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The Rebecca Haydon Show is the podcast for passionate, ambitious and driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to captivate their ideal clients, tune up into their higher self mindset and create magic content so they can become fully booked online. Each week, your host, Rebecca Haydon a qualified Mindset and Business Coach with a Masters in Hypnotherapy, NLP and keynote speaking will share her top tips on successful attraction marketing strategy, content conversion and how to truly live from your higher self. You’ll learn actionable steps, breakthrough mindset moments and easy-to-implement strategies so you can truly become the client attraction magnet you are craving to be. Connect with Rebecca on Instagram @_rebeccahaydon_ To work with Rebecca, head to


98. REPLAY: Anything That Changes You Needs To Be Done Consistently 28:55 08/08/2022
97. Success Story: How to Stop the Self-Sabotage Cycle and Embrace Your Self Worth with Peppi Hearne 34:34 08/01/2022
96. When Are You Going to Let Go of Your 'Struggling Business Owner' Story? and Stand in the Authority Through Your Content 24:38 07/25/2022
95. How Vulnerability Signs Me Clients 21:26 07/18/2022
94. Embodiment is my Strongest Content Pillar 32:31 07/11/2022
93. Success Story: Claiming Your Self-Worth and Go Full-Time in Your Business with Nathalie Alvarado 35:34 07/04/2022
92. Success Story: The Profound Power of Setting Boundaries to Unlock Your CEO Mindset with Adaire Smithwick 47:54 06/27/2022
91. How I Made INCONSISTENT Clients a Thing of the Past 28:30 06/20/2022
90. Success Story: Overcoming Your Victim Mindset and Reframing the Stories That Keeps You Playing it Small with Megan Rose 43:55 06/13/2022
89. What are the First Words that Come to Mind When You Think About Converting Ideal Clients Through VISIBILITY? 21:48 06/06/2022
88. So You Are Feeling Like Most of Your Content is Educational? 28:47 05/30/2022
87. Here's Why You Feel You Are Showing Up But No One Is Listening 19:42 05/23/2022
86. “The Only Thing Standing in the Way of My Success is Myself”: How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Create the Business of Your Dreams 25:53 05/16/2022
85. Struggling to Follow Through Consistently When it Comes to Showing Up In Your Power Online 27:09 05/09/2022
84. Success Story: How to Overcome Your Mindset Blocks to Scale Your Online Business with Justine Dolores 43:11 05/02/2022
83. You Don't Have A Sales Problem, You Have A Leads Problem 14:00 04/25/2022
82. From Desperate Energy to $95K in Q1 28:56 04/18/2022
81. How to Create Content That Influences Not Just Inspires 16:26 04/12/2022
80. 3 Juicy Ways to Enhance Your Magnetic Personal Brand. 16:31 04/05/2022
79. I'll Look Like A Sleazy Car Salesman if I Speak About My Offer ‘too much’. 23:01 03/29/2022
78. 5 reasons why people aren’t DMing you saying I’M IN! 17:24 03/22/2022
77. How the ‘Desperate Energy’ is stopping your sales from flowing. 27:14 03/15/2022
76. How to Build a Relationship with Your Ideal Client so They Say YES Without the Sales Conversation. 26:22 03/08/2022
75. How Sharing Personal Content Will Help With Conversion 17:00 03/01/2022
74. Motivational Magic : I am A Magnetic to what I Desire 02:57 02/23/2022
73. 4 ‘AHA’’s to Why You Aren’t Converting Right Now… 23:38 02/15/2022
72. Will I Turn My Audience Away If I Voice My Opinions... 13:35 02/08/2022
71. 4 Important Things You Need to Sign Consistent Clients in 2022 22:28 01/31/2022
70. The difference between giving up and moving forward: Interview w/ Katie Bambrick 43:45 01/27/2022
69. If You Are NOT Showing Up, You Are NOT Creating a Connection... 21:01 01/24/2022