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1073 – Membership Mastery: Building and Scaling Profitable Subscription Sites Part 1
James shares a decade's worth of knowhow on building and scaling membership subscription sites that thrive. Join him in Part 1 of Membership Mastery.
47:51 5/23/24
1072 – Royalty Deals. Why I Love Them and How to Do Them!
Royalty deals are often overlooked yet incredibly potent. Discover how leveraging others' successes can be a game-changer for your income stream.
32:21 5/16/24
1071 – In Search of The 100M Business Holy Grail
Uncover the misconceptions and realities of growing a successful business. James recounts valuable lessons from a gifted but difficult boss.
40:49 5/14/24
1070 – Getting Over 10,000 YouTube Views From 467 Subscribers
Success on YouTube is about strategy, not subscriber count. James chats with Zac Mason about cracking the code with his video production methods.
49:22 5/8/24
1069 – The Ridiculous Membership Hype…
Membership sites are suddenly everywhere. James and Kleq’s John Lint discuss the factors like membership site software that propel the trend.
40:26 5/2/24
1068 – Reflections on Lessons Learned and Business Success
In 16 years, James's business has seen many transformations. Trace the entrepreneurial journey with him, highlighting lessons learned along the way.
34:21 4/24/24
1067 – 5 Actionable Tactics You can Do Right Now to Improve Your SEO
Is ranking your site in Google a struggle? James and SEOLeverage’s Gert Mellak explore five practical tactics that can immediately enhance your SEO.
41:02 4/17/24
1066 – Exploring Changes in Paid Traffic for 2024
Digital advertising is not static, and 2024 has its share of changes. Join James and expert Ilana Wechsler as they explore shifts in ad strategies.
32:25 4/11/24
1065 – Is the Problem You or Your Team?
Who is to blame for your business's lack of growth, you or your team? James and VirtualDOO's Lloyd Thompson offer perspective and useful tips.
42:40 4/3/24
1064 – Event Marketing Strategies: Maximizing Paid Ad Campaign Results
Step up your marketing game by integrating events into your strategy. James and Charley Valher look at the power of event marketing plus paid ads.
44:41 3/27/24
1063 – Case Study: Triple Revenue with Multiple Brands and Strategic SEO
Discover the power of strategic SEO. James and SEOLeverage’s Gert Mellak reveal the innovative approaches that multiplied a client's revenue by three.
27:30 3/20/24
1062 – 5 Stages of Growing a Business to Exit: Insights and Strategies
James and guest Rohan Sheth unpack the journey of building a business to sell. Tune in as Rohan shares a proven five-step format for growth and exit.
28:45 3/18/24
1061 – Send These Emails, Get More Leads
Revitalize your lead generation with Will Wang's email strategies. He and James discuss how tailored communications can get more business leads.
32:02 3/6/24
1060 – What Does a Director of Operations Actually Do for Your Business? (AND Do You Need One?)
Ever wonder, what does a Director of Operations do? VirtualDOO's Lloyd Thompson sheds light on the critical role a DOO plays in business success.
36:45 2/29/24
1059 – Your Videos Don’t Get Views because Your Thumbnails Suck and You Don’t Have Hooks…
How to make a good video for YouTube? It's not just about the content. James and guest expert Zac Mason talk thumbnails and video hooks.
31:00 2/21/24
1058 – Paid Ad Insights from a Multi-Million Dollar per Month Agency
Dive into the world of high-stakes digital advertising. Charley Valher shares insights from running millions of dollars a month in clients' paid ads.
37:02 2/14/24
1057 – Beyond Boundaries: The Evolution of a Small Functional Medicine Agency – Mastering Growth and Success in Non-English Speaking Markets
Hear how a small functional medicine agency thrives internationally. Matt Dippl shares his journey, and the membership model that helped his success.
45:20 2/7/24
1056 – Top Ten Podcast Episodes from 2023
What was this show's best of the best in 2023? James revisits the top episodes that struck a chord with listeners seeking growth and inspiration.
30:31 1/31/24
350 – The Ask Method With Ryan Levesque
Be the top player in your industry by learning how to ask questions that would direct your consumers to the right direction.
31:45 1/24/24
1055 – SEO Mastery: The Game-Changer of Full Agency Integration
Discover the untapped potential of in house SEO strategy when combined with agency expertise. SEOLeverage's Gert Mellak discusses what's possible.
34:02 1/18/24
1054 – Building Your YouTube Audience and Running Paid Traffic to Them
How can paid ads transform your YouTube audience? James and TeachTraffic's Ilana Wechsler share how using paid traffic can boost your organic growth.
45:56 1/17/24
1053 – How Installing an Operator can Make You Money
Optimize your business with the right operator and boost business profitability. James and VirtualDOO’s Lloyd Thompson discuss how.
30:28 12/27/23
1052 – Exploring YouTube vs. Podcasting: My Journey and Questions
Podcast or Youtube? James and guest Charley Valher discuss the shift from audio podcasting to video. Content creators are in for a load of insights.
38:20 12/20/23
1051 – Getting Better SEO Results with Less Stuff
James and SEOLeverage's Gert Mellak break down the pros of content pruning in SEO. Hear how reducing content can boost your site's Google presence.
20:50 12/13/23
880 – Money Mindset Lies with Marisa Peer
Has upbringing given you a misguided money mindset? Renowned therapist Marisa Peer says there's a mind over matter solution. Tune in and hear more.
49:26 12/8/23
1050 – Mastering Multi-Platform Advertising: When and How to Diversify Your Ads
Does multi-platform advertising intimidate you? James and Valher Media's Charley Valher cover the when, why, and how of advertising on new channels.
32:08 12/6/23
1049 – Exploring the Digital Marketplace: A Deep Dive into Website Trading with CEO Blake Hutchison
Blake Hutchison, Flippa CEO, shares insights into successful website trading. He and James also talk trends and the future of digital marketplaces.
37:21 11/29/23
1048 – 9 Mental Toughness Exercises for Business Owners with Lloyd Thompson
Mental fortitude is a must in business. VirtualDOO's Lloyd Thompson guests to share practices that business owners can adopt to thrive under pressure.
41:50 11/22/23
1047 – Recurring Subscription Income with Your Own App – Case Study with Scott Baptie
Looking to tap a stream of recurring income? Scott Baptie shares the success of joining his product with a subscription model and app technology.
39:11 11/16/23
1046 – Million-Dollar Emails: What to Send to Your Email Database
A strategic email sequence can turn your list into a well of untapped wealth. James and GrowthLabz's Will Wang talk killer email marketing ideas.
47:01 11/14/23

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