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The Other Side of Weight Loss

This podcast is for women who are ready to go beyond diet and exercise and want to discover how to balance their hormones and find their weight loss code! As we age we must address our hormones in order to lose weight and feel our best. Karen Martel is a Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach, and weight loss expert. After struggling with her own health issues, Karen was determined to bring her knowledge to others with a bold new approach to women’s health and weight management. Karen's passion lies in helping women break through weight loss resistance and find their personal weight loss code through nutrition and hormone optimization. You can find Karen at


Women Working Through Menopause with Dr. Mache Seibel 37:03 07/02/2022
Q&A Round Table with Marty Kendall, Matty Lansdown & Karen Martel 92:24 06/25/2022
Round Table Talk on The Hottest Diet Trends Out There with Matty Lansdown & Marty Kendall 87:29 06/18/2022
The Power of Your Genes and What They Can Tell You About Your Health, Ability to Lose Weight, Detox and More! 70:45 06/11/2022
Deep Dive into Estrogen Dominance and Why You Need to Be Careful Taking DIM 53:57 06/04/2022
Stealth Infections That Could Be Driving Your Weight Gain & Health Issues 62:58 05/28/2022
Non Scale Victories with Pam and Karen 66:49 05/21/2022
The Best Hacks to Beat Insomnia with Sleep Expert Mollie McGlocklin 72:58 05/14/2022
A Special Mothers Day Interview with My Mom 37:44 05/07/2022
What your genes can tell you about your hormones & success with hormone replacement Dr. Seema Kanwal 75:05 04/30/2022
The Root Causes to Heavy Periods and Side Effects of Hysterectomies 38:09 04/23/2022
Master Your Blood Sugar with Danielle Hamilton 78:10 04/16/2022
Q&A with Karen hunger control in menopause, chronic UTI's, low morning Cortisol 56:45 04/09/2022
Compounding Pharmacist Shawn Needham speaks out about bioidentical hormones weight loss our failing medical system and how to best use compounded hormones to optimize your health 58:36 04/02/2022
Drop the Excuses...Tough Love Weight Loss Advice 46:39 03/26/2022
How to Heal Your Relationship with Dieting with Toni Marinucci 46:24 03/19/2022
Testosterone Replacement for Women and the biased medical community why we need it for our libido, breasts, muscles, brain, bones, weight loss and more! 50:03 03/12/2022
The Benefits of Biohacking for Hormone Imbalances, Mental Illness, Insomnia with Angela Foster 64:56 03/05/2022
How I Finally Lost Weight and Got in Shape 73:11 02/26/2022
Prescription Medication and Dealing with Past Traumas to Help You Lose Weight with Liz Dickinson and Shannon Shearn 38:40 02/19/2022
The Scary Truth About The Long Term Side Effects of Birth Control 63:25 02/12/2022
Ditch the Toxins Look Great and Feel Freaking Amazing with Dr. Wendy Trubow 73:50 01/27/2022
How a Continuous Blood Sugar Monitor Can Help You Find Your Perfect Diet 57:59 01/22/2022
Part 2 Weight Loss, Hormones & Fitness a Round Table Talk with Dana Lawson & Pam Sherman 52:25 01/15/2022
Weight Loss, Hormones & Fitness a Round Table Talk with Dana Lawson & Pam Sherman 50:43 01/08/2022
Xenoestrogen Dominance with Dr Anthony Jay 54:01 01/01/2022
Ditch the Sugar Addiction Once and For All with Danielle Daem 57:01 12/18/2021
How Much Holiday Gluttony Can You Get Away With Before Gaining Weight? 52:20 12/11/2021
How to Lose weight with Hypothyroidism 58:40 12/04/2021
How Your Doctor Is Slowly Killing You: A Woman’s Health Survival Guide with Dr. Hot Flash 51:23 11/27/2021