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How They Made Their Millions

This show is about the amazing stories of world-class multi-millionaire and billionaire founders , how they started and how they succeeded. Founder Stories include the founders of Facebook(Mark), Linked-in(Reid), WhatsApp(Jan), Ben and Jerry Ice creams(the name says it), Instagram(Kevin), Amazon(Jeff), Pandora(Tim), Hershey Chocolates(Milton) and more. You will hear their struggles and seemingly insurmountable problems and how they emerged victoriously, so you too can succeed as a founder.


130: Public storage - The son of a poor farmer to a billionaire
How did Wayne Hughes who was born to a poor farmer started Public Storage to store people's excess belongings  and became a billionaire. Let us check out his story.
21:46 09/20/2022
129: SmugMug - From a homeless kid to a multi-millionaire
Chris MacAskill was homeless and had to deal with a sick mother. Yet he rose through his challenges and started SmugMug and lived a fulfilling life and also became a multi-millionaire in this process.Let us check out his story.
22:48 09/06/2022
128: NYX Cosmetics - An immigrant not able to speak English to a multi-millionaire fashion icon
Toni Ko’s parents immigrated to America, and she did not understand English. Yet she struggled and at a young age started NYX cosmetics and sold it for multiple millions to the world’s largest cosmetics company. Let us check out her story.
20:07 08/23/2022
127: BaseCamp - From being Contrarian and going against the status quo to building a multi-million dollar business
Jason Fried and David Hanson, went against the status quo and built basecamp by doing the opposite of what we think successful companies are supposed to do and yet grew it into a multi-million dollar company. Let us see how they did it.
19:58 08/09/2022
126: Bloomingdale’s - From a single tiny store to a billion-dollar high-end luxury store chain
Bloomingdale is a high-end luxury department chain started in New York. It started as a tiny shop selling only one item. Yet it grew into a billion-dollar high-end luxury store chain. Let us check out their story.
22:27 07/26/2022
125: MyFitnessPal - From side-hustler to multi-millionaire
Mike Lee wanted to lose some weight before his wedding, but there was no good digital solution. So he decided to start his own app as a side hustle and it grew beyond his dreams with more than 100+ million users. Let use check out his story.
18:33 07/12/2022
124: GitHub: Tom Preston-Werner - From dead-broke to a multi-millionaire.
GitHub is a well-known website that brings together developers from all over the globe to work together on code. But how did Tom Preston-Werner and Chris Wanstrath took GitHub from a “weekend project-started in-bar” to one of the world’s most powerful software development services that Microsoft purchased for $7.5 billion? Let us check it out.
18:42 06/28/2022
123: Eddie Bauer: From a high-school dropout to a multi-millionaire outdoor goods icon.
Eddie Bauer grew up loving the outdoors. To support his family, he dropped out of school and working odd jobs, he later opened his own tiny outdoor shop. He dedicated his life to making gear that made life easier for outdoorsmen. He faced many problems, but slowly it grew and today it has more than 500 locations and is sold throughout the world. Let us check out his story.
20:02 06/14/2022
122: Crush game): Riccardo Zacconi - Almost Bankrupt to a multi-million dollar gaming icon.
Riccardo Zacconi started king. com to build games . His business nearly went bankrupt. The Dot-com bubble had burst and Zacconi had put all of his money into his company and he would lose it all. How did he come out of this, how did he create the Candy Crush game, which became a huge hit, made him a multi-millionaire and made the game a global cultural phenomenon. Let’s check it out.
18:42 05/31/2022
121: Nathan’s Famous Restaurants: Nathan Handwerker - From a restaurant dish-washer to a Multi-millionaire.
Nathan Handwerker, whose first job at age 6 was peddling knishes in what is now Poland, immigrated to New York when he was barely 20. He had no formal education, spoke no English and began his restaurant career as a dishwasher. Nathan built his empire with his determination and persistence and became a multi-millionaire. Here is his inspiring story.
18:29 05/17/2022
120: Kayak: Steve Hafner & Paul English - Two men who changed the way people travel forever and became multi-millionaires.
Paul English wrestled with bipolar disorder, having bouts of depression frequently, yet he teamed up with Steve Hafner and started Kayak. They faced competitors, but they persisted and executed well and finally sold it to Priceline for $1.8 billion dollars and both founders became multi-millionaires. This is the story of how they changed the way people travel forever.
20:00 05/03/2022
119: Holiday Inn: Kemmons Wilson - From Dirt-poor to a Multi-Millionaire Hospitality icon.
Many have heard about the man who revolutionized the lodging industry in the 20th century: Kemmons Wilson — the founder of everyone’s favorite hotel chain, Holiday Inn. But behind this incredible man, there’s an even more incredible story. This is the story of a poor boy who vowed never to be hungry again. Let us check it out.
19:45 04/19/2022
118: StitchFix - Katrina Lake - From starting in an apartment to becoming a multi-millionaire
Katrina Lake never had any dreams of starting a business. She thought she was never capable, but due to a discovery she made about other entrepreneurs, she decided to start Stitchfix. As a woman founder, she faced many hurdles, yet she overcame all this and made StitchFix successful and became a multimillionaire. Let us check out her story.
20:09 04/05/2022
117: Paul Mitchell Haircare Systems: John Paul DeJoria - Twice Homeless to a Multi-Millionaire
John Paul DeJoria grew up poor with his single mother. He faced many problems in life and was homeless twice and lived in his car. Yet he had the drive to keep moving. Finally, he started Paul Mitchell systems and later became a billionaire. Let us check out how he did it.
20:30 03/22/2022
116: NerdWallet - Tim Chen: Starting with $800 and turning it into multiple millions.
Tim Chen had a nice job in the financial services industry. But something bad happened, and he accidentally started NerdWallet. Money was not coming in and he thought of shutting it down. But he somehow persisted and finally took it public and became a multi-millionaire. Let us see how he did it.
21:51 03/08/2022
115: Lucas Oil - Forrest Lucas: A triumphant journey from childhood poverty to a multimillionaire
Lucas oils is a manufacturer and distributor of automotive oil, additives, and lubricants. Its founder is Forrest Lucas and his is a proverbial ‘rags-to-riches’ story, emerging from rural Indiana to build an empire. He started as a truck driver and become an oil and media magnate and, in the process, becoming a multi-millionaire. Let us check out his story.
20:03 12/28/2021
114: Adobe - John Warnock and Charles Geschke: Simple Xerox employees to multi-millionaires
Now we take for granted that we can print anything from our computer. But long back, this was very difficult and many companies, including Apple, were not able to figure out how to print properly from a computer to a printer. But John and Charles from Adobe figured it out and built Adobe. They struggled, faced threats and competitors, but they succeeded and became multi-millionaires. Let us check out their story.
24:30 12/14/2021
113: Crate & Barrel: Gordon Segal - From not knowing anything about retail business to becoming multi-millionaires
Gordon and his wife wanted designer European cookware and glassware, but they were very expensive in America. To solve this problem for them and for others, hey opened Crate & Barrel, even though they didn’t know anything about business. They struggled, but ultimately succeeded and became multi-millionaires. Let us check out their story.
22:04 11/30/2021
112: Electronic Arts: Trip Hawkins - From a failure in first business to a multi-millionaire
Trip Hawkins grew up at a time when there were no computers. He loved complex sports simulation board games, but others found it complex. He dreamt of a day to make playing games easier and fun. Finally he did it with EA. He went thru many harrowing experiences but came out successfully and in the process became a multi-millionaire.
27:36 11/16/2021
111: Justin’s Nut Butter: Justin Gold - From a waiter to a multi-millionaire
Justin Gold started working as a waiter to pay off his student loans, but then he stumbled on his passion for peanut and almond butter. Even though he did not know anything about starting a business, he figured it out and started it. Even though he came close to shutting down and there was no hope left to survive, he kept pursuing and finally emerged victoriously and  became a multi-millionaire. Let us see how he did it.
25:26 11/02/2021
110: Dropbox: Drew Houston - From A babysitter to a Billionaire
Drew Houston's first job was babysitting and he was making $3.00 per hour, but then he figured out that he could get paid more doing what he loved.. Game programming. He later started DropBox. He had many setbacks, and he had to face the demons in his head. He overcame all this and finally took Dropbox Public. Both he and his co-founder became billionaires. Let us see how he did it.
28:25 10/19/2021
109: Popeyes: Al Copeland - From utter poverty to a Multi-millionaire
Al Copeland was born in utter poverty and never graduated high school. Yet he struggled and started popeyes. He explored his various passions and lived life to his fullest. Popeyes was a big success, and he became a multi-millionaire. Let's check out his story.
20:49 10/05/2021
108: Shopify :Tobias Lutke - A school dropout to a billionaire
Tobias Lutke never had any dreams to start a business and he knew he was not capable. But by sheer accident, he started Shopify and later became a billionaire. Let us check out his story.
22:45 09/21/2021
107: Charles Kettering - From a poor farm boy to a multi-millionaire
Charles_Kettering grew up poor and had health problems. Yet, he persevered and invented many things including the self-starter in cars and became a multi-millionaire. Let us see how he did it.
19:58 12/29/2020
106: Warby Parker - Starting in an apartment to building a billion dollar company
Neil Blumenthal along with his 3 friends started a business, while he was in college. Everyone he talked to said, they would fail, Yet, they started Warby Parker and turned it into a multi-billion dollar company. Let us see how they did it.
16:37 12/15/2020
105: George Soros - From a penniless clerk to a billionaire
George Soros escaped death when he was young. He started as a Clerk, but later started a hedge fund and rose up to become a billionaire.Let us check out his story.
24:17 12/01/2020
104: EventBrite : Julia Hartz - From a 9-5 job to a multi-millionaire founder
Julia Hartz never had an intention to start a business nor had any knowledge of the tech world. But she was pulled into it by accident, and she and her husband Kevin started EventBrite and took it to a billion-dollar company.
21:00 11/17/2020
103: Radio One - Cathy Hughes - A poor girl with no resources to a Multi-millionaire media icon
Cathy grew up poor and when Cathy Hughes was in her teens, she was thrown out of her house. With no resources or connections, she rose to start Urban one, a network of Radio stations and became a multi-millionaire. Let us check out her story.
21:19 11/03/2020
102: Ring: Jamie Siminoff - From a back-to-back failure to a multi-millionaire
Jamie Siminoff tried many ideas and failed. One time by accident, he stumbled on the idea for a WIFI Video doorbell. It was tough to survive, but he doggedly persisted and finally sold his company for a whopping $1.2billion. Let us see how he did it…
19:00 09/22/2020
101: Dr. Bronner’s - Emil Bronner : From an Asylum inmate to a multi-millionaire
Emanuel Bronner was born in Germany and escaped to America during the Nazi regime. Stricken with personal loss, he decided to bring peace into the world and started making soap and grew the company to more than $100 million. Let us see how he did it.
23:21 09/01/2020