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The Purposeful Banker podcast is for bankers who have to compete in the commercial lending world. Every podcast will contain information that will arm you with ways to win more deals and strengthen relationships.


Good News, Bad News: Protecting Your Bank Against Bad Actors
In this episode of The Purposeful Banker, Alex Habet speaks with Steve Bartels from Q2 about the state of cybercrime in financial services and what banks and credit unions can do to fight it.
22:15 10/04/2022
Spotlight: How Texas Security Bank Uses Purpose to Take On Goliath
Shon Cass of Texas Security Bank joins Alex Habet to talk about the bank’s story, strategy, and culture; how they think about technology; and how they’re planning for 2023 and beyond in an uncertain macro environment.
38:12 09/20/2022
Why It’s Time to Double Down on Relationship Banking
In this episode of The Purposeful Banker, Alex Habet and Tony Hernandez talk about why a relationship approach is more important than ever, from interdepartmental collaboration to pricing and deal structuring.
33:52 09/06/2022
Finally! Interest Rate Effects Start to Take Shape
In this episode of The Purposeful Banker, Alex Habet and Tony Hernandez discuss results of the most recent review of Q2 PrecisionLender data and how the current rate environment is affecting pricing.
25:16 08/23/2022
Episode Rewind: Bank Strategies for the Next Recession
In this episode of The Purposeful Banker, we rewind to a 2019 conversation with PrecisionLender CEO Carl Ryden and 11:FS CEO David Brear about the strategies banks should employ to go beyond just weathering the storm, to actually prospering during tough times.
29:05 08/08/2022
BankOnPurpose: Looking Back and Moving Forward
As Q2 prepares for the in-person BankOnPurpose conference in November, Alex Habet looks back at some of our favorite, most impactful sessions from past years. 
25:44 07/26/2022
RM Tips: Structuring Deals in a Down Economy
As our economy reacts to the recent interest rate hikes, businesses aren’t shying away from taking out loans. In fact, the average loan size has grown significantly. In this episode, Alex Habet and Tony Hernandez discuss the latest trend data from Q2 PrecisionLender and highlight some key considerations for relationship managers.
28:13 07/12/2022
Bear Market Breakdown
Now that we're in one, what is a bear market, really? And how should bankers adjust their strategies, if at all? In this week’s podcast, Alex Habet and Dallas Wells discuss the carnage in the stock market and what it means for banking in the short and long term. 
37:32 06/28/2022
What Are SMBs Saying About Their FIs?
In this episode of the Purposeful Banker podcast, Alex Habet sits with Dean Jenkins, former banker and leader of Product Marketing at Q2, to discuss the takeaways from recent research into what small businesses say they need from their financial institutions and what they’re not getting today.
24:40 06/13/2022
Rate Hikes Are Here - What's Next?
With the Federal Reserve announcing a half-point raise in May—and further raises on the horizon—Alex and Dallas talk about the short-term impacts to deposits, the demand and competitive environment, the state of the general economy, and more.
28:20 05/31/2022
Part Two: Winning With SMBs Is About More Than Just Technology
In this week's podcast, Dallas Wells and Alex Habet continue their conversation about how financial institutions can best serve small businesses. There's no question that inserting technology into a relationship-driven business is tricky, but how can it be done, and why does it matter? Tune in as Dallas and Alex explore these questions, how the team at Q2 thinks about achieving this balance, and more.
30:39 05/02/2022
Winning With SMBs Is About More Than Just Technology
In this installment of The Purposeful Banker, Dallas Wells and Alex Habet get real about what it takes to serve today's small businesses. While digital capabilities are in demand and certainly table stakes, there's more to consider. How well do you know the SMB customers you're trying to attract, and what changes does your FI need to make to retain them once you have them?
32:34 04/18/2022
What a Long Strange Trip ...
It's Jim Young's final appearance on the show! He marks the occasion with Dallas Wells by going back to the beginning, more than six years ago, and comparing what commercial banking was like then, vs. now. 
27:39 03/28/2022
Time to Talk Interest Rates
Interest rate hikes are (finally) on the horizon. How should banks adjust their 2022 strategies? Will an increase in commercial loan demand follow? And when the funding costs rise, will pricing move up as well? 
24:02 02/28/2022
SMB Lending: What The Economist's Survey Says
Discussing the findings in the Economist's recent report: "What Is Shaping the Ecosystem of Small Business Lending?" It's based on a global survey of lenders from traditional FIs and fintechs. 
30:30 02/02/2022
State of Commercial Banking 2022: Sneak Preview
A look at some of the insights and analysis coming up in the annual State of Commercial Banking webinar and report. 
13:27 01/17/2022
A Look Back at Commercial Pricing in 2021
We start the year off by taking a look back at how the commercial pricing story unfolded over the course of 2021: where things started, what happened along the way, and where we stand now as we head into 2022.
26:28 01/03/2022
A Commercial Banking Retirement Wave ... or Tsunami?
A generation of commercial bankers is rapidly moving toward retirement. What steps does the industry need to make to lessen the impact of this impending talent crunch? 
22:27 12/20/2021
Introducing YieldBuilder and the BCG/Q2 Partnership
Discussing the recent BCG/Q2 partnership, as well as YieldBuilder - the product jointly developed by the two companies - and the impact it will have on the commercial banking industry. 
18:30 12/13/2021
What Does the Data Tell Us About Primacy?
We look at insights from the PrecisionLender database, as well as polls conducted with commercial bankers, to see what those findings tell us about Primacy - why it's so vital now, why it's so difficult for some banks to achieve, and the bottom-line impact of broadening relationships. 
24:45 11/29/2021
Spreadsheet Shortcoming at Your Bank
Spreadsheets have their uses, but they're often not capable of performing some of the tasks banks ask of them. In this episode we look at spreadsheet shortcomings and the ways they could be harming your bank.
18:55 11/15/2021
When Metrics Go Awry in Commercial Banking
PrecisionLender's founder Carl Ryden likes to say "Data that doesn't lead to action is just trivia." Banks are great at measuring all sorts of things, but which metrics are really helping them improve performance and which ones are just ... trivia? 
28:56 11/01/2021
What's Driving the Recent Flurry of Regional Bank M&A?
Big-bank M&A deals are at their highest levels since the late 90's. In this episode we explore what factors are pushing more and more and regional banks to join forces. 
20:27 10/04/2021
Why Pirates and Dull Knives Matter in Commercial Banking
How can your bank keep the competition from raiding your deals? And are the processes your bank puts in place to guard against bad deals actually doing more harm than good? We go back into the blog vault for this week's Purposeful Banker episode. 
24:54 09/20/2021
Can Your Commercial Bank "Get" the Price It "Sets"?
We revisit an oldie-but-goodie topic: Banks spend a lot of time and effort calculating the price for each commercial deal. But how much do they focus on whether their bankers actually "get" that price? 
17:51 09/06/2021
Anxieties and Opportunities in Commercial Banking
Are some of the pricing and structuring tactics being used in the commercial banking market lately a sign of growing anxiety, or perhaps potential opportunities? 
23:33 08/23/2021
Commercial Deal Collaboration: The Treasury Perspective
Shifting the focus from commercial RMs, to the Treasury Management perspective and exploring how Treasury officers view the deal collaboration process. 
22:01 08/09/2021
Is True Commercial Deal Collaboration Possible?
Banks need better collaboration on commercial deals in order to win coveted deals and improve profitability. But that's much easier said than done. 
29:30 07/27/2021
Connecting the Commercial Banking Tech Stack
We preview our upcoming webinar, "Connecting Commercial Banking Technology," discussing why banks are focusing more on building an end-to-end commercial tech stack and how PrecisionLender connects the key pieces. 
10:10 07/12/2021
What Does "Primacy" Mean for Commercial Banks?
Primacy is a buzzword at a lot of commercial banks these days, but what does it mean, exactly? What truly determines primacy? And what do banks need to do to achieve it?
23:58 06/28/2021