Show cover of Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg (by Food Tank)

Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg (by Food Tank)

Food Tank's Danielle Nierenberg chats with the most important folks in the food industry about the most important food news, released every Thursday.


329. TemuAsyr Martin Bey Talks Policy Change, Young Farmers, and Support for BIPOC Farmers 45:52 06/23/2022
328. Gerda Verburg Explains Why Failing to Address Nutrition Prevents Us from Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 41:37 06/16/2022
327. Shaza Saker on Culinary-based Opportunities that Support Economic Independence 39:34 06/09/2022
326. Pete Pearson on Ending Food Waste and Connecting the Dots Between Food Systems and Climate Change 40:24 06/02/2022
325. Maximo Torero on What Rising Food Prices Mean for Global Food Insecurity 32:21 05/27/2022
324. Congressmember Salud Carbajal on Addressing Equity Through Better Food Policy 48:27 05/26/2022
323. Rosamond Naylor on the role of blue foods in sustainable, global food systems. 45:26 05/19/2022
321. Mily Trevino-Sauceda on the Movement to End Gender-Based Violence Against Women Farm Workers 39:31 05/05/2022
320. Chef Eric Adjepong on Combatting Food Apartheid and Celebrating Culinary Heritage 25:07 04/28/2022
319. Amy Healy on Leveraging Policy and the Private Sector to Fight Hunger and Food Waste 23:59 04/26/2022
318. David Lobell on the Effects of the Climate Crisis on Global Crop Production and Winning the 2022 NAS Prize for Food and Agriculture Science 34:16 04/21/2022
317. Liz Carlisle and Neil Thapar on Liz’s New Book, Healing Grounds, and a Holistic Approach to Regenerative Farming that Values Both People and the Planet 37:56 04/14/2022
316. Tom Colicchio on the Independent Restaurant Coalition and the Future of Hospitality 47:30 04/07/2022
315. Raphaël Podselver on the Urgency of Changing the Way We Eat 31:36 03/31/2022
314. Chef Marc Murphy on Feeding Refugees Fleeing Russia's War on Ukraine 24:02 03/25/2022
313. Future of Food with Andrew Zimmern (Live at SXSW) 42:40 03/24/2022
312. "Man in the Field" with Jim Denevan and Patrick Trefz (Live at SXSW) 43:32 03/23/2022
311. "Gather" with A-dae Romero-Briones and Sanjay Rawal (Live at SXSW) 50:09 03/22/2022
310. Toni Tipton-Martin (Live at SXSW) 25:36 03/17/2022
309. Future of Food With Adrian Grenier (Live at SXSW) 36:24 03/16/2022
308. Tamara Melton on the Need to Diversify the World of Nutrition and Dietetics 35:17 03/10/2022
307. Baldemar Velasquez on Changing Perceptions of Farm Workers 22:28 03/03/2022
306. Chris Ramsaroop on the Power of Canada’s Farm Worker Movement 28:49 02/28/2022
305. Sofia Tingstorp on the Upcoming International Environmental Conference, Stockholm +50 23:51 02/24/2022
304. Felipe Villela on Supporting Farmers in the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture 34:58 02/17/2022
303. Michelle Miller talks about ensuring equitable access to food supply chain data. 32:05 02/10/2022
302. Chef, author and food activist Alejandra Schrader on her new book, The Low-Carbon Cookbook. 35:20 02/03/2022
301. Kim Severson on Food Trends to Watch in the New Year 36:51 01/27/2022
300. Marshall Johnson talks about the National Audubon Society’s Conservation Ranching Initiative. 33:26 01/20/2022
299. Pascale Joassart-Marcelli talks about her new book The $16 Taco, which examines the relationship between food and gentrification in San Diego 31:58 01/13/2022