetime
123:50 11/25/2020
FromThe108 - Tender AF
Banter Baseball BeefLoaf's Off-Season Questions White Sox Non-Tenders White Sox Tenders MLB Non-Tenders This or That with MySoxSummer
123:06 12/04/2020
FromThe108 - Len, Eaton, Lance at the Winter Meetings
Banter Baseball Len Kasper Lance Lynn Adam Eaton Horniness Meter Zack Collins Yermin Mercedes Seby Zavala Last Call
119:56 12/12/2020
FromThe108 - Festivus Is Coming
Banter Baseball McCann to Mets Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Micker Adolfo Seby Zavala Jose Ruiz White Sox Xmas Wish List Team Front Office Game Day TV/Radio Xmas Movie Draft
114:49 12/18/2020
FromThe108 - Well Hungover
Banter What are you drinking? Baseball Yoelkis Cespedes Adam Engel 2020 Q&A New Year Resolutions
93:06 01/02/2021
FromThe108 - #108Day with Sox In The Basement
Drinking game rules Banter What are we drinking? Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco have been traded Chicago MLB Play By Play Guy power rankings Sign a starting pitcher that is not Bauer MSS rapid fire questions
148:34 01/09/2021