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LIGHT, DATA, ACTION! is the definitive podcast for enterprise business in the 4th Industrial Revolution–exploring how AI, Edge computing, hybrid IT, and other technologies are changing the way we work and how innovative companies can adopt and adapt to succeed in this changing landscape. Tune in for the latest from Lumen insiders, industry execs, and other thought leaders.


Driving Revenue and Defining Digital Business with Everything as a Service (EaaS)
In our most recent episode, we explore how ‘as a Service’ business models have adapted to changing technology and evolving business needs. In order to increase value and differentiation there’s been a shift to rapid and continuous delivery models called ‘Anything as a service’ (XaaS) and ‘Everything as a service’ (EaaS). Together, Terry and subject matter expert, Kevin Dobbs, Managing Director of Accenture, discuss how these models drive revenue acceleration, define digital business and are more customer centric.
40:33 09/30/2022
Radical Adaptability & Redesigning Collaboration with Keith Ferrazzi
Keith Ferrazzi is ready to throw out the rule book on traditional collaboration and culture and redefine organizational transformation. In the latest episode of Light, Data, Action! Terry sat down with Keith, Harvard MBA grad and #1 NYT bestselling author, to discuss a variety of topics surrounding the future of work. As an expert on the innovation in the workplace, Keith examines the adaptability of unicorns vs. well-established/enterprise level companies (spoiler: it’s common to find traditionalists and innovators in both!), why and how so many companies failed to learn anything from pandemic-era work and what successful leadership should look like today.
44:40 09/02/2022
Cloud First vs Cloud Smart
In our newest episode of Light, Data, Action! Terry Barbounis sat down with Bhargs Srivathsan, Partner at McKinsey & Company, leader focusing on cloud and edge, and leader of the "Women Who Cloud” initiative. Together they explore how businesses can benefit from cloud adoption, how cloud migration and its value has changed over time, and the key differences between a cloud smart versus cloud first approach.
42:19 08/05/2022
Innovating Sustainability: Cooler Data Centers & Carbon-Negative Agriculture
In this episode of Light, Data, Action! Terry Barbounis and guest, Trenton Thornock, co-founder and managing member of Wyoming Hyperscale White Box, discuss sustainability as a strategic business outcome and how companies can improve the environmental, social and governance aspects of their business. Together they explore how the 3P’s: Profit, Planet and People applied to Trenton’s experience as he built a business that led him on a mission to create a cooler data center sustainably.  
45:32 07/15/2022
Building a Better Tech Workforce
The way tech companies hired in the past was largely based on three things: skillset, cost, and most importantly, proximity. Now, with the vastly increased remote workforce, that model has been turned on its head. Tech companies can now hire a diverse group of candidates spanning the globe. Alongside this shift, employees’ priorities and demands have also increased. Skill building, career progression and DEI prioritization have all come to the forefront of what candidates are now looking for. Listen as Terry and guest, Seana Gilliland, explore what it means to hire an effective tech-savvy workforce today.
39:32 07/08/2022
Time to Value for Data: A Competitive Super Power
Have you ever had the thought, “X would be so much easier if I could access my data more efficiently”? In this episode of Light, Data, Action! Terry and Stephen Wallo, CTO of Vcinity, take a closer look at the value of data access and the power that comes with decoupling data and compute power while still maintaining the speed and security of on-prem. This process entails extending memory-to-memory data transfer protocols without changing the architecture of the data itself across multi-cloud applications and multiple edges.
47:44 06/06/2022
Investigating & Avoiding Common Digital Transformation Pitfalls
In this episode of Light, Data, Action! Terry is joined by Joel Barbier, the Director of Customer Zero at Cisco. Together they explore the hyper-acceleration of digital disruption and the concurrent demands the market imposes on tech companies. They also discuss the evolution of culture within the tech industry and the requirements of successful leadership keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology-driven workplace.
41:09 05/09/2022
Adopting vs. Adapting: A Technology Reboot in Post-Pandemic World
What does it mean for an organization to adopt vs. adapt to the “new norm”? Adoption consists of accepting an established idea, process, or technology. Adapting, on the other hand, means embracing those same elements, making them suitable for a new set of requirements or conditions, and using them to thrive - it requires change. Understanding the distinction between the two concepts is foundational in creating a resilient and intelligently composable business.
36:05 03/31/2022