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Discussions on the how to make homebrew retro games and highlighting some of the latest projects in the community. Hosted by Matt Heffernan from Slithy Games, plus a panel of retro homebrew developers. Follow us on Mastodon!


Commodore 64
In our third episode we take a look at the Commodore 64 - the immensely popular home computer that really kicked off the whole homebrew phenomenon.See the video version of the podcast: the Show.
73:56 7/28/22
Atari 2600
In the second episode of Retro Brewhouse, we devote an entire podcast to the first of many platforms: The Atari 2600. Learn all about the homebrew scene from the people inside it and see the amazing Atari 2600 games that are still being made today.See the video of this podcast on YouTube: Website: https://www.retrobrewhouse.comSupport the Show.
87:56 6/6/22
Episode #1 - Introductions/Why Retro?
In this premiere episode of Retro Brewhouse, we introduce ourselves, talk about what we are doing in the retro homebrew game development community, and why we do it.Podcast Website: https://www.retrobrewhouse.comSee the video podcast on YouTube: the Show.
94:38 5/2/22
Coming soon: the first episode of Retro Brewhouse!Support the Show.
00:35 4/27/22