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Join in on the geeky conversions of three life-long nerds as they share their thoughts on the latest news and happenings around comic books, movies, video games, tv shows, and anything else that gets nerds more excited than Steve Rogers on Flag Day.


Star Wars Andor reactions + Firefly 20th anniversary + Iron Man video game | Ep. #25
It's a jam packed episode! We discuss the first 3 episodes of Star Wars Andor plus we share our reviews and speculation for She-Hulk episode 6, House of the Dragon episode 5, and The Rings of Power episode 5. We also round up last week's geeky headlines, including: Firefly's 20th anniversary, The Last of Us trailer, the upcoming Iron Man video game, James Earl Jones retiring, and more.
75:41 09/27/2022
Keanu's Constantine sequel + love for Brendan Fraser | Ep. #24
We geek out over Brendan Fraser, the Keanu Reeves Constantine sequel announcement, Amazon's live action Blade Runner series, and episode 5 of She-Hulk, episode 4 of House of the Dragon, and episode 4 of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.Find our full shownotes here >>
69:44 09/20/2022
Disney D23 recap of Marvel + Lucasfilm + video games | Ep. #23
Jason and Corey recap the big (and lame) announcements from Disney's D23 expo, including the news from the Marvel Studio showcase, the video game showcase, and more. They also cover Star Trek Day and reviews of She-Hulk episode 4, House of the Dragon episode 3, and The Rings of Power episode 3.
70:27 09/13/2022
The Rings of Power is phenomenal + Our D23 Wishlists | Ep. #22
Disney's D23 is coming up, so Josh, Jason, and Corey share their wishlists for what will be announced. We also discuss the news that Halo Infinite won't be getting split screen co-op after all and the latest on the Warner Bros dumpster fire. We also review and discuss Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power episodes 1 and 2, She-Hulk episode 3, and House of the Dragon episode 2. 
84:08 09/06/2022
House of the Dragon + Saints Row + She-Hulk + Gamescom | Ep. #21
We review the new Saints Row video game, House of the Dragon episode 1, and She-Hulk episode 2. We also discuss the reports that Penn Badgley has been approached to play Reed Richards, the latest on the Warner Bros dumpster fires, and the highlights from Gamescom. 
71:18 08/30/2022
We review a 100-year-old silent film + We loved Nope | Ep. #20
We review She-Hulk episode 1, Jordan Peele's Nope, and the 1927 silent film Metropolis. We also discuss the discovery of self-sustained nuclear fusion, Wizard of Oz getting a remake, and James Bond casting speculation updates.
66:52 08/23/2022
Has Disney won the streaming wars? + Jason hates Prey | Ep. #19
Jason, Josh, and Corey accidently do a geek dive on the streaming wars between Disney and Netflix. They also discuss the latest Warner Bros/DC film news, including updates on Gal Gadot and The Flash. They also do reviews of DC League of Super Pets + Prey + The Sandman Episode 1 + 2.
80:50 08/16/2022
Geek Dive: WB's sudden cancelation of Batgirl | Ep. #18
After Warner Bros' sudden decision to cancel the Batgirl movie, we do a geek dive into what this means for the future of DC and the film industry as we know it. We also talk about The Flash ending with season 9, Secret Invasion being billed as a crossover event, a Moon Knight season 2 tease, and Lady Gaga confirming a role in Joker 2.Find the shownotes at >> 
55:09 08/09/2022
Batfleck is back! + Ghostrider speculation + Zack Snyder should direct Avengers: Secret Wars | Ep. #17
Without anything to review and a crunch for time, we stuck to just the nerdy news in this episode, covering stories such as Ben Affleck's surprise Batman return in Aquaman 2, MGM losing the rights to Tomb Raider, Ghostrider teases and casting rumors, and more.
51:53 08/02/2022
Comic-Con Recap + Spoiler Reviews of The Boys Season 3 and Ms. Marvel | Ep. #16
Hot off the heels of Comic-Con, we discuss the breaking news that came from the panels of Marvel, DC, Star Trek, and more; including the MCU announcements for Phase 5 + 6, Dungeons & Dragons, and John Wick 4. We also share our spoiler reviews of season 1 of Ms. Marvel and season 3 of The Boys. 
96:06 07/26/2022
Peak Geek: Best Spider-Man Portrayal + Reviews of Star Trek SNW S1 + Thor Love and Thunder | Ep. #15
In this episode, we are giving our full season 1 review of Star Trek Strange New Worlds and Thor: Love and Thunder. We’ll also be doing a quick dive through some geeky news. But first, we’ll be continuing our Peak Geek debate with an argument for which live action and animated version of Spider-Man is the best of the best.
73:42 07/19/2022
We're taking our week off early! | Ep. #14.5
In an odd turn of events, we were all too sick to record this week, so we decided to take our planned week off early. We'll be back next week with reviews for season 1 of Star Trek Strange New Worlds, season 3 of The Boys, and Thor: Love and Thunder. In the meantime, give us a follow on social media:Twitter: @eatsleepnerdsInstagram: @eatsleepnerdYoutube
01:21 07/12/2022
Peak Geek Debate: The Best DC Character Portrayals | Ep. #14
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
87:02 07/05/2022
Is nostalgia ruining cinema? + Obi-Wan Kenobi full series review | Ep. #13
We're geek diving into a discussion about whether or not nostalgia is ruining cinema and where exactly Hollywood should draw the line with using tech to bring back actors from the dead. We also give our full series review of Obi-Wan Kenobi and our episode 8 review of Star Trek Strange New Works. We also touch on Marvel Studios' return to Comic-Con, John Williams retiring, Chris Hemsworth's butt, and more.
87:46 06/28/2022
When do homages become rip offs? | Ep. #12
We're starting this episode off with a Geek Dive debate topic of "At what point do homages become rip offs?". We also temp check the news where we talk about the Joker movie being a musical, LEGO Con 2022, Final Fantasy, and Starfield gameplay impressions. We also share our full-spoiler impressions and reviews of Obi-Wan Kenobi Part 5 and Star Trek Strange New Worlds episode 7.
80:47 06/21/2022
Joker sequel speculation + Ms. Marvel impressions + More Nerdy Things | Ep. #11
We share our spoiler-free initial impressions of of Ms. Marvel, we dive into some geeky movie news, and we finish our with our SPOILER reviews of Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 4 and Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 1 Episode 6.
66:34 06/14/2022
Top Gun 2 is perfect + Warhammer lovefest + Morbius just won’t go away | Ep. #10
We continue to sing Top Gun Maverick's praises, Josh has a lovefest about Warhammer, we try to understand why Morbius returned to theaters, and we give our full-spoiler impressions of Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 3 and Star Trek Strange New World's season 1 episode 5.
73:29 06/07/2022
Obi-Wan Premiere Review + Even More Star Wars News | Ep. #9
Calling all Star Wars fans! This episode is for you. Hot off the heels of Star Wars Celebration 2022, we're covering all of the big announcements that came out of the event. We're also discussing and reviewing the two premiere episodes of Disney+'s Obi-Wan Kenobi.
64:01 05/31/2022
Doctor Who casting news + future Star Wars plans + Halo S1 review | Ep. #8
We discuss the recent Doctor Who casting news (David Tennant is back!), the plans for several upcoming Star Wars projects, and the announcement that Daredevil is officially getting a new season on Disney+. We also wrap-up our thoughts on season 1 of Paramount+'s Halo and episode 3 of Star Trek Strange New Worlds. 
62:26 05/24/2022
We love Star Trek Strange New Worlds + News Roundup | Ep. #7
We're diving back into the nerdy news as we discuss a wide range of stories, including the Batman Unburied podcast beating Joe Rogan on Spotify, Amazon's Jack Ryan is ending after season 4, CW officially moving forward with the Gotham Knights series, Bethesda delaying Starfield, and more. We also recap Paramount+'s Halo S1E8 and Star Trek Strange New Worlds S1E2.
82:30 05/17/2022
Multiverse of Madness + Moon Knight + Star Trek | Ep. #6
SPOILER WARNING! In this episode, we discuss and review Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, all of Moon Knight season 1, episode 7 of Paramount+'s Halo, and the pilot episode of Star Trek Strange New Worlds. 
69:12 05/10/2022
CW's ArrowVerse is Dead! + Thor 4 speculation + CinemaCon 2022 roundup | Ep. #5
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
74:28 05/03/2022
We'll be back next week! | Ep. #4.5
Jason, Josh, and Corey are battling some scheduling demons this week. Be sure to check back in next week for the next episode of Eat Sleep Nerd. There is going to be a LOT to talk about!
01:01 04/26/2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once + DC Entertainment Shakeup + CW's Arrowverse status | Ep. #4
We are reviewing Everything Everywhere All at Once, catching up on Halo and Moon Knight, and temp checking nerdy news like the possibility that Hawkeye isn't getting a second season, the Warner Bros DC shakeup, CW possibly canceling The Flash, and more.
69:51 04/19/2022
Geek Dive: The Tragedy of Morbius | Ep. #3
We're diving in deep (or "geek diving") into the tragedy of Morbius. We share our impressions of the movie, why we think that critics have been treating it unfairly, what this means for the future of Spider-Man's film universe, and more.
39:33 04/15/2022
RDJ's Sherlock Holmes + The State of the DCEU + Thor 4 Speculation | Ep. #2
In this episode, we are covering the news that Robert Downey Jr is producing 2 Sherlock Holmes tv shows, the announcement of a new Tomb Raider game and movie, the state of the DCEU, the report that Charlie Cox and Vincent D’onofrio will appear in the Disney+ Echo series, and the fact that we still don’t have a Thor 4 trailer. We’re also doing a quick check-in on the new episodes of Halo and Moon Knight.Learn more at
60:05 04/12/2022
Halo + Moon Knight Impressions | Ep. #1
In this debut episode of Eat Sleep Nerd, we'll be taking just a few minutes to talk about why we decided to start this podcast; but then we'll quickly move into the latest nerdy news where we'll cover the Amazon James Bond series announcement, the PlayStation Plus revamp, and the rumor that Supergirl is replacing Henry Cavill's Superman. We'll also be sharing our initial impression of the Halo and Moon Knight tv series.Learn more at
63:05 04/04/2022
Introducing: Eat Sleep Nerd
Join in on the geeky conversions of three life-long nerds as they share their thoughts on the latest news and happenings around comic books, movies, video games, tv shows, and anything else that gets nerds more excited than Steve Rogers on Flag Day.
00:40 04/01/2022