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Joni Eareckson Tada: Sharing Hope

Need a spark of joy or a word of encouragement? Listen in for your daily dose of help and hope in Jesus. This four-minute program from Joni Eareckson Tada will inspire you! Your soul will be lifted up and your faith strengthened no matter what trials you may be facing today.


Children of the World
Anchor your heart to Romans 12:2. God’s will for your life right now is good, acceptable, and perfect.
04:00 9/27/23
What Was I Made For?
God chose you to mirror his glory. Today think of ways you can showcase his glorious qualities to others and live the exact life he created you to live.
04:00 9/26/23
The Spoon Vanishes
Every day, the Lord is watching over you, spreading his protection over you. So, friend, sing for joy.
04:00 9/25/23
The Proverbial Ant
Do not let yesterday’s heartaches rob you of the strength you need to face tomorrow. Proverbs 13 says that the soul of the diligent will be richly supplied.
04:00 9/22/23
Too Much of a Good Thing
If you trust in his goodness and provision, life will be anything but boring. Wait on the Lord and let good things come in his timing. It’ll be an amazing adventure.
04:00 9/21/23
Dressed in Jesus
Put on love and good deeds. Clothe yourself in Jesus and delight in all that he’s sacrificed to give you.
04:00 9/20/23
Almost Home
As a Christian, you have a brighter future than you can possibly imagine. A friendly reminder that you have a beautiful home in heaven to look forward to – you’re almost there.
04:00 9/19/23
Happy Grams in Christ
04:00 9/18/23
A New Cross
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
04:00 9/15/23
Six Hours
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
04:00 9/14/23
Fight the Good Fight
Take courage knowing you’ve got Jesus in your corner. The fight you’re fighting will not last forever – one day it’ll be finished, and every battle you’ve won against sin will bring honor and glory to your Savior. It’s what fighting the good fight is all about.
04:00 9/13/23
Live Carefully
God has made your heart his throne. May you never forget who dwells within you.
04:00 9/12/23
Love is a Choice
Show selfless love, even to a stranger, because love like that once saved a blind man, his coworker, and a dog on that fateful day on September 11th.
04:00 9/11/23
God Does Not Withhold
Ask yourself today, what "good thing" did the Lord give you during your most difficult days? May God help you to treasure every good thing he sends your way when you walk uprightly – even through hard times.
04:00 9/8/23
The Nearness of God
You may be facing some frightening obstacles today and feel like you want to stay in bed. If this describes you, you need God’s courage. Know that you can get through the day because courage is not the absence of fear, it is the abundance of faith, and faith always comes when you’re close to Jesus.
04:00 9/7/23
Driveway Friend
04:00 9/6/23
I Would Rather Be
I hope you can say that you would rather have your difficulties, than not have them at the expense of knowing Christ. I pray that he be that important and urgent in your life.
04:00 9/5/23
Peruvian Blessings
If your spirits are low today; if you’re dealing with a disappointment, cast your worries on the Lord. He just might bless you with some wild, strange, wonderful, and surprising answer for your troubled heart.
04:00 9/4/23
See What is Unseen
Hear a story about Joni’s friend Calvin who became paralyzed in his early 20’s. He knew that what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. You might be disappointed with great needs, but today find a way to fix your eyes on heaven and on the needs of others, just like Calvin.
04:00 9/1/23
Your Morning Song
Are you in trouble today, spiritually? Emotionally? Or even physically? There’s a hymn of praise to God that’ll more than match it. So, sing it tomorrow morning and chase away every dark thought and shade of sin.
04:00 8/31/23
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
Today on National Grief Awareness Day, listen in to learn a little awareness on how Christians can gently and carefully support someone through their cutting grief.
04:00 8/30/23
Earnest Faith
No matter what your trial is today, reach out in faith to Jesus. Remember, faith is the empty hand that earnestly lays hold of the grace of God.
04:00 8/29/23
Heading for a Better Country
Compared to eternity, our grief is only a moment in time. The saddest heart can be assured that “the things that are seen are transient, but things that are unseen are eternal.” Keep scanning your eyes for heaven’s horizon because you’ll be reunited with loved ones someday soon.
04:00 8/28/23
Blue Ribbon Winner
It’s not about moving on to bigger, better, and more elaborate things. It’s about serving with a humble spirit wherever God has placed you, in your job, your family, a college campus, or at work. Let the quality of your work be the pattern from which your stature is cut.
04:00 8/25/23
Tell Him
If you haven’t done it already, ask for your daily bread. Feel your need of Christ. And let him generously pour out upon you your daily dependence on his grace.
04:00 8/24/23
All For Your Good
If God loves you enough to die for you, don’t you think he has your best interests at heart? Today, thank God for his overarching decrees that you may not understand, but you certainly can trust.
04:00 8/23/23
A Purpose Discovered
You may be struggling in some hardship wondering, “what’s the purpose?” Well, there is a purpose. And most often, God allows your hardships to open a way for you to bless others.
04:00 8/22/23
The Bread of Heaven
Watch for opportunities today to touch those who are wounded, encourage those who are helpless, and strengthen those who are weak. Give freely and richly because it’s what Jesus has done for you.
04:00 8/21/23
Resolutions For Life
Tune in to hear one of America’s prominent and influential theologians give true wisdom on how to number your days; use them carefully, thoughtfully, kindly, and with an eye to God’s glory.
04:00 8/18/23
An Unshakable Promise
Trust in God through shaky times so that your confidence in the Lord will not fail. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Today, minimize your troubles by reflecting on all that will never, ever be shaken in your life.
04:00 8/17/23