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Level Select is a Podcast about Video Games and Video Game Development hosted by Michael DeVillar and Fred Wood, two friends with over a decade of professional game industry experience. Join them as they discuss the latest games, the latest news, and have guests from all walks of the industry tell their stories and the things they're passionate about.You can submit questions and suggestions to the podcast at


Greg Sestero's "Miracle Valley"
On this week's Level Select we are joined by Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director Greg Sestero. Greg is best known for his role on The Room by Tommy Wiseau and his novel turned film The Disaster Artist, but today we're excited to talk to him about his latest film Miracle Valley, and some surprising connections he has to the video game industry.Find Miracle Valley on Tubi!
48:40 09/23/2022
Neon White and Dragon's Dogma
On this week's very loopy episode of Level Select, Fred is underslept and excited to talk about Neon White while Mike extols the virtues of Dragon's Dogma. We also talk a bit about handheld memories and give our thoughts on what game franchises deserve a Streaming Series / Movie!
46:23 06/27/2022
The Closed Envelope Awards of 2022
Fred and Mike talk about their award winners of Summer Games Fest / Keigh3 / E3 2022! We hit a bunch of fun news topics and talk about the video game libraries we've missed.
71:02 06/20/2022
E3 2022 - That thing that didn't happen.
On this week's episode of Level Select, Mike and Fred give the rundown on the E3 Season of 2022, talking about and speculating upon the great new video games shown at Summer Games Fest and trying to predict what the next week looks like. Also Fred got a Steam Deck and has some thoughts on it!
76:50 06/13/2022
Beat the Heat with Biolizard
On this week's episode of Level Select, Mike and Fred talk about the hottest of hot, Morbius, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Sonic Adventure 2, NieR Automata, and more. Sorry for the swears.
50:17 05/30/2022
Flat Polygons and Virtual Reality
Fred and Mike talk about NieR Automata, Beat Saber, Age of Empires II Definitive Edition, Quake 3 Arena VR, Death Stranding 2, the buckwild prices of old video games, and answer some questions.
79:48 05/23/2022
Xalavier Nelson Jr.
On this week's episode Fred and Mike are joined by Xalavier Nelson Jr. (@writnelson) of Strange Scaffolding. Listen as he bares his truth and answers some audience questions. Fred and Mike also talk a little about The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.
47:41 05/16/2022
The Mission Statement
Mike and Fred are proud to introduce Level Select, a podcast about video games and video game development! On this episode they talk a little about their experience, their goals for the show, the games they're playing, a little bit of news, and answer some audience questions.
63:18 05/10/2022