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The Method

We are going through historical times. Everything can change in a minute. Our society can become even more misogynistic or we could finally live in an equal society. But to try to build a feminist world, we need a Method. In this 6-part series, Rebecca Amsellem, a French-Canadian feminist activist, investigates how we could achieve a successful feminist movement. To try and build this method, she has interviewed women who helped her understand what the word feminist really means: French philosophers Geneviève Fraisse and Manon Garcia. American ethnographer Kristen Ghodsee. The Argentinean leader of the Ni Una Menos movement, Veronica Gago. English author Reni Eddo Lodge. Pakistani and American lawyer Rafia Zakaria. Canadian researcher Carla Bergman and her co-author Nick Montgomery. American political videographer Natalie Wynn. French political scientist Réjane Sénac. Italian aerospace engineer and activist Yuri Casalino. And American novelist Sarah Schulman.The Method is coming to you soon, and will be available on all podcast-streaming platforms on May 11th, 2022. See for privacy and opt-out information.