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Inspiring conversations with marketing leaders and tech entrepreneurs from all over the world. We focus on topics related to Web3, AI, NFTs and the Metaverse.


Crafting Winning Strategies for the NFT Marketplace with Arvin Khamseh | S3 E44
Prepare to unlock the enigmatic world of Web3 marketing as we sit down with the virtuoso of NFT advertising, Arvin Khamseh. His journey from traditional marketing to the vanguard of the crypto space serves as a beacon for those navigating this new digital frontier. Through our discussion, we reveal the nimble tactics needed in a domain where marketing strategies have a blink-and-you'll-miss-it lifespan. Arvin's tenacity shines as he recounts how he weathered the crypto winter, maintaining his foothold and keeping his sights on the future tides of the market.The road to launching a successful NFT project is fraught with challenges and demands a captain who can steer the ship with data rather than gut instincts. In this episode, we unearth the treasure trove of strategies essential for founders to reach the prized shores of a complete sell-out. From the perils of ego-driven decisions to the siren call of misleading success metrics, we illuminate the path our incubator has taken to achieve an impressive 81% success rate. This segment is a masterclass for founders, detailing the crucial judgment calls that can make or break a venture in the tempestuous crypto seas.As we chart the course of NFT marketing strategies, we touch upon the significant shift in audience engagement, moving away from saturated markets to fresh territories ripe with enthusiasm for digital collectibles. We dissect the innovative approach to crowd marketing, which has surged as a potent force amid changing social media landscapes. Our episode is your compass to the evolving strategies that keep one's brand afloat and sailing ahead in the dynamic waters of Web3 marketing. Join us as we share our map filled with the insights and resources that have guided many to success in the ever-shifting world of NFTs.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on January 10, 2024. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
36:57 2/20/24
Are Ordinals the Next Big Thing in Blockchain Technology? – with Francesca Conti from Outlier Ventures | S3 E43
Explore the transformative frontiers of Web3 with us as Francesca Conti of Outlier Ventures joins me, Joeri Billast, in a conversation that promises to equip you with a fresh perspective on this digital revolution. From Francesca's own shift from the realms of traditional media into the heart of Web3 innovation, we unravel the tapestry of challenges and triumphs startups encounter. Discover the pivotal role of Outlier Ventures in shaping the landscape and learn how they're sculpting more welcoming onboarding experiences for users everywhere, ensuring that the future of technology is not just advanced, but also accessible.Hold on to your digital hats as we take a deep dive into the world of NFTs and uncover the unique value being crafted through platforms like Junkyard You're. The art of storytelling and community engagement takes center stage, revolutionizing loyalty programs and event access in ways previously unimagined. We also cast a glance at the surging tide of DeFi applications, with Francesca and I sharing our excitement for how ordinals and other innovations are sparking renewed enthusiasm in the sector. And if you're intrigued by the intersection of Web3 with beauty and fashion, stay tuned for our anticipation of trailblazing initiatives from giants like L'Oreal.Our journey doesn't end there. Networking and robust infrastructure are celebrated as the lifeblood of the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem. I share insights from over 150 podcast episodes, highlighting the diverse thoughts that enrich our community and the importance of staying curious in a rapidly evolving industry. Francesca leaves us with pearls of wisdom for those navigating the Web3 waters and extends an invitation to connect with the trailblazers at Outlier Ventures. So if you're ready to embrace this era of digital innovation, this episode is your gateway to the heart of Web3's evolution.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on January 9, 2024. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
28:12 2/16/24
The Evolution of Marketing Leadership through AI and Analytics – with Greg Stuart | S3 E42
Prepare to have your mind expanded as Greg Stuart, the visionary CEO of MMA Global, takes us on a journey through the transformative powers of AI in marketing. You'll come away with a newfound understanding of the vibrant nexus where technology meets creativity, and how this synergy is redefining the industry. Greg's impressive track record in propelling marketing innovation sets the stage for a riveting discussion that challenges long-held beliefs and opens the door to a world where marketing's influence within the business sphere is both recognized and revered. We tackle the thorny issue of CMO turnover and explore AI's promise as a tool for heightened marketing prowess.Then, we navigate the intricate landscape of multi-touch attribution (MTA), a tool that's revolutionizing how marketing effectiveness is measured and optimized. As your host, I'll share from my vault of experience, shedding light on the data collection conundrums and the precision required in analytics that make MTA both a beacon of hope and a challenge for marketers. This chapter is a goldmine for those looking to fine-tune their understanding of MTA and its impact on crafting savvy, data-empowered marketing strategies. You'll also get insider tips on managing risks and seizing career opportunities that could make all the difference in your professional journey.Our finale is a glimpse into the future, where long-term brand equity and short-term marketing gains coexist harmoniously, translated into the universal language of finance. I'll take you through groundbreaking case studies and introduce you to the AI Leadership Coalition and the insights gained from my 'Building Better CMOs' podcast. For a deep dive into the role of AI in marketing and to capture the essence of where the field is headed, this is one episode you won't want to miss. Don't forget to hit subscribe and share the treasure trove of insights with your network!This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on December 21, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
29:47 2/14/24
How to Blend Psychology, Sales, and AI in Your Content Strategy? – with Nico Lagan | S3 E41
Join us for an enlightening conversation with Nico Lagan, where he takes us on a voyage from the world of sales engineering to mastering AI-powered content creation. Reflecting on his career pivot during a global crisis, Nico shares his secrets on connecting genuinely with audiences and the magic that happens when sales savvy meets AI's capabilities. His passion for creating content that truly impacts lives serves as a beacon for anyone navigating the digital domain, seeking to leave a lasting impression on their audience.Dive into the nuances of authentic content generation with my personal anecdotes from over a decade in high-end sales. We uncover the importance of NLP certifications in building rapport and how it can transform your engagement with the camera lens. Alongside Nico, we tackle the challenges of presentation, emphasizing not just the visual aspect but the crucial role of stellar audio in capturing your viewers' fleeting attention spans. Our dialogue is a treasure trove of insights for content creators focusing on the fine balance between relatability and professionalism.As the episode reaches its crescendo, we explore the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence in content crafting. From the trenches of writing and course development, I unveil the strategic use of AI in refining content and reveal the power of understanding the 'why' of editorial choices. Winding down with gratitude, we thank Nico for the wisdom shared, inspiring us all to persist in our content creation endeavors, adapt to trends, and test relentlessly for success. Don't miss this riveting episode, packed with valuable takeaways for evolving your content narrative and resonating with your audience like never before.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on December 19, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
38:24 2/9/24
Explore the Convergence of AI, Blockchain and Gaming with Sébastien Borget, Co-Founder of The Sandbox | S3 E40
Embark on a transformative gaming odyssey with Sébastien Borget, the trailblazing COO of The Sandbox and president of the Blockchain Game Alliance. Uncover the seismic shift from traditional gaming platforms to the revolutionary blockchain technology that's redefining how we play, create, and monetize content. As Sébastien reminisces about his leap from mobile gaming to the vanguard of blockchain, we navigate the pivotal moments that birthed The Sandbox and the empowering solutions blockchain offered to creators struggling with monetization. This episode promises to illuminate the metamorphosis of gaming into a dynamic world where digital assets aren't just pixels on a screen but gateways to continuous engagement, social interaction, and tangible rewards.Step into the marketing wonderland of Sandbox+, where a finite map of NFT lands beckons brands, celebrities, and cultural experiences to weave their stories. Experience how the innovative Owner Relationship Model in The Sandbox is rewriting the script for user interaction and loyalty, offering a mix of digital and real-life treasures. Sebastien's insights on constructing virtual neighborhoods that foster community and creativity are just the tip of the iceberg. We'll also explore the blending of AI with blockchain in gaming, revealing the staggering potential for immersive podcasting within the metaverse and unpacking the future of digital identity verification. This episode isn't just a peek into the future; it's a masterclass in the intersection of technology, creativity, and identity in the virtual worlds we're all a part of.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on December 21, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
29:30 2/6/24
Can Simplified Web3 Strategies Revolutionize Social Media Marketing? – with Viktoriia Miracle | S3 E39
Join us on a captivating journey with Viktoriia Miracle, the dynamic CCO of Cheelee, the groundbreaking short video social media platform. In this episode, Viktoriia shares her extraordinary transition from the culinary world to becoming a trailblazer in the digital space, utilizing blockchain and NFT technology.Dive into Viktoriia's intriguing story, starting from her entrepreneurial beginnings at 18, opening a restaurant, to her exploration and eventual mastery of the digital realm. We delve into the crucial moments that shaped her career, including overcoming burnout and rediscovering her passion through blockchain technology. Discover how her insights and leadership have helped propel Cheelee to remarkable success, amassing over 1 million users in just 7 months.Cheelee isn't just another social media platform; it's a revolution in social finance. Here, every user, not just content creators, has the opportunity to monetize their engagement. We explore the innovative strategies behind Cheelee's appeal - how it simplifies the complexities of Web3 and makes blockchain technology accessible to all. Viktoriia sheds light on how they integrate NFTs and token systems into their business model in a user-friendly way, avoiding overwhelming their audience with technical jargon.Learn about Cheelee’s approach to rewarding user participation, the potential for content creators in this new and expanding ecosystem, and how their proprietary AI algorithms enhance user experience. We also discuss Cheelee’s strategic growth, focusing on building a solid user base before scaling up marketing efforts.This episode is more than just a story of success; it's a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in the intersection of social media and blockchain technology. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a marketer looking to understand the future of social finance, or just curious about how blockchain is reshaping the social media landscape, Viktoriia’s journey and the rise of Cheelee are sure to inspire and inform.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on November 30, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here:***Click here to get immediate access to Cheelee >>***Unlock the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
28:38 2/2/24
"Warren Buffett in a Web3 World", with Matthew Snider | S3 E38
Unlock the synergy between Warren Buffett's investment sagacity and the dynamic world of Web3 with Matthew Snider of Block3 Strategy Group. In our enlightening chat, we peel back the layers of traditional investment philosophy to reveal how it weaves seamlessly with the fabric of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Matthew's tale, spanning from management consulting to being at the forefront of blockchain innovation, coupled with my own investment club roots, paves the way for a rich discourse on the promise of Web3 for business growth and the seismic shifts introduced by NFTs in the market.How can AI and blockchain serve as the compass and map in the terra incognita of Web3 decisions? We pore over the role of data as the lifeblood of strategy, from fueling software innovation to unveiling new dimensions of transparency and security. The volatility of the cryptocurrency landscape poses a Sisyphean challenge to traditional market analysis, yet through our exchange, we share the beacon of knowing one's circle of competence, guiding listeners to chart a prudent course through the tumultuous waters of investment choices.This episode is not just a conversation; it's a masterclass for any intrepid investor aiming to demystify the enigmatic world of Web3. I impart timeless truths from the investment legends, tailored for the digital frontier, as we navigate through the intricacies of blockchain investments. With Matthew Snider's expertise, we bridge the chasm between established economic precepts and the burgeoning digital economy, equipping you with the acumen needed for a foray into Web3's uncharted territory.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on November 29, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
29:19 1/30/24
Revamping Business Strategy with Web3 Analytics: The Cookie3 Experience with Filip Wielanier | S3 E37
Imagine being able to understand your customer's journey in the Web3 world like never before. This episode promises to change the way you view marketing analytics, as we delve into the fascinating insights of Filip Wielanier, co-founder and CEO of Cookie3. He takes us through the intricate process of merging off-chain and on-chain data to revolutionize the marketing funnel. We discuss how Cookie3 has helped companies optimize marketing budgets and strategize for maximum impact. Filip even shares a compelling case study from a company that successfully streamlined its strategy, thanks to Cookie3.As we journey deeper, we uncover the critical importance of privacy compliance in Web3 analytics. Filip explains how Cookie3 remains committed to GDPR compliance and data anonymity, making it a trustworthy choice for businesses. We also shed light on the potential of AI in unraveling valuable insights in this domain. One of our highlights includes a success story where a client astonishingly cut down their customer acquisition cost by 60% with Cookie3's campaign manager. This episode is an eye-opener for those in the Web3 marketing space or anyone curious about how merging off-chain and on-chain data can transform their business.This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on November 8, 2023. Read the blog article here:
22:41 1/26/24
From Fired in a Snowstorm to AI Entrepreneur: Jonathan Green | S3 E36
Imagine being snowed in and receiving the news that you've just been fired—sounds like a cold day in hell, doesn't it? That's exactly where Jonathan Green's journey to entrepreneurship began, and in  this podcast episode, he unpacks this chilling turning point that led to him warming up to the world of online business. Venturing into the nitty-gritty of AI's transformative impact, Jonathan demonstrates how leveraging tools like ChatGPT can metamorphose time-sucking chores into streamlined workflows, offering invaluable insights for anyone looking to turbocharge their productivity game.As we peel back the layers of AI-generated content, we're struck by the peculiar paradox that less can indeed be more. By honing AI's vast capabilities to mimic distinct writing styles, it's possible to infuse brand narratives with a unique zest that's far from generic. Sharing my own brush with an AI mimicking my writing style, we navigate the dual-edge sword of creative inspiration versus creative infringement. The episode reaches its zenith as we forecast the future of AI, applauding innovations that promise to dismantle linguistic and economic barriers, making AI a shared treasure across the globe—now that's a plot twist worth tuning in for! Join us and Jonathan Green as we explore these groundbreaking insights that may just redefine your entrepreneurial playbook.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on November 30, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
31:14 1/23/24
Web3 SEO with Aaron Barefoot: Strategies for Organic Discoverability, including AI | S3 E35
Embark on a thrilling exploration of the digital frontier with digital marketing virtuoso Aaron Barefoot as he joins forces with your host Joeri Billast to decode the secrets of Web3 SEO. Unveiling a world where organic discoverability reigns supreme, Aaron casts a light on the indispensable role of SEO in connecting audiences to the blockchain marvels. From the intricacies faced by entities in the crypto sphere to the clever maneuvers around paid advertising constraints, this episode promises to arm you with the knowledge to navigate the digital marketing landscape with the finesse of an industry titan.This episode takes you beyond the usual tactics, examining how fledgling businesses can harness the untapped potential of niche markets and privacy-focused search engines to compete with established giants. Through our vibrant discussion, we also shed light on the pivotal impact of community engagement and digital PR in shaping the success of Web3 SEO strategies. My own ventures in content creation echo throughout the episode, sharing lessons from the field in engaging audiences across diverse platforms. Whether you're a digital marketing newbie or a seasoned pro, prepare to have your horizons broadened and your strategies sharpened in this deep dive into SEO's next frontier.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on November 28, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
27:46 1/19/24
Web3 Marketing and the Power of Community with Amanda Cassatt | S3 E34
Embark on a revolutionary exploration of the internet's transformation with Amanda Cassatt, founder of Serotonin and trailblazer in Web3 marketing. Our latest episode promises to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of how the digital landscape has evolved from its decentralized beginnings in Web1 to the immersive metaverse of Web3. You'll discover how these radical changes are reshaping the way we think about marketing, moving away from numbers to nurturing authentic relationships within online communities.As we venture into the nitty-gritty of Web3 marketing, Amanda highlights the paramount importance of transparency and active stakeholder engagement. Marketing isn't just about broadcasting to an audience anymore—it's about participating with them. Get valuable insights into crafting community-driven initiatives and learning to measure success through the health and vibrancy of these groups, rather than mere statistics. Furthermore, we touch on the inventive strategies necessary when traditional advertising avenues are less accessible for crypto-related content.Wrapping up this enlightening conversation, we delve into the ways traditional businesses can make their foray into Web3 without losing their core values. We'll discuss the role of blockchain in fostering a sense of community and recording history, and how to maintain authenticity in the wave of new technological trends. Amanda also shares her anticipation for her upcoming book "Web3 Marketing," poised to be an essential resource for navigating this uncharted territory. Join us for this thought-provoking episode that cuts through the complexities of Web3, providing clarity and direction for the future of digital engagement.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on December 21, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
31:19 1/16/24
AI or People: Who Shapes Our Future More? – Thoughts from Entrepreneur Philosopher Sid Mohasseb | S3 E33
Embark on a mind-expanding voyage as we join forces with the illustrious  Sid Mohasseb—entrepreneurial genius, philosopher, acclaimed author, and revered university professor. Our conversation peels back the layers of artificial intelligence, revealing its intimate weave into the fabric of our everyday lives, from the tunes we stream to the shows we binge. Sid's unique perspective on the synergy between human adaptability and the digital evolution illuminates strategies for small businesses to employ AI, debunking the myth of technology as a mere backdrop to the human narrative.This episode is a treasure trove for the tech-savvy and the creatively inclined, showcasing how AI has revolutionized small businesses and the tech sector by equalizing the playing field. With Sid's guidance, we uncover how AI-driven tools enhance video production, invigorate content creation, and streamline data analysis—empowering the underdogs of the business world to punch above their weight. The conversation takes a turn towards the philosophical, marrying AI with human ingenuity, crafting a partnership destined to amplify human potential and nurture the seeds of innovation.As we wrap up our enlightening session with  Sid Mohasseb, we confront the elephant in the room: the influence of AI on employment and society. Instead of succumbing to fear, we seize the opportunity to redefine AI as an extension of human capability, a companion that amplifies rather than usurps. Sid bestows upon us his insights on personal growth, urging us to sculpt and be sculpted in the dynamic dance of self-improvement. For the entrepreneurial spirit and the perpetual learner, this episode is a clarion call to action, challenging you to grow with the relentless pace of technology that molds our shared future.This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on November 22, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
32:55 1/12/24
Web3, Wine and Wisdom: Alessandro Venè on Tokenizing Assets, NFTs and the Future of Digital Investment | S3 E32
Unlock the world of Web3 and its potential to transform investment accessibility with our esteemed guest, Alessandro Venè, Chief Business Development Officer at CellarDAO Society. Imagine a platform where tokenizing prized assets like rare wines and spirits is not just a concept but a reality, bringing with it a cascade of benefits from market liquidity to undeniable proof of authenticity. As we converse with Alessandro, you'll be introduced to the intricacies of NFTs and how they're flipping the script for investors and enthusiasts alike. From the art of explaining complex tech in layman's terms to the cultural impacts shaping the adoption of these groundbreaking technologies, this episode is a goldmine for anyone eager to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of digital investments.Embark on a journey with us through the personal growth landscapes of entrepreneurship and the profound insights from Balaji Srinivasan's "The Network State." Here, we dissect the synergy between blockchain solutions and AI, providing not just food for thought but actionable advice for productivity enthusiasts and Web3 optimists. This isn't your run-of-the-mill tech talk; it's a candid discussion filled with practical tips that promise to fuel your drive for innovation and efficiency. So, pour yourself a glass of your favorite vintage, and join us in navigating the exciting confluence of tradition and technology with Alessandro Venne. Don't forget to hit subscribe for a steady stream of thought-provoking conversations that promise to enrich your digital savviness.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on November 27, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
24:13 1/9/24
Revolutionizing Brand Loyalty with Web3: Dominik Karaman's Insights on Blockchain, NFTs, and the New Era of Customer Engagement | S3 E31
Unlock the transformative power of Web3 as we sit down with Dominik Karaman, the visionary behind eekigai Labs, for an enlightening conversation on how blockchain is revolutionizing customer loyalty and brand engagement. Dominik's journey from blockchain investments to the pulsating world of NFTs reveals the foundations of community-driven projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club. He shares his insights on the importance of integrating Web3 with a brand's ethos, ensuring that this transition magnifies the relationship between companies and their consumers. The episode offers a treasure trove of knowledge, detailing how educational workshops can guide brands to successfully navigate the shift from Web2 to Web3.Discover how a cherished German audio brand is rewriting the rules of storytelling for a grown-up audience. By weaving Web3 and NFTs into their narrative fabric, they've created an immersive world where fans have the power to shape the story, solidifying their loyalty and commitment. This isn't just another tale of brand innovation; it's a testament to how the digital frontier can forge a new type of dialogue between brands and their communities. We dissect the mechanics of this engagement and the broader implications for loyalty programs in the age of decentralization.Wrapping up, we address how blockchain lends unprecedented transparency to the world of charitable giving, fostering trust and ensuring that 'proof of donation' is more than just a buzzword. The public nature of blockchain transactions opens the door for legally compliant partnerships between loyalty programs and brands, incentivizing donations in a way that's both effective and transparent. With Dominik's expertise and enthusiasm as our guide, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to understand and leverage the potential of Web3. So tune in, get inspired, and join the movement towards a more engaging and transparent future.This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on November 9, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
30:38 1/5/24
Navigating Mindfulness, AI, and Digital Well-Being with Caitlin Krause: An Exciting Exploration of Metaverse and Flow States in the Future of Work | S3 E30
Promise to ignite your curiosity as we unravel the intricate ways in which mindfulness, AI, and digital well-being intersect with our insightful guest, Caitlin Krause. You'll acquire a fresh perspective on how we can navigate the future of work, understand the implications of AI, and prioritize our digital well-being. Unravel the complexities of the digital world, and learn how to design a lifestyle centered around well-being. Caitlin, with her extensive experience at Google, Meta, and teaching at Stanford, provides fascinating insights on this journey.Ready to venture into the Metaverse? We're exploring its potential impact on our well-being and the immersive possibilities it offers. Discover the profound potential of virtual meetings, where avatars enable us to engage more fully. We share intimate revelations from our own VR experiences, emphasizing the critical importance of taking breaks and remembering the human element behind each avatar. We also explore the captivating states of awe, wonder, and flow in connection with AI and creativity. It's an exhilarating journey as we uncover how AI tools can enhance our experiences and the importance of incorporating elements of poetry and nature into our lives. Join us and Caitlin as we explore these fascinating territories.This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on November 7, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
26:48 12/29/23
AI's Remarkable Role in Transforming Customer Service: An Insightful Dialogue with Sarah Al-Hussaini | S3 E29 (At Web Summit)
What if you had a sneak peek into the future of customer service? Brace yourself for an eye-opening conversation with Sarah Al Hussaini, the co-founder and COO of Ultimate, as she illuminates the remarkable role of AI in transforming the customer service sector. Sarah takes us on a deep dive into how AI not only makes customer service more efficient and personalized, but also increasingly data-driven. With illustrative examples from companies like Get Your Guide and Clue, we'll traverse the landscape of AI's potential to revolutionize customer service experiences, offering instant and scalable support in every language and channel.The game of customer service is being rewritten by AI technology. It's not only shaking up jobs and markets but also empowering customer service agents to take on more sophisticated roles. We'll explore this seismic shift, featuring technologies like ChatGPT and LLMs, and how they create opportunities for startups and smaller businesses to compete with larger players in the market. We wrap up our discussions with insights into the journey of growth companies in the AI market, emphasizing the need for speed, long-term planning, and learning from customer feedback. Whether you're a startup looking for your footing in the AI industry or curious about the future of AI in customer service, this episode promises a fascinating journey into the realm of possibilities.This episode was recorded at Web Summit in Media Village on November 16, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
24:10 12/22/23
Transforming Industries with Spatial Computing: Evelyn Mora's Vision for the Future | S3 E28 (At Web Summit)
Wondering how storytelling intertwines with technology to redefine our reality? Or perhaps you're curious about how spatial computing could revolutionize industries like fashion, education, and beauty? Join us as we engage in a riveting discussion with the founder and CEO of VLGE, Evelyn Mora, and unravel the vast potential of spatial computing in crafting immersive virtual worlds accessible to all.Dive deeper as we explore the facets of sustainability and inclusivity in spatial computing. Elevate your understanding with Evelyn's invaluable insights into how to prioritize accessibility, build sustainable virtual spaces, and the upcoming Apple Vision Pro's role in shaping the future of spatial computing. Further the conversation transitions to the WebSummit, Evelyn shares her experiences and thoughts on spatial computing's transformative role in our interaction with technology and sustainability efforts. Be prepared for a thought-provoking conversation exploring the unlimited possibilities of spatial computing. Make sure to share this compelling episode and subscribe to our podcast for more such fascinating discussions.This episode was recorded at the Web Summit official podcast booth on November 15, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
28:04 12/15/23
The Power and Responsibility of Generative AI with Daniela Braga | S3 E27 (at Web Summit)
Do you want to unveil the mysteries of generative AI? Look no further! We're here to enlighten you with an enlightening conversation featuring Daniela Braga, founder and CEO of Defined AI. Daniela decodes the myth of generative AI being a fresh technology, acknowledging its existence for over half a century. She emphasizes the significance of transparency and unbiased data in AI, since it is crucial for ethical considerations. This episode leaves no stone unturned as we also discuss remarkable tools like Adobe Firefly and Eleven Labs that facilitate text-to-image and text-to-speech generation. However, Daniela advises caution against the misuse of these innovative technologies for creating deep fakes without consent.Our exploration continues with a deep dive into Defined AI's position on ethical AI. We pore over their manifesto and blog, providing insights into the resources they offer to promote fair and responsible AI. With her rich background in data, Daniela's insights on its influence on AI and Defined AI's commitment towards creating ethically sourced, representative, and transparent data are a must-listen for anyone interested in the field. Tune into this intriguing episode if you're keen on understanding the present state and future potential of generative AI. Don't forget to share with your fellow AI enthusiasts!This episode was recorded at Web Summit in Media Village on November 14, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here:
17:26 12/8/23
Redefining Marketing Boundaries with Ethan Pierse: A Journey into Web3, NFTs, and AI | S3 E26 (at Web Summit)
Get ready to unlock a revolutionary way of thinking about marketing as we sit down with Ethan Pierse, co-founder of Borderless Ventures and NFT Factory. Ethan reveals how Web3 technologies are transforming not just the way we advertise, but how we solve problems in areas like digital identity, collectibles, and logistics. With his insights into the potential of Web3 within the music industry and the concept of creating digital twins for physical goods, we are brought to the very edge of a new marketing frontier.But we're not stopping there - we're pushing further into the future with a deep-dive into the meeting point of Web3, AI, and digital art. Ethan enlightens us on the NFT factory, a physical hub for the Web3 ecosystem, and the rising interest in digital art as a fresh asset class. We also engage in a lively discussion on our involvement in Super Chief, a similar project in the US, and the trend of collecting digital art. Get ready to see the future of marketing through a whole new lens!This episode was recorded at Web Summit in Media Village on November 14, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
24:53 12/1/23
Discussing Bitcoin's Future, ETFs, and Spain's Growing Crypto Hub with Megan Nilsson | S3 E25 (at Web Summit)
Ever wondered what lies ahead for Bitcoin, ETFs, and the world of cryptocurrency? Unravel the mysteries in an enlightening conversation with our distinguished guest, Megan Nilsson. Our discussion meanders through the hot topics in crypto, from BlackRock ETFs to Spain's bid to become a digital currency hub, as we dissect the past year's exciting events. We also emphasize the need to be alert and informed in the face of fake news, market fluctuations, and potential Bitcoin correction.Brace yourself as we plunge into the intricate world of Web 3, Crypto, and Marketing concepts with Megan, rendering a fresh perspective on the opportunities and challenges in promoting crypto. The chat doesn't end there - our host Joeri Billast, offers a captivating glimpse into how she has harnessed the power of 'free' to boost her personal brand and business. Get a sneak peek into Joeri's W3X Web3 mastermind and discover how to connect with her for more insights. From exploring the potential of smart contracts to discussing the benefits of subscribing to the podcast, this episode is a rollercoaster ride of crypto revelations and marketing strategies. Don't miss out!This episode was recorded at Web Summit in Media Village on November 14, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here:
22:21 11/24/23
An Exhilarating Journey Through the Web3 Space: Insights from Key Figures and Exploration of Untapped Opportunities | S3 Bonus Episode (at Web Summit)
Get ready for a thrilling journey as I unveil a line-up of insightful chats with influential figures in the Web3 space. Be on the edge of your seat as I reveal my riveting conversations with the likes of Crypto Megan, Ethan Pierse, Daniela Braga, Evelyn Mora and  Sarah Al Hussaini.Hold on tight as we navigate the intricate patterns of the Web3 Doers community, bask in the glow of in-person connections, and marvel at the innovative leaps of Thomas Valera's startup, TrueHandle. Hop on the ride as we explore the labyrinth of the Web Summit, picking up valuable survival tips from myself and sharing in the excitement of Andrew and Pete's inaugural experience. And last but not least, find out more about the upcoming Presence Group event: "A Taste of the Metaverse" This episode was recorded at the official Web Summit podcast booth on November 16, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here:
13:54 11/19/23
Collaborative Episode with Kevin Riedl: Web3 from Two Lenses – A Marketer & A Developer's Take | S3 E24
Want to master the art of thriving in the Web3 space? This episode is packed with insights that will help you navigate and succeed in this evolving landscape. We have an amazing discussion with Kevin Riedl, a Web3 software agency expert, on the intricate shift from buying random coins to delivering genuine value. We dive deep into the growing trend of utility and business in NFTs, share the most effective strategies for gaining market share, and highlight the best examples of NFT utilities.Did you ever imagine a world where digital identity, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and Metaverse would be game-changers? Well, this episode demystifies these concepts, their impact, and how they are shaping the future of marketing. We discuss the potential of the Metaverse and AI, and how you can use MetaFers to create unforgettable events and experiences. Plus, we explore the potential of augmented reality in fostering connections, the brands making a splash in the social metaverse, and we reflect on the excitement and fear that these advancements bring. This is a must-listen episode if you want to understand how Web3 can elevate your business, the importance of digital identity, and how to approach NFTs and Metaverse from a regulatory standpoint. Join us!This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on October 24, 2023. Read the blog article and show notes here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
26:32 11/17/23
Exploring AI, NFTs, and the Future of Fashion with Francesca Tabor | S3 E23
Ever wonder how emerging technologies are transforming the marketing landscape? Get set to unravel this mystery with Francesca Tabor, the trailblazing conference organizer and head of marketing at Fashion AI. As we traverse the changing terrain of marketing, we delve into the world of metaverses, games, NFTs, and AI. We discuss the revolution wrought by open-source technologies, making AI accessible to the masses, and how generative AI is emerging as the new frontier in content creation. The conversation takes a fascinating turn as we confront the power and ethical implications of conversive AI, exploring how digital avatars and non-player characters engage with this technology. Listen to the risks and rewards associated with targeting young, tech-savvy audiences and gain insights into the concept of "Brandom" in relation to NFTs, games, and social media. We wrap up with a stimulating discussion on the potential of 3D printing in fashion, its potential to drive sustainability, and whether AI's fashion takeover threatens established brands. Don't miss out on this riveting journey through the future of marketing and fashion!This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on October 12, 2023. Read the blog article here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
29:02 11/10/23
Redefining Marketing in the Age of Web3 and AI: Profound Insights with Ari Lightman, Professor Digital Media & Marketing from Carnegie Mellon University | S3 E22
Ready to see the marketing landscape through a fresh lens? Buckle up as we welcome  Ari Lightman, a digital media and marketing professor from Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College, and an expert in digital transformation. Ari guides us through a captivating journey into the world of Web3 and how it's reshaping the intersection of marketing and IT. We unravel the evolution of digital touchpoints, highlighting the shift from product-focused to value-driven marketing and the significance of this change in the dawn of Web3.We also turn our spotlight on AI, an undeniable game-changer in personalized content delivery and user engagement. Ari offers his profound insights on how AI is revolutionizing the way we analyze data, create content, and comprehend disparate audience segments. We navigate the possibilities and challenges of integrating social data and blockchain data - a critical aspect of leveraging Web Three for marketing. Get ready for an enlightening discussion on the future of customer experience in the age of Web3 and AI. Let's redefine the boundaries of marketing together.This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on October 12, 2023. Read the blog article here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
27:04 11/3/23
Unleashing the Power of Web3 Marketing with Galxe's Chief Marketing Officer, Anne Oullet: From NFT Advancements to Visible Credentialing and the Future of Organic Growth | S3 E21
Ready to dive into the captivating domain of Web3 marketing with none other than Anne Oullet, the Chief Marketing Officer at Galxe? Brace yourself for a rewarding journey into the future of marketing as Anne, a seasoned marketing strategist and NFT advocate, sheds light on the integration of blockchain technology into traditional Web2 brands, and discusses the need for stability and organic growth in the Web3 space. Listen attentively as she narrates her inspiring journey into Web3 marketing and the immense potential it holds. Imagine the power of ecosystem campaigns and partnerships to introduce new projects and protocols into a platform. Yes, that’s the secret sauce behind Galxe's success! Anne shares the strategic role of cultural considerations in attracting a global audience, illuminating how Galxe fosters growth within the Web3 ecosystem by leveraging new innovations, rewards, and credentialing. As if that's not enough, Anne takes us a step further into the world of visible credentialing. So, what's the fuss about visible credentialing, you ask? Well, it's the cornerstone to Galxe's ambitious goal of creating a publicly accessible credential data network. We dive into the possible use cases for this network and provide a sneak peek into the recently announced Galxe Protocol. As we draw the conversation to a close, Anne leaves us with invaluable marketing advice for entrepreneurs venturing into the Web3 space and highlights the importance of public speaking in this domain. Want to keep the conversation going? Stay connected with Anne on social media and delve deeper into this exciting world. Welcome to the future of marketing!This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on September 14, 2023. Read the blog article here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
28:08 10/27/23
Cultivating a Thriving Web3 Community with Chris Koronowski: Exploring Web3 Doers' Remarkable Marketing Funnel, Content Repurposing, and the Power of Relationships | S3 Bonus Episode
Ever wondered how to build a thriving Web3 community? Join us in this fascinating discussion with Chris Koronowski, the brains behind Web3 Doers, as he whisks us along his journey, from building a strong network, to creating compelling content and hosting engaging events that have led to the rapid expansion of his community. During our talk, Chris shares a blueprint that is rooted in trust, credibility, and the power of relationship-building within the Web3 space.We traverse the world of analytics, exploring the global footprint of Web3 Doers and its remarkable marketing funnel that has successfully garnered a high conversion rate for video testimonials. Get an insider's perspective on the innovative ways Chris leverages AI tools to repurpose content and tap into the exciting realm of emerging technologies. If you're eager to contribute to this digital revolution and become a part of the vibrant Web3 Doers community, this insightful episode is a must-listen. Tune in and be inspired by Chris's vision of connectivity and collaboration powered by Web3 Doers.This special bonus episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on October 19, 2023. Read the blog article here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
29:14 10/22/23
Demystifying Blockchain Technology with Kelsey McGuire: The Shardeum Journey, AI Tools, and Authentic Community Engagement Strategies | S3 E20
Ready for a deep dive into the rapidly evolving realm of blockchain technology? We're thrilled to bring you insights from Kelsey McGuire, the Chief Growth Officer at Shardeum, the EVM-based layer one blockchain that's making waves in the industry. Kelsey recounts her remarkable journey from Consensys, to CELO, and now to Shardeum; a journey that's as fascinating as it is inspiring. We chat about Shardeum's recent strategic round where they raised an impressive $5.4 million, and their commitment to fostering community growth worldwide. Find out how Shardeum is setting itself apart from other layer ones in the space. Switching gears, we explore the role of AI tools in fostering authentic community engagement. How do we balance the speed and efficiency of AI with the warmth and connectivity of the human element? This conundrum is at the heart of our discussion. Kelsey draws from her extensive experience as a CMO to share valuable best practices and strategies. Learn how to avoid vanity metrics and why one-on-one nurturing is crucial for converting casual listeners into active community members. We also delve into strategies to create an environment conducive to meaningful engagement. This is an episode packed with knowledge for anyone interested in blockchain technology or community building.This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on August 31, 2023. Read the blog article here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
24:18 10/20/23
Unraveling the Power of AI in Marketing: An Expert Discussion with David White on ChatGPT, Productivity Boosts, and Web3 Mastery | S3 Bonus Episode
Ever wondered what the pervasive impact of AI on marketing really means for businesses? This week, we're graced with the insights of AI marketing connoisseur, David White. Together, we take you through a tunnel-visioned view of the revolutionary large language model, ChatGPT. Despite its prowess, David highlights four key challenges with this model and shares how to harness its power for maximum gain.In the dynamic world of marketing, speed is king and AI is its queen. As we navigate the labyrinth of AI's role in boosting productivity, we explore its practical application in crafting effective templates and prompts. We share real-life examples of AI tools in action and their best and worst use cases, from making emails clearer to decisions about resources. If you're an AI novice, make sure to tune in for some critical advice.As we wrap up, we switch gears and look to the future - a future where AI is a business norm. We touch upon the potential societal divide AI could cause and the implications of deep fakes. We underscore the W3X Web3 Mastermind and Yuri Bilast's call to share AI knowledge. So buckle up, subscribe, and join us on this enlightening journey through AI and its marketing implications. You're in for a ride!This bonus episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on October 4, 2023. Read the blog article here: me next week at the free AI/Marketing Sessions from October 18th-25th. I'll discuss "𝐋𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐀𝐈 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐏𝐨𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 & 𝐑𝐞𝐩𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠" and others will cover crucial AI marketing topics.Unlock the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
37:55 10/15/23
Deciphering Human-Centered Design and User Experience in Web3 with Vaishali Dialani: From Emotional Intelligence to Continuous Improvements | The Power of Vulnerability in Business | S3 E19
Join me in this captivating conversation with Vaishali Dialani, a shining light in the realm of customer experience and human-centered design. Vaishali and I dissect the pivotal role of human-centric design in Web3 and dive into how this approach can instigate trust, build communities, and empower users. We delve into the evolution of user research methodologies, the intricacies of balancing emotional and efficient experiences, and how to bring a human touch to the Web3 world. This is a treasure trove of insights from a master in her field.Next, we crank up the gears and tackle strategies for creating a seamless user experience in the Web3 arena. Vaishali and I discuss the importance of simplifying complexities and ensuring a smooth ride through customer journeys. We talk about the power of feedback loops, continuous improvement methodologies, and the art of blending emotions with efficiency in the customer experience. For businesses navigating the Web3 space, this segment is a must-listen.In the final chapter of our conversation, we delve into the profound impact of emotional intelligence and vulnerability on businesses. Vaishali emphasizes the need for emotionally intelligent training, clear communication, and receptivity to feedback. We discuss the importance of empathy in customer interactions and how businesses can learn from their customers. As a bonus, I also share details about my W3X Web3 mastermind, where I immerse myself deeper into these topics. Don't miss out on this enlightening episode with Vaishali Dialani.This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on August 24, 2023. Read the blog article here: the Best of 'Web3 CMO Stories': Exclusive Season 2 Infographics!Download your free copy now! 
29:51 10/13/23
Pioneering the Business Metaverse with Architect-Turned-Tech-Entrepreneur, Alex Smaga: Insight into AI Applications and the Future of Digital Spaces | S3 E18
Ever wondered how an architect can bring a fresh perspective to the digital space? Join us as we engage in a vibrant conversation with Alex Smaga, an innovative architect turned tech entrepreneur, who's now the CEO of W3rlds. The unique Metaverse platform he's spearheading is a game-changer, enhancing both external and internal communication needs for businesses in the emerging metaverse. Alex shares his fascinating journey from crafting physical spaces to pioneering digital ones, and how security and support form the bedrock of his creation. Venture further with us into the captivating crossroads of Artificial Intelligence and the metaverse. Are AR glasses the key to helping those with hearing impairments? Can AI be used to create NPCs in this virtual world? Alex gives us his insights on these potential applications and more. We discuss the crucial role of data, the prospects of personalized 3D assets, and how AI can be a game-changer in sales and awareness creation, all within the expansive realm of the Metaverse. Tune in for an enlightening episode packed with insights on the future of business and technology. Feel free to reach out with your questions and thoughts – we'd love to hear from you!This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on August 22, 2023. Read the blog article here:
22:45 10/6/23