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The California Appellate Law Podcast

An appellate law podcast for trial lawyers. Appellate specialists Jeff Lewis and Tim Kowal discuss timely trial tips and the latest cases and news coming from the California Court of Appeal and California Supreme Court.


How to Mediate and Settle Your Appeal, with John Derrick 57:16 05/10/2022
“Stump Tim,” Do Sympathetic Parties Get Better Results? And Other Recent Cases 31:30 05/03/2022
Jeff Lewis Interviews Tim Kowal 35:30 04/26/2022
David Greco on the Unique Challenges in Probate Appeals 48:45 04/19/2022
Creators of the Blog, Michael Hensley and Marc Alexander, Discuss Tips for Requesting and Opposing Attorney Fees 59:52 04/12/2022
Victoria Fuller on Family Law Appeals 47:49 03/22/2022
“Prophet Without Honor”: Sean Brady on Judge VanDyke’s Controversial 2nd Amendment Prediction 61:53 03/15/2022
The “Speedy” in Speedy Trial Becomes Relative, and the Limits of Scientology Arbitration: A Review of Jan. 2022 Cases 30:03 03/01/2022
Elegant Legal Writing, with Ryan McCarl 47:07 02/15/2022
Rejected Arguments for Lack of Citation, and Other Recent Cases 22:44 02/01/2022
A Proposal to Amend the No-Citation Rule, with David Ettinger and Dean Bochner 47:54 01/18/2022
Explaining the Vaccine Mandate Lawsuits, with Medical Rights Attorney Rick Jaffe 74:52 01/04/2022
Winning an Appeal: Our Interview with Author and Attorney Myron Moskovitz 49:15 12/14/2021
Should You Take a Writ? Anne Grignon on Arbitration Writs & 3 Tips for Your Next Appeal 46:52 12/07/2021
Limited Jurisdiction Appeals, Eviction Tsunamis and HateWriting, our Interview with Frances Campbell 47:07 11/16/2021
How Does a Client Measure Success? Our Conversation with Outside General Counsel Lee Goldberg 39:50 10/14/2021
Oral Argument in the California Supreme Court During Covid: Our Interview With Kelly Ernby 51:49 09/28/2021
What Difference Does an Appellate Judge Make: Ideology, Orientation and Temperament in the Intermediate Appellate Courts of California: An Interview with Research Attorney Jeff Calkins 61:18 08/27/2021
Circuit Splits, Amicus Briefs and Interview with John Reeves 40:57 07/30/2021
Interview with Frank Lowrey: Motions in Limine, Civility and Appellate Practice 55:40 06/28/2021
The Science and Rhetoric of the Written Word: An Interview with Judge Robert Bacharach 62:04 06/14/2021
Appellate Tips Involving Arbitration, Satan and Rule 50 Motions 28:40 06/08/2021
Genetic Testing, Charles Manson and a Notable Appellate Result: Our Interview with Alan Yockelson 50:28 05/07/2021
State vs. Federal Appeals with Appellate Attorney Cory Webster 68:01 03/31/2021
MC Sungaila Interview and Citation to Unpublished Decisions 49:18 03/02/2021
Stays and Bonds in California Appeals 37:15 02/19/2021
California Family Law Appeals 41:36 10/26/2020
Peremptory Challenges and Motions for Reconsideration 38:43 09/26/2020
Appeals of Preliminary Injunctions 35:25 08/12/2020
Summary Judgment 28:22 07/21/2020