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Multiracial Family Man

Comic and writer Alex Barnett is the White, Jewish husband of a Black woman (who converted to Judaism) and the father of a 6-year-old, Biracial son. Join him and his guests each episode as they discuss the issues that confront multiracial families (including the dynamics between members of the same family who are of different races).


The Final Episode - Ep. 250 01:48 12/08/2019
Revisiting a conversation with comedian J-L Cauvin about race, racism, and the changing economics of the comedy business, Ep. 249 87:43 12/01/2019
Dancer, actress, ninja, writer, Tori Eldridge, and Hawaiian-Norwegian multiracial experience, Ep. 248 49:54 11/24/2019
Revisiting a conversation with Professor Sarah Gaither about multiracial perceptions, interracial interactions and intergroup contact, Ep. 247 58:28 11/17/2019
Revisiting our conversation with multiracial family mom, Obama neighbor, and former dancer, Keesha Beckford, 246 72:09 11/10/2019
The Taiwanese-Latino Multiracial Experience with Comedian James Camacho, Ep. 245 26:24 11/03/2019
Changing Careers and Pursuing Your Passion with African-American NASCAR Driver, Bill Lester, Ep. 244 49:57 10/27/2019
Revisiting a Conversation About Beyond Black & White and The Pink Pill with Christelyn Karazin, Ep. 243 35:33 10/20/2019
Revisting a Conversation About Multiracial Identity, the Census, Bone Marrow Donor Registry, and Chronicling the Life of a Champion of the Multiracial Community, with Project Race Executive Director S 32:19 10/13/2019
On being biracial, bicultural and Jewish with author Natasha Diaz, Ep. 241 44:40 10/06/2019
Spoken word poet Staceyann Chin on immigration and on being multiracial, Jamaican, and gay, Ep. 240 37:45 09/29/2019
Indian culture, immigrant experience, and staying true to one's values onstage with comedian, Ritu Chandra, Ep. 239 52:19 09/22/2019
Exploring multiracial identity by returning to one’s homeland with writer, teacher, organizer & activist, Faith Adiele, Ep. 238 63:36 09/15/2019
Snowflake Stories - Personalized Multicultural Children's Books with Author & Founder Jill Barletti, Ep. 237 28:18 09/08/2019
The Cheetah Girls and using DNA to trace ancestry after childhood in the foster care system with Deborah Gregory, Ep. 236 32:01 09/01/2019
Counseling Multiracial Families with Rorri Geller-Mohamed, Ep. 235 27:14 08/25/2019
The Sociology and Real-ness of Race, with Professor Rainier Spencer, Ep. 234 41:17 08/18/2019
Multiracial Identity, the Census, Bone Marrow Donor Registry, and Chronicling the Life of a Champion of the Multiracial Community, with Project Race Executive Director Susan Graham, Ep. 233 32:01 08/11/2019
Afro-Latino Experience and Addressing the Intersection of Civil Rights and Multiracial Identity with Professor Tanya Hernandez, Ep. 232 44:35 08/04/2019
Roots of the Spirit - Chronicling Civil Rights History and Advocating for Social Justice with Spirit Tawfiq, Ep. 231 44:28 07/28/2019
Betwixt and Between - the Sociology of the Multiracial Experience with Professor G. Reginald Daniel, Ep. 230 46:58 07/21/2019
Representing the biracial experience through fiction with author John Vercher, Ep. 229 44:07 07/14/2019
Writing about multicultural and multiracial voices for kids with Patricia Hruby Powell, Ep. 228 35:48 07/07/2019
Multiracial storytelling with British, Afro-Trinidadian filmmaker, Lichelli Lazar-Lea, Ep. 227 70:36 06/30/2019
Representing Colombian-American ethnicity and vegan culture onstage, with restaurateur and comedian, Alex Carabano, Ep. 226. 33:10 06/23/2019
Advocating for the Multiracial Community with Mixed Media founder, Whitney Yang, Ep. 225 30:47 06/16/2019
Revisiting a conversation with Ken Tanabe, founder of Loving Day, to discuss the landmark decision Loving v. Virginia, Ep. 224 62:08 06/09/2019
The multiracial experience and the #ImNotAlone movement with Professor Kristal Brent Zook, Ep. 223 27:08 06/02/2019
Revisiting the Latina & African-American Multiracial Family Experience with Vanessa Bell, Founder of De Su Mama, Ep. 222 65:43 05/26/2019
Studying the sociology of cross-race interaction with Duke University Ph.D. candidate, Brenda Straka, Ep. 221 42:40 05/19/2019