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Third Pod from the Sun is back, and we’re going weekly! We’re breaking things up into six-week mini-series and our first series is all about the true, personal stories from scientists, for everyone. Join us as we combat misconceptions about sharks, learn how to lasso lizards, hear from a Martian here on Earth, spark science joy via TikTok, journey to Antarctica, and fight over food with some capuchins!


Extinctions: Showdown of the giant space rocks 32:07 07/01/2022
Extinctions: Not your science fair volcano 30:03 06/24/2022
Extinctions: The (Maybe) Cambrian (Not Really) Explosion 23:47 06/17/2022
Extinctions: Dinosaurs, a big rock, and…climate change? 39:57 06/03/2022
Extinctions: Dinosaurs, volcanoes, the space station, oh my! 11:18 06/03/2022
True story: Migrating robins & thieving capuchins 12:49 05/27/2022
True story: A prop plane, a bucket, and a trip to Antarctica 12:24 05/20/2022
True story: Using TikTok for (shark) science good 14:35 05/13/2022
True story: A Martian on Earth 11:07 05/06/2022
True story: Lassoing lizards (for science) 10:48 04/29/2022
True story: Slapped by a (misinformation) shark 13:31 04/29/2022
True (science) stories you’ve never heard before 10:50 04/22/2022
Staff Picks: Chasing Narwhals 15:00 12/25/2021
Staff Picks: Toxic City Under the Ice 32:04 11/22/2021
Staff Picks: Mythical monsters & their real-life inspirations (Part 2) 34:21 10/27/2021
Staff Picks: Mythical monsters & their real-life inspirations (Part 1) 35:27 10/12/2021
Third Pod Presents: Stereo Chemistry - Searching for Mars’s missing water 21:53 09/20/2021
Staff Picks: The Johnstown Flood 45:10 09/06/2021
Staff Picks: Parking Lot Lava 28:13 08/16/2021
Special podcast episodes explore allyship and DEI at AGU - Part 1 of 2 19:43 06/24/2021
Special podcast episodes explore allyship and DEI at AGU - Part 2 of 2 21:49 06/24/2021
Standing Up for Science During an Epidemic 18:39 06/21/2021
Scientists Mine 16th Century Ship Logs for Geophysical Research 23:47 05/17/2021
Special Release: Allyship 25:17 05/05/2021
What's It Like Pretending to Live on Mars? 27:39 04/19/2021
What Tree Rings Can Tell Us About the U.S. Civil War 19:45 03/22/2021
A Modern Way to Look for Aliens 27:38 02/08/2021
Special Release: The Beast of the Arctic 05:03 12/11/2020
Special Release: Can Volcano Forecasting Make Visiting Whakaari Safe Again? 04:22 12/10/2020
Special Release: It's astrobiology, my dear WATSON 04:53 12/10/2020