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Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast

Rabobank’s global beverage team offers insights, analysis, and a bit of entertainment for your morning commute. Liquid Assets will help you tackle the latest trends, introduce you to industry leaders, and prepare you for what’s next in the beverage world. Please read our disclaimer here:


A Recession Seems Inevitable – How Bad Could It Be? 57:07 07/27/2022
Inflation Is Changing Beverage Packaging 41:38 06/29/2022
Black Girl Magic & The Art of Mass Appeal 56:32 06/09/2022
Buy, Sell, or Hold: 15 Hot Takes in 45 Minutes 52:44 05/18/2022
How To Take Your E-commerce Marketing to the Next Level, featuring Constellation Brands 53:00 04/26/2022
How Big Is the E-commerce Opportunity for Alcohol Brands? featuring Constellation Brands 47:35 04/13/2022
The Worst Supply Chain Disruptions, Ranked 59:06 03/16/2022
What Could Monster Devour Next? 52:11 02/25/2022
The Most Important Economic Trends of 2022 56:28 02/01/2022
The Quiz of the Year! 67:13 12/28/2021
Can We Fix Big Beer? 47:33 12/09/2021
Celebrity Partnerships 101: Featuring Elizabeth Banks & Archer Roose 53:47 11/11/2021
Are Brands Built in the On-premise? 55:17 10/15/2021
Occasion-Based Marketing, featuring Pinterest 46:23 09/21/2021
Portfolio Rebuilds: Is the Cash Always Greener on the Other Side? 39:05 09/01/2021
DISCUS and the Drive for New Spirits Regulations 42:11 08/12/2021
The Inflation Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation 38:41 07/14/2021
Behind the Scenes: The Best and Worst of Liquid Assets 42:25 06/25/2021
Wine Industry Outlook: Sunny With a Chance of Flowers 52:59 06/02/2021
Flavor and Ingredient Innovation Trends, with Kerry Group 47:33 05/11/2021
The Future of the Malt Market 33:55 04/27/2021
Why Big Companies Are Going DTC 52:25 04/13/2021
How to Build Digitally Native Brands, Featuring Vinebox Inc. 40:27 03/23/2021
Beer, Hard Seltzer, and One Crazy Year — featuring Lester Jones 42:01 03/11/2021
SPACial Report: Pat Roney on the Vintage Wine Estates Merger 36:17 02/19/2021
The 2021 Economic Outlook 39:12 01/25/2021
An Episode Not About Covid-19 36:26 12/22/2020
Can Bars and Restaurants Recover by 2022? (featuring the Consumer Foods To Go podcast) 44:32 11/30/2020
Seedlip and the World of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails 46:28 11/04/2020
Covid-19 Couldn’t Kill Coffee 39:51 10/14/2020