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Phones, Canes, and Twitter!
Hello and welcome to this week's Blind Tech Adventures podcast.  We have a lot to cover, starting with Kirt's review of his new Galaxy s22.  Nimer then demos the Twitter web app with Jaws (no, you don't need yet another app on your phone), and we finish with our thoughts on the current state of cane travel-- what works, what could be better, and our different approaches to this well-worn tool we both rely on.In the News:1.  For those of you who use new Humanware braille displays, the Mantis and biX models just received their version 2.0 update.  Highlights include support for editing brf files (better late than never), a more intelligent terminal mode for easier connections with computers and other bug fixes.  There's still no backwards compatibility for non-HID devices, so support for chromebooks and android devices is still limited.  Google Drive now supports standard keyboard commands for copying and pasting.  If you use a Moto g20 or any other budget smart phone with modem tech from the company Unisoc your phone may be at extra risk of falling victim to a remote attack.  Finally, IIT Kanpur from India has designed a smart watch for blind and visually impaired users.  The watch seems to display its output through haptic vibrations rather than sound and allegedly offers features for blind and visually impaired users, though specifics seem vague. the Show.
88:08 6/7/22
Barking up the Gmail Tree: Gmail standard view with Jaws, rehoming retired guide dogs and more
Hello and welcome to this week's Blind Tech adventures.  We still see popular misconceptions regarding gmail Standard view accessibility, so today we're exploring Gmail standard view with Jaws.  Nimer also shares his thoughts on guide dogs as he prepares to send an old companion to a new home.In the News:1.  Sonos is launching a voice assistant for their audio devices called Sonos Controller.  NVDA 2022.1 has been released, improving navigation in microsoft word documents while breaking compatibility with add-ons for all previous versions. the Show.
71:31 5/31/22
Accessibility awareness week, Discord web app, airport travel adventures
Today's show is fairly packed, starting with accessibility updates from Apple and Google.  Kirt then revisits web apps with jaws to demo Discord, and Nimer shares his experiences with airport travel.In the News:1.  In case you missed it, here's Nimer's announcement of Android's improved Braille support from last week's Google IO conference.  Apple also announced new accessibility features. These include door detection and voiceover support for 20 new languages.  There is a new update for Envision glasses.  Announced features include better smart guidance and OCR improvements.  Google and Motorola both sold more phones than expected so far in 2022. in this VideoSongSahra 2ArtistNoron BeatsLicensed to YouTube byHAAWK for a 3rd Party (on behalf of Noron Beats); HAAWK Publishing, and 1 Music Rights SocietiesSupport the Show.
79:24 5/24/22
Chowing on Dots
the BlindTechAdventurers are joined by Keith and Julie Harrison to discuss an innovative new modality for teaching and learning Braille. At the heart of this is an app called Tonal Braille. We discuss this innovative method, and demo the app.* To download Tonal Braille, check out discuss some news articles, including Google I/O, and the introduction of new accessibility features to Android.Next, we demo the new Sound Recorder app in Windows 11 Insider builds.Finally, we engaged in a discussion of Braille. How do we use Braille, which devices do we use, is Braille even still relevant, etc.* Check out where you can learn about the podcasters, donate, and check out other episodes.* Check out and subscribe to the YouTube channel, where you may find content not released to podcast form.* Please consider sharing this podcast with your friends.* If you'd like to come on the show, or if you have feedback, please send that to email@blindtechadventures.comSupport the Show.
100:15 5/17/22
Linux inside Windows, neighborhood walk and more!
Hello and welcome to this weeks' Blind Tech Adventures. Departing from our tech exclusive fair lately, Kirt takes us on a walk around his neighborhood and sares some travel tips along the way. Nimer shows us how to set up the Windows Subsystem for Linux, with Kirt sharing some powerful - and somewhat obscure- windows keystrokes during Nimer's inevitable reboots throughout the setup process.In the News:1.  In case you somehow haven't heard, Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Reports now indicate he is planning  to serve as the social network's interim CEO while the company transitions to his leadership.  At&T, heralded by many American cell phone industry insiders as the best value in U.S. wireless, is raising prices for their legacy plans in a bid to switch their customers to newer offerings. T-mobile is expanding their fixed wireless business in a bid to compete with cable companies like Xfinity.  Price cuts were adverttised, especially for customers who bundle home internet with their magenta max cell service.   The popular accessible navigation app blindsquare has been updated, bringing better turn by turn directions and support for bluetooth hearing aids.  If you're a Mac user, you can now download a desktop version of the VoiceDream Reader app. the Show.
131:43 5/10/22
Ask Me Anything: Nimer and Kirt Interview Diego, CEO of about Ara #straptech
Last Wednesday, Apr 27 2022,Nimer and Kirt sat down with Diego, CEO of in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinar. The webinar was open to individuals who had placed pre orders for Ara. Nimer and Kirt asked some tough questions. We also took the opportunity to ask questions from individuals that placed their pre orders. Individuals from the audience were able to ask their questions as well. We learned a lot from this session, and we hope you will, as well.To learn more about Ara, or to place your pre order, please check out strap.techTo watch the video of the event, or to subscribe to the BlindTechAdventures YouTube channel, please check out you know that we pay more than $50/month to bring this content to you? If you enjoy and value our content, please consider donating. Any contribution, no matter how small, helps us give you more app demos, device reviews, and tips to help you make the most of your technology.You can make a donation in any amount at the Show.
82:12 5/3/22
Channel updates, the latest from Ara (Strap), Kirt bought a raspberry pie.
Hello and welcome to this post-Easter Blind Tech Adventures.  Today we have a lot to share, starting with our channel branding updates. The team behind Ara (strap) also have some updates, especially relevant for people with device pre-orders. Finally Kirt tells us why he decided to buy a Raspberry pie 400, a full computer inside a keyboard.In the News1.  Freedom Scientific recently released Jaws updates for 2022. I've not yet had the chance to test in detail but improvements include web navigation enhancements and better integration with Fusion.  According to this recently released survey, so far Iphone 13 models are dominating Apple sales even more than their current flagships usually do.  If you're looking to take full control of your windows settings, this tutorial from XDA developers about enabling windows God Mode may be helpful. the Show.
43:15 4/23/22