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#98 - The Alchemy of Time #7 Priority and Leverage
The number one resource you have at your disposal is time. How are you utilizing it? We’ve been discussing this over the last 5 episodes now so we’ve invested a lot of time in the concept of time. That’s how important we find it to be...
06:02 2/23/24
#97 - The Alchemy of Time #6 Automaticity
Habit is a tool that either makes you or breaks you. It’s up to you...
07:02 2/16/24
#96 - The Alchemy of Time #5 Scheduling
Things that get scheduled get done. We previously discussed the Critical 6 in a prior episode. The six most important things you must do today to move you in the direction of your intentions and dreams. There are so many conversations we’ve had about knowing what you value, making sure your intentions are yours versus someone else’s, hopefully you’ve been a part of those conversations...
13:30 2/9/24
#95-The Alchemy of Time #4 Endurance
Most individuals are great starters but very poor finishers. Unfortunately, many personal development approaches as well as business workshops focus more on stamina than endurance. Just to recap: stamina is the energy to start. A lot of people get hyped up or excited to start something but very few have what it takes to finish. There was a popular meme going around about “the most important step is the first step” and the most important quality to success is just “showing up.” While there may be some grain of truth in these statements, they’re grossly oversimplified.  The reality is that the most important quality to success is showing up AGAIN; and AGAIN; AGAIN, and for the same objective not for all different objectives.
08:48 2/3/24
#94 - The Alchemy of Time - Stamina #3
The true test of character is not persistence when you see a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s persistence when you don’t see the light. We’ve been discussing Time Alchemy. Transmuting low leverage time into highly productive time. Now this is a bit deceiving because ultimately. Low leverage activities are basically that—low leverage. Utilizing your time in a low leverage way is what needs to be transmuted. Let’s talk about the science behind this: modern science tells us that everything is energy… When it comes to productivity, with your time and energy there are two factors you must consider. Stamina and Endurance. Simply put, stamina is the energy and ability to start. Endurance is the energy to continue. Most have some degree of stamina but very few have endurance. Many start, very few finish. Here’s the harsh reality, whatever you’re going after is most probably going to take at least 2X longer than you predict; and it’s going to cost 2X as much. We’ll share with you the secret to stamina in a minute but it’s important to understand that “the difference between a master and a beginner is that the master can stand in the face of no results for longer.” We’ll talk about endurance of time in our next session but here are a few of the fundamentals to creating the stamina to start: Decide what you choose to create. Make is specific. Vague and ambiguous intentions create vague and ambiguous results. Decide what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve it. There will always be a sacrifice. Get started with the work. Do what you know right now and allow what comes next to emerge as you move forward. No one knew “how” until it was done. We talked about the C6. This your daily plan once you have clarity on your vision and intention. You don’t need a 10 year or even a one-year plan in this fast world. You need a one-day plan, broken down into one-hour plans. Now get on with the work… next time we’ll discuss how to endure. Connect with us:  
07:59 1/26/24
#93 - The Alchemy of Time #2
If you don’t schedule your day, other people and things will. When I work one-on-one in intensive coaching with individuals, I invariably ask them to send me a detailed example of their daily schedule. Most don’t have one—even those who do, don’t have a very specific one. Some want to tell me that they’re too much of a free spirit to schedule their day. Let me promise you, when you schedule your day, you’ll definitely get more accomplished. AND you’ll also find that you have more free time than you can imagine. Countless people I’ve interacted with, all the way back to my management days at ATT, spend an inordinate amount of time in the morning getting ready to get ready. Not having a plan is planning to fail. If you don’t schedule your day, other people and things will. 98% of the workforce say they are interrupted at least 3 or 4 times a day. The average individual checks his/her phone 58 times per day. Distractions can lead to committing twice as many errors as usual.  It takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to fully recover focus after a distraction. Here’s a couple of quick and easy to implement tools to address the lack of schedule. Know where you’re going and what you choose to accomplish. C6. Before sleep. Hit the ground running. Put everything on the calendar. Even personal issues There are more strategies we’ll talk about later, but for now, these 3 things will help you begin to transmute a chaotic day into an orderly and productive day. And productivity equals fulfillment. Connect with us: ⁠⁠
07:49 1/19/24
#92 - The Alchemy of Time
“Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” ~ Steve Jobs So many live their life according to the opinion of others. In fact, very few actually live—they merely exist. Unfortunately, many make excuses for what they do or don’t do—and one of the greatest excuses we hear is “I don’t have time.” Actually, this is somewhat correct… you don’t have time—time has you. And time won’t compensate for hesitation or procrastination. In the Toltec tradition it maintains, that “most never do what’s necessary to change until they’re backed into a corner with a dagger hanging over their head.” While this is graphic, it’s profoundly true. When do most find the time to work out and change their diet? After their doctor tells them that they’re going to have a heart attack. When do most work on their relationship? When one partner says I’ve had enough and I’m leaving. When do most develop a relationship with God, their Creator? When their life turns upside down and they feel they need someone to save them. You see, the reality is you always find the time to do what you value the most. No exception. If you “can’t find the time” to do something, the truth is you don’t value what you’re considering doing. It has nothing to do with time. Most will cruise along business as usual until they need to avoid pain. It’s a fact that we do more to avoid pain than to seek pleasure. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can always tell what someone truly values by two indicators: 1. Where they spend their time and 2. Where they spend their money. If someone’s calendar and bank statement is not full of something, you can bet they don’t value that something. It’s not about time management—you have the time. It’s about values clarity and self-management. So, the first question you must answer is: what do you truly value? All else flows from there. Connect with us:
08:10 1/12/24
#91 - Telling the Truth - The Most Important Keys to Alchemy and Transmutation
We’ve been discussing the most important keys to Alchemy and Transmutation. Counting the cost before beginning the journey Knowing what you stand for Being willing to sacrifice for what you stand for. These are all important and another key that’s equally important is telling the truth. This may seem simple, but we live in a world where truth doesn’t often appear to be highly valued. In fact, those who tell lies are often rewarded while those who tell the truth are often persecuted, even prosecuted. Think about how many have been censored or canceled for stating something against the controlling narrative. Consider how many truths have been suppressed and swept under the rug because they didn’t serve the powers in charge. While again, telling the truth may seem simple—it’s just simply not applied. Bersabeh and I were discussing over coffee a few mornings back how almost without exception, those who are remembered as heroes in our world are those who went against the controlling narrative. Socrates Buddha The Christ JFK Ghandi… the list is endless. The authors of the US Constitution As you think about it now, it would be difficult—maybe impossible to find someone who we believe to be heroic that didn’t buck the common way of thinking. No one who was normal ever made history. Truth starts with being honest with yourself. This takes self-awareness and self-confidence. When you live a lie you must remember and protect the lie. Unfortunately, many if not most have little of either—self-awareness or self-confidence. You can’t be honest with others if you can’t even be honest with yourself. example: God, making a difference, being a good person… Ask yourself: Who am I really? What’s most valuable to me? For what purpose do I do the things I do? Do my actions align with what I’ve answered? Take an inventory: it’s not what you say that defines you, it’s what you do. Connect with us:
06:55 1/5/24
#90 - Work on You first - The Most Important Keys to Alchemy and Transmutation
Are you happy with the state of your world and THE world in general right now? Are you truly willing to do what it takes to change your world first and then possibly change the world? Count the cost before you begin the journey because there’s always a price for the prize. Are you willing to make transmuting your own world the primary thing? Or are you just curious? Let’s face it, we live in turbulent times. As we’ve discussed previously, many are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the state of the world right now. There has never been a time more so than now where investing in your own growth, mental toughness, and emotional strength was as important as it is right now. We live in a time in which division is being propagated in the name of inclusion, control in the name of climate change, Woke ideology in the name of acceptance. Fear in the name of prosperity. Any thinking individual finds it difficult to not draw corollaries to the last days prior to the Fall of Past Great Empires. While we used to be grounded in God, family, country, and virtue… we’re now grounded in secular viewpoints that have in many respects made money more important than morality. Money has become our God. Politics has replaced philosophy. And work has become our religion. Bersabeh what is our faith? With this understanding we all must choose how we’re going to play going forward. We all must choose which side of history we’re doing to stand upon. What do you stand for? Until you are forced to take a stand, you’ll never really know what you stand for. What are you willing to sacrifice for what you believe in. Make sacred. Always will sacrifice. How do you want future generations to live? What do you want future generations to remember about you? These are a few of the questions to ferret out your true values and beliefs; and from an existential perspective, your beliefs are not what you say… they are what you do. It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you. ~ Batman Begins.   Connect with us: ⁠
08:10 12/29/23
#89 - The Most Important Keys to Alchemy and Transmutation (Count the Cost)
“Many are called but few are chosen” ~ Matthew 22:14 It’s vitally important to count the cost before you begin the journey. Many are “called” to higher principles, morals, and values. But what soon becomes apparent is that while they may be curious, but they’re not committed. The inarguable fact is that it’s difficult to escape the Matrix, or what we call socialized mind and programing. Some even like to speak about “escaping the Matrix” but then they turn around and talk about how they have 43 sports cars. This is not escaping the Matrix. From where we sit this is being fully under the spell of the Matrix. The beasts of money, food, sex, and power are extremely strong; and they’re very difficult to overcome.  Unless you’re totally asleep it’s very easy to notice where these primary values have driven this secular society. It’s very difficult for those who pay attention and are aware to not draw corollaries to the rise and fall of past nations. So, the first step to becoming a true alchemist. We’ve talked extensively about this being the art and science of transmutation. Not literal base metal into gold rather what appears to be chaotic and low value into something orderly and highly valued, possibly transmuting the secular back into the sacred, is to really decide a few things: Are you happy with the state of your world and THE world right now? Are you truly willing to do what it takes to change your world first and then possibly change theworld? Are you willing to make transmuting your own world the primary thing? Or are you just curious? Once you’ve answered these questions thoroughly and honestly, you can begin the process: Decide what you want Decide what you’re willing to give up to get it Get on with the work. More to come. Join us here: ⁠⁠
07:28 12/22/23
#88 - Wake Up
This is our final episode discussing the processes of turning base metal into gold. If you’ve been following hopefully, you recall that this is an analogy for internal alchemy versus external alchemy.  The gold we are creating is the awakened consciousness of who you and what you are. The awakened consciousness of your full God-given potential. You’ll also recall it’s a comprehensive process: of cleaning up, growing up, and waking up. It’s not a quick fix or easy… nor is it supposed to be. If it were easy, then everyone would be fully awake and fully actualizing their potential.  It’s not supposed to be easy. But it is meaningful. Once your body, mind and emotions are clean, then you can truly step into adulthood. Leaving old childhood baggage behind. We discussed this in our last session if you missed it. If you’re not able to let go of old friendships, relationships, and habits then you still have some cleaning work to do. Relationships that grow together stay together. Relationships that don’t grow together invariably grow apart. Or one person has to choose to stay frozen in time. The ultimate objective of awakening is threefold: 1. The realization of oneness with God and all things. 2. The experience of oneness with God and all things. 3. The experience of Nothingness. While this is hard to describe, the alchemical and mystery teaching tell us that all things came from No-thing. Likewise, physics tells us that all material objects ultimately come from the Quantum Vacuum. And this experience—not intellectually but experientially—is the ultimate waking up to the reality of what is as well as the reality of what isn’t. When experiencing these 3 stages you are turning your mundane base metal into gold. In the meantime. Keep your commitment and focus on cleaning up and growing up. Keep doing the work. It states in the mysteries: Perseverance in the Great Work will be rewarded. And it will. And it’s worth it. Connect with us: ⁠⁠
10:45 12/15/23
#87 - Grow Up
If you’ve been following this series, you must realize by now that alchemy—turning base metal into gold—is a long and complex process.  You might recall this process is a 3-step process: clean up, grow up, wake up. We’ve discussed the clean-up process pretty thoroughly. Cleaning your body of toxins: substances, poor nutrients, dietary habits, thoughts, emotions, feelings, contrary to most personal development, it’s difficult if not impossible to “clean up your thoughts” much less your feelings when your body and brain are toxic. In this episode we’ll move into the Grow up stage of the process. While this seems like something that happens naturally, it’s not. How many times do you know someone who is possibly in their 50-60s who claims that chronology, but they are very immature in their thought processes, habits, and emotionally? I know people in their 40s who are still living the life they were living in high school, college, or in their 20’s. Still partying every weekend, still playing video games every night, still hanging out with the same friends they had in high school.  The fact is that you grow up automatically, possibly to your early 20’s but once there, you’re on your own. There are plenty GenX adults who still blame their parents for their life; and they’re in their mid to late 40s; and a lot of them are very angry about their early years. Now, we’re not suggesting that possibly some horrible things happened to you in your formative years. We can relate to that. But to place blame upon those things is a childish thing to do. There are so many things we could speak about here. Still using the same slang and lingo (dude, cursing, “my bad”, rapper/gangster talk) that you used in your adolescence. Getting angry when you’re asked to work on a weekend. Planning your life around long holiday weekends so you can party. Hanging out with people half your age. I could go on but hopefully you get the point. Hanging out with friends from high school or college when you’re long past this time in your life; and the only thing you have in common is old memories. IF (big if) these people are growing at the same rate as you are and moving in the same direction, that’s one thing. But if they’re not… what do you really have in common with them? Chances are great you have a part of yourself, an arrested part of your personality from your past, that’s frozen in time. These are all childish things. Here’s a good one: building your identity and self-worth upon others’ attention or opinions. This is an epidemic driven by social media, and it affects people of all ages. I know adults who are still posing half naked on social media, or putting forward an identity that they know is not true. I had one client tell me: “Who I am on social media is not who I really am” Seriously? I replied, “Who I am on social media is exactly who I am in life.” What would have to happen for you to just be yourself? He replied, “that might not get as many likes and follows”. Unbelievable; and this guy was 33 years old. There’s a particular singer who is in her 60s… 65 to be exact… and she’s shooting videos of her dancing seductively on social media like she did back in her 20s. It’s not attractive—it’s sad. How mature and grown up are you in your consistent language, habits, and behavior?  There is no value in lying to yourself. This is why the cleanup portion must happen first. A lot of these parts of yourself are arrested due to unresolved emotional issues. The Christ told us, “Unless you become as little children you will never enter the kingdom.” Please remember there’s a vast difference between being “childlike” and being “childish.” Children have faith, they are open and inquisitive, they are joyful and playful. Children don’t have years of socialization and programming. But being childish is being self-absorbed, throwing tantrums, thinking of no one other than yourself. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to take your power back. It’s time to rise. ⁠⁠
09:48 12/8/23
#86 - Clean-up/Emotions
If you’ve been following for the last several episodes, it should be obvious that to “turn base metal into gold” is a lengthy and complicated process. You may recall we discussed some time ago that the first stage of alchemy is “melanosis” which is the blackening or destroying phase. For anything new to live something first must die. As we “put to death old dietary habits, old thinking processes, and now emotional processes we “clean the slate” so to speak to bring in the new. This is why it’s imperative to go through the clean-up process first before you can grow up and ultimately wake up. As difficult as cleaning up the physical and mental body may be, we suggest that cleaning up the emotional body is vastly more difficult. And it’s much more time-consuming. One of the best processes we’ve experienced and utilized for cleaning up emotional issues is a process called “recapitulation.” In some mystical traditions they call this process a soul retrieval.  In the Toltec traditions they state that you must recapitulate every single experience in your life. That’s a lot! Our experience is that while this may be empowering and powerful, you get a tremendous amount of energy regain as well as freedom from recapitulating your traumatic experiences. While you can do this for yourself it’s very difficult to take a 2nd person perspective or neutral position on your own emotional issues. Recapitulation is very different than traditional psychological therapy where you basically just recount past experiences to a therapist. In recapitulation you come from a new perspective and bring new resources from life experience that you didn’t have at an earlier age. Psychology does however prove that when you revisit a new memory with new resources you can never think of it, and feel about it, in the same way again. I attempted to recapitulate my past relationships every morning for a year and while I was somewhat successful, I was not entirely successful. So, by all means, do something or you’ll continue to live from past programming over and over again. If you’d like to have some help and support, both Bersabeh and I would love to help. ⁠⁠
15:37 12/1/23
#85 Clean up your thoughts
Continuing with the cleanup theme, we’ve discussed toxins and diet, now let’s move up to your mind and thoughts. Please remember that it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to clean up your thinking when your mind is clouded with toxins and poor nutrition. Once you’ve made some headway in the body clean up you can start to clean your thinking. Let me ask you to consider: if you had a friend that was constantly lying to you, constantly telling you you’re not good enough, constantly making you feel like the worst is going to happen, constantly causing you worry and stress... would you spend a lot of time with this so-called friend? When was the last time your own self-talk told you absolute truth regardless of appearances, told you the best is going to happen, constantly reassuring you that there’s no need to worry or stress about life situations?  When was the last time this happened? Then why do you listen? Why do you believe this self-talk? Maybe it’s time for a new friend. We’re certainly not advocating a Polyana approach to life—not at all. What we’re advocating is a realistic approach to life. How many times have you worried about something that never happened? “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened” ~ Mark Twain You can’t worry enough to fix anything.  You see what the alchemist calls “an adept” is not someone who has extraordinary powers. An adept is someone with an extraordinary point of view. In the Course in Miracles there’s an exercise it encourages you to practice for a full day. To look at everything that comes into your experience and to tell yourself, “I have no idea what that means.” Nothing has any meaning whatsoever in life besides the meaning we give to it. Everything is meaningless until we attach meaning to it. How many times have you been wrong? Again, we’re not advocating looking at the world through rose-colored glasses—not at all. The Adept, if we can continue with that term, sees things clearly. Not worse than they are, not better than they are... just exactly as they are. We challenge you to change your perception and point of view this week. Maybe you should commit to the exercise from CIM. Just tell yourself no matter what comes your way for a full day: “I have no idea what that means.” Find us at: ⁠⁠
06:44 11/23/23
#84 - Spotlight with Jeff Levitan
Jeff’s journey started from humble beginnings in Chicago, Illinois. He came from a  middle class working family that struggled financially, as most families in America do today. Driven by the motivation to avoid pain caused by finances, Jeff set out to make his own way and pursue his dreams. But, Jeff hit a point where he had a negative net worth. He built up debt to a level that made him feel as though he had no way out. Well, that was what Jeff thought until he ran into two concepts that would change his way of thinking forever. These two concepts were self-improvement and self-development.They focused on two keys to developing your life: your associations and the books you read. At that point Jeff accessed his associations and started asking himself, "Who am I really hanging out with? Are they where I want to be in life?" If they weren't, Jeff realized that could be detrimental to him getting the success he wanted to achieve. Jeff also started reading books written by people who were once in similar situations, improved upon them, and then wrote about it. Jeff realized you can borrow someone else's wisdom as a shortcut to achieving your dreams. Now, more than three decades later, Jeff has transformed his life and the lives of others personally and financially through his Living Life on Purpose Goal Setting Program. Attributing his success to his commitment to his goals, Jeff is now the owner of a multi-million-dollar corporation and an active investor in more than a dozen companies. As the author of several books on leadership and self-development, Jeff continues to inspire individuals to become more successful versions of themselves. He is committed to helping others live life on purpose and to the fullest. Connect with Jeff: Join Bettr: Instagram: ⁠⁠ Facebook: ⁠
62:33 11/17/23
#82 - Turning Base Metal into Gold #2 - Clean up
We’ve discussed the literal meaning of turning base metal into gold, beyond the metaphors and blinds of alchemical teachings. Ultimately, it’s about evolving the low-level consciousness of unconscious incompetence into the high level of conscious competence of the Higher Self. Also known as Christ Consciousness or Supreme Buddha Mind. Obviously, there is no quick fix or magic pill to accomplish this outcome. It takes time and work—lots of it. That’s why so few people ever accomplish it. We suggested 3 steps in the process: Clean up, grow up, wake up; and also suggested that they must happen in that exact order. So let’s begin a discussion of what specifically cleaning up consists of. In the mysteries it states that you must clean up starting with your physical body, then your mental body, then your emotional body and finally your spiritual body. So, let’s at least begin to address your physical body here today... we may not get finished for cleaning up consists of many things. The first thing you need to clean up physically are toxins. A toxic body will never have fully functional thoughts and feelings. There are a lot of different toxins that get put into your body. Some are more avoidable than others. First you should remove all tobacco products, alcohol, marijuana, and any and all other recreational drugs. Cigarettes are filled with chemicals and vaping is even worse. Cigarettes numb you out to life and suppress unresolved emotional issues—in addition to causing cancer. Alcohol kills brain cells and studies in brain morphology prove that it atrophies the executive centers of the brain. Furthermore, it kills the microbiome in your gut giving you a greater chance for dementia and Alzheimer’s. While pot is in vogue right now, it’s detrimental. I know there are those that like to argue its benefits, but the reality is that it is highly addicting, it also, like alcohol atrophies the executive center of the brain as well. Brain imaging conducted by Daniel Amen has proven that every quadrant of the brain functions at lower levels for those who smoke—and not just while they’re smoking. Finally, new research from Stanford University has found that those who smoke pot have a greater likelihood of heart attack as it constricts the arteries. These toxins are all within your control. We realize it may be difficult if you have an addiction but unless and until you beat these it will be next to impossible to fully clean up and turn base metal into gold. Come join us live: ⁠⁠
17:15 11/3/23
#81 - Spotlight with Andre Pennington
Andre grew up in Southern California, graduating from California State University, Fullerton, and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. He then started his legal career in 2006, as a trial attorney within the Colorado state courts. In 2007, he joined the U.S. Air Force. Over a four-year period, Andre engaged in estate planning and trial work. During that time, he was recognized by leadership as being within the top 5 percent of trial attorneys in the Air Force. With a desire to have a more stable home life, Andre left active duty and transferred to the Air Force Reserves, where he held the rank of Major. He served as a trial advocacy instructor, government appellate counsel, and estate planning attorney. Andre practiced as a federal trial attorney for the District of Arizona, handling the highest level of federal cases. In 2014, he decided to go into private practice as a full-time Arizona estate planning, wills, trusts, and probate attorney. Andre cites the Air Force’s core values — Integrity, Service, Excellence — as the guiding principles behind Pennington Law, PLLC as well as for his work in the community. He explains them as, “Integrity — when no one’s looking you do the right thing; service before self; and excellence in all we do.” As Andre explains, it starts with asking, “‘How much good can I give to the community?’ I tell my kids every day, ‘Have a great day and do great things.’ And that’s the way I think about it; every day is another day to do a great thing, to change someone’s life.” With a yearning to give Arizona children the chance to succeed, he founded residential homes dedicated to the well-being of foster children. In addition, he was appointed and served as a part-time judge for the Maricopa County Justice Courts (2015-2017). Andre holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a coach and lifetime member at ⁠De Boa Jiu-Jitsu Academy⁠ in Surprise, Arizona. Connect with Andre here: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠
54:19 10/27/23
#80 - Self-Awareness, Adaptation, Autonomy
Unfortunately, most have very little self-awareness. ASK: Who are you? Beyond what you do Beyond what you have or own If everything was taken away from you: friends, family, colleagues, business, finances… who would you be? Most people have little to no understanding of who they are. I’m an entrepreneur, parent, man/woman, engineer, architect… Those are all things you do, or a role you play. They don’t qualify for who you are. Why do you do what you do? Why do you like certain things and not others? Why do you have certain habits and traits? Do you ever promise yourself you’re going to change and then you don’t? Why is that? Do you ever do things and then wonder why? Ever do things that are disempowering, maybe harmful even though you know it’s not good for you? Why is that? Unless you can answer these questions, you’ll have little to no ability to influence yourself—much less be able to discipline yourself—to do something different. You’re flying on UC autopilot. 95% UCM It’s not about just changing your thinking. Make the UC/C Your results are a reflection of you. If you want your external results to change you must change...   Alchemy of Influence:  
24:40 10/20/23
#79 - Turning Base Metal into Gold
Transmutation not denial is the tool of mastery ~ Esoteric Axiom Possibly we’ve all heard about this crazy concept of alchemy where ancient scientists attempted to turn base metal into gold. That’s a metaphor and a front for the Catholic church during the Inquisition (sought out and destroyed “heresy”) What transmutation really means is taking something of low value (lead) and turning it into something of high value (gold). Ultimately the gold that the alchemist seeks is an awakened and enlightened consciousness. What many ancient teachings call a Christ Consciousness.  Christ it a title meaning: “the chosen one” “the anointed one” “an ideal human being.” So, the ultimate objective of true alchemy is to become an ideal human being—actually to become more than human. To literally become superhuman. Superhuman is not dodging bullets and jumping tall buildings, it’s to become a higher order of humanity. Let’s face it: look around you and you’ll quickly realize that a large portion of so-called humanity is operating at an animal level. Driven by money, food, sex, power. This is not even human... this is sub-human. Becoming human means having higher morals, principles, and virtues. To literally transmute the lower animal drives into higher drives of meaning and purpose. From there, the journey continues step by step, stage by stage to superhuman but please understand that you must become fully human first. That means you must be driven by much more than sensual pleasures and power. This journey is the true objective of all Alchemy. What the alchemists call  “The Great Work.”  To bring God into the world of form. And this journey is turning metaphoric lead into gold. Three simple reasons you’re here: Clean up Grow up Wake up And they must happen in that order.
10:05 10/17/23
#70 - Spotlight with Matt Osborne - Operation Underground Railroad
Matt Osborne has been fighting the crime of human trafficking in some form since 2006. He currently serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer at Operation Underground Railroad. Previously, Osborne served a 12-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency and US Department of State, where he worked issues related to terrorism against the homeland, illegal narcotics, organized crime, and human trafficking. He regularly provided secrets and analysis to US Presidents, senior cabinet officials, and the National Security Council.  Osborne served overseas tours in Madrid, Spain; Caracas, Venezuela; and Mexico City, Mexico. With Operation Underground Railroad, Matt has led a total of 27 undercover rescue operations that resulted in the liberation of 211 human trafficking victims and in the arrest of 72 suspected traffickers. Matt holds a B.A. in International Studies from Miami University in Oxford, OH, and a M.A. in International Policy Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in California. He has been married for 25 years and has two college-aged daughters who give him the drive to fight child exploitation and human trafficking. Please go watch Sound of Freedom: Contact information below National Antihuman Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888  Help fight THE FIGHT: Follow them here:
56:26 8/10/23
#156 - Spotlight with Jeremy and Brielle Slate on Relationships
Jeremy Ryan Slate is the host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world.  He studied literature at Oxford University, as well as holding a Master’s in Early Roman Empire Propaganda from Seton Hall University. His podcast was named the #1 Podcast to Listen To by INC Magazine in 2019, as well as Top 40 Under 40 by Podcast Magazine in 2022. Jeremy and his wife, Brielle, co-founded Command Your Brand—a new media public relations agency designed to help entrepreneurs share their message by appearing as guests on podcasts. He resides in Stillwater, NJ where he raises chickens and is a former competitive powerlifter. Get your free resource here: Contact us here: You can follow them here: 
78:41 8/5/23
Take Responsibility
Until you take absolute responsibility for everything in your life, you’ll never be empowered to change. Take control! Think about “absolute responsibility” in terms of your country and world today. What do you think the overall attitude is? Is there a culture of accepting responsibility for our choices, our various situations, our health and even our own happiness? I think you'll have to agree there’s little to no absolute responsibility but rather blame, complaint, and entitlement...   Join our free community here: ⁠⁠
05:19 7/25/23
Understanding and Using Fear
Your greatest opportunity resides just beyond your greatest fear. It's a fact. EVERYONE is afraid; and the more you say you don't experience fear, the more you really do. In ancient Greece the god of war was named Phobos. Phobos was the god of fear. In ancient Egypt the goddess of fear was named Sekhmet. It was believed that her fierce and fiery breath created the desert itself. Her wrath and destruction were legendary...
04:23 7/14/23
The Only Way to Grow your Life and Business
There’s ONLY one way to grow your life and business. Are you ready? Obstacles There’s no such thing as compulsory growth and evolution. It takes constant struggle, resilience, sacrifice, and resolve. Let's face it, change and growth are hard...  
04:27 6/30/23
The Obstacle is The Way
That which appears to be your difficulty is actually the doorway to your freedom and desire. We often fool and frustrate ourselves into thinking that life should be easy. Have you ever thought: "There just has to be an easier way?" Boy, I know I have. But when we develop experience and wisdom we realize that what appears to stand in the way IS the way...
03:49 6/23/23
Leadership and Mastery
Leadership and Mastery are a great thing; and loneliness is most often the price. Look, let's face it. Those who have the most number of friends in life, those who most frequently have the most followers, are most often not those who are harbingers of greatness. There are exceptions but that tends to be the rule...
04:39 6/8/23
Learn From The Past
People who obsess over their own history very rarely make history. Look, what you've done in the past is just that, it’s past. The only value it has for your life today, is the learning; either good or bad. By the way, it's ALL good...
02:44 5/25/23
It's Time to Wake Up!
For the first time in history more people die from eating too much than from starvation. According to the World Health Organization 3 MILLION people die every single year from obesity versus 1 M who die from starvation. Staggering...   Join our free community here: ⁠⁠   Join our biweekly Zoom community meetings here: ⁠⁠
04:46 5/19/23
It’s not what say it’s what you do
It's not what you say, it's what you do. It's not what you espouse, it's what you tolerate. Unfortunately talk is cheap. You've heard it many times; and it's still as true this time as it was the first time. Maybe even more so. How close and congruent are the things you SAY compared to the things you DO?   Join our free community here: ⁠⁠ Join our biweekly Zoom community meetings here: ⁠⁠
00:18 5/18/23
The Time is Now
It's never too late to build your dream... As long as you begin today! Time. It's the most valuable resource you've been given. How are you using it? Or is it using you...
03:15 3/23/23